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Good morning everyone!


worst humidity is keeping high from yesterday...


What would you do if you were you like this




spec: flame 500mm

tire size: 700C × 25C

Weight:11.5 kg

grip: kerin grip?


stem: one of my friend whom pro BMX rider gave me


saddle: classsic?leather special




How's you like it?

here is a one of my friend bike



enjoy the ride

thank you

サクラカフェ幡ヶ谷 ワンコインフェスタ限定メニューをご用意!幡ヶ谷ワンコイン・フェスタ7/27(土)開催

Hello, This is NAOTO from.Sakura Hotel Hatagaya- TOKYO!!

If you have ever been to TOKYO... I guess you have already known,?
Tokyo is the assembly of lots of big cities such as Shibuya,Shinjuku,Roppongi,Harajuku etc..

Totally same as N.Y. , As the song goes "Concrete jungle where the - " :)
Example : Shinjuku station from GoogleMap!

Imagine this situation :

*Okay, Finally I have arrived to Shinjuku station!!
?Landmark... yup, I'm standing by the ABC building,
?I'm right here on the map...
?Well... there's lots of looks a-like building around me,


even you have a map, and know where you are on a map,
you still need to get to know the direction to get to the goal.

Here is the solution....
Pocket Compass will give you the right direction in a sec!!
2013-08-02 13.17.01.jpg

Not in Outback, Even in TOKYO, compass will be really useful tool for every person, even local people!
Another example..
*The restaurant is located on the north part of Shinjuku station.
*You are in the Shinjuku station, just got off the train.
*There's many exits... A3,D5,E8 !?! which exit should I take?

simple! Keep walking towards the North, and take any exit,
That's the nearest one to the restaurant!

No need to walk all the way round of whole station... yay! :)

Enjoy summer time, Happy holidays!!



For those who are going to go to Ginza, we introduce you some nice bars there.

300 BAR


You can order all the drinks and food for just 300 yen!

What is great about them is not just the price. You know you need herb mint to make some cocktails like mojito?

They grow organic herb by themselves for their cocktails!




And here is their original GARDEN MOJITO!!

AWESOME! Can't believe it is only 300 yen!

If you are looking for a nice place to drink, their place is a must-go!

300 BAR GINZA 5-chome
Tel. : 03-3572-6300

300 BAR GINZA 8-chome
Tel. : 03-3571-8300

For the Sakura Hotel guests, we have a free 1 drink ticket for the guests. Do not forget to bring it before you go!

Hello everybody 

Do you think the Japanese Convenience Store is really convenient ?!!

Actually for sure I think the Japanese Convenience Store is really convenient
It's working all the 24 Hours & all the 365 days of the year.
Maybe it's appearing to be small , but you can buy & do many things from there!!

But , there isn't only for buying food , drinks & sweets (^_^)
if in case if you need an immediate money ..  There's an ATM machine in any Convenience Store .

Also there 's a copy & Fax machine 

Is there anything else you need in the Convenience Store (^_~)
Hello, all. This is Tamura.

I went to Mt. Fuji and took a good photo as below...
121129mt fuji.JPG

...No. I lied. It is actually a photo of the postage stamp.
( Mt. Fuji is closed this season for your reference.)

Sometimes, our hotel guests come to the front desk and ask "What 
do you recommend I buy for Japanese souvenir?"
Every time,  I tried my best to meet their request, after asking what 
type of souvenir they are looking for. But, the gifts they want should 
basically be "very Japanese", "not too expensive" 
and "not too heavy".
The other day, when I found a postage stamp sheet in my 
house, I noticed that these can be one of the best souvenirs from Japan!"

121129kitte fuminohi.JPG

First, they are mostly "very Japanese". Some of them are
serialized, if popular. So, good for collectors.

121129kitte fuji six.JPG

Second, they are "not expensive".

121129kitte bara.JPG


What's more, they are all "lightweight". Could be bought even
piece by piece.
Additional advantage is that you can buy them at the post
office anywhere in Japan. Actually our Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
and Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro are located right behind the
post offices. Sakura Hotel Jimbocho & Sakura Hostel Asakusa are within walking distance from the nearest post offices, too.
So from now on, I, with confidence, recommend Japanese postage stamps  to our guest as one of their choice for the souvenirs.
By the way, postage stamps are never without postcards. At Sakura hotelswe sell post cards of Tohoku Bokujo↓↓

121129postcards stand.JPG

They shows rare vegetable flowers. I recommend these post cards, 
too ↓↓.

121129postcards six.JPG

Holiday season is coming soon!

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How are you ?
Holiday season is coming soon!
You can see many decoration and santa claus  all over the Tokyo.
Here is some photo of them.
Please check it!

Color ball for tree

How about white Christmas tree?

How about Dancing and singing Santa?

I am wondering decoration around you.
If you have any of it, please share! 

【New Store Open in Shinjuku】BICLO!

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BICLO in Shinjuku


BIC CAMERA( electronics shop) x UNIQLO( clothes shop) collaboration shop!
27th September will open in Shinjuku

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is good access for Shinjuku station.
Only 2stops by train!

Would you like to have experience of Japanese festival?
You should join us 23rd Sep in Hatagaya!  

Shinjuku,Another Akihabara

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Shinjuku,only 2 stops from hatagaya,is good town to buy electric items.
There are many mass home electronics retailers in Shinjuku area.

The biggests are BIC Camera,Yodobashi Camera,Yamada Denki.

If you are interested in cameras I recommend you visit second hand camera shops in Shinjuku.
You can find SLR camera lens(Nikon) for reasonable price.

The Kiddy Land toy store in Harajuku

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The Kiddy Land toy store in Harajuku will reopen on July 1st 2012.

It has been under rebuilding construction since August 2010.



The Kiddy Land toy store in Harajuku Cat Street or a makeshift store while rebuilding construction will be closed on June 10th 2012.


There will be specialized shops of Snoopy and Sanrio in the new building.



Access from Hatagaya to Kiddy Land Harajuku


HatagayaShinjuku   Keio new line

Shinjuku Harajyuku  JR Yamanote line

About 3 minutes walk from Omotesandou Exit of Harajuku station

The Kiddy Land toy store in Harajuku

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The Kiddy Land toy store in Harajuku will reopen on July 1st 2012.

It has been under rebuilding construction since August 2010.


The Kiddy Land toy store in Harajuku Cat Street or a makeshift store while rebuilding construction will be closed on June 10th 2012.


There will be specialized shops of Snoopy and Sanrio in the new building.


Access from Hatagaya to Kiddy Land Harajuku


HatagayaShinjuku   Keio new line

Shinjuku Harajyuku  JR Yamanote line

About 3 minutes walk from Omotesandou Exit of Harajuku station


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Recently, the main meeting point near Shibuya station is, in front of Hachiko statue(picture), Q-flont, and 109 building.


From today, it will be changed, in front of Hikarie」 because today Hikarie has opened(close to Shibuya station).

This building is strong for earthquake,

and when the emergency problem  occured,  people can stay in a planetarium hall space.

Not only for shopping cloths for 20-40 years old shoppers.

Excellent building!!


This is 'Hikarie'↓


Today I was working in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, so I couldn't go there to looking for something good, but in the near future, I'll go there, and report with this blog page♪


From 28th April to 6th May, is called 'Golden Week' in Japan.

People usually have a long day off, in case of many holidays in this week.


☆So have a good Golden Week!☆

Pocket Warmer "Hokkairo" News!

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It's still very cold in Tokyo.

However we have the great winter goods, Hokkairo(Pocket Warmer)!



セイコーマート(冬の釧路・厚岸) Kushiro Trip (East Hokkaido) / jetalone


We can see various Hokkairos in the market nowadays.

Attatching Hokkairo and Applying Hokkairo are popular.

Hokkairo for toes and for eyes,



ホッカイロ(足全体用) / jetalone

Some characters' Hokkairo exist.

Rechargeable Hokkairo! It's very interesting and economic :D

We can overcome this coldness with these excellent Hokkairos!!


What souvenir attracts you most?

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Paper fan shaped plates which have a seasonally painting on them won the grand prize of appealing japanese souvenir contest among 720 items.


The plate is covered with gold leaf and the handgrip can be used as a fork.

It costs 6,090 yen.


I'm curious about what souvenir attracts you most.

Bargain information 2012 in Shinjuku!!

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  Now is a good season for shopping(cloths).

  Because most of the departments started 'Winter bargain' or 'New year's sale' in Japan.

  Talking about me, I went to shopping MYLORD in Jan. 2 !


And Shinjuku is the most biggest town for shopping of cloths, you know??

This coat is what I bought at the sale in MYLOAD


How about to buy something nice item for the new year??

【other sale informations

★Marui Depertment in Shinjuku★

★LUMINE Depertment in Shinjuku★


If you feel tired, Sakura Hotel(Cafe) Hatagaya is just 5 minutes from Shinjuku station, by Keio-new line!

Sakura Hotel URL

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya access URL


Why don't you have a break in Sakura Cafe (Sakura Hotel) Hatagaya??



[email protected]!

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On Twitter, I once wrote that there are so many nice ramen shops in Hatagaya.

Though I haven't been to most of them, I had ramen in Shinjuku a few days ago.


The place is called "Omoide Yokocho," which means "Memory Street."


You can have good grilled chicken, Japanese/Chinese food, and etc.

When I went to one of the shops, it was almost full with business men who finised their work.

But there were some female customers as well. There must be a lot of fans!

When you come near Shinjuku, I recommend you to go there!

Discount Please!

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Have you ever tried to say 'Discount please!' for shopping in some store in other contries?? 


This is one of appliance stores, named 'Yodobashi Camera' in Shinjuku.


よどばし2.jpgIn these kinds of appliance stores, people usually try to say 'discount please'.

If you don't need any 'Point cards' , and  buy some kinds of items,

your request will succeed!


Enjoy your shopping in Japan(^^)


  ***Please note that your 'discount please' not always succeed.

**Please make sure that most of hotels also not accept your discount request.

souvenir ^^/

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While you are traveling Tokyo,

you are getting worried about souvenir for family and friends.

However, do not worry about it from now on.

If you are hesitating I will recommend you to buy SHINGENMOCHI.
They definitely will be happy. ^-^


Shinjuku is great for Shopping

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Shinjuku is just 5 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Keio-new line's station, 'Hatagaya' is easy access to Shinjuku (one of down town in Tokyo.)

Today, I recommend 2 shops in Shinjuku.

Good for suveniors.


◆One is,

ナチュラルキッチン2.jpgNatural Kitchen &↓

Most of the Ladies attracted them !



◆second is 


Good for Japanese traditional items.


Both shops are in MYLOAD depertment in Shinjuku Station.

Which is your favorite??

By the way, this is my house's welcome-board, made by I and my husband.

How do you feel it?? (^^)



More Information of Hatagaya City!

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Today, I introduce my recommendations in Hatagaya.

1.Sushi restaurant ・・・Azuma zushi 東寿司

EDOMAE sushi restaurant (not round sushi). You can eat fresh sushi. 

 5 minutes from Sakura Hotel. 


東寿司 店内.jpg

東寿司 寿司.jpg








Wasabi and Gari (pickled ginger) is spicy!

 But delicious!

Sushi bowl is beautiful, like flower garden!



2.Japanese food and bar ・・・ Daikokuya 大黒屋


  6 minutes from here.

Dinner time only. Good for Sashimi, Yakitori, Onigiri (rice ball) and the atmosohere of Japanese Bar.

3.Supermarket ・・・ Gourumet City

グルメシティ幡ヶ谷.jpg Cigarette and many food and drinks, you can buy there.

   ATM machine (for credit card, to withdraw money) is also settled inside.


4.Tea time and liquor time  ・・・ Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (in Sakura Hotel, 1st floor)



Hatagaya is convenient place for eating, shopping, going to Shinjuku (downtown).

Sushi map and rawmen map is prepared at reception.

Anytime you can ask to us!!


shopping at Harajuku

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Have you ever been to Harajuku?

Harajuku is one of the popular shopping erea.

I would you like to introduce some shops to you.




If you are looking for a character goods, you should go to KIDDY LAND.

It will be renewed by the summer of 2012.

Now It's located on the cat street.

2,Oriental Bazaar

Oriental Bazaar is famous souvenir shop.

You can find special Japanese goods in here.


3,UT store


UT is UNIQRO T-shirt store.

You will find your own T-shirt in here.



Hatagaya to Sginjuku     take Keio new line

Shinjuku to Harajuku      take JR yamanote line



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"Tyo-tin" is the Lantern.
The Tyo-tin is used for the decoration of the nearby shopping street and the restaurant etc.





The lantern can be used even in the festival , Japanese"Omaturi, Bon-Odori".

RIMG0085.JPGThere is a lantern shop near the Sakura-hotel-Hatagaya.









I think it is good for the souvenir.

24 Hours-Open shops in Hatagaya!

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Do you know where is 'Hatagaya' ??

Hatagaya is a safety and convenient bed-town in Tokyo, and just 2 stops, 3 minutes to Shinjuku (=is one of the downtown) by ' Keio-new Line ' (=is one kind of subway.) with only120 train fee!

Fathermore, there are many kinds of shops and restaurants open 24 hours, like Sakura Cafe!


These are 24 hours open shops!

↓Convenience Store (am pm) is 15 seconds walk from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya. 

Ampm.jpg↓Super market 'gourmet city' is 2 minutes walk from here.


↓Origin Lunch-box shop is in 1 minutes walk from here.


↓Japanese cuisine restaurant 'Hatagaya Komachi Shokudo' is 4 minutes from here.


Very useful for our guests, to stay here, and enjoy their trip all the nights!

Fancywork supply store in SHINJUKU

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Recently, I am enjoying fancywork as a hobby.

           Sheep's wool.                                                  


     sting it.



My favorite fancywork supply store is in shinjuku.

Shop name is "okadaya"
Everything is in this place.

Thumbnail image for 100604_1755~0001.jpg
                                                Imitation flowers

Thumbnail image for 100604_1733~0001.jpg


100604_1713~0001 (1).jpg

Okadaya has 2 buildings, one is for clothing store (seven stories above ground) the other is .
fabric store (five stories above ground).

Very funny!

Access:5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station.


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It looks very delicious Sushi, isn't it??


But this is not the real sushi, but sample.


This is item of Sample Shop 'Maiduru' in Kappabashi Dougu Street.

Kappabashi is famous for shopping street of  kichen items and suvenior of sample foods.

  How about to choose it for suveniors??


◆10 minutes from Asakura station, to Kappabashi street (in TAWARAMACHI station)

Many cute Kappas(water imps) will say 'welcome to Japan!'

Thumbnail image for 3合羽橋かっぱ.jpg


合羽橋金かっぱ.jpgThumbnail image for 合羽橋緑かっぱ.jpg




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UT STORE HARAJUKU is special T-shirt store of UNIQRO.

This shop sells original and collaboration...etc

More than 500 kinds of design T-shirt!!!

This would be great for souvenirs!!



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If you are looking for fashionable and resonable clothes, you can go to H&M.


kozue1.jpg(train)  It's takes 15 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

          Hatagaya to Shinjuku - Keio new line

          Shinjuku to Shibuya - JR yamanote line

(walk) It's takes 30 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya by walk.,139.68692&ssp;;n=0.026114,0.038409&brcurrent=3,0x6018f3461e256baf:0x85754640ba555645,0&ie=UTF8&z=15

Dango Dango Dango!

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This is a suvenior from Japanese guest. From Mrs. Suda (a lady.)

Rice dunplings  (=dango).↓


We ate it during our break! 


Have you ever eaten dango??  This is very popular snack in Japan! 

There are many kinds of tast, with soy sause, or a soy and sugar sauce,  a red bean, and bean flour! ↓ (pictures from some kinds of website.)



 ↑ Bean flour dango.                             ↑ Mitarashi  dango.


↑Hanami (3 colored ) dango.It's  Beaautiful!  

This is usually s for spring, on hanami season. Taste sweet.

Why don't you try to eat them?



Hi! Everyone,
I'm Yoshi, one of Sakura Hotel staff.

If what attracts you is the tempting night life in Tokyo,
please walk around "Kabuki-cho" & "Omoide-yoko-cho" in Shinjuku:)



Kabukicho - an entertainment and red-light district in Shinjuku.
Kabukicho is the location of many host and hostess bars, shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and is often refer as the "Sleepless Town". 


Omoide-yoko-cho - the most direct route between the east and west side of Shinjuku Station, Omoide Yokocho is flooded with people where the local delicacy "Yakitori" (grilled chicken on skewers) and Japanese rice wine "Sake" are served by many compact stalls.
It is the best place to experience a lively but friendly atmosphere in Japanese style.

3 min. (by train) or 40 min. walk from our hotel.

Please try this nightly walk :)
And you might feel the "Lost in Translation" there :)



Shinjuku night view ---Shinjuku no yakei----

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Shinjuku is the largest city in Tokyo and famous for its great night view. There are hundreds and thousands of people, shops, pubs and neon sings... It is one of the best place for late night hangouts..  



Enjoy looking down on glaring night view of Tokyo city from a height of 200 metres