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Tokyo cheap hotel - Sakura Hotel Jimbocho (Tokyo)
Reasonable rated hotel located at the heart of Tokyo (Jimbocho). Single room from 6090yen, dormitory bed from 3,150yen. Bilingual staff on duty 24hours to help your stay in Tokyo.

Tokyo cheap hotel - Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro (Tokyo)
Sakura Hotel's latest and largest branch in Ikebukuro, the second busiest station in Tokyo.

Tokyo hostel - Sakura Hostel Asakusa (Tokyo)
The largest hostel in Tokyo with 162 beds. More chances to meet people and have fun. Located in the historical quarter of Asakusa . Accommodations from just 2940 yen.

Tokyo apartment & guest house - Sakura House (Tokyo)
For monthly stays in Tokyo. Operating over 1300 furnished apartments and guest houses throughout the city.

Hotel Continental Fuchu (Tokyo)
This hotel is conveniently located in front of Keio Line "Fuchu" station. Welcomes company seminars and meetings.

J-Hoppers Group (Western Japan)
A group of hostels offering cheap accommodations in Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Osaka.

J-Hoppers Kyoto (Kyoto)
A backpacker's hostel located near Kyoto station. Run by a friendly motorcyclist who traveled across Europe and Asia with his machine. Dorm bed for just 2500yen.

J-Stay (Kyoto)
Monthly furnished apartment and guest house agency in Kyoto, run by J-Hoppers group.

J-Hoppers Hiroshima (Hiroshima)
The first backpackers hostel in Hiroshima. Both dormitory and private rooms are available. 5 minute walk to Peace Memorial Park.

Backpackers hostel "Hana Hostel" (Hiroshima)
Hana means gFlowerh in Japanese. We try to be a fresh and cheery hostel like a lotus flower floating in the pond.

J-Hoppers Osaka Central (Osaka) - Backpackers hostel / guesthouse in Osaka

J-Hoppers Hida Takayama - Backpackers hostel / guesthouse in Hida Takayama


Restaurants, bars, parties, having fun in Japan

300 Bar
A standing shot bar in the Ginza area of Tokyo. All items for just 300 yen.

300Bar 8chome branch
300 Bar's new branch in Ginza 8 chome district.

You can enjoy a typical Japanese monjayaki or okonomiyaki with an updated, creative, and interesting variety of menus.

Sakura Cafe & Restaurant
Choose from 60 world beers near the west exit of Ikebukuro station. We have a popular foreign style open terrace cafe with utdoor seating for 110 people.

Design Festa
Design Festa is Asia's biggest freestyle International Art Event open to all artists from all over the world to exhibit their creative talent. Begun in 1994, the event is held twice a year in spring and fall. There is also an art gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo.


Transportation, traveling info (Discounted night bus service)
123bus is specialized in providing daily night time bus services to many cities in Japan at very reasonable pricescYOU DO THE SLEEPING, WE DO THE DRIVING!

Worldwide Movers TO & FROM JAPAN
Shipmates Worldwide Moving Co., Ltd ? specializes in worldwide moving and shipping services to and from Japan. Competitive rates for international moving, storage services, vehicle shipping, air/sea forwarding worldwide. Visit our website and fill out our online inquiry form.

Orbit Travel (Tokyo Branch) Offers discount air tickets for all destinations worldwide. Our friendly international sales team will find the best fares for you. License # 3-241. Call 03-5856-7005


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