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Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is conveniently located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, just a 2-minute walk from Hatagaya Station. The Keio New Line will give you direct access to Shinjuku, the largest station in Japan (and in the world) where three and a half million passengers travel each day.

From Shinjuku Station, you will have easy access to almost everywhere in Tokyo, from business districts to popular sightseeing spots by the extensive subway and train network. No matter the purpose of your visit, Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is your perfect outpost in Tokyo.

Access map

Access From Tokyo Main Stations

Shinjuku - [Keio New Line]
3 minutes
- Hatagaya
Tokyo - [JR Chuo Line]
19 minutes
- Shinjuku - [Keio New Line]
3 minutes
- Hatagaya
Ueno - [JR Yamanote Line]
25 minutes
- Shinjuku - [Keio New Line]
3 minutes
- Hatagaya
Shinagawa - [JR Yamanote Line]
20 minutes
- Shinjuku - [Keio New Line]
3 minutes
- Hatagaya
Shibuya - [JR Yamanote Line]
7 minutes
- Shinjuku - [Keio New Line]
3 minutes
- Hatagaya

Access from Narita / Haneda Airprt

Map From Narita and Haneda

Directions from Narita International Airport

If you're in a hurry - THE Fast way: approx. 93 minutes, ¥3,230

Narita Airport >> (JR Narita Express) >> Shinjuku station >> (Keio New Line)
>> Hatagaya station >> Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

If you travel with small luggage - THE CHEAP WAY: approx. 110 minutes, ¥1,320

Narita Airport >> Keisei Line Limited Express (do not take "Sky Liner") ¥ 840 >> Keisei Yawata Station >> a 5-minute walk >> Moto Yawata Station >> Subway Shinjuku Line ¥ 480 >> *(Shinjuku station >> Keio New Line >>) Hatagaya Station >> Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

* Most Subway Shinjuku trains connect directly to the Keio New Line (no need to change at Shinjuku station)

If you travel with large luggage - THE EASY WAY: approx. 100 minutes, ¥3,120

Narita Airport >> Airport Limousine Bus ¥3,000 >> Shinjuku Station >> Keio NEW Line (not Keio Line, but Keio "NEW" line) ¥120 >> Hatagaya Station >> Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

* You can also take a taxi from Shinjuku station to our hotel (15 minutes, ¥1,000 ~ ¥1,400)

*We recommend discount tickets >> More Info.

Last Train from Narita Intl. Airport to Hatagaya Station Departure at 22:39

Narita International Airport >> 22:39 Keisei Line Limited Express 23:35 >> Keisei Yawata Station >> 5 minutes Walk >> Moto Yawata Station >> 23:48 Subway Shinjuku Line >> Direct Conecttion to Keiou "New" Line 00:39 >> Hatagaya

Directions from Haneda International Airport

By Train - (approx. 50 minutes ¥ 710)

Haneda Airport International Terminal >> Keikyu Line (¥400) >> Shinagawa >> JR Yamanote Line >> Shinjuku >> Keio New Line >> Hatagaya

By Bus + Taxi or Train - easier but less departures, one transfer

Haneda Airport (International terminal or terminal 1) >> Airport Limousine Bus (¥1,200 or Night ¥2,000) >> Shinjuku >> Taxi (approx.¥1000 ) or Keio New Line (¥120) >> Hatagaya

Airport Limousine Bus [Fee & Timetable]

By Train - cheaper, frequent departures, 2 transfer ( approx. 60 minutes ¥800)

Haneda Airport >> Tokyo monorail >> Hamamatsu-cho >> 9min.walk >> Daimon >> Subway Oedo Line >> Shinjuku >> Keio New Line >> Hatagaya

Last Train from Haneda Intl. Airport to Hatagaya Station Departure at 00:02

Haneda International Airport >> 00:02 Keikyu Airport Line Limited Express 00:08 >> Keikyu Kamata >> 00:10 Keikyu honsen Limited Express 00:17 >> Shinagawa >> 00:21 JR Yamanote Line 00:40 >> Shinjuku >> 00:52 Keio New Line 00:55 >> Hatagaya

Access from Hatagaya Station

Turn left at the ticket gate and go up the stairs. There are two stairs that lead to ground level, but both of them are called "South Exit". Walk south (away from of "Koshu Kaido", the big street) for two blocks, then you will see an arch and a convenience store "Family Mart". Turn right at the corner and you will find us on the right. The entrance to our hotel is behind the post office.

map from Ikebukuro Sta.

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072
Tel: +81-3-3469-5211 (Inside Japan please dial 03-3469-5211 )

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Hatagaya Area Map

There are many popular restaurants and ramen shops around the hotel.
Feel free to check them out during your stay!

>> Hatagaya Area Map

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