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Yuki has been working as trainee in Sakura Hotel HATAGAYA for a month.
He finished training here and he's moving to Sakura Hostel ASAKUSA from tomorrow.
He always set the mood for Sakura Hotel Hatagaya with his big voice and his vitality!


He cannot help move all the time.
During his training period, he was moving actively. It was impressive for us.
After he finished the last work at HATAGAYA, he showed us his funny cosplay!

By the way, the cuisine in front of him is New Lunch menu "Irish Stew and Shpherd's Pie" which has just started from today.

He was the man who had New Lunch before anyone else!!!

He's so positive and active.
That's why I'm sure that he will adapt well to Sakura Hostel ASAKUSA.

Good Luck, YUKI!!!!!





This is Kazuki from?SakuraHotel Hatagaya.
I went to a supermarket yesterday and I found "Halal food" there.

I thoght I would make soup with that at home.
















味付けはシンプルに 塩 のみでも

looks yummy?

サクラカフェ幡ヶ谷でも ハラールメニュー ご用意しております。

Halal menu?available 24hrs at SakuraCafe Hatagaya.

Good evening everyone!!!!
This is Tamotsu at Sakura Hotel/Cafe Hatagaya!!


By the way, we got a cool item!!

This one!!





This is a cocktail shaker!!
It looks so coool eh???


From right side,
Top, Strainer and body!!
There are 3 parts!!

We got a cocktail shaker,?
this means we will start to make new cocktail menu...
I'm not saying about it yet.hehe

I recommend you a one cocktail that we have right now is
Tequila sunrise!!


Tequila realyy goes well with orange♪
That's the one of my favorite cocktails♪

If you are interested in, please come to Sakura Cafe Hatagaya♪


Seeeeeeeeeeee ya!!!!!


I am showing you photos of today's cheked out guests from?Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!


The family is from Singapore!




The couple is from Mexico!

There is a Japanese word "何でも出来る!"on his T-shirts,means"You can do everything!".





I am sorry for this photo, closing his eyes....

He showed me this niceT-shirts and this bamboo hat from Kyoto!






On the otherday, I told that we are selling Christmas ginger cookies hanging on our

Christmas tree.

When we cooked them, one of the ginger-man got nearly burned, so I gave it to

Ryoma-san with drawing his likeness on it.

I got his bitter smile like this...





He seemed not happy than I expected, so I gave him TAIYAKI that is popular in my home town.

Then, I got his happy moment!


Good morning everyone!!
This is Tamotsu at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!

It's already been December, so illumination is everywhere.
Do you have any plan on Christmas??
I'm going to have a date. just a kidding.hehe
I'll be waiting for you at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


By the way, our staff Naoto has changed our reception!!



World clocks are on on the wall!!!!



Tokyo, Hawaii, New York, Sao Paulo, Perth, New Delhi, and London!!

You can check time of your hometown easily!!


Please come and take a look at these clocks at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya♪

Seeee ya!!!!!!

Do you remember Mr.Decoration,Naoto made such a nice sign board for Sakura Cafe Hatagaya?

cafe sign1.jpg

Today,he is making new one by hand writing!!

looking forward to see completed one!


However the quarity of his works make other staff nervous...

because his works make other staff's work to be looked poor things...

By the way, as Yuri wrote the Blog on yesterday, we attended to?

"One Coin Festa" in Hatagaya.

if you missed to drink "Dead Guy Ale" yesterday,

you still have chance!

I love this cute skeltons!!


☆★☆ Let's go to the world of Japanese sword on 10th of November!!☆★☆

Japanese Sword Museum Tour Nov. 10th (Sun)

Hello Everyone

Here's Mohamed the staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

In the other day it was my holiday, so I went in a trip for Fuji Mountain & Hakone.

My hotel was a little bit near from Fuji Mountain but the weather wasn't so much prefect ,although i could see it from the hotel ^_^

gjhfjhfj.jpgAlso there is a waterfall away from Fuji Mountain about 30 min by car .. really it's so beautiful

hfjhfjhf.jpgIn my way to Hakone , i passed through a place called ''Fuji Mountain Safari Park''

You can ride a special car to see many kinds of animals directly ^o^

s-IMG_dfdf.jpgs-IMG_46565638.jpgs-IMG_46643647.jpgThen after i arrived to Hakone i took the ropeway climbing the mountain to reach a place with highest of 1040 meter called Owakudani !!

You can see there the extract of sulfur and ash clouds.


In the last of the trip i got on board in a pirate ship to enjoy the sightseeing that surrounding the Hakone Lake !

It was really amazing view there

s-IMG_4jfhjytu732.jpgs-IMG_479dsa345.jpgIt was really interesting trip so i think i'll go there someday again ★


Have you ever seen just off the Rainbow Bridge?


Views of the evening very beautiful






Memories floats If I look at this bridge?






Has become romantically It is me




he is living with his brother also,

look at this !

what a huge house

missing you ,bro

Hello everybody?

Do you think the Japanese Convenience Store is really convenient ?!!
Actually for sure?I?think the?Japanese Convenience Store is really?convenient
It's working all the 24 Hours & all the 365 days of the year.
Maybe it's appearing to be small , but you can buy & do many things from there!!
But , there isn't only for buying food , drinks & sweets (^_^)
if in case if you need an?immediate money ..??There's an ATM machine in any?Convenience Store .
Also there 's a copy & Fax machine?
Is there anything else you need in the?Convenience Store (^_~)

Today, I have to tell you a sad news,

our beloved staff ARAI-san left Sakura Hotel Hatagaya today!!

She have been working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for long time

and be loved from lots of guests and staffs.

My impression of Arai-san is she has a pure heart and is a honest person.

She tought me many things not only about our job but also important things as a woman.

【Arai-san got a present from Aya-san!!】




【Ex-staff of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya visit Arai-san with her doughter】




Also, Arai-san has a lot of funny legend, and famous among our Sakura Hotel group!

She is a very popular person of Sakura hotels!

【Shinya-san of Sakura Hostel asakusa visited Arai-san】


【There is a notice on the board of front desk today!】


【...and finally, it's a ceremony time of her leaving!!!】


【We called Arai-san out of the hotel!】

She was taking a photo with our sign without noticing our plan!!


【There was a goal tape when she back to hotel entrance!】

Go ahead to cut the tape, Arai-san!!


【Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staffs welcomed Arai-san's goal

with flower and a cake!!】

The cake was made by Ai-san!!

Can you find we waved flags at the front desk!


【With all Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staffs of today!】

【Its like a interviewing of engagement!!】

Arai-san made us big laugh at the end !!


Wish your wounderful and brighting furture,Arai-san!

Please be a big fun of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya forever!


There is big news today

Tokyo Walker って雑誌知ってますよね?!

You know 's magazine that " Tokyo Walker"


It's a Magazine major

なんとその9/17 発売のTokyo Walkerにサクラカフェ幡ヶ谷が紹介されました ?イエーイ

s-2013-09-07 09.24.40.jpg

特集 "ひとりメシBOOK" 

即席国際交流メシ の店 と題しサクラカフェ幡ヶ谷が



The honor it is to be chosen for this mag, also Tokyo is so many restaurants.

s-2013-09-07 09.26.45.jpg

s-2013-09-07 09.25.33.jpg



With the support of more foreign peoples




Staff further now that I have an opportunity, we do more hard work.


今後ともサクラホテル&カフェ 幡ヶ谷を宜しくお願いいたします

thank you for all your love?







want to go pushing & crusing?

上の写真は相当前ですがマイメンのgbがSC T-STREETをクルージングしている


photo's a one of my love poster of gb.



gb's on cover of surfing mag

at last, a one more skater I'm Freak?


TONY ALVA ?he is a legend


respect big brother



Good morning everyone!


worst humidity is keeping high from yesterday...


What would you do if you were you like this




spec: flame 500mm

tire size: 700C × 25C

Weight:11.5 kg

grip: kerin grip?


stem: one of my friend whom pro BMX rider gave me


saddle: classsic?leather special




How's you like it?

here is a one of my friend bike



enjoy the ride

thank you

サクラカフェ幡ヶ谷 ワンコインフェスタ限定メニューをご用意!幡ヶ谷ワンコイン・フェスタ7/27(土)開催



?tried to learn about family crest anyone have if Japanese people today because I think that I've been getting tired of the story fishing and surfing.


I crest the (family crest) is a coat of arms which has been used to represent family of their own, such as origin from old, pedigree, the pedigree-position especially in Japan. It is also called striated or (Mondokoro) Mondokoro simply. 241 species in Japan only, there is a crest of more than 5116 Mon. In addition, the case is also nearly 20,000 just to be taken currently, it is a symbol that has entered the pillbox of Mito Komon To put it simply




ちなみにワタクシ橋本の家系はこれっ  日本矢 









You'll know the roots of own family




I will introduce lightly mail so came from a close friend of Hawaii Sakura hotel staff!

彼の名前は Gavin Beschenといってカルフォルニア出身でハワイに移住して10年以上がすぎたプロサーファーです

He is a professional surfer for more than 10 years has elapsed and then moved to Hawaii from California to say his name and Gavin Besches-gb5.jpgのサムネイル画像


He is a 超 ultra super nice guy that values ??family very mellow relationship of about 15 years with him

娘はMarley と言ってパパが大好きなちょっとオテンバかなって思ってます


しかもパパとサーフィンもしまっす   カワイイでしょー




hello Marley?


big up gab

from shimpei



Please check here for how to get SAKURA CAFE Hatagaya.

Hello everybody!

While we introduce a number of times in the previous blog

And I thought I try to announce the latest catch of black bass fishing

There is not much appetite black bus like a heat fatigue in addition to water-reducing in the heat of the place here

It is getting harder to fish...

However, by focusing on the aim only a big fish.

I got them couple.

please look at awesome basses.


Photo shoot in the pitch-black I'm sorry if not show it quite difficult to clean,

However I got 52cm 55cm big fish

How's like it !!!!

So stoked,

thank you




Please check here for how to get SAKURA CAFE Hatagaya.



Good morning, everybody.

How are things going, hope all is well.


"VANS US OPEN"?週末がファイナルデーとなり全カテゴリーを終了しました。

Exit All Categories weekend becomes Final Day


1 -Alejo Muniz (BRA) 16.23
2 -Kolohe Andino (USA) 14.54

私の応援していた Kolohe Andinoは決勝まで進み 2位でフィニッシュ



ちなみに優勝したAlejo Muniz選手はなんと$100,000 ゲット


The Vans US Open of Surfing is the fourth of eight ASP Prime events on the 2013 calendar, offering crucial points towards surfers' ASP World Ranking and a coveted US$100,000 first place prize purse.


Kolohe あと少しで優勝できたのは残念だけどまだまだ19歳


you can make it brother,

I think that there are plenty of opportunities for future

big up, brother


Hello everybody. How's it going? Hope all is good!

Well, today I'm going to introduce my second hobby "Bass Fishing"

今日は私のサーフィンの次に虜になっているブラックバス フィッシングをチラリとご紹介。

ブラックバスというと大体の人が食べれない魚でしょっ て

Many people of my friend said Black Bass is not eat?

何が楽しいかって 引きが強いのです 要はファイトですよね 戦いです(笑)


There are two kinds of black bass

one of them is a?Large mouth Bass


other one is a?samll mouth Bass




Holy Land of Black Bass is a ?Lake Biwa?





How's like this?


ちなみにバスプロみたいなお方は名古屋のクラブでDJなさってるDJ SHIN さんです


Everyone Why do not you try to experience once



hava a good day.

Hi, this is Yuri. Today is my first day of working here at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!! So, let me introduce myself♪


I like communicating with people from all over the world. I've been to Melbourne, Australia before,

and also I went to Florida in America to work for Walt Disney World because I wanted to learn more!

So, I'm so glad to work for Sakura Hotel where I can meet different people from many countries.?


I like music, especially Funk music!! I love it!! I play drams, I haven't played it these days though.

So I want to have a band again! Let me know if you're interested in music♪



I'll support guests from all over the world to make their trip?safe and fun!! ?I'm looking forward to meeting you!!

Hi there!!
This is Tamotsu! I started to work at SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA from this month!!

I'm trainning and learning many things evey day! It's really fun because in SAKURA HOTEL,there are many people from many different countries!!

I'm excited about that!!

By the way, this is my first time to write this blog so let me introduce myself little bit♪

After graduating a university, ?I went to Canada for 1 year by Working Holiday!!


I was doing something new such as stuying English in a language school, street performance,
and singing and playing the guitar in New York!

I had a great time in Canada and New York!! It was so much fun!!
After that, I went on a trip to South America!!


?have experienced many things and met many interesting people!!
This trip made me mature as a person!!

I have found a dream while I was in South America.
It is
?to help and support many people who cameto Japan from different countries!!
That is why I started working at SAKURA HOTEL!!!!!

I'm still beginner about working here but, I'll do my best every single day!!

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

I will be waiting for you at SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA!!!!

Tamotsu Imai

Hey everybody, it's Shun the trainee here.
I thought it'd be rainy today but was beautiful day was it??
Hope you did all the laundry today, cuz I'm sure it'll be hard to hang them outside from tomorrow.

Today I would love to talk about my hometown,
Fukushima. I know now you all know this name, because of that incident. 
Sometimes people get nervous when I tell them where I'm from, but please don't hesitate to ask about my hometown, we're not dead, and it's not Taboo thing at all!!

There's a HUGE FESTIVAL in Fukushima city today, 
It is Tohoku Rokkon Sai,well in Kanji, it like this,東北六魂祭. Here's a little bit of Japanese Kanji class for today!!

 There are 6 prefectures in Tohoku Area, and each place has its own Festival which is all amazing. When 3.11 occurred, we realized how important to stand together, and because Tohoku is not the center of Japan, some people didn't realize how big role we have for entire Japan,therefore right after the earthquake and nuclear power plant incident, most of people was frightened because that was something we've ever never imagined. 

 Now this year is our 3rd Festival since Tohoku people has stood up together and has come up with this idea.
Usually you need to go to each place and see and enjoy the festival. but only this time of year, you can enjoy, eat, laugh, feel, and have fun at the same place.




Here are some photos from Rokkon Sai Today!!!

So why don't you go to Fukushima???
It costs you 8,000yen by bullet train.
And 3000yen by Highway Bus.

If you don't have time to visit Tohoku now, you can also enjoy something from Tohoku at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

We now have pudding made by using Eggs from Tohoku, I will introduce you all some other time.

Have a great night all!!! :]

After the TV program, 'Sarameshi' in NHK, 

Mr. Mohamed become very famous around Hatagaya:)

He is Mohamed (Egyptian staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya).


Now in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,
we have 3 kinds of lunch menu from Egypt,

All menu are halal menu, so Muslim people also can eat them.

And this is digest of the TV program!!


Sakura Hotel entrance!!

From France, and from Switzerland,
Mohamed was talking anytime with our guest, to communicate.



The most important thing is 'to get familiar with our guest '

Next, Musaka (Egypt meal) was focused.

It's already in lunch menu at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.



Mohamed usually buy Halal beef at Halal shop.
(It'S in Shin Okubo station). 


And we have 'Prayers room for Muslim' in Sakura Hotel/ cafe Hatagaya.
It's necessary for them. 


Good smile !! Anytime we smile to our guest!!


Let's eat lunch menu from Egypt at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya , when you'll check-in at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!
You will satisfy to eat it!!


We are waiting your attendance!!
Anytime you can ask us about this event:)

Hi, everyone.

I'm new trainee, Masaru.

I started working here, Sakura Hotel Hatagaya from last week, and I noticed that there are lots of guests speaking Japanese beyond expectation.

Some speak greeting words like 'KONNICHIWA' and some speak like '~~SHITAINDESUKEDO...' (I would like to do ~~)

I was teaching Japanese language in India and South Korea


So I am really happy hearing foreigners speaking Japanese!!

Do not be anxious if you do not speak Japanese.


We have English, Arabic, Korean speakers.

It's me who speaks Korean.


And Arabic speaker is Mr Mohamed!!


cafe 026.jpg

Why don't you come and feel international atmosphere at Sakura cafe Hatagaya ?

Tamago Kake Gohan・SHINDOFUJI・Tokyo Release・So tasty that rendering any kind of seasoning unneccessary. Completely free of any pesticide residues.

Hi! This is Kazuki , a new trainee at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


I like cooking very much.


This is the roast chicken I baked :)
It's one of the best menu I cook.


This is a homemade hamburger.

★I bake pan for myself,
★I fry potatoes, too!!

You can enjoy a lot of foods, drinks around the world at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (at 1st floor in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya).

I like eating too.
I LOVE Ramen, spicy food

I've been to Korea skr100.jpg,Thailandsth100.jpg, Spainsfes.jpg, and Turkeyss114.jpg.

I speak Japanese and English.

We are looking forward to seeing you:)
Hi, everyone.

I'm a new trainee, Masaru .

I don't know what to do because of the first day of the work, but I am trying to do my best.

I have experiences of teaching Japanese language in India and South Korea.

So I can speak English and Korean.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!!newwwwww.jpg


サクラホテルのグループ会社であるサクラハウスが代々木上原にムスリム・コミュニティ 専用ハウスをオープンしたことはご存知でしょうか?

Actually, Sakura house which is group company of Sakura hotel established this accomodation this year.


This shared accommodation is specialized for Muslim. There is a praying room, and the area between man and woman is separated, because of Muslim custom.


In this time, this special accommodation was picked up by " Hiragana Times(April issue) ".
The concept of Hiragana times is to introduce real Japanese culture. 
Also it's Japanese and English bilingual magazine. This magazine is issued about 90,000 among all over the world.
This magazine was used for the entrance exam of university ,and dictionary.
Please check it!!!


Up to now, Japanese hasn't had opportunity of communication with Muslim.
We hope that Sakura group makes Japanese and Muslim closer.

★サクラハウスは 1992年の創業以来、海外の方に向けて日本でのお住まいを提供し続け、今日では毎年世界100ヵ国以上からのお客様をお迎えしています★

From establishment of Sakrua house in 1992, sakura house has been offering accomodation to foreigners. Now sakura house has various customers from over one hundred countries every year.

Sakura house↓(HP link)

Hi there! 

Cherry Blossoms are finally almost over.
Time flies....

In this time, I am going to introduce one of our guests .
Look at this picture.


All of them are from Germany. 
They are so beautiful, aren't you? also very kind!!!

Actually, they gave us the recipe. 
We sincerely appreciate for that.
We look forward to cook their recipe.

Please let you know.
We are collecting new recipes from all of you guys.
Don't hesitate to tell us your home town's recipe.

All you can eat breakfast is here!
It costs just 350 yen!

All-you-can-eat Breakfast 350yen

Hi. I'm Kaz, a new staff of SAKURA HOTEL. I consider myself that

I'm quite familiar to streets in Tokyo area, having an experience

of a taxi driver. If you would like to go out by taxi with the shortest way

and the lowest fare, I might be able to help you such as the best way 

to talk to a taxi driver. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.


Heya! This is Kent from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya,

I just realized over the weekend that this is my 10th month in Japan, time flys when your having a good time! Have you ever watched the movie Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift? 


Well the other day I saw something that reminded me of the movie! 


This building is actually a car park! The elevators move the cars up and down, same thing they use in the movie to bring out one of the main characters car in the beginning of the movie.


I've seen plenty of these things around Tokyo but never in Australia, do you have them in your home country? 

With cities around the world running out of space this is sure one technology we will all see around every corner in each major city.


Personally I would like to see different versions of this technology for example a bicycle version. This would solve the issue with bicycles cluttering spaces around the stations and prevent thefts. 


Can you think of any other things this sort of technology would be good for?


It's very chilly today, and now I'm wondering if downunder-Australia is still enough hot and good season to enjoy on a beach..

yukiko tsukadaa.jpg


Hi this is Yukiko Tsukada, I'm a new at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


I'm just back from long long holiday in Australia 2month ago, 
then luckly I could work at this this international hostel with good people and environment. to be quite honest, this environment reminds me of Sydney, you know why? It's because you can see lots of people from many countries in Sydney as well. 


I'm the one very addicted to travel. I'm looking forward to seeing as many people as possible and I would like to know anything about your country so that i might go visit your country near future.


I first came to Japan as a study abroad student.  I studied at Nanzan University, which is located in Nagoya, and along with textbook Japanese, my goal was to learn more common Japanese and the culture as well.  Because there was a BOOK OFF! right next to the station I commuted to school through, I found out where I could cheaply purchase things like manga and CDs.  Now, I am not really into manga, but I do feel that the reason I came to appreciate Japanese popular music is that BOOK OFF! was near a place I went everyday.  Of course there were some bands I had already heard of before I initially came to Japan, but when a Japanese friend introduced me to a new one that I liked, I could go ahead and buy a used copy for only around 300 yen.  Since CDs can be so expensive in Japan, I felt like I had made a great discovery.  Here is an example.  I had never heard of B'z before I came to Japan, but a friend introduced them to me, and I purchased one of their CDs for a low price without worrying about whether I would especially care for them or not.  As it turns out that I like B'z very much.  , and as a side note, every CD of theirs I own I purchased at BOOK OFF!

I got onto this subject because I discovered a BOOK OFF! within walking distance of our hotel.  What I imagine is for Japanese people a very average had quite a big influence on my own personal Japanese study journey.  

(from here I'm going to offer a few comments to non-Japanese people that I don't feel warrant being translated, so if you were following along in Japanese and English, we're going to take a little detour here.  Batten down the hatches.)  

This is where I just insert the editorial comment that the kind of deals you can find at a BOOK OFF! are worth the attention both of students of Japanese as well as tourists just passing through.  If you are into manga, you can get whole series for just a few thousand yen.  There are video games, books, DVDs, and as I went into ad nauseum above, CDs.  I especially think that whether you understand (or are trying to understand) the language or not, you can enjoy music, and at a BOOK OFF! even a miss (my brief attempt at liking the band 10-Feet is an example) isn't so bad since, as long as you pay attention to the sticker price, can be a third of the price of new CDs or better.  Sure, if you can't read Japanese it could be a little intimidating, but I would encourage anyone who is interested to at least give it a try.  

Nice to meet you~

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Hello~ I'm Mikiko!! Nice to meet you~!!

I 've just started working at Sakura Hotel:)

Let me introduce myself a little bit! I'm from Shizuoka prefecture, which is famous for Mt.Fuji, green tea and eels...haha!!

I've stayed in SanDiego (USA) for a year, Seoul (S.Korea) for a year and other countries for studying or working holiday!!  I LOVE to travel around the world!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you and talking a lot at Sakura hotel or Sakura cafe soon:)2013-03-21 11.51.06.jpg

"Hello!" from New staff

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Hello! Nice to meet you. I am new staff of Sakura Hotel. My name is Yusaku. However, I know my name is little bit  difficult to pronounce for foreigners. So please call me Yusa. 
I am very excited working here.

Let me introduce myself just a little.
I like travelling, Baseball, film, Japanese subculture and so on. 
Then, I traveled to Canada, USA, and a lot of European countries. I really love travel. Especially, I love Prince Edward Island in Canada. That island is so calm and beautiful...

As you see now, my English skill is not so great..... But I can enjoy talking with you so much. ( of course, also with Japanese) Lets talk together.
I am look forward to meeting you!


New staff @sakura hotel&cafe

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Nice to meet you!

My name is AYUMI NUKUI, a trainee of Sakura hotel hatagaya.

hatagaya nukui.JPG

Let me introduce my self a bit..

Name:              Ayumi Nukui
Nationality      Japan
Date of birth   21st January  
where I live    Asakusabashi Tokyo
Previous Job   Importing and Exporting the furnitures.


Japanese Festival we call MATHURI(祭)...


Cooking, baking and eating...
(Helloween Cookies that I baked)

and ofcource TRAVELING!!
I have traveled 30 countries
love Nature! mountain ! River!
also love Architecture! Outdoor Sports! Eating!
Pls let me know about your country :D


There are many things to learn, but I will work with fun! 
I hope I can support to make your wonderful memories in Japan.
I'm looking forward to seeing you here!

Ayumi Nukui

New staff!!

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My name is Naoya Aoki, I was born in Yokohama, Japan, and have been in Yokohama for whole of my life, as well.
I started working at 
from just, yesteday. (we have also another new staff, Park from Korea!!)

I had been in Italy for 1 year for study, and got back to Japan last summer.

(↓at Piazza Michelangelo in Florence, Italy)

I had a lot of great experiences, like eating pizza, gelato, drinking caffe'.... XD
...Of course I loved the worming atmosphere there too :)
I learned how to speak Italian there. Not how to make a Pizza, unfortunately, though...

【Per chi parla italiano!】
Quindi, come ho scritto prima in inglese, sono stato a Siena per un anno fino all'estate scorso, per studiare italiano. Se pensate di venire a Tokyo, provate Sakura hotel Hatagaya!!! Posso garantire che e' l'ottima scelta :)

I do juggling as hobby, here's a photo where I'm tossing balls at the lake Bled,  Lubiana, Slovenia, being worried about losing some of them.

I still have a lot to learn for my work, so far!! @@
but I'll do my best, and provide everyone with comfortable, friendly atmosphere^^

Waiting for you to come to Tokyo, Japan, the country with full of wonder.
Sakura hotel Hatagaya can always help you!!

Naoya, AOKI

Potluck Party!!

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How do you spend a saturday night?

I am invited to my friends moving party.
though, I will be late because of work...

But anyway, today's party is potlick style.
Organizer of today is from Spain.
so he prepared gallons of SANGLIA !!

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

0209 party sangria new.jpg

I prepared this dishes..hope every body like my cook..

0209 party new.jpg

I heard there are any guest from many country.
So I'm looking forward to eat variety of foods and drinks.

Sakura cafe have a international food party plan.
Please check this.

Hello from Fukushima Japan

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This is Live Camera in Aizu wakamatsu staion (Fukushima pre)
We can see Aizu wakamatsu in real time!
__ 4.JPG

Can you see someone waving his hand?
__ 3.JPG

He is in  Aizu wakamatsu now!!

 waved my hands in reply through the live cam.
Have a safe trip Yoshi san!

Tamago Kake Gohan・SHINDOFUJI・Tokyo Release・So tasty that rendering any kind of seasoning unneccessary. Completely free of any pesticide residues.

Hello! It's Kent from Sakura Hotel Asakusa.
ハロー! サクラホテル浅草の健人です。

Today is my first day as a trainee at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

I love chocolate <3 you can tell by the shape of my face right?


Let me reintroduce myself for everyone that doesn't know who I am!

I'm half Australian and half Japanese.


My mother tongue is originally Japanese but I've lived in Australia for a long time so that's why my Japanese is not perfect XD
もともと母語は日本語だったけどオーストラリアにずっと住んでって日本語へたくそです XD

That's why I'm now back in Japan working for Sakura!!


Please come visit me while I'm at Hatagaya!
I'll make you a delicious drink, hot chocolate from Malta available at Hatagaya, Ikebukuro and Jimbocho!

Hello!! I'm the new staff of Sakura hotel Hatagaya. My name is Yujiro Abe from JP!! 
Nice to meet you☆
I want to help the special journey of every guests in Japan. 
I like to travel to foreign countries.

And, actually I used to hate Japan. 
but recently...

Hey Japan, Sorry for bad mouth-ing you all these while.  Such a wonderful place you have and yet I still forget you Japan.. Thank you thank you thank you☆

I want to introduce Cool Japan to many foreigners from this hotel!!

check it out♪

and, I'm good at running. Please run with me around cool Tokyo!!

anyway visit Japan!!!!!
Hello, all. This is Tamura.

I went to Mt. Fuji and took a good photo as below...
121129mt fuji.JPG

...No. I lied. It is actually a photo of the postage stamp.
( Mt. Fuji is closed this season for your reference.)

Sometimes, our hotel guests come to the front desk and ask "What 
do you recommend I buy for Japanese souvenir?"
Every time,  I tried my best to meet their request, after asking what 
type of souvenir they are looking for. But, the gifts they want should 
basically be "very Japanese", "not too expensive" 
and "not too heavy".
The other day, when I found a postage stamp sheet in my 
house, I noticed that these can be one of the best souvenirs from Japan!"

121129kitte fuminohi.JPG

First, they are mostly "very Japanese". Some of them are
serialized, if popular. So, good for collectors.

121129kitte fuji six.JPG

Second, they are "not expensive".

121129kitte bara.JPG


What's more, they are all "lightweight". Could be bought even
piece by piece.
Additional advantage is that you can buy them at the post
office anywhere in Japan. Actually our Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
and Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro are located right behind the
post offices. Sakura Hotel Jimbocho & Sakura Hostel Asakusa are within walking distance from the nearest post offices, too.
So from now on, I, with confidence, recommend Japanese postage stamps  to our guest as one of their choice for the souvenirs.
By the way, postage stamps are never without postcards. At Sakura hotelswe sell post cards of Tohoku Bokujo↓↓

121129postcards stand.JPG

They shows rare vegetable flowers. I recommend these post cards, 
too ↓↓.

121129postcards six.JPG

My last day @Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

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7 days have passed and today is my last day @ Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
Thank you for reading my blog these 7 days.
My last blog here is how to bake a pound cake.


Sugar: 110g
Wheat flour :150g
Butter (without salt): 150g
Baking powder:one tea spoon amount 
Lemon peel: as much as you like
Lemon juice: as much as you like

Before you cook
1:Break the eggs and mingle
2:Heat the oven in 180℃
3:Mix the flour and baking powder
4:Squeeze the lemon juice and cut the lemon peel into stripes.

How to make

1:melt the butter like cream

2: Add sugar and mix it

3:Add egg and lemon juice little by little, then mix them

4:Put the powder and mix them from the bottom

5: Pour into a mold and drop it to take some of air

6:Bake in an oven in 180℃for 40 minutes and cool it.

7:Decorate as you like

Now thank you for your reading my blogs.
I will be back to Sakura Hostel Asakusa tomorrow.
See you there !!

Today's cake : 2

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Hi, I'm Tomoyuki.

As we mentioned last night, today's our blog is Today's cake 2.
Not only chocolate cakes, but also I bake tart and pound cakes.
When I can afford to buy many ingredients or fruits, I make fruits tart.
I love fruits tart, but after deciding to make it, I find it will cost much for them and take times....
Here is what I made.

The seasonal fruits like strawberries, kiwi fruits, blueberry are used for the tart.
I bake the dough and almond dough together in an oven first, then place custard cream on it and put the fruits randomly after the cream.
It took approximately 2 hours.

Sme times pumpkin, chest nuts and sweet potato are.
The below one was for Halloween.

This tart was hearty indeed.
Because I put pumpkin paste and bake first, then spread cornflakes, and finally decorate chestnuts and cut sweet potatoes
You can feel Autumn with this tart. 
I'm planning to make new one next month.
It can be chestnuts and pear tart :-)

Tomorrow will be my last work at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya and Sakura cafe Hatagaya.
I will show you my way to make pound cake.

Today's cake: 1

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Good evening, readers, this is Tomoyuki. 

Thank you for reading our blogs every time.
Today I will introduce to you the cake I baked.
One of my hobbies is to make sweets.
Some times easy one, and some times a little greater ones.

Do you like chocolate ? I do very much !! especially a little bitter one.
I usually bake chocolate cake when i would like to eat chocolate.
I'm best at this cake, look !!

This is gateau chocolat. 
You can not eat this cake where I'm working now (Sakura cafe Hatagaya), but if there is a chance, I might bring this cake to whom I made friends with.
Would you like to try ?? 

And tomorrow's blog will be "Today's cake:2"

A new trainee @ Sakura hotel Hatagaya

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Hello, readers, I'm Tomoyuki; a new trainee @ Sakura hotel Hatagaya.
People call me Tom for remembering and calling easily.

Though you may know that I usually work @ Sakura hostel Asakusa where many many foreign people visit and stay.

On the contrary, a lot of Japanese guests come and stay with us here. 
I hope every coming guests get satisfied with our hotel.

Now I will introduce myself a little.

Name: Tomoyuki Nishikoori 
Age: 26
What I like: Diving, Cooking, Baking cakes, Sleeping, Eating, 
What I don't like: Garlic, Kim-chi, Chemistry, Math

I will be here just for 1 week, but when you see me, please feel free to speak to me.
I help you to make your stay more comfortable and fun ☆

Enjoy Mikoshi experience !


This picture is Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff, in new homepage of Sakura Hotel (group),


So, I'd like to introduce Hatagaya staff in this blog♪

(from left)

Ryoma Kobayashi(yellow):
Do you know 'Ryoma Sakamoto'?? Since I was a child, I was called 'Ryoma Sakamoto' ha-ha! I have Japanese Samurai Soul!!

Ai Ono (green):
I really like to talk with foreign guests with their language, always making a note for new language! Please teach me your language!

Mohamed (green):
(An Egyptian. Can speak/write Japanese as real Japanese people. ) .

Miwa Arai(me, pink) :
(What I addicted thing is, to cook Thailand food since I travelled in Bangkok) 

Hirotaka Hayakawa (red):
(I can speak English, and French, too.  Please talk with French:) 

Naoto Hozumi (light blue):
(My hoby is riding a horse, I'm Japanese and Australian, too!!) 

These rooms are of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.




If you are coming to Tokyo or Shinjuku, 
Let's stay in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, we are waiting your coming with our best smile!!

★One coin festa in Sep. 30th.★

Hi, All.
Recently, I am addicted to this!
Taco Rice 800yen (included drink and soup)


You know why?
The hot meat, cheese, tomato,  lettuce, chips and spicy hot sauce are best matching each other.
It is available lunch time only.

By the way, here is new staff.

His name is Mohamed from Egypt.
Please come and to see him!


Today is the last day for Anne (from German) to work at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


She worked here since the earthquake occured  in 2011 March.

Even if the sensational event happened, she never give up, because she is really love Japan, and Japanese people.

Whenever some event held in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,

Anne and we enjoyed the event with Sakura Cafe's guests!!


Anne often encourage Japan even if she is a German.


See you again, and have a good life!!

No.1 Sakura Hotel staff! in Tokyo

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I used to write Diary of Anne..

By the way , Have you met Anne???


Anne is one of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff.

Everybody love her!

At Event, 名司会者.jpg

Winter time




Summer time  



In Disney landneko.jpg

Anne's birthday!はぴば2012.jpg

We had a lot of memory...

Would you like to meet her?

We are waiting for you!


↓↓ No1 hotel in tokyo ↓↓


Friday was a special day. Why? 
Because it was...

Our Lovely Staff Ai's Birthday!!!

Of course we wanted to surprise her with a nice birthday cake, because she never forgets any of our birthdays and always makes sure to organize something sweet for everyone.

But, Ai herself is not a big fan of sweets. So what to do? Birthday cakes tend to be very sweet after all.

Luckily, Ai loves watermelons! As soon as the days get hotter in summer, you can spot her carrying away big water melons from the supermarket during lunch break.  

So Ai's birthday cake this year looked a bit special. ;)
Like this, to be exact...

She burst out laughing when she found it. 

It seems, she liked our idea. This is her in water melon heaven. XD

Happy belated Birthday Ai! We'll make sure, you'll never run out of water melons in summer.

image (3).JPG
(me with my trainer, Mr Hirotaka in a orange shirt )

Hi.It's Goro.

Today was my last day to work at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
Two weeks have passed very quickly !!
I learned many things here.I think that working in a different environment is a very good opportunity to review how to do my usual work.

I'll work for another 2 weeks at Sakura Hostel Asakusa.
If you see me there please talk to me easily :P

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

Address: 1-32-3Hatagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo151-0072

Fax +81-3-3468-4307

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

Hello! Hatagaya !!

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Hi ! My name is Goro ( Thank you Ryoma for letting me use your account :P)
Some of you who have ever read Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro's staff blog might  already know me as I normally work as a staff at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.However I'm working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for two weeks and at Sakura Hostel Asakusa for another two weeks.I'm really excited to meet new people at new places.

If you ever see me please talk to me easily :P

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

Address: 1-32-3Hatagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo151-0072


Fax +81-3-3468-4307

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★


Whoa! What a great picture no?  I've always wished I could ride a him...

He sure rides like a cowboy, oh wait, he IS a cowboy!!!

And, I am proud to say, he is our new staff! mr.hozumi2.JPG

His name is Nao, he has lived in north of Queensland,Australia for 2 years working as a horse riding instructor.  Obviously he rides horses like a champion,which already makes him so cool.

However, when he catches you with his big lovely smile, you would want to get to know him better.

Things he would like you to see in Japan is...

Our big TOKYO!  This city has so many faces.  Each area has its own uniqueness.

Our food!  Please taste the REAL Japanese food!

Our culture.  Meet our people, get to know us, and feel our culture!

Well, I asked him 5 words to describe himself.  He listed....

Cowboy, Energetic, Big(he is so tall!), Adventurous, and Crazy(in a good way)!!!

At Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, he will welcome you with a big smile and a big heart.

Come say hi to Nao!






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My name is Riko Oshima .(Left side)

I just sarted to work here in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya from today.

Before I came here,I was in Sakura Hotel Jimbocho.




Let me introduce myself ;)

I was born in Hiratsuka city .

here are the things that I like to do .

I love traveling ,watching movies,and CATS.

Last Febuary I went to 6 countries in Europe.

Most favorite city was Amsterdam!!!!! 

It was awesome;)


and also in Asia area ,love Thailand .

About the movies,I love Forrest gump;)




I really love to talk any topics  with many people.

so please come to talk with me in Sakura Hotel ,Cafe Hatagaya !

National Flag Cards Updated!

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These are national flags of today's guests countries.

We have almost all countries' but some countries are not ready.

So I am triyng to remake national flag cards.




These sheets cover 195 countries over the world.



In addition I made Hongkong,Macau,South Sudan(became independent recently),

Palestine and Kosovo.

Myanmar has changes it's flag design on Oct.2010.



Africa occupies one fourth of 200 countries.

There are 56 countries in the continent.


How many countries have you ever been to?



We are waiting for you!!

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Hello, everybody!

How do you spend your day?

Now, we have golden week which is big holiday season in Japan.

It seems like many many people enjoying this holiday, except us ;)

We have many guests from all over world.

Thank you very much!!!


If you are not Tokyo, plase show up!

We are waiting for you!!



Hello !!

My name is Makiko Matsumoto, I'm new staff here at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

(Now I'm writing this from Miwa's account.)

I love traveling, eating, talking with people !

I'm looking forward to meeting people from around the world!




Here are the photos I took in New York this March.


 【Central Park】 SAKURA is already bloomed. Some people enjoyed eating lunch watching sakura, like HANAMI in Japan !


After the musical "RENT".   It was very moving. Have you ever seen it?



Let me talk about New York more next time...!

See you again!

Hello All!!

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Hello, everybody, I am Sariko. I've been working Sakura Hotel for 5years.

Here is my information. If you visit Japan, talk to me!

Name: Sariko 
Hometown: Tokyo 
Language: Japanese, English 
Countries visited: Canada, United States, Korea, Indonesia(Bali Island), Costa Rica, France, Spain. India, Jordan, and Thailand!
I like....................... Travel, shopping, hang out with friends, beer, chocolate, sweets, French bread, 
park, river, drive, cherry blossom, shining sunny. 
My memorable episode: When I went to Death Valley national park in west coast of United States, I felt like world is mine. The nature in there is just beautiful and marvelous!!
My favorite movie: Lost in translation, Virgin suicides, Devil's wear Prada, Roman holiday, 
Porco Rosso, Ruokala Lokki(seagal diner). 
Message: I promise you to have great time in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. Come and join us!!


[NEWS] Our HP is renewal

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Hello, everybody!

Today, we have big news. Our home page is renewal open.


How do you think?

We have many different contents on our HP.

Please check check!!

Nice to meet you!!!

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Nice to meet you everyone.

My name is Shinichi Tsda. Please call me 'SHIN'

I started to wark at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya from March 2012!!

I hope I wanna meet many people and talking.

Please come Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for meeting Meeeee!!!

I'm looking forward to meeting you!!




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This is my last working day in Hatagaya today.


I've working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for a year but will work at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro from tomorrow in the personnel reshuffle.


まいこ.JPGThank you very much for all of your kindness!!

I miss all staff in Hatagaya...

This is my thank you gift for all of staff in Hatagaya.


ぷれぜんと.JPGPlease drop by Ikebukuro if you come to this area.

See you soon!!!



When I came to work today, I found a big chest in our office!

So we had some fun with it...





ai kiste.jpg

The last picture is Ai by the way. XD


There was another box as well. I wonder what we'll use them for.

I will let you know when I find out! ^^

Hatagaya Funny Photo Gallery

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We love to take photos at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! And we try our besr to make our day at work as fun as possible.

So today I would like to show you some of my favorite photos we took during the last year. There are so many, that I had a hard time choosing. LOL
Here we go!

s-rakugo1.jpg  s-portugal front.jpg 

s-soup.jpg  s-ai venus.jpg  s-miwa pickles.jpg  

s-P1040028.jpg  s-ai running.jpg  s-P1010659.jpg   s-378420_10150495150641514_690106513_10649687_1847615533_n.jpg  s-Linn Bowl.jpg  s-schubkarre.jpg  s-kopftuch.jpgmeloneessen.JPG  group.JPG 


ai hasenzahn.jpg


I'm sure we'll take many many photos this year as well. ^^




Hatagaya Staff ~ Anne

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Hi everyone!

I'm Anne from Germany and have been living in Japan since February 2011. I started working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya in March 2011.


s-tee.jpgI speak German, English and Japanese. I also used to learn French in school, but I forgot most of it unfortunately.

I have been to Japan as an exchange student before and fell in love with the country. I have met so many great people here, who make Japan my second home.

Two of my favorite places in Japan are Kamakura and the Fuji Five Lakes. I love to go there whenever I can.

I love Japanese and Italian food. I could eat Okonomiyaki, Ramen or Pasta everyday. Oh, and I eat way too many sweets for my own good, but I just can't resist all the delicious cakes and deserts that are sold at every corner here in Japan. ^^;


  My hobbies are hoopdance, going to Jazz clubs, eating out and sleeping.

I usually don't sleep at work though. ;)


s-sleep.jpg  s-africa.jpg


Since I started working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, the number of countries I would like to visit has  

increased dramatically, because we have so many guests from all around the world, who

tell us about their home countries. 


s-ai anne.jpg

I hope to see you soon at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! 


Self-introduction "My name is Maiko"

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Today, I'll introduce myself.

It seems like too late to do that :) since I've work here almost a year now.


Thumbnail image for 着物.JPG 

My name is Maiko Sato.

I was born in Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Taito-ku is a downtown side of Tokyo. There are famous temple Senso-ji.

Have you ever been there?? I love my hometown very much.


senso-ji.jpgI love travelling, see musicals, and  fluffy things!!


The best country that I ever been is Canada!!

I went to there 4 times and lived for one year from 2009.

So Canada is my 2nd hometown :)




I often go to see musicals almost once a month.

My favorite is "Mamma mia!" and "Cats"


And this is my lovely....Pig!!!


ぶた.JPGPlease say hello to me if you have a chance.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you near future!!



Change of generation!!

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Hi, everyone. It is new from an old thing today but subject is the Shinkansen. Various Shinkansen appeared from commencement of business in 1964, and it retired to private life.





It continued the other day also at first 0 series, and, as for 100 series and 300 series, retirement was decided. If a new thing is made, the old thing is lost someday. The time is progressing.




Although the appearance of the newest N700 series and E5 series are good looking, if it is called the Shinkansen, are they the Shinkansen of a round nose which is first generation!?


On the Ocean.

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Hi, everyone. How's your day? Please look at a beautiful scene from the sea today. Various things will be considered with what, looking at the sunset.



The circumference is the sea!! The sunset from the sea is really beautiful.

If you take a big luxury ship, just enjoy beautiful sunset on the sea.

Hi, everyone. Happy New Year. Do you have a cold??

It is a southern island which is saying this time.

Cold day has been continued recently. So, it flies over to a southern island such at the time.



We will forget winter season if it goes near the equator. It's a relaxing on the beach!!

Don't you forget a busy life and lengthen your life??


Warm climate, the passage of loose time, delicious food,,, It's awesome.

Where is here,,,?



Want to grown vegitable with my family!!

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They are my family!, Father and mother.


(I have one more young brother, but he's not appear on this picture.)


 Next week, I'll go back to Aichi(=my hometown) again!

新井きゃべつ.jpg 新井ねぎ.jpg

My father's farm!! 


Aichi prefecture is famous for producting district of Cabbage, butterbur.


Are you growing something to eat for yourself?? 

Get warm all together!!

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Hi, everyone. How are you? A season is winter now. Future time, mind and body will get warm with warm foods.

Today is Japanese style hot pot for winter season.

The hot soup using dark-brown miso based for hot pot.





This spicy soup makes warmer the body much more.

Japan has various kinds of hot pot and this season's pleasure increases.

However, hot soup based of hot pot is a recommendation awfully.

At last of hot pot, it's risotto!!





A topping is carried out with cheese, and it closes and receives with eggs. It's awesome!!





When you have hot pot with your friends, please refer to it

Ok, see you next time.

Red leaves !!

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Hi, everyone. How are you? I have been to see Red leaves at the end of last month.

It was a bit late this year and there was a little Red still more.

However, it is also a famous place and many persons were enjoying Red leaves.





It is popular, so that there are also people who come to see these Red leaves from overseas, and it is also a Japanese true symbol.





The Red leaves seen all over the country!!





Ok everyone, see you next time.


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I went to Shiodome for see musical yesterday.


I saw "The Phantom of the Opera"
and had this dessert at the bar near the theater.
It was really good taste and beautiful!!


Have you ever been there??
Shiodome is a quite new place in Tokyo.

It's near the Ginza and Shimbashi.
There were Christmas markets and Christmas illuminations.


Please try to go there if you are staying Tokyo this time.
From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, just 30 min. by subway.

Hi , glad to know all of you...

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My name is Bryan.

Welcome to a beautiful city Tokyo.



This city attracts me so much and I have spent here already 4 years.

I come from Malaysia, a " truly Asian " multi-cultural society.

Sakura house gives me also an opportunity to meet many friends of different countries and    backgrounds.

 I welcome all of you from all over the world!

wang wang.jpg 





A Rock!!?

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Hi, everyone. How have you been?

Today is Ayers Rock in AUS.

The drama of Japan also became famous which is centre of the world.

In fact, Ayers Rock is the rock which looks like mountain.



Moreover, it is buried in the earth 90%.

In a visible portion, there is 348m height.

Although Ayers Rock can also be reached, most is closed in many cases.

I was not able to reach, either.



The time of sunrise and sunset is solar sunlight and Ayers Rock becomes red.

It is really beautiful.



Please see, if there is an opportunity by all.

If it can reach in the centre of the world, please cry for love.

Flowers for Maiko

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Today Miki from Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro came over to say hi to us! She seemed to like our Christmas decoration.



And Maiko tried to steal it back! I surprised her. lol


111111.jpgSpeaking of Maiko... I told you that she is a very kind person in the introductory post I wrote about her. Remember? Today she helped a customer from Indonesia to send a letter to a Japanese friend.

And guess what!!!...


33333.jpgHe came back with flowers for her to show his appreciation!

What a lovely idea!

You should have seen her face!


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I'm Hirotaka Hayakawa.

I have been working for Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for about 3 years and half.


I have been in Tokyo for more than a quarter of a century.

But there are lot of things I still don't know about Tokyo...


I have been to Germany (for 3 weeks) and France (for 5 days).

I cannot speak Germany but I can speak a little French (un peu de Français).


I used to like getting on local train so long such as from Ueno to Kushiro (about 1,200 km) and Tokyo to Kagoshima (about 1,200 km).



Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.
I'll try the best I can do.

Singapore visit

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3 members including me from Sakura group went to Singapore for 6 days to promote our business last week.



At first, we exhibited in AFA 2011 (Anime Festival Asia) which is the largest Anime event of Southeast Asia.

Many many people were there, and it was so fun!

Especially we met some our friends who stayed with us before :)


And also we gathered with our guests one night on Japanese Izakaya in there



We could met our old friends and new friends in Singapore at that time, had lovely time.

This trip was for the business, so we have no enough time to see everything in Singapore, but we could see a Marina Bay sands which is a famous hotel in Japan lately, and of course the Mar-Lion.


And we tried many kind of foods!!!

Thank you for all people who met in Singapore, we enjoyed very much!!

Actually it was my third time to went Singapore, but I would like to visit there again for sure.   

Please come again to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

We are looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Muito prazer! (Nice to meet you!)

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Hello everyone! Nice to meet you :)

My name is Kyoko.

I am a new part-time staff of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya since November.




Today I'd like to introduce myself to you understand me well.


I'm majoring Portuguese language in a university in Tokyo.

From 2009 to 2010, I was studying and living at University of Aveiro in Portugal.



It's Aveiro. Very beautiful city :)



I love traveling!!!

Thinking about my next trip makes me soooo happy!

I've traveled more than 20 countries all over the world.







New York City






And the my best trip is in Morroco!




Of course in Japan I've traveled a lot.

I've ever been to Hiroshima for 4 times because I love there!


 itsukushima shrie.jpg

 Deers in Miyajima :)



 Recently I've learned Uzbek language and the situation in Uzbekistan by myself.

I've stayed in Uzbekistan for a month in summer vacation.




I'm doing my best to be able to help the guests everyday.

And if you need the help in Portuguese, please feel free and ask me!



Do you know our colorful staff T-shirts?

Since we love variety at Sakura Hotel we wear our staff T-shirts in many different colours!

Have you seen them all?


P1040498.JPGAi is wearing black today. Btw, she's busy preparing Welsh Cakes at the moment!


P1040504.JPGI'm purple.


Keiko will show you the other colors!


P1040499.JPG  P1040500.JPG  P1040502.JPG P1040501.JPG 


I love the yellow one.

What's your favorite color?


Hello Everyone!!

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Hello everyone!

I'm KYOKO, started to work at Sakura Cafe/Hotel Hatagaya from today!

Nice to meet you---.


'I can speak Português! because I used to be in República Portuguesa
República Pertual for 1 year for study!!'

The numbers of countries, she travelled before, are over 20!



From  this afternoon, Kyoko began to do trainning at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, and was tought how to make drinks and foods.

♪Please come to talk with me♪

Hi, Everyone. Introduce myself.

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Hi, there, nice to meet you. I'm Masaaki Fujisawa. I stayed in Sydney AUS for 8 years then came back to Japan 6 months ago. I studied English and Hospitality when I was in Sydney. I also worked in a restaurant, fashion shop & Hotel for long time.

I like traveling, fashion, photos & boxing.

If you like to talk about Australia or my hobby, just come to Sakura Hotel. I'm looking forward to seeing you.



Sakura Hotel Hatagaya Staff ~ Ai ~

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It's time for the next installment of my Hatagaya staff introduction series!
Today I'm going to tell you more about the lovely Ai!

Ai has been working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for about 3 years and our guests love her, because she's very friendly and so much fun to be around. She immediately becomes friends with everyone she talks to and is very interested in people and foreign cultures. She always asks me about German traditions, like the way we celebrate weddings, Christmas ect.


ai firends.jpg

Ai used to live in Canada for a year, where she worked at a Japanese restaurant and at a karaoke bar among others. Her favorite food is rice, so she considers herself lucky to be born Japanese. ;)



Ai is very good at crafting and painting. She writes/ paints all the signs and menus for our cafe.

She also loves to take funny photos. Here is a little collection of pictures I stole from her facebook gallery (with her permission of course).


venus.jpg  ai rabbit smoke.jpg  ai yoga.jpg 


 One of her favorite hobbies is juggling. She even does performances at parties and festivals! She's really good. I was so surprised when I found out.


juggling.jpg There's so much more I could tell about her. Why don't you become friends with her and find out for yourselves? (^O^)


ai hut.jpgOh, and did you know that Ai means love in English?

Very fitting name indeed.

We love you Ai! ^^



My name is Ryoma, a new staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!


new kobayashi.JPG

Since I have joined this hotel just about a week ago, everything seems new.

This is the first article I post, so I start it off with my self-introduction!


I was born in Atsugishi, Kanagawa and living in Tokyo right now.

I majored in English in my university and like novels, music, arts and good food and drinks!


I like hanging out with my friends as well. Last Saturday, I went to Tama zoo.



It is easy to go there from our hotel.


1. Take the Keio new line from Hatagaya station to Shinjuku sta.

2. Take Keio line (express) from Shinjuku sta to Takahata-Fudo sta.

3. Change trains at Takahata-Fudo sta., and get off at Tama Dobutsu Koen sta.


And there I found funny animal! Do you know its name?? It's not Kangaroo or Wallaby.


6083574279_b789247aab_m.jpg IMG_0568 / necoco

Its name is...Wallaroo!!

I heard that they are not so different from Kangaroos except their size: they are smaller.


If you are interested in the zoo or anything, please ask me! 

I'm looking forward to seeing you at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!


Today at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

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It was time to bake Welsh Cakes again at Hatagaya today! They had been sold out for a few days already.
anne welsh11.jpgBaking them takes a lot of time, since we have to prepare a big amount and different flavors. Up until now it was always Ai who baked them, because she is responsible for our cafe's menu and has the most experience.

anne welsh2.jpgLast time she asked me to help her, so I could learn the recipe from her, and today she let me do it all by myself! Yay!!

 I still need a bit more practice, but they turned out quite well for the first time.


new kobayashi.JPG

And this is our new staff, Ryoma! It was his second day at work today.

Look forward to his introduction post in the near future. (^O^)/

Hatagaya Staff ~ Maiko ~

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Today I'm starting a new series of blog posts! I'm planning to introduce the Hatagaya staff one by one, so you can get to know us a little better!


Since I'm working with Maiko today, she's the first one.


P1040059.JPGMaiko is usually a bit shy and quiet at first, but I really enjoy talking with her. She has been working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya since January 2011, so 2 months longer than me.

She's always friendly and going out of her way to help everyone! She's also good at explaining things, so when I don't know something at work I just go and ask her. I tend to ask a lot, but she never loses her patience. :)

Maiko used to live in Canada for a year where she worked at a hotel as a receptionist and at a Japanese restaurant.


piggy.JPGShe loves white & fluffy things like rabbits and the little fellow in the photo above.

She also loves watching musicals. Her Top 3 are: Mama Mia, Les Miserables and The Lion King.

Her favorite food is natto (fermented soy beans) and cheese. She also likes to drink beer (Miwa as well as you can see below)! I don't by the way, even though I'm German.






Maiko is very easy to get along with. I really enjoy working with her because no matter how busy or even hectic things around her get, she always stays calm and has a very professional attitude. You can always count on her!




If you want to know more about her, meet her at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya or talk to her on facebook!



[Sakura Hotel Hatagaya Blog] -2℃ Beer

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 Have you ever tried -2℃ Beer??


I went to Asahi Extra Cold Bar in Ginza, Tokyo few days ago.

There were still long line up when we arrived there at 9:00 PM.


We could enter the bar 15 min. after, and of cource orderd beer

and it was so~~~~nice!!! o(*^▽^*)o~♪

Mild and creamy froth of beer!!!


We also had experience to serve a beer by myself at there★


asahi2.jpgのサムネール画像 asahi3.jpgのサムネール画像のサムネール画像 asahi4.jpgのサムネール画像 asahi5.jpgのサムネール画像

asahi6.jpgのサムネール画像 asahi7.jpgのサムネール画像 asahi8.jpg


Looks nice right??


We also got this card for certificate!!


asahi9.jpgのサムネール画像 asahi10.jpg

It will open until the end of September,

you should go there and try it!!


Making Welsh Cake with Anne!

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I made Welsh cake with Anne!!

Do you know? Welsh cake made by a lot of our LOVE.
By the way, my name is Ai. Ai means LOVE.

Thumbnail image for ハート.JPG

One for All, All for One

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 The word I like is...

"One for All, All for One."


Do you remember that I love to see musicals? :)

I saw "The Three Musketeers" at this time, and this word from D'Artagnan and three musketeers.



I was touched by their friendship and partnership!!


I always learned many things from musicals and plays.

It's not just a fun, good for study though★


I learned the importance of a companies at this time!!!



・・・By the way, I could shake hands with an actor who I like, I was so happy♪♪




Exciting night in Ginza!!

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I had a realy good time in Ginza with my friend  of ten year's standing few days ago.

That was...


Live House!!! 

I went to Live House in Ginza, and it was my first time to enjoy Ginza night. 

My older friend brought me.

And...2 places we went.


KENTO'S that we went first was really nice atmosphere and there were a big stage inside the house.


And the second one is Kennedy House.

It actually not so big inside but we enjoyed old songs and they're nice talk.

Then we stayed until close time :)


I didn't know that I can enjoy at Ginza like an adult city!!!

Please try to go and enjoy if you have a chance!!!




My day in Jimbocho

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Yesterday I worked at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho for a day.

It was lots of fun and so different from Hatagaya.
And last week I was in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro for a day, which was also very exciting.

While all hotels belong to the same company the atmosphere varies from place to place. Jimbocho is the smallest hotel out of the three and has more of a hostel feel to it. The atmosphere is really international and family-like.


Irina and Maria showed me around their workplace.


Jimbocho Café on the 1st floor is really busy most days. Especially when it's hot outside Ice Coffee is very popular - and it was a really hot day in Tokyo yesterday. Just look at my face! ;)

It was interesting to work somewhere else for a change. Thank you girls! I'll be back! :D


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It was my birthday yesterday.
I hadn't told my co-workers and was so busy at work all day that I almost forgot about it myself.

Suddenly Keiko told me to come to the staff room because she wanted to talk about something. The light went off, and as I turned around Ai and Michiko (from Sakura House main office) came in with the cutest birthday cake ever, complete with candles and everything! Even my name was written on it! And they had bought some beautiful flowers as well.

I was so surprised!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 14072011497.jpg

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 14072011498.jpg

This is me with cake and flowers. It was a cream cheese cake with strawberries and sooo delicious! Japanese cakes are the best! Thank you so much! You really made my day with this surprise!

Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072 
Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250) 
Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251) 
E-mail: [email protected] 

Hello!I'm Yoshi.

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I am Yoshitaka,a new receptionist.I came here in mid June.

I lived in Aizuwakamatsu,Fukushima prefecture before I moved to Tokyo.
It's my hometown which is 100km away from the nuclear plants.

Although the city is very famous sightseeing spot among Japanese,
the tourism and farming are seriously damaged by the accidents.
I hope that it will recover from the disaster soon.

I've travelled over 50 countries in this 15 years.
I am glad to help tourists from other countries to travel in Japan.



布家さん 2.jpgのサムネール画像


Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072
Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250)
Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251)
E-mail: [email protected]


Please to meet you!

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Hi! My name is Tak Yoshida, and I'm a new staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya(^^)

Before joining Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, I have trained at Sakura Hostel Asakusa for a month. (Some of you may have already known me from my tweets @asakusa_hostel.) Before joining Sakura group, I have lived and worked at small hotel in Hakone for 2 years.

I have also lived in India for 2 years. I have rescued street children there, and taught them music. I'm proud to say some of them have now become professional musicians.

Before working in Japan, I have studied music in US for 10 years. Yes, I'm a songwriter! I have written songs in both English and Japanese.

Please feel free to talk to me anytime, and share your smile (^^)


Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072
Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250)
Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251)
E-mail: [email protected]

My Day Off 2

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 How do you spend your day off?
I live close to Tamagawa (Tama river), so when I have time,I go for a run!
It is rainy season here in Tokyo now...
but sometimes after the rain, you can see some priceless things...

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

Isn't it so beautiful? can see nice beautiful sunset:)

Also, I like to cook on my day off!

I made Thai fried chiken with basil leaves.


4.jpg It's pretty easy so if you like Thai food, try it :)

We have some asian food at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

Please come try it!

Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072 
Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250) 
Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251) 
[email protected] 


Eel pie!?

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I went to Hamanako-lake last weekend with my family

and bought Unagi-pie for my co-worker.


Do you know Unagi??

 It's an eel!!

Yammy~♪ yammy~~♪





Syunka-dou is a confectionery maker in Hamamatsu.


うなぎぱい.JPG ぱい車.JPGAnd you can join the factory tour for free!!

I went there yesterday!


Unagi pie had some eel powder.

Can you believe it??

But it's really nice!!!


gonna have some with Miwa and Yukako from now♪♪


You wanna try??

Sometimes you are in Japan, let's go there if you like!! 



Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072 
Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250) 
Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251) 
[email protected] 

Whom she looks like??

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Her name is Hitomi.

One of Sakura Hotel Jimbocho's staff (freshman).

Now, she is working in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

(This photo is taken in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya)



I think she looks like someone in Japanese Actress. But I couldn't find out the actress' name.

Do you find out whom she looks like??


Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072 
Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250) 
Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251) 
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Mysterious gift

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Last Sunday Hiroki gave us a little box when be came to work.

It looked like this.


All my co-workers knew immediately what to expect when they saw the brand name on the box and seemed really excited. I didn't really know what was going on because I had never heard the name before, but when we opened the box there were cute little puddings inside!


The office went quiet immediately as everyone was happily eating their pudding. They were sooo delicious! Turns out Yoroizuka is a pretty famous patissier in Japan and his desserts are very popular. And now I understand why!

By the way, only five minutes before Hiroki came to work Hirotaka and I had been talking about how hungry we were, because it was 8.p.m. and we hadn't eaten anything at all since our lunch break. So his puddings really came just at the right moment. Thank you Hiroki! You saved us! :)

Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072 
Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250) 
Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251) 

Hi Everybody!

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shirai.jpgHi Everyone :) I'm Yukako, just started working here a couple of weekes ago.
So.... let me introduce myself...
I've lived in Victoria, B.C Canada for almost 6 years. I love travelling and eating!
I've been to Thailand, Bali Indonesia, Singapore, India, Korea, USA(Hawaii, Alaska), France, Italy and England etc...
I always try their local food. I think "foods" represent thier cultures. I really enjoy it! so hope see you soon!

Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072
Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250)
Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251)
E-mail: [email protected]


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We visited Kozue who has worked at Sakura hotel Hatagaya♪



 ↑Matsumoto Castle


We went to Wasabi farm in Azumino.

Wasabi beer and fish with Wasabi....sooo tasty!





Soba also great!!!!!  



 We are happy to meet her again.

See you in Tokyo-! 

223455_2009831565964_1248967650_32346736_2247496_n.jpg SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA 
Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072 
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Blog auf Deutsch

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Heute hatte ich zum ersten Mal seit ich hier arbeite einen deutschen Anrufer am Telefon! Ich hab mich total gefreut mal Deutsch sprechen zu koennen bei der Arbeit! Er hat ein Zimmer reserviert und wir haben uns ein paar Minuten ueber die Lage in Japan unterhalten.

Meine Kolleginnen sind ganz hellhoerig geworden, als sie ploetzlich nicht mehr verstanden haben, was ich gesagt habe. Aber es war schon toll, mal nicht angestrengt zuhoeren zu muessen, um zu verstehen was gesagt wird. :D Telefonieren auf Japanisch faellt mir immer noch etwas schwer, vor allem wenn viele Hintergrundgeraeusche zu hoeren sind.

Momentan haben wir uebrigens auch einen Gast aus der Schweiz. Mit dem konnte ich mich gestern auch schon ein wenig auf Deutsch unterhalten. Danach hatte ich irgendwie den ganzen Tag gute Laune. :)

Also, kommt alle her und redet mit mir! Ich freu mich auf euch!





Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072
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Happy Easter!

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Do you celebrate Easter in your country? It's not celebrated in Japan but in Germany it's a very important holiday. It's one of my favorite holidays actually because it's in spring, so usually the weather is nice and the flowers are in full bloom.

In Germany it's a custom to hide Easter eggs for the children. These eggs are very colorful, so they are easier to find in the grass.

This is what it looks like when we color eggs the day before Easter Sunday in my family:


100_4909.JPG     100_4909.JPG


When the color is dry, we put cute stickers on them:


P4080009.JPG P4080012.JPG 


                           And then we hide them for the kids.



Easter in Germany is a lot of fun and obviously involves eating lots of eggs. :) There are many more traditions of course and they vary depending on the area where you live.

What's your favorite holiday in your home country?


Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072
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