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Hi, everyone!!How're you doing??
I went to Hakone on the other day♪
There are lots of hot springs as you know!!
One of the most famous sightseeing places is Oowakudani!!
A landslide happened at Hakone Volcano and now we can see sulfur and Volcanic fumes.
The smell of sulfur is strong!!

You can go there by ropeway or bus.
I got on the ropeway!!
The view was so great!! but it was scary to look at the Valley...

Let me introduce our guests who left our hotel today!!

They're from Poland!!!
They came to Japan to join the Guitar competition☆
I wanted to listen to the soud of guitar he played!!
Please come back again☆


Hello everyone, how are you today.

here comes winter season already, i feel like visiting countries that have hot temperature..

especially my favourite country - thailand!

love to share some pictures i took when i went on a trip to thailand.








cute little thai monks



Mae Hong Son village



long neck tribe - karen



famouse budda statue in sukhothai


do you now how ronald looks like in thai macdonalds?

huh? too small? closer look?





huh? too small? closer look?


Here you go!!!





wai (1).jpg

Now you know, he is putting his hands together, that thai peoeple call this "wai" which is one of thai greetings.

come and try to find thai guests at?sakura hotel hatagaya, they are so sweet, and also you will find a lot more guests from all over the world here at?sakura hotel hatagaya!

have a good day everyone^^






Multiple Nights Discount -4 Nights Minimum

Good evening!

you know that here comes December today, ye.. its last month of the year!

time passes very quickly when working at?Sakura Hotel Hatagaya?as having fun with a lot of guest from many different countries^^

By the way, I got very good sightseeing info about Tokyo!

you have chance to see autumn coloured foliage being illuminated with colouful lights at night between sunset and 9pm from 22nd Nov to 8th December at "Rikugien" that is in central Tokyo!

i managed to go there the other day finally and i was just lost for words at the awesome view!

show you some pics i took^^







sIMG_1150 (1).jpg

sIMG_1152 (1).jpg


There use to be a river on the ground of this area, so the blue light is supposed to be a river. yes! it does look like it!?





This is part of Daimyo garden beautifully?illuminated at night... hum..





Go to "Rikugien" by 8th December otherwise you will miss this awesome night illumination this year!





Directions fromSakura Hotel Hatagaya:

[Rail] From Hatagaya station to Shinjuku Station by Keio shinen(Keio New) Line, then to Komagome station by JR Yamanote Line.

Multiple Nights Discount -4 Nights Minimum

Hi, everyone!! How're you??
We have tasty coffee at?Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

I went to an unique restaurant at Shinjuku for my friend's birthday!!
The name of the restaurant is Alice in the picture book, and this restaurant serves food and drinks based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!!
For example, the menu is like a picture book,

Some drinks are very unique


also this kind of cute meals are served?
You can see many interesting things here!!
I'm sure you will enjoy this restaurant♪
It's just 4 minutes by train from Hatagaya to Shinjuku☆
We look forward to seeing you!!


Hi everyone!! How're you doing??
The weather is not good today...

Anyway, Design Festa Vol.38 was held at Tokyo Bigsite on 2-3 November!!
There were many events such as live concert and also lots of stand selling bags, clothes, plates and other staffs!!

This is a Japanese drum show!! It was sooo powerful♪


There were many cute plates. I was sooo excited!!
But if you didn't have a chance to visit this exihibition, there is one more place like this!!
There is the Dessign Festa Gallery in Harajuku☆
It's just like a mini Design Festa, you can see many interesting artworks anytime♪

It takes 20 minites from Hatagaya to Harajuku by train!!
You should visit when you come to Japan♪

Carry the Mikoshi at Sakura Cafe HATAGAYA

Hi, everyone!! How're you doing??
We often serve hot drinks recently at Sakrua Cafe Hatagaya

I went to the campus festival  of the university I graduated from☆

According to some websites, most of the campus festival in Tokyo ar held in October or November♪

There are lots of?food stands, shows like live concerts or beauty contests and other stuffs!! There are some unique event depending on universities.

I think the most special event is that students invite famous comedians and TV personalities!!

At the uni I graduated from, the famous comedian, Nakagawake and Naomi Watanabe had a live!! Wow☆


I was a member of a music club, so went to see the live concert!!

I really enjoyed it ♪

I'm sure anyone can enjoy this kind of campus festival!!
Why don't you visit one of them??

Carry the Mikoshi at Sakura Cafe HATAGAYA

Hi everyone, this is my second post about kyoto.

Plrease take your time and enjoy to read this post, hope it would be helpful for those who have an interest in kyoto^^



You will have many chances to see this triangle stuff everywhere when you are in kyoto.

Can you guess what it is? it is a japanese confectionery, which we call "yatsuhashi", is known as one of famous regional products of kyoto.



also i want you to try "Tsujiri restaurant" if you like sweets. there was a long queue for its dessert the time i visited there,

but it was worth queuing!! i tried Maccha(green tea) parfait and found its the best dessert ever!! trust me, this is the dessert you MUST try when you are in kyoto!

P1020449 (1).JPG


Are you in japan now? do you have japanese coins? grab japanese 10yen coins and have look at the coins obverse and reverse.

Now you know what I'm trying to say?

It's obverse design is this temple! this "byodo-in temple" is one of buddhist temples in kyoto with a rich and long history,

and it was listed as a world heritage site as part of the historic monuments of ancient kyoto in 1994.



By the way, look at the side view of 10yen coins, can you find a difference between those two 10yen coins towers?

left ones are with flat side, on the other hand right ones are with milled edge, that we call it "giza ju" in japanese,

and I'm trying to collect as many "giza ju" as i can, does anyone have "giza ju" for me?

okay, thats all for now, hope to share a little more info about Kyoto someday with you^^


Hi, everyone!!
It was soooo heavy rainy today. It'll not have been a good weather until Saturday.

I went to a famous place on the other day.
I had this one on that day!! Do you know where I went??

Yes!! This is a bowl of rice topped with Sashimi☆

There are some slmon and see urchin on the top.
This was sooo good♪

You probably know this place, but do you know where you can enjoy this kind of fresh seefood in tokyo??
Name it!!

Yes, that is Tsukiji☆
Here is afamous for the fish market where fish auctions are held in the morning.
There are many restaurants and shops inside and even outside of the market.

I'm sure you can enjoy them.

It's just 30 minutes from Hatagaya station to Tsukiji by train!!


Hi, everyone!!How are you doing today??
This is Yuri at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!
The typhoon has just gone this afternoon!! Trains delayed and there were so many trash on the street because of the strong wind!!

Anyway, I went to Sakuratei which is in Harajuku. It's a restaurant of Okonomi-yaki and Monja-yaki, Japanese traditional food.
Did you notice this restaurant's name?? Yes, it's one of our group company, that's why Sakura is included in the name!!


It was soooo tasty♪

There is Design Festa Gallery next to Sakuratei so that you can enjoy to see art works.
The wall of Sakuratei is also unique and interesting!!

There were many foreigners visiting the restaurant!!
I went there for lunch time on Sunday, there was a line many guests waiting, very popular place!!?

Sakuratei is in Harajuku, it's just 20 minutes from Hatagaya station by train!! How about visiting there to enjoy meals??

Multiple Nights Discount -2 Nights Minimum

Hello Everyone

Here's Mohamed the staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

In the other day it was my holiday, so I went in a trip for Fuji Mountain & Hakone.

My hotel was a little bit near from Fuji Mountain but the weather wasn't so much prefect ,although i could see it from the hotel ^_^

gjhfjhfj.jpgAlso there is a waterfall away from Fuji Mountain about 30 min by car .. really it's so beautiful

hfjhfjhf.jpgIn my way to Hakone , i passed through a place called ''Fuji Mountain Safari Park''

You can ride a special car to see many kinds of animals directly ^o^

s-IMG_dfdf.jpgs-IMG_46565638.jpgs-IMG_46643647.jpgThen after i arrived to Hakone i took the ropeway climbing the mountain to reach a place with highest of 1040 meter called Owakudani !!

You can see there the extract of sulfur and ash clouds.


In the last of the trip i got on board in a pirate ship to enjoy the sightseeing that surrounding the Hakone Lake !

It was really amazing view there

s-IMG_4jfhjytu732.jpgs-IMG_479dsa345.jpgIt was really interesting trip so i think i'll go there someday again ★


Today,I am going to write about my fevorite place- part ?-!!

Do you remember my fevorite place-part ?? I wrote about Aomori prefecture!

This is....ta-da-!!!

Tokyo Tower!!

I was born and grown up close to Tokyo tower.

I can see the tower from my home.

When I was a child, I often went to Tokyo tower with my grand mother to see "Monky show" or?

cried in the musium of wax figure, or even attended the fire drill at Tokyo tower.?

It was scared experience to go down emergency stairs!

Nowadays, Tokyo sky tree seems to become a king of Tower in Japan, but?

I love Tokyo tower!!

Tokyo tower, now try to get his position of king of tower back again !

See this cute light up!

Can you find what it is??

tokyo tower 1.jpg

The answer is DORAEMON! famous Japanese character!

There is a yellow bell on the middle!

You can go to Tokyo tower from Shinjuku by Oedo line to Daimon.

Its just 20min away from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.



Have you ever seen just off the Rainbow Bridge?


Views of the evening very beautiful






Memories floats If I look at this bridge?






Has become romantically It is me




he is living with his brother also,

look at this !

what a huge house

missing you ,bro

What do you want for Japanese souvenir?

Origami paper? Yukata wear?

I sent "MEGU-rhythm", a steaming warm eye musk

and easy Japanese moxibustion to my Indonesian friend

for her birthday before.

She was so delighted and ask me to send more!

When I used to work at another hotel,

one of the guests from overseas asked me

if there is any place to buy some souvenir, but?

it was at the mid-night and she is going to take a plane tomorrow morning

to go back her country!

First, I recommend her convenience store or DONKI, its famous discounted shop in Japan,

and I found it from internet!



These are special vending machine of Japanese souvenir in Shibuya.

You can get some accesaries made by ORIGAMI or beautiful Japanese cloths and so on!

Its working 24hours,same as Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!



You can go to Shibuya by catching a bus from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

Also we are selling such a pretty Japanese hair accessaries at our place!!

2013-05-12 12.02.41.jpg

★☆★Join us with carrying MIKOSHI! it would be a special souvenir that you never forget!!★☆★

Carry the Mikoshi at Sakura Cafe HATAGAYA

Hello everyone!
Have you enjoyed Tokyo during your summer vacation? or Never been Tokyo!?

(sited from free photo page)
My summer vatation was really good, went to Kyoto, did BBQ outside with my coworkers, and so on!!

By the way, I went to Tokyo Sky Tree with my friend last Tuesday!


Have you ever gone to the skyscraper of Tokyo Sky Tree!?

The tower has 634 Meters, and can see the great view of Tokyo.
This time, I waited 70 minutes to see the view!! Soooo crazy! So many people were waiting like me!!
with 2000 yen, you can go to the hight 350 m.

With adding more 1000 yen, can go to the hight 450m.


We can enjoy the interior of the elevators (there are 4 kinds of season's elevators).


So I reached to the hight 450 m!!

Waching by yourself is much better than what I show you! Ha-ha!!

Let's go to see the great view when you come to Tokyo!!?

★☆★☆?why don't you feel Egypt!?★☆★☆★

サクラカフェ幡ヶ谷 古代エジプト象形文字 9/1(日)開催

Although less famous than Japan Rail Pass for visitors,
Seishun 18 Ticket(青春18きっぷ/Seishun 18 Ticket) is very popular discount ticket among Japanese.
It's a symbol of slow and "rich" travel for us.


It's issued in Japan only that allows holders one-day unlimited rides on the local trains
of JR lines all over Japan during limited periods of year.
Even if you pay additional express surcharge you can not get on express trains.

When I was student, I went to Osaka with Seishun 18 Ticket.

116231452_15bd873b47 (1).jpg

It takes 14 hours 2,300 yen from Tokyo to there.
I think, i will never try it
I was young!

If you use bullet train, it takes ?2 hours 45 min 13,000yen

Would you like to save your money?
Would you like to save your time?

Up to you!

It's valid for flexible five days(counted 0:00-24:00) within the designated period of the season.
In this summer,it's sold until the end of August,valid until 10th September.
This ticket is only JPY11500(USD150/EUR105) for flexible five days,which means JPY2300 for each days.

Different from Shinkansen,it's quite time consuming but you will see local atmosphere in the slow trains.

Seishun 18 means "the youth eighteen(years old)".
But no worries!No age limit to purchase the ticket.

For more details see this JR East official site.

If you have any question, feel free to ask Sakura Hotel Staff anytime!
We open 24 hours/ 7days


Kyoto Trip in my Summer Vacation

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☆My Diary inSummer Vacation☆

On August 8th and 9th, went to Kyoto.

To meet my friends whose were my co-workers in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Stayed their house one night on Aug. 8,

and on the next day, we 3 went to KIBUNE Shurine, do you know??


KIBUNE shirine's temprature is normally 5?℃ lower than Kyoto town, so we felt cooler!

And It's one of the famous spot about,

1. EMA (picture bellow).


People who visitted there usually write their wish on this wood plate, called 'EMA 絵馬'.

E=mians Picture, Ma=(originally UMA) means horse, so EMA has pictures of 2 horses.


Many Many people hung their dreams here, so as I.



2. Noryo Yuka,


You can seat on Tatami, can feel the river streaming, water sound, by the seat during eating Japanese cuisine!


And I found a good cafe (the cafe interior is Japanese style) by the street.

How about to go there in your summer vacation!?

【How to go to Kyoto from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya】

totally 13,020 yen, 3 hours.

Hatagaya to Shinjuku, by Keio New Line. @120 yen.

Shinjuku to Shinagawa, by JR Line.@190yen.

Shinagawa to Kyoto, by JR Bullet train Nozomi. @12,710 yen.

【the way to Kibune Shrine from Kyoto】

totally 790 yen, 70 minutes.

Kyoto to Demachiyanagi-Ekimae, by Bus @220 yen.

Demachiyanagi-Ekimae to Kibuneguchi, by Eizan train @410 yen. and walk 5 min.

Kibuneguchimae to Kibune, by bus @160 yen.
☆Event on Aug. 31 with just 500 yen= one coin in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya☆

サクラカフェ幡ヶ谷 ワンコインフェスタ限定メニューをご用意!幡ヶ谷ワンコイン・フェスタ7/27(土)開催

Hello, This is NAOTO from.Sakura Hotel Hatagaya- TOKYO!!

If you have ever been to TOKYO... I guess you have already known,?
Tokyo is the assembly of lots of big cities such as Shibuya,Shinjuku,Roppongi,Harajuku etc..

Totally same as N.Y. , As the song goes "Concrete jungle where the - " :)
Example : Shinjuku station from GoogleMap!

Imagine this situation :

*Okay, Finally I have arrived to Shinjuku station!!
?Landmark... yup, I'm standing by the ABC building,
?I'm right here on the map...
?Well... there's lots of looks a-like building around me,


even you have a map, and know where you are on a map,
you still need to get to know the direction to get to the goal.

Here is the solution....
Pocket Compass will give you the right direction in a sec!!
2013-08-02 13.17.01.jpg

Not in Outback, Even in TOKYO, compass will be really useful tool for every person, even local people!
Another example..
*The restaurant is located on the north part of Shinjuku station.
*You are in the Shinjuku station, just got off the train.
*There's many exits... A3,D5,E8 !?! which exit should I take?

simple! Keep walking towards the North, and take any exit,
That's the nearest one to the restaurant!

No need to walk all the way round of whole station... yay! :)

Enjoy summer time, Happy holidays!!


Hi, everyone!! This is Yuri at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

How are you doing?

Now it's summer, and children are on the summer vacation!! Did you go somewhere??

I went to one of the famous sightseeing places near Sakura hotel Hatagaya.

This is it...

s-image (4).jpg

Do you know where I was??

Yes, it's Tokyo metropolitan government building!!  The admission fee is free, it has two tower, north and south. I went up to the highest floor of the north tower.

You can see all around Tokyo and many famous places such as Tokyo tower and Sky tree.

There is a café on the highest floor. It would be special if you see the landscape having coffee.

s-image (1).jpg

The view was not so good because of the rain, however I was so excited, so it would be wonderful if you go up when it's sunny☆

I saw some couples, I think this place is good for not only sightseeing but also a date spot♪

s-5image (5).jpg

Night view♪

It just takes 10 minutes from Shinjuku station on foot, also just 3minutes from Shinjuku station to Hatagaya station by train.
Please come and visit us at Sakura Hotel and Cafe♪

Special Offers

helo how are you doing everyone??

last night i chatted with my taiwanese friend that i have met when i went on the first trip to taiwan,

and she reminded me of all the yum yum foods and driks that i have had in taiwan haha^^

just want to share those food photos with you this time!


i have no idea what this is, i just tried it because there was a long que there and i just thought this must be deliciouse, yea it surely was!

this is one of taiwanese foods that my guide book suggested to try, thin noodle in gravy soup^^

sticky rice with some kind of nuts in it.s-P1060167.jpg

youve ever tried this is taiwanese bitter tea, dont know how they call this.. anyways it was too bitter to finish up, but found its quite good for health!s-P1060170.jpg

its pig blood cake, which i guess most taiwaneses favourite^^

just a whole pig roast, hmm yum! love you!s-P1060198.jpg

BBQ pork taiwanese style?

jsut a boiled egg flavoured special soya source?s-P1060230.jpg

deep flied little fish and shrimpss-P1060234.jpg

citrus flavoured drink


woo hoo! this is what i really wanted to try! stinks tofu! was good, made my whole body and dress stinks though!s-P1060237.jpg

warm taiwanese bean dessert

suger coated candy^^
s-P1060242.jpgits Taiwanese Minced Pork Sauce over Rice thats quite popular taiwanese food^^

hmmm.. so yum!

did you find one you want to try?

please come over to sakura cafe hatagaya, we have also variety of foods and drinks?thats as delicious as taiwanese foods to serve you^^

Hello, everyone.
I'm a trainee, Masaru.
I particiated in a wedding celemony and party in Yokohama last Saturday.


The celemony was hold at a small church near Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery.
And the party was at an Italian restaurant by the sea.


Yokohama is a very beautiful place and you can feel as if you were in a foreign country.

How to get Yokohama form Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
Hatagaya Station → Shinjuku 3chome Station (Keio New Line)
Shinjuku 3chome Station → Yokohama Station (Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line)


Hi there. I'm Kaz, a Hatagaya staff loving taking photos.

Looking at guests at SAKURA HOTEL Hatagaya here, I often see 
them having nice camera actually. 

You don't have any idea where you should go for photos?
What about Mt. Fuji then?

Let me show you my photos here....

<Mt. Fuji in sunset time>




Above photos were taken at a bus stop, Otome Toge
It might be also interesting to explore here and there by yourself 
to find the best place for your best shot of Mt. Fuji.

<Access from SAKURA HOTEL Hatagaya to Otome Toge>

     ↓  Keio Shin-sen Line (for Moto-Yawata)
     ↓  Odakyu Line - Romance car (Express) (for Hakone-Yumoto)

Yumoto Eki(Hakone-Yumoto Staition) 
     ↓  Hakone Tozan Bus (for Gotemba Outlet)
Otome Toge

The number of buses(Hakone Tozan Bus) is extremly limited. 
You're recommended to check its time table well before going.

Enjoy a walk with your camera today too!

Hi there. I'm Kaz, a Hatagaya staff loving taking photos.

If you are in Tokyo for sightseeing, you should not miss night-view
of Tokyo. 

For night-view photos, some skill and knowledge are needed as you
may know. 

Let me show you my challenges here...

-Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba-





Easy access from SAKURA HOTEL Hatagaya
Why don't you go out for Odaiba tonight before/after drinking

<Access from SAKURA HOTEL Hatagaya to Odaiba> 
       ↓ Keio Shin-sen Line (For Moto-Yawata)
       ↓ Toei Oedo Line -Subway (For Roppongi / Daimon)
       ↓   Yurikamome Line 
Odaiba Kaihin-Koen (Odaiba Kaihin Park)

Enjoy a walk with your camera today too!

Good evening! This is Kaz, loving to going to power spot:)

Let me tell you that I went to the hottest power spot in Tokyo,
Tokyo Daijingu shrine & Izumo Taisha Tokyo Bunshi
(Tokyo branch 
of Izumo Taisha shrine).

Both quite shrines are located in center of the busiest city, Tokyo,
but it is said that "the strongest power" is being released out
from there, especially this year, 2013. 

Accessibility from Hatagaya is very good actually. 
Why don't you visit there if you are staying in Hatagaya?

In order to get "power", it is also said that you must visit both 
shrines within this year.

     "power" : to make people healthier and more energetic

 Izumo Taisha Tokyo Bunshi


<Access from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

 ↓  Keio Shinsen Line (bound for Motoyawata) approx. 8mins.
↓    Toei Oedo Line (for Roppongi & Daimon) approx. 9mins.

Exit no.7. Walk straight, seeing Nishi Park and turn right at the end of
the street. 3 mins walk from Roppongi sta.

Tokyo Daijingu shrine


 ↓  Keio Shinsen Line & Toei Shinjuku Line(bound for Motoyawata) approx. 8min.
 ↓    JR Chuo Line or Soumu Line (bound for Chiba) approx. 2mins.

3 mins. walk from Iidabashi sta.(west exit) (map)

Hello!  This is Jonathan, at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!  

On a day off recently, I finally made it out to take an up close look at the Tokyo Tower's successor.  

I had heard rumors that it was quite tall.  After a thorough investigation, I managed to confirm that those rumors were in fact true.  

Thumbnail image for s-IMG_0559.jpg

In addition to being tall, the Skytree has other attractions, including shopping, restaurants, and even an aquarium, to recommend itself as a place to burn precious tourism time when visiting Tokyo.  






I decided not to go up to the top, if for no other reason, because I want to save that for a special occasion.  Here is a picture of the waiting area, which I'm sure will be full of people by the summer time.  


It only takes about 40 minutes to get to the Tokyo Skytree from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.  Rather than Tokyo Skytree Station, it's actually a little faster and easier to go to Oshiage Station.  Either station is right next to Tokyo Solamachi, and the Tokyo Skytree building.  If you're planning on staying with us, I definitely recommend you plan a day to go to the Skytree!  

All-you-can-eat Breakfast 350yen

Today's blog is about 

'Sakura Hotel Hatagaya special campaign for stay'

For Internet User!

Good price for single and double rooms! 

Single: 5,500 yen!


single eng.jpg

Double :7,200 yen!!

double eng.jpg

This Spring Campaign is available only by internet reservation.

If you are looking for the good-price hotel near Shinjuku station,

If your hotel, already reserved, is more expensive than Sakura Hotel Hatagaya,

Please think about staying at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya☆

You know, we can speak English, better than other hotel in Tokyo.

Have a good day!!

Special Offers


Special Offers

Hello--- everyone:)
Do you know 'Cat Cafe' in Japan??


Last week, I went to one of the famous cat cafe 
 'きゃりこ Kyariko' in Shinjuku, 

this is the homepage,


About 30 kinds of lovely cats are waiting guests who can play with them!


'I'm going my way.'
       I thought they think so...:)

They enjoyed their life in this shop, the shop staff was soooo kind to them!

Please  ask me if you're interested in Cat Cafe?
Become more happy!

Have a nice trip!

★1 hour play @1,000 yen / week days,  @1200 yen / weekend
1 drink from 200 yen.
★cat's food about 300 yen.


I love to go cafe on my off day and let me introduce my favorite cafe at Harajuku!

Can you guess what happen in this cafe??


There is a real tree into a table.

I ordered cake set.


Caramel banana cake was very delicious!

Harajuku refers to the area around Tokyo's Harajuku station, which is between Shinjuku and Shibuya on the Yamanote Line.

If you would like to have experience Japanese tree cafe and bar,
try to go Harajuku!

Of course our cafe, Sakura cafe Hatagaya have special St. Patrick menu now!!!

The end of March, we will meet cherry blossoms season!

Did you already our Blog?

I recommend you where is good place to see Cherry blossoms in Tokyo!

Shinjuku Gyoen Park

Entrance fee: 200 yen 


Covering 58 hectares, Shinjuku-Gyoen is one of Tokyo's largest parks

 (in the city center). 

It was opened to the public in 1949 after it had served as a garden for the Imperial Family since the beginning of the 20th century. Shinjuku Gyoen features three garden types: an English landscape with wide lawns, a traditional Japanese "Niwa" with teahouses and a symmetrically arranged, formal French garden. Besides, there are many types of vegetation as well as a greenhouse (the greenhouse is being reconstructed until 2011). Shinjuku Gyoen also has more than a dozen types of cherry trees, making the park one of Tokyo's most popular and romantic Hanami spots during late March and early April

a.JPG写真 (99).JPG

sakura1.JPG gyoen.JPG


From Hatagaya to Shinjuku gyoen park

Hatagaya-(keio-new line)-Shinjuku 3 chome.

7 min 270 yen

2nd March Sushi Roll Event!


One of weather forecast companies in Japan announced the forecast about when cherry blossoms may bloom.

That says we may be able to see cherry blossoms as early as usual in many places in Japan this year.
In Tokyo, cherry blossoms may bloom on March 25th, may be in full bloom on April 2nd and best time viewing cherry blossoms may be between April 1st and April 8th.

FYI, cherry blossoms bloomed on March 31st in Tokyo last year.

Do you have a plan to visit Japan in spring this year to see cherry blossoms?

When does the last train leave?

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When does the last train to Hatagaya (Keio new line) leave Shinjuku?

is one of the questions we often get asked by guests.

The answer is 0:52 am. Is it later than you think?


The first train to Shinjuku (Keio new line) leaves Hatagaya at 4:46 am.

FYI, Sakura Cafe Hatagaya opens for 24 hours.

Hello from Fukushima Japan

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This is Live Camera in Aizu wakamatsu staion (Fukushima pre)
We can see Aizu wakamatsu in real time!
__ 4.JPG

Can you see someone waving his hand?
__ 3.JPG

He is in  Aizu wakamatsu now!!

 waved my hands in reply through the live cam.
Have a safe trip Yoshi san!

Tamago Kake Gohan・SHINDOFUJI・Tokyo Release・So tasty that rendering any kind of seasoning unneccessary. Completely free of any pesticide residues.

Good evening!

The other day I have found beautiful Christmas illuminations in Tama, a west area of Tokyo.




This Pegasus is my favorite. 


This tunnel is made of illuminated wires. On the tunnel you can find some creatures in the sea, such as an octopus and a lobster.
Though it just looked like tangled up wires when I had seen it in the afternoon, 
it completely changed at night! 

If you are coming to Tokyo by Christmas, you will see a lot of illuminations.
Find your favorite spot!

Fireworks in the winter sky can been seen in Odaiba.

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I found the place you can enjoy viewing fireworks in winter in Tokyo.


In Odaiba near Tokyo Bay, fireworks is scheduled to be set off from 7 p.m. for about 10 minutes on December 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd (Saturday).


I wonder how fireworks looks in the winter sky.

FYI, to go to Odaiba area near Tokyo Bay from Hatagaya please take Keio new line to Shinjuku.

After that please take JR Saikyo line bound for Shinkiba (that is connected to Rinkai line) to Tokyo teleport station.

Hello, all. This is Yutaka.

On Nov. 21st, I participated "Visit Japan Travel Mart 2012" 
fair for inbound tourists to Japan, held in Pacifico Yokohama. 
And at the end of the fair, there was a closing ceremony.

 I do not remember when I came to mid-evening Yokohama 
last time, but night view from ceremonial hall was so beautiful that night!!
I recommend you go there, especially winter time when air is clear.
MUST-SEE place.

In the middle of the ceremony, there were also scenes that current 
and former Miss Japan ladies showed up and gave a speech 

to appeal Japan's attraction. They are as beautiful as Yokohama's 

night scene, too.

121123miss japan nature.JPG121123miss japan.JPG

Authentically made in Japan!! Current and former Miss Japan ladies.

121123meet japan.JPG

Meet the new Japan!!


A "Maiko" lady, apprentice geisha was also popular for taking pictures together.


This is a Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff, Naoto
(2nd from the right).  Enjoying the communication with the guests from 
foreign countries.
I hope we can appeal the charms of Japan through this type of events and
more and more people visit Japan and hopefully Sakura hotel accordingly.
So friends, "Meet the new Japan!!"

A good time to see autumn leaves are coming closer.


Where in Tokyo would you like to visit to see autumn leaves?

One of my favorite place is Rikugien or Japanese garden.

Rikugien is famous for illuminated weeping cherry tree.

Regularly, they are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (entering after 4:30 p.m. isn't accepted).

From November 22th 2012 to December 9th 2012, their opening hour will be extended until 9 p.m. (entering before 8:30 p.m. is required).



In addition, Somei-mon gate will be open during the dates above.

It is nearer from JR Komagome station than the front gate by about 5 minutes but it is usually closed.

Lighting-up will start from sunset until 9 p.m.

Admission fee is 300 yen.

Fireworks in the winter sky can been seen in Odaiba.

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I wrote about fireworks festival held in fall.

This time I found the place you can enjoy viewing fireworks in winter in Tokyo.


In Odaiba near Tokyo Bay, fireworks is scheduled to be set off from 7 p.m. for about 10 minutes on December 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd (Saturday).


I wonder how fireworks looks in the winter sky.

FYI, to go to Odaiba area near Tokyo Bay from Hatagaya please take Keio new line to Shinjuku.

After that please take JR Saikyo line bound for Shinkiba (that is connected to Rinkai line) to Tokyo teleport station.

Hello everyone :)
Here's Mohamed from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff  (*_*)

Actually I am Egyptian but because I am living here in Japan from 3 years so my last time went back to my home town Egypt was on 2010 .. but on last September & before start working on Sakura Hotel & Cafe Hatagaya , I just went on a trip for 20 days to Egypt  \(?_?)/ 

As normal of Egypt's summer season .. it was sooo hot :'(
but finally my trip was so much interesting & I enjoyed it so much 

Here was in Giza Pyramids area on front of  the great Pyramid Khufu 

Here was near Khufu Pyramid with a camel seller , but I was a little bit scared from the camel for that the man was catching me to not run away with his scarf .. lol :D

Just taking a little bit rest on the second pyramid Khafra (^o~)

Tokyo Station was almost restored to original state.

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The restoration work of Tokyo Station started about 5 years ago.

The restoration work has almost finished.
We can see restored Tokyo Station from October 1st.

It may allow us to imagine or remind what it looked like in 1914 when it was opened.

Have you ever seen Tokyo Station?
And do you have a plan to go to Tokyo Station?

Free Wi-Fi Service in Tokyo

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Good news for visitors.
Starbucks started to provide free wifi service in Tokyo area branches.


For details please see this official website.

Our Sakura Cafe Hatagaya has already provided free wifi.
Please feel free to ask the key when you visit our hotel/cafe.


【New Store Open in Shinjuku】BICLO!

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BICLO in Shinjuku


BIC CAMERA( electronics shop) x UNIQLO( clothes shop) collaboration shop!
27th September will open in Shinjuku

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is good access for Shinjuku station.
Only 2stops by train!

Would you like to have experience of Japanese festival?
You should join us 23rd Sep in Hatagaya!  

Do you know Tokyo Marathon?
The 7th Tokyo Marathon will be held on February 24th 2013 and
applications for it is now being accepted.

The deadline (August 31st 2012) is coming closer.6929899105_141ae5e1ef.jpg

The race starts from Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Do you know that it takes about 30 minutes walk from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Tokyo Metropolitan Government?

We welcome many guests who will run the marathon on the previous day.
If you are eligible to run Tokyo Marathon and are looking for accommodation, why don' you stay with us?

【Sight seeing in Japan】Kamakura

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Every year I visit Kamakura city.

There are a lot of nature, many temple and good restauraunt!

This is my Sashimi lunch meal.

Thumbnail image for 写真 (65).JPG

Thumbnail image for ブログ1.jpg   

You can go inside of Budda it cost only 30 yen!

Thumbnail image for 写真 (67).JPG

My favorite Japanese sweets ' Cream Anmitsu '

I think this is the Best one ever.

写真 (69).JPG

Do you like ' Miso Soup'? You can buy it from Vending machine.

I have never seen before!

Thumbnail image for 写真 (68).JPG

More information about Kamakura city....

1 day pass for Kamakura.

I went to the Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama the other day.
When I drove past the place a few days before, I had spotted something like a jungle between the buildings which got me curious.

So when I went the other day, I found out that there is an event called "Red Brick Resort 2012" going on there at the moment. It's some kind of beach resort for people who want to enjoy a southern island atmosphere without having to leave the city.
Needless to say, it is very popular with young families.

I went on a weekday, so it wasn't that crowded. There was a beach bar, a little pool to cool your feet, hammocks and a very relaxed atmosphere in general. Quite enjoyable if you cannot afford to take time off work to travel somewhere.

The warehouse is located near the bay area, known as Minatomirai, so I went for a little walk as well. It was very hot that day and the cool breeze close to the sea felt so refreshing.

Since there is a big ferris wheel in Minatomirai as well, I decided to watch the sunset from there. I love ferris wheels, and Japan has a few huge ones. Unfortunately the sun was hidden behind a tall building, but it was a beautiful sight anyway. 

I had a really fun day. Now I only need to decide what to do on my next day off! It's summer after all. ^^

Tokyo Game Show 2012

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Well known even to other countries Tokyo Game Show will come soon in September.
This event is open for public on 22 and 23 September.
Tickets,1200yen for adults,are available at the DAY TICKET boxes on site.

Stay at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya and join the big game show!

Restaurant in Tokyo-Gonpachi-

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I went to "Gonpachi in Shibuya" with my friends.

Gonpachi is Japanese restaurant.

You can feel Japanese atmosphere.

ごん (2).JPG


kositu .JPG店内着物1.JPG

    ごん.JPGStaff can speak English!

also there is English menu

ごん (3).JPG

If you would like go there, you can yake local bus from Hatagaya to Shibuya! 

----Time table----



Prepaid Visitor SIM on Sale!

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It has been difficult for visitors who travel around Japan to buy prepaid mobile SIM cards.

At long last the prepaid SIM card is on sale now!
B-mobile announced that two types mobile SIMs are on sale.

The price is 3980yen(USD50/EURO40).

For details please check out this link.

I went to Odaiba the other day. Odaiba is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay and a very popular sightseeing spot. From there you have a great view of Tokyo's skyline, can book a boat cruise through Tokyo Bay or you can just hang out at the beach and relax a little from Tokyo's hectic lifestyle.

But at the moment Odaiba is famous for something else: a life-size Gundam!


It was finished in April this year, is 18 meters high and will guard Tokyo Bay till March 2013.

If you get a chance to visit Tokyo during this time you should definitely go and have a look at it. It's huge and can even move its head!


At night it gets lit up and episodes from the Gundam anime are screened in the background.

This is definitely an attraction unique to Japan and I'm happy I got to see it! ^^

In Tokyo, the rainy season has finished.
How about  your contry is?

I'll go to this water adventure, named ' Tokyo Summer Land', one of the most biggest play spot in Tokyo.

This is my first time to go there.
So wanna go there soon!!

It opens in all season, not only in summer! 

サマーランド 画像1.jpgサマーランド 画像2.jpg

サマーランド 画像3.jpg

If you have a swimming wear and don't have any tatoo, you can use this pool.:)

What is your best schedule in this summer

★Access from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya★

(Totally 80 min.)
Sakura Hotel Hatagaya ⇒(Keio line) ⇒Chofu⇒⇒Keio-Hachioji 
                                                    ・・・・(bus)・・・Tokyo Summer Land 

Trip to Nagoya

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I went to Nagoya and Aichi prefecture for a couple of days. I don't have much time to travel a lot, but when my friend told me he had to go to Nagoya on business, and that I could come with him if I liked, I could hardly say no, right? ;)


03072011440.jpg Thumbnail image for 03072011443.jpg

   We didn't have much time to do sightseeing together and the weather was shitty as well, but I wanted to see Nagoya Castle at least and so we went there together. The golden statue on the photo on the left side is supposed to be a tiger-headed dolphin and was used as a talisman to prevent fires. It can be found on many souvenirs from Nagoya as well. 



This coffee house chain is very popular in Aichi prefecture. I really liked their menu. I usually don't drink coffee often, but the cinnamon coffee they had was delicious. I should try to make it myself at home. XD


We had lots of delicious food as well. On the second photo you can see "miso katsu", which is fried pork (tonkatsu) with some kind of miso sauce on top. It's great, you should try it, when you happen to go to Nagoya some day.

I also tried a local dish called "hitsumabushi". It's eel (unagi) on rice basically with a few side dishes and it's my new favorite food. ;) Since eel is pretty rare in Japan this year, it's crazy expensive though, so I'm afraid I won't be able to afford it very often.

The trip was so much fun and I met many lovely people. I hope I can go somewhere again soon. ^^ Where will you go during your summer holidays this year?

What is your summer plan?

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Summer is coming! What is your plan for summer?


For me, I wanna go to Tokyo Disneyland! First time I were there was March 11 last year with my high school friends, yes the day which the disaster happened....I still cannot forget I was eating Mickey crackers and chocolate as dinner and slept in souvenir shop with a blue plastic bag.


Having my Disney journey unfinished last time, I decide to go there again this summer!


According to one of the Hong Kong travel web sites, there is a summer festival in Japanese style from 9 July to 31 August in Tokyo Disney. Dancing competition will be in front of the castle. All Disney characters will be divided into 8 groups. The best 4 groups will go to finale at night time. I love watching dancing so I am really excited about it!



Its real easy to access to Disney, just get yourself in Tokyo Station and take JR Keiyo line and get off at Maihama station!

Need a place to stay in Tokyo? Find Sakura Hotels here


Enjoy your summer!!!


From July 3rd 2012

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Today, I'd like to bring you two great news for travelers.

One is that Jet Star Japan starts domestic line service between Narita and Fukuoka and between Narita and Shinchitose (near Sapporo) from today.

Airline route will expand.
Two routes will follow on July 9th 2012.
Those are between Narita and Kankuu (near Osaka) and between Narita and Naha in Okinawa.

Two more routes will follow on  August 24h  2012.
Those are etween Kankuu and Fukuoka and between Kankuu and Shinchitose.

The other is that Keisei bus company starts high way bus whose name is Tokyo Shuttel.

The fare is only 800 yen till beginning of September.

After beginning of September

the fare is 1,000 yen if you buy a ticket one month prior to the date you use the bus,

the fare is 1,500 yen if you buy one day prior to the date you use the bus,

and the fare is 2,000 yen if you buy on the date.

FYI,the fare is 2,940 yen if you use Narita Express train.

The fare is 3,000 yen if you use Airport Limousine bus.


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Last week I went to Kamakura. 

Kamakura is a city close to the sea about an hour away from Tokyo. 

It's famous for its many shrines and temples, and a big Buddha statue, the Kamakura Daibutsu. Kamakura is usually flooded with tourists, because it's just beautiful and perfect for day trips from Tokyo. It's definitely one of my favorite places in Japan. 

One of the reasons I like Kamakura so much is because they sell icecream with sweet potato flavor there. Sounds like a weird combination, but it's really tasty!

When I went last week the weather was just perfect, sunny but not too hot.

Here are some photos I took while walking around the town!

 25052011282.jpg  25052011315.jpg 
25052011296.jpg  Thumbnail image for 25052011301.jpg

This is Tsurugaoka Hachimangû, a famous Shintô Shrine right in the center of the city.

25052011271.jpg  25052011272.jpg

Komachidoori is a long street with many souvenir shops and restaurants. 

There's a Ghibli Store there as well.

Sweet Potato Icecream (the purple one). I forgot to take a picture of the real thing because it tasted so good that I didn't even think about my camera. Maybe next time. ;)

There's still so much more to see in Kamakura. I'll definitely go again!


Mata ne~


Are you looking for a cheap hotel in Tokyo? Check here!



The Milky Way floating across a night sky

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7308898926_5e89a4b3a2 (1).jpg
From June 1st, the annual illumination event in Tokyo Tower started. 
That is the Milky Way illumination. 
About 24,000 LED lights are used to resemble the Milky Way. 

When it gets dark, illumination are reflected in the windows. 
And it looks like the Milky Way is floating across a night sky. 

It will last until July 8th. 
Lighting time is between 17:00 and 22:00.

From Hatagaya to Tokyo Tower
Take Keio new line from Hatagaya to Shinjuku
Take Toei Oedo line from Shinjuku to Akabanebashi
5 minutes walk from Akabanebashi exit of Akabanebashi station



Do you have any plan to visit Japan on May 21st this year?


If so, you have a chance to observe annular solar eclipse.


Annular solar eclipse will be observed over a large region such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya on May 21st 2012.


It will be the first time in 25 years in Japan and the first time in 173 years in Tokyo.


In Tokyo, we can observe it between 7:32 a.m. and 7:37 a.m.


I hope there will not be a cloud in the sky on May 21st 2012.

Beautiful Flowers everywhere!

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I went for a walk around my neighbourhood this morning. Spring in Japan is so beautiful! Summers are hot and humind, so people prefer to stay inside air-conditioned rooms but during spring the weather is just perfect. We've had a couple of  warm and sunny days lately, so flowers are blooming everywhere. Here are a few pictures I took.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for 201105021105001.jpg    201105021101001.jpg



Azaleas and all kinds of flowers are blooming everywhere!



 I love Japanese temple gardens.



I really hope the good weather continues for a while. ^^ 



Hamarikyu, one of Japanese gardens in Tokyo, will open from 8 a.m. or an hour earlier than usual between July 14th 2012 and August 19th 2012.


Be forewarned that there are two gates and only Ootemon gate will be open from 8 a.m.


The garden is 7 minutes walk away from Tsukiji-shijyo station (Toei oedo line).

If you have any plan to visit Tsukiji fish market early in the morning in the period, how about visiting Hamarikyu?


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My friends from Italy whose hobby are Cosplayitarian girls.JPG

They visited Japan many times,but they didn't have SUICA!

*What is Suica?  The Suica is a prepaid e-money card for moving around and shopping in the Tokyo area. There is no more need to buy a ticket from a vending machine. Just touch your Suica to the ticket gate and the fare is automatically deducted from your Suica. The Suica can be used not only for JR East trains, but the subways and buses as well. For shopping, use your Suica card in the place of cash wherever the Suica mark is displayed.

We made it together


There is English Pages

The grand festival of Meiji Jingu in spring

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Do you have any plan to be in Tokyo on April 29th, May 2nd or May 3rd 2012?


If so, how about visiting Meiji Jingu?

The grand festival of Meiji Jingu in spring will be held.


You have a chance to watch traditional arts of Japan such as Noh and court dance and music dedicated to the god of the shrine.

It's free of charge.


【Access】 from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Keio new line        Hatagaya→Shinjuku

JR Yamanote line  Shinjuku →Harajyuku

about 1 minute walk from Omotesandou Exit of Harajyuku station

Tips for when it is raining.

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Toyosu Area

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It's gettig warmer and warmer everyday in Tokyo!!


Don't you want to go to the waterfront at such time?

If you wont go to waterfront from SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA, I recommend go to Toyosu area.


Toyosu has the big waterfront park and at neighborhood, there are shopping center and a movie theater .You can enjoy it with scenery all day long.


You can see and ride the such a  futuristic ship too!!


 You should visit Toyosu area tomorrow!!

Tokyo Hotaru

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 100,000 LED illumination lamps used to resemble fireflies will be released in the Sumida River around 18:30 on May 6th 2012.


The Sumida River is not so clean that we cannot observe real fireflies. The event will be held to evoke a desire for a clean river.


Released LED illumination lamps will be collected after the event, of course.

Two days ago, I went to watch Tokyo Sky Tree with my friend.

Before watching it, we ate good Sushi restaurant near Oshiage station.

I really love Sushi, you know?? :)

新井ブログ用 浅草ランチ.jpg

 After we finished lunch time, we went to watch Tokyo Sky Tree.

I wanted to take a best-shot picture for you, but I couldn' t do that.

The tower was sooo high, so it's too wide to take one shot.


This day,  Ai(Hatagaya staff) and Maiko(Ikebukuro staff) went to walk in Asakusa, and they said that they could take the miracle shot!!

So soon, she'll write the blog:)

新井ブログ用 おしなりくんベンチ.jpg

This is a charactor, Oshinari-Kun, (conbination word of Oshiage's Oshi, and Narihirabashi's Nari, a boy).




During walking around the sky tree, we found a quite lovely flower shop with a cafeterria.

Looks soooo good!!

新井ブログ用 浅草のカフェ1.jpg 新井ブログ用 浅草のカフェ2.jpg

 So we enter here, and eat cakes and drinks inside.

新井ブログ用 浅草のカフェ3.jpg 新井ブログ用 浅草のカフェ4.jpg

 There was also a terrace seat, as like Sakura Cafe Hatagaya:)

新井ブログ 浅草のカフェ5.jpg


By the way, my frined is living near Oshiage station, so from her house, we can watch the Tokyo Sky Tree from the window like this;


新井ブログ 向島からのスカイツリー.jpg

In this week end, you can watch the full-blooming of Sakura tree, near Sky tree around Oshiage, Asakusa, and Tokyo Sky Tree stations.


Enjoy the Hanami (=watching cherry blossom). 


【Access info from Sakura Hotel/Cafe Hatagaya】

  Towerd Oshiage押上 Station.

Hatagaya sta.→→Bakuro-Yokoyama Sta.(walk)・・・Higashi-Nihonbashi sta.→→→Oshiage sta.  About 35 min. / 380 yen.

Dragon Quest Map by Google

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Google released 8-bit "Dragon Quest" map on 1st April.





You can see Tokyo Sky Tree in the map.


This is a map of Europe.You may find a dragon in this map.



We supposed that the name of Tokyo Sky Tree is 東京天空樹 which is a literal translation of the tower.In fact the official Chinese name is 東京晴空塔 which means "Tokyo clear sky tower".

The reason is that 東京天空樹 has been already registered in China,so the the official had to make up another name.

Which name sounds better for you?





Do you have any plan to visit Japan on May 21st this year?


If so, you have a chance to observe annular solar eclipse.


Annular solar eclipse will be observed over a large region such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya on May 21st 2012.


It will be the first time in 25 years in Japan and the first time in 173 years in Tokyo.


In Tokyo, we can observe it between 7:32 a.m. and 7:37 a.m.


I hope there will not be a cloud in the sky on May 21st 2012.

MLB in Japan

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Major League baseball will come over to Japan next week.

The card is "Oakland Athletics VS Seattle Mariners."

Ichiro returns to Japan.

The place is Tokyo Dome.

I looking forward to good games.

I went back to Nagoya 5 days ago.

The purpose is to make a reservation for travelling abroad with my mother!

Just for one night I stayed in my house. The plum tree near my house was blooming↓


I really love Japan, cause I can feel 4 seasons in one year, now is early in the spring!


But, the most of my favorite seasons is summer. How about you??


Since I can take 7 days-off in April,

I and my mother decided to go to Hawaii♪♪

ハワイ 2.jpgハワイ 1.jpg

 ハワイ 3.jpg  


(these photos are from website free authorized)

Snorkeling, Parasailing, shopping, cannot help waiting:)


If you have 7 days-off like me, where will you want to go for overseas travel??


Top End of Tokyo Towar

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The view of Tokyo Tower from NHK Broadcasting Museum,Mt.Atago


The antenna in the centre of this pic is same type as Tokyo Towers'.


This is the enlargement of the top.




As you see the antenna bent to left a little bit.

The earthquake caused this last year.



Cherry blossoms season is coming closer.


I'd like to introduce famous and easily accessible cherry-blossom viewing spot from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

That is Shinjuku Gyoen.


There are 1,300 cherry blossom trees (65 kinds) in the garden.

It will be open every day between March 25th and April 24th in 2012.


I have to confess some drawbacks.

Entrance fee (age 15 or over: 200 yen, age 6-14: 50 yen) is required and bringing alcohol (one of the things we look forward to) is prohibited.


Even so, it's worth visiting.



Hatagaya→Shinjuku Sanchome (3 stops) by Keio new line

It takes about 5 minutes walk from C1 or C5 exit of Shinjuku Sanchome station.


It seems that the best time to view cherry blossoms will be between March 24th and March 31st in 2012.


I'm talking about in Washington, D.C. not in Japan.


This year is the 100th anniversary since 3,020 cherry trees were sent as a gift from Japan to U.S (Washington, D.C.) in 1912.


Incidentally, it seems that the best time to view cherry blossoms in Tokyo will be between April 4th and April 10 th in 2012.

 Do you know the highest mountain in the centre of Tokyo?

It's Mt.Atago which is located near Kamiyacho station(Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line).

You guess how tall it is.

It is 26 meters high.It is the highest mountain in Tokyo central district.

There is Atago Shrine on the top.You can see Tokyo Tower there as well.

The Triangulation point(26 meters high).



Steps to the top.



skytree light.JPG

Do you know when Tokyo Sky Tree will be opened?


It will be opened on May 22nd 2012.


From when can we buy a ticket on the day of the viewing deck for individual customer (under 25 people)?


From July 11th 2012.


We cannot enter the viewing deck without buying a ticket (a date and a time designated) in advance.

Those who can buy a ticket are selected by lot.


From when can we buy an advance ticket?


From March 22nd 2012.


I have one last question.

When will Tokyo Sky Tree be lit up on the date of most recent?


It will be on March 10th and 11th (between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.).

Tokyo Sky Tree!!

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Construction of Tokyo Sky Tree is finally finished!!
Now it has become the tallest tower in the world.

But! We still have to wait to enter until it opens in May.
Can't wait!

JR East announced that JR East Pass Special is on sale from 1st March in overseas.


What is JR East PAss Special?

☆Unlimited rides for only 10000yen!(3000yen cheaper than last year's rate!)

☆You can use the JR East Pass Special for any three of the 10 days.

☆Valid for unlimited travel on Shinkansen lines and Narita Express.

☆Go anywhere in Iwate,Aomori,Sendai,Fukushima and Niigata with this pass.

☆Use period:Sunday, April 1 to Saturday, June 30, 2012


This is very very good value pass.(We,Japanese can not buy it...)


 Please see JR East official website to check the details.



The special 300 Series shinkansen bullet train to be used in the train series' last commercial operations for five days between Feb. 17 and March 16th.

 The 300 Series trains will retire after being put into services in 1992 to connect Tokyo and Shin Osaka in two and a half hours with a speed of 270 kilometers per hour. 

The services were later expanded to connect the Japanese capital and Hakata in about five hours. 

Tickets for the last runs between Tokyo and Shin Osaka on March 16th  were sold out in only around one minute after the company started to sell them in the morning of Feb. 16th.

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

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My friend and I went to the Ramen Museum in Shin-Yokohama the other day. There you can eat all kinds of Ramen noodles from many different regions of Japan. As you know, I love Ramen, so I was very excited to go there.

aussen.jpgThis is what it looks like from the outside. It's very close to Shin-Yokohama station.


innen.jpg  museum innen.jpg


And these are photos from inside the museum. The overall theme is Tokyo during the Showa era, so everything looks really old, just like 40 years ago. There are many Ramen restaurants right next to each other.



In every restaurant you can order a mini-bowl of Ramen, so you can try many different types and find your favorite.


ticketautomat.jpgFirst you choose a dish and pay on the ticket machines in front of the restaurants.


tonkotsu miso ramen.jpg   hokkaido ramen.jpg 


These are Tonkotsu-Miso Ramen from Kumamoto prefecture, and Shoyu Ramen + Shio Ramen from Hokkaido. I was already full after 2 bowls, but I tried the ones my friend ordered as well. So yummy!


eis.jpgThere was still enough space left for some ice cream though. XD

We decided to come back soon, because it's impossible to eat all the different styles of Ramen during just one visit!


anschlagtafel.jpgBy the way, our guests at Sakura Hotel can get a free admission ticket to the Ramen museum. You can find more information on our Special Offer site (you need to scroll down till the end). Just ask our staff at the front desk. ^^

If you love Ramen, this museum is highly recommended!


Change of generation!!

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Hi, everyone. It is new from an old thing today but subject is the Shinkansen. Various Shinkansen appeared from commencement of business in 1964, and it retired to private life.





It continued the other day also at first 0 series, and, as for 100 series and 300 series, retirement was decided. If a new thing is made, the old thing is lost someday. The time is progressing.




Although the appearance of the newest N700 series and E5 series are good looking, if it is called the Shinkansen, are they the Shinkansen of a round nose which is first generation!?


Doraemon Museum!

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I went to Doraemon museum with Yoshi and Ryoma.

It takes only 30min 210yen from Hatagaya Sakura Hotel to there.

If you would like to go,you should make reservation before.


Lovely character "Korosuke" welcoming to us!


Photo spot 1!


Photo spot 2


Photo spot 3!!どかん人生.JPG

Welcome to Sakura Hotel~~ 

You can enjoy Cafe.korokke.JPG

There is Manga area

Doraemon comics are not only comedy but also touching..


This is one of the best scene ....Ohhhhhhバギー.JPG

1 day trip to Mt. Takao!

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 Recently Mt.Takao has been very popular between Japanese people and foreigners since we can enjoy hiking easily in this big urban city Tokyo.


In fact I am from Hachiouji city where has Mt.Takao and living very near!

So I cannot count how many times I have climbed up it since I was small. lol

It is annual event for me to go to Mt.Takao on New Year's Day.




Mt. Takao is located at Takao-Sanguchi St. in 50 min from Hatagaya St. where Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is located.

So you can enjoy nature easily by 1 day trip!

And we can hike in Mt.Takao through all seasons.


Now I, as a Mt.Takao lover, will introduce you the ranking of "the thing to do at Mt. Takao" !




Look for Tengu (Japanese Mythical Creatures).



(This image is from:


Since long time ago, there is a legend Tengu is living in Mt. Takao.

They have been protecting us and the mountain from above tall trees.

If you look up above in Mt. Takao, you will have a chance to meet Tengu!



(This image is from :



Taste Mt.Takao's delicious foods.


Hiking makes us hungry.

But, don't worry. There are lots of delicious foods in Mt. Takao!


The most recommendable dish is...

japanese wheat noodle with wild plants / [cipher]


Sansai Udon (Sansai = Mountain herbs, Udon = noodle)!

Fresh mountain herbs from Mt.Takao make it so tasty!


And another recommendation is...




Baked dumpling!

Shoyu(Japanese soy souce) flavored, warm, huuuum sounds so delicious! 




And finally No.1!!!


Overlook Tokyo.


From the middle of Mt.Takao, you can overlook Tokyo city!




Skyscraperes in Shinjuku, Sky Tree, and actually we can see Yokohama Minato Mirai from there!




Don't miss  this amazing view!!!

From now you're also the biginner of Mt. Takao lovers! eheh




Do you know about Tsukiji market ?

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The Tsukiji market, Japan's largest fish market in Tokyo.

 It is also one of the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Markets―which is the main food 

distribution center in Tokyo. 

All the ingredients are fresh at Tsukiji market, and fresh food makes all the difference to eating 

in this market.

From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is just take about 30 minutes by train to go Tsukiji market.

It cost about 380yen only. If you like to know more about or how to go to Tsukiji market 

please feel free to ask our staff. 

We are looking forward to seeing  you soon.

From Sakura Hostel walking distance

Tokyo Sky Tree will be lit up

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Tokyo Sky Tree which will be open from May 22nd, 2012 will be lit up on the nights of December 23rd, 24th and 31st, 2011.


On 23rd and 24th, it will be lit up between around 5:30 pm and 10:00pm.

On 31st, it will be lit up between around 9:00 pm and 1:00am.

The image above is from the official website for Tokyo Sky Tree.
This time, the color of lights will be white.
After opening, the color of lights will be pale blue and deep purple every other day.
From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Tokyo Sky Tree
Take Keio new line from Hatagaya to Kudanshita
Take Tokyo Metro Hanzoumon line from Kudanshita to Oshiage
Oshiage is one of the nearest station from Tokyo Sky Tree (The other is Narihirabashi)
It takes about 40 minutes in total.
From Sakura Hostel walking distance

Totoro [email protected] Teddy bear museum

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As Anne wrote a blog about me before, I love fluffy things,

so I went to Totoro exhibition in Nasu, Tochigi prefecture.

Nasu Teddy Bear Museum do a special exhibition "Totoro exhibition" right now.


s-DSCF0257.jpgDo you know "Totoro"?

Yes, it's one of the Ghibli's film "My neighbor Totoro"


You can see the big sized Neko-bus and Totoro.

DSCF0275.JPG s-DSCF0258.jpg 

And many cute cute stuffed things!!!


s-DSCF0254.jpg s-DSCF0266.jpg s-DSCF0269.jpg

My best is...Makkurokurosuke!!! very cute right?? :)

s-DSCF0268.jpgAnd this Kaonashi from the film "Spilited Away"

s-DSCF0261.jpg If you have a chance to go to Nasu, please check it out!

This exhibition is until the Summer 2012!!


* If you would like to go to Nasu, the Highway bus is going from Shinjuku station.

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Shinjyuku is a just 2 stations and 3 min.



As you may know some ferrys are already operated between Japan and China as public transports.A new ferry route will open in early 2012.The route is from Nagasaki to Shanghai.
The cheapest fare is 10000(USD130/EUR90)yen/oneway.It takes 22 hours to Shanghai.

Although It takes more time, the sea voyage would be a lot of fun.

Tokyo FREE Spots!

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It's a Culture Day (one of national holidays) in Japan today. 

Did you hang out at somewhere?

For those who did not go out, there are a lot of places you can enter for free in Tokyo. How about planning to go there on next holydays?


1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings (@Shinjuku)

Tokyo, Japan - seen from the North Observatory 45th floor - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. / UggBoy?UggGirl [ PHOTO // WORLD // TRAVEL ]



It's free to go up to the top floor. You can see sky scrapers in Tokyo from the height of 202m!

2. MEGA WEB (@Ome)

Megaweb / ksuyin



This is a theme park ran by TOYOTA. If you have a driver's license, you can enjoy many exhibits and events here!


3. Suntory Musashino Beer Factory (@Musashino)

Beer! / Kimtaro


You can have fresh beer for free!


Please check their websites before you go! They are not open every day!

Ancient Orient Museum

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Ancient Orient Museum is located in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.



It is a small private museum specializing in artifacts of the ancient Near East and Central Asia. It has a collection of Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara, and several pieces pertaining to the art of Palmyra and Persia.

Some products in Persia were imported to Japan in seventh century.That's why Japan is the east end of Silk Road.

HATO BUS -Hello kitty version-

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When I walked arround wext exit of Shinjuku station, I found this cute bus!



Have you ever seen this HATO BUS??


During walking arround Shinjuku station, I found other decolation type of Hato bus, I'll show you later, on the next blog!(^^)



Here is HATO BUS tour information;


Have a good day& nice trip!!




800 Years Old Shirine

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Yoyogi Hachiman is a Shinto shrine near Hatagaya.It takes about 20min from Hatagaya to the shrine.This was established in 1212.The Emperor Ojin is enshrined here.This is quiet and sacred place.I recommend you to go for a walk in early morning.

Condé Nast Traveler (a travel magazine in US) has announced the most popular travel destinations for 2011.

Kyoto ranked top and Tokyo ranked seventh among Asian cities. 

In autumn, you can enjoy viewing colorful autumn leaves.

The best time to see colorful autumn leaves is around late November in Kyoto and around middle November in Tokyo (It's up to latitude and altitude).

Which city in Asia would you like to visit the most?



My name is Ryoma, a new staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!


new kobayashi.JPG

Since I have joined this hotel just about a week ago, everything seems new.

This is the first article I post, so I start it off with my self-introduction!


I was born in Atsugishi, Kanagawa and living in Tokyo right now.

I majored in English in my university and like novels, music, arts and good food and drinks!


I like hanging out with my friends as well. Last Saturday, I went to Tama zoo.



It is easy to go there from our hotel.


1. Take the Keio new line from Hatagaya station to Shinjuku sta.

2. Take Keio line (express) from Shinjuku sta to Takahata-Fudo sta.

3. Change trains at Takahata-Fudo sta., and get off at Tama Dobutsu Koen sta.


And there I found funny animal! Do you know its name?? It's not Kangaroo or Wallaby.


6083574279_b789247aab_m.jpg IMG_0568 / necoco

Its name is...Wallaroo!!

I heard that they are not so different from Kangaroos except their size: they are smaller.


If you are interested in the zoo or anything, please ask me! 

I'm looking forward to seeing you at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!



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I don't dnow how much famous this Japanese artist in your country,

but I'm sure they are really well known in Japan now.


imagesCALM7QLB.jpgDo you know them??

Group name is EXILE.

They are organized with 14 members, 2 vocals and performers(dancers).


I went to *IZAKAYA EXILE in Odaiba, Tokyo few days ago by the way.



They featured this group, and some menu are planed by them.

It's kind of a theme park.


DSCF0131.JPG*IZAKAYA... is the Japanese equivalent of a pub, where they serve snacks to accompany your drinks.


I orderd a Curry!!!

It looks nice, isn't it??


And we took many pictures at there.

We really enjoyed!



This IZAKAYA open from July to October 10, 2011.

So if you have a chance to visit to Odaiba,

Please go to this place for just enjoy the atomosphere.


DSCF0143.JPGThere are no admission fee.

You can enjoy good view also!!!




Day of the Metropolitan citizens

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Tomorrow is a day of the Metropolitan citizens.

The place where various events are held in Tokyo, but an institution becomes the free of charge.

Tama Zoo

Ueno Zoo

Kasai Aquarium 

Inokashira nature culture garden

I am excited just to have heard the name.

How about going zoos tomorrow?

October 1st ---Tokyo Citizens Day---

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October 1st is Tokyo Citizens Day.

On that day, adimmision fee for some establishment is free. 


That includes Hamarikyu (Japanese garden near Hamamatsucho or Shiodome station),


Ueno zoo (,


Tokyo Sea Life Park ( and


Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum (


If you happen to be in Tokyo on October 1st, why don't you take advantage of free admission?

Day of 10 yen curry

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"10 yen curry charity" will going on at Restaurant "Matsumoto tower"in Hibiya Park tomorrow.

The opening of the 10 yen curry is 1971.

A Matsumoto tower is burnt down by arson.

They got a message of the encouragement from the whole country,And they opened again on September 25th, 1973.

That is why they begun 10 yen curry charity.

The curry is served by a person cooperated with a donation.

The donation to be contributed to the stricken area of the East Japan great earthquake disaster this year.

Time of opening at 11:00am, it will be lined up over  2,000 peple every year.

How about visit Hibiya Park tomorrow?

Museum of Maritime Science

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Museum of Maritime Science.

It is the Hall of Science where there are 37 years in the Tokyo water front.

However, it will be closed by end of September.

The appearance is form of the ship.

Entering charges are usually adult 700 yen.

It is 200 yen now.


           There are a ship and a lot of showpieces about the sea.

         I recommend in these 3 days holidays on this weekend.


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For those who like to climb mountains,

I recommend Mt. Takao !

It takes 1hour from Shinjuku.


 I climbed up the Mt Takao.

I started from Course No.6(Left side) and go down from Course No.1 with  a Cable car.、all_course.jpg

Beautiful nature and Flesh air... Relax & Refresh!




There is "Yakuo-in Shrine" in middle of mountain。



Every year from July to October, a beer garden is opened in the Mt. Takao

But It was already full occupancy・・・!

  I should go there again....


I took the cable car



From Hatagaya to Mt.Takao

Use discount ticket 1,280 yen

(Including round trip and Cable car)

It takes only  One hour!


 Let's  go to see the foliage!

Have fun :)






Fujiko.F.Fujio Museum

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I went to the Fujiko .F. Fujio museum which just opened last week.

The place is Kawasaki-shi of Kanagawa.

It is approximately 20 minutes by Odakyu Line express from Shinjuku.

Get off at Noborito station.


10 minutes by nonstop bus from Noborito.



It is contents full of dreams in a museum.




The art object in the garden.


Museum cafe menu.





Mark of the restroom.



Any body can enjoy all day long.


I enjoy very much.

Railways Day Memorial Day Pass

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He is a mascot character Tetppie.



Japan Railways Group announced that Tetsudo-no Hi(Railways Day)Memorial Day Pass is on sale during 30 SEP-16OCT.

This ticket is similar to Seishun 18 Kippu that allows holders one-day unlimited rides on the local trains by JR Group all over Japan.The differences are the price and the number of valid days.This is valid for three (not necessarily continuous) days (midnight to midnight), within 01Oct.-16Oct(Railways Day).Three passengers can use entire one sheet of ticket for their one-day trip as a group.This ticket is JPY9180 per sheet of three ticket(JPY3060 per ticket).

Godzilla in Hibiya

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At near the Hibiya park,there is a bronze statue of Godzilla standing.




Why he is standing  in such a place?


Because Ginza and Hibiya is first town destroyed by Godzilla in first movie.


If you have a chance to go to Ginza,please check it out!!

Autumn Trip to Japan

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If you planing trip to Japan in this Autumn.

Tokyo is became season of colored leaves.

I introduce colored leaves spot near Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


 Shinjuku Gyogen 

You can see colored leaves at very large garden place, and the whole area of  the garden is the highlight.
Meiji Jingu Gaien 

Ginkgo trees row is very famous here.

When 146 ginkgo row of treeses turn yellow, I become the golden tunnel and become the yellow carpet when I shed the leaves.
Inokashira Onshi ParkColored leaves about 1.8km outskirts around the pond are very beautiful.
There are a lot of colored leaves spots in Tokyo.
Which one is your favorite?

Shirakami Mountain Range

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I went to Jyuniko dotted with lakes or one section of the Shirakami Mountain Range.
The Shirakami Mountain Range was one of the first sites chosen to be a World Heritage site in Japan in 1993.
The most famous lake or Aoike is very transparent and fascinates me.
P1010091 (1).JPG
What I found most impressed was a local bus driver who is home-grown. He played a role as a guide while driving.
He stopped the bus at picturesque place.
I took my hat off to his spirit for service.