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Hi everyone!!
This is Tamotsu at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!

Even if a grain of rice on a table,
you won't think it looks yummy.


If planty of grain of rice is out in bowl,


Looks yummy!!!!

Anyway, let me introduce you about one episode of Peru.

In Lima, there is beautiful beach, fancy restaurant as well.
Also I went to local market. then I found colorful vegetables!!
They were so much beautiful!!


What about the post cards of organic vegetables?

Well, even if one gobou card on a table, you won't think it looks colorful. But...


If you get many kinds of the post cards,



You can buy the post cards for 100 yen at Sakura Hotel/Cafe in Tokyo!!


It's snowy?again in Tokyo...!!
Our lovely guests from all over the world are really enjoying?snow?in Tokyo!!
s2014-02-13 20.36.40.jpg

Yesterday,There was a party at?our cafe!
It's kind of?international communication party for Japanese people and Malaysian people!
That's really lovely party!!?Ofcourse, we served some?halal foods?for them.

[MUSAKA]?was really popular!!
s20131016 214243.jpg

Also[Jews Mallows soup]?was popular!

Please do not forget about?[CHESE PARATA]

Finally...We served Egyptian style milk rice called''Roz bell Laban''?for the dessert!

They seemed to had a very good time at the party!

If you have any plan for your party,Please let us know!!
Have a good day★=


Good morning!

最近、プロ野球投手 田中マー君 がヤンキースに入団するニュースが話題になっていますが

professional baseball pitcher Tanaka Mar is joined the New York Yankees has become a hot topic in Japan.


When I was a elementary school want to be professional baseball player.


一応、レギュラーで背番号は17番 セカンド 3番バッターだったんですよ!

My Uniform number 17th, positioning second, also third batter


打率 0.386 中々でしょ

Batting average 0.386, not too bad right!



do not win the game only one person at so good



Work of the hotel too,

Team play that help each other all of Staff !

Then making a Bond of all staff, I think.

Thank you 4 reading.


It was?snowy?yesterday...Now, It's?pouring?in Tokyo.
Once you go to outside right now in Tokyo,You will really get wet.
2014-02-15 09.22.11.jpg

2014-02-15 09.22.16.jpg

This pictures are outside of our hotel...
It's huge isn't it?
However...We are still working for 24hours!

s-★P2110854 (1).jpg
I is bad weather...!
How about try our new menu...
「Fondant au chocolate」
CHOCOLATE makes you feel better!!:D
(Actually..I bought a huge chocolate for myself....this morning!)

We also have nice fresh coffee!!

Please try our new menu!!





Hello, how was your day?

christmans countdown begins! 9days left to the happy day!!hohoho^^

you will find a lot kinds of santaclaus

and snowman welcoming all of you at?sakura hotel/cafe?hatagaya till christmas day^^







Where are they in?sakura hotel/cafe?hatagaya?

come try to find all of them^^

Try the?yum yum christmas tree?too!

Christmas Lunch Special









Kamiyasan - a member of our staff,sakura hotel/cafe?hatagaya

Today is her working last day at?sakura hotel/cafe?hatagaya,in fact she has already left job. hope she is now having good farewell party with a lots of coworkers^^

those flowers - picture above were chosen as thinking of her as a gift for her from us.

see its colors, they conist of mainly warm and happy colours -pink, orange and yellow

she really made?sakura hotel/cafe?hatagaya warm, bright and happy thanks to her personality characteristics.

It was a pleasure working with her and wish her the very best in all that she does.

May luck follow her wherever she goes.

good luck, Kamiyasan^^

Christmas Lunch Special



We wrote about our Christmas tree at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya?in this Blog.

An idea flashed into my mind while I was decolating the tree...






I want decolate cute Ginger cookies hanging this tree!!

Now we are baking cookies in our kitchen!



Check how it goes in our next Blog!!




hello how are you everyone today?

hope everyone that is reading this blog is good!

well, I found this very good pic from my friends post on facebook!








yea, its a huge parfait, which i guess probably for 8peoeple or more!

want to try eat it all myself, must be quite yummy^^

please come try our,?sakura cafe hatagaya?special?dessert?that look as nice and yummy as the huge parfait^^

next ones are my favourite^^


メガマシュマロホットチョコレート(アメリカ) - 400円

Mega marshmallow hot chocolate from US - 400yen


キャラメルナッツソースパラタ(インド) - 550円

Paratha with caramel sauce from India - 550yen


Multiple Nights Discount -2 Nights Minimum




i have noticed a tendency in myself.. i tend to look to the sky quite often, especially when its nice weather, and keep taking photos of sky.

let me please share some photos of sky that i took with you.

first one is clear sky in spring taken with "sky tree tower"




this one is summer sky^^ look at the clouds, look like cotton candy^^

hm want to eat!




and these two photos are my favourite ones that i took the end of summer.

am i a good photographer? hehe^^






last one is this photothat i took very recentry when it was very cold day.

look at the colours!

dont you think its very good?color contrast between?blue?sky and red colour from sunset, i love it!




the sky i had seen yesterday is something i cannot see today and any days ahead because it never be same as changing its colours,?Cloud shapes.. etc

the sky is such a entertainer that shows people many kind of beauties.

what will it be like tomorrow?






<how to get "Sky tree">

Directions from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya:

[Rail] From Hatagaya station to Shinjuku Station by Keio shinen(Keio New) Line

Shinjuku to?Bakuroyokoyama/Higashi-Nihombashi station?by?Toei Subway-Shinjuku Line,?then to Oshiage station by?Toei Subway-Asakusa Line.

Special Offers

Good evening!

What do you like the most in the world?

when you ask me this question, i will asnwer "my family"

yes, I love my family more than anything else, then what comes next is..

it is..


let me share some pictures of food that you can have at sakura cafe hatagaya


s2013-10-14 12.42.51-thumb-640x480-40738.jpg







We offer a lots kind of drinks as well as food^^




sakura cafe hataga never sleep! come anytime you like!



We are on a free online magazine "Funlife."
Please check it out! You can start reading by clicking the images below.



Also, do not forget to sign up for the coming event!!!


Carry the Mikoshi at Sakura Cafe HATAGAYA

Sakura House, Sakura Hotel, and another member of our Sakura group Hotel Continental Fuchu are recommended on a magazine as "the best option for all business trips."

The magazine is ACCJ Journal. ACCJ stands for the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan.
It is a professional business magazine issued by ACCJ.


What is distinctive with our group is that we can offer accommodation no matter how long your stay is.
Sakura House provides monthly accommodation. We have private rooms in apartments and dormitories in share houses.
It is offered only for non-Japanese people.?

Sakura Hotels is more for daily and weekly stays for travelers and short business trips (some of the guests stay more than a month at our hotels and that is always welcome).
All the hotels are located in central Tokyo. Asakusa is a bit far from the center, but as you might know, if you are a tourist it would be a perfect place, since it is located near the famous sight seeing spot, Sensoji.

Both Sakura House/ Hotels do small tours and workshops to help you enjoy more of Tokyo.

From backpackers to the office workers, everyone is welcomed at Sakura group. Please give us an inquiry and we will offer you the most suitable accommodation.


As to the tours we are organizing, there is one on coming Sunday, 10th November:?Japanese Sword Museum Tour.


by Joan Valls

After the museum, we will go to Meiji jingu (Meiji shrine) and break up. From there you can go enjoy Harajuku and Yoyogi park with your friends.

Here are?the details of the tour:

Date : November 10th (Sun)
Time : 12:15pm - 2:30pm
Meeting place : Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
Fee : 600 yen ( Museum entrance fee )

*Event only for Sakura House Residents?& Sakura Hotel Guests.

If you wanna join, just send us the following info to the address below.

[email protected]

1. Name
2. If you are SAKURA GROUP Guests,hotel / premises name and room number
3. Phone Number ( if you have )


Today, I have a news!

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya appeared in famous paper magazine in Dubai,

called "Khaleej Times". Khaleej means "gulf" in Arabic.


Our hotel is introduced as "Muslim friendry hotel" in Japan and also our?

"Muslim House" got into this paper.

In this article, you may know how we are "friendly" to Mouslims,

halal food, playing room, Arabic speaking-staff and so on.

Yes, our staff "mohamed"san is appeared in the photo!


We are always welcome all the Muslims and whoever people from all over the world!

☆★☆Let's walk together and find the world of Japanese sword☆★☆

Japanese Sword Museum Tour Nov. 10th (Sun)

Hello everyone.

I have received Nice gift today.

s-2013-10-29 18.30.33.jpg

Couple weeks ago, we had a coveraged of one of the magazine!
Our cafe is on it!!!

This magazine is written in Japanese and English!
Please check this out ↓

So,I've prepared a special Thanksgiving lunch with Scalloped corn!!


It is Justin's Grandma recipe!!

You wanted to eat?


Come to JAPAN!!


We welcomed customers from Côte d'Ivoire today. But they are not hotel guests. They came to our cafe to enjoy Egyptian food!




Seems they had a lot of fun!


We are expecting to have more and more guests from all over the world!

Foreign-language Twitter

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Do you have a twitter account? If you are an English speaker, you should be following English accounts.
However, peple are tweeting in different languages everywhere. Some of them are posted by our staff members!

Here is our Portguese account!

Portuguese Flag
by fdecomite



Uma japonesa que trabalha em Sakura Hotel em Tóquio, Japão, fala e escreve em portugues:) Estou ainda estudando a língua portuguesa! Muito prazer

Tóquio, Japã

The Arabic account is here!

Egypt Grunge Flag
by Free Grunge Textures -

Sakura Hotel Arabic



Follow us to get the latest information on Japan!

Green Coffee Beans

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For the first time in my life, I have seen green coffee beans!


Those pale green beans get dark brown when roasted.
Come to think of it, it seems funny that coffee is actually extracted from beans. Though roasted beans do not look like beans, they do when they are raw.
I wonder if we can eat it like soybeans!


Though there are a lot of coffee brands and they all taste different, they all look the same.

This is Hawaiian Kona coffee.


We should get those beans and try roasting at our cafe!


Have you ever seen just off the Rainbow Bridge?


Views of the evening very beautiful






Memories floats If I look at this bridge?






Has become romantically It is me




he is living with his brother also,

look at this !

what a huge house

missing you ,bro

As the title says, "Oden" is one of Japanese winter foods.

Cook some vegetables, such as white radish, and fish-paste products together in a big pot.
That is the basic Oden we usually eat. A lot of Japanese people miss it when the air gets chilly as the season changes.
by rhosoi
What is interesting is that what they put in a pot is different depending on the place.
In Shizuoka prefecture, they put black hampen.?
Hampen is a fish-paste product and the color is white. Since I have never had Oden in Shizuoka, I have never seen a black hampen.
by kynbit
Another fish-paste product, Chikuwabu, is also something similar to black hampen.
Some people say it must be in Oden and some not.
I guess you could put anything in Oden as long as it goes well with the other food in the pot.
by jetalone
However, a few wees ago I was surprised to know that some people even put tomatoes.
It would be so red and look like a pot of tomato soup.?
What is the definition of Oden if it could have a tomato in it?? Oden is really a funny food even to Japanese people.

hi how are you doing everyone??

its coming to be cool in japan which makes me miss summer:(

yea! i DO love summer!!

by the way, did you look up see the sky yesterday?

it was quite beautiful!!

im very sorry to those who missed the moment:(

love to share the photos i took yesterday with you this time^^


couldnt stop taking photos of the beautiful sky.


am i a good photographer? hehe^^


he is one character of japanese manga "kochi kame"

look, his sexy pose! i love it!


cicada on tree, hmmm good!


swallowtail butterfly resting on leaves^^


found this nice christian cross, feel that time is passing so fast.

can you believe that christmas is coming in nealy 3months!

Multiple Nights Discount -4 Nights Minimum


Been working all day, I really feel like beer right now! If it is Belgian beer it would be the best.
Other staff members also love it. Chimay has been really popular.


Of course I am also a fan of Chimay, but I like to have lots of favorites.

Blue Moon and Edelwise are just as good!


If you like Belgian beer, it is worth trying. Both available at our cafe!


On 13th August, the national anthem of Japan, Kimigayo, was legally recoginzed as the officail anthem.
However, for some reason, today is the anniversary. I am wondering if we should play it at our cafe...

by k14

Here is the translation of the lyrics by Mr. Basil Hall Chamberlain:

A thousand years of happy life be thine!
Live on, my Lord, till what are pebbles now,
By age united, to great rocks shall grow,
Whose venerable sides the moss doth line.


I remember that when I was a kid, I was made to sing it without knowing at all what it means.
As it is in English translation, the lyrics are not colloquial and hard to understand for a child.

さざれ石 (sazare-ishi)
by Spiegel

Kimigayo is originated from one poem made in 900. It is actually pretty old!
There seems to be some argument on the meaning of the lyrics, but the original poem has been popular among Japanese people for a long time.

It became the official anthem in 1999. The lyrics is old, but the song is rather new.
Come to think of it, the song should be more oriental if it is that old.
It would have drawn much attention in international events if it had been played by Japanese herps, drums and bamboo flutes.

hello how are you doing everyone? its finally friday! yay!

everybody is enjoying ovenight? yea go go!

well.. by the way, i just want to tell you what i ate today... haha

now i try to have as many kind of veggies as i can for health.

what veggies i had today? .. thats cabbage salada! nothing in there except cabbage though i believe its quite healthy!!


and then had?ketchup spaghetti with stir-fry sliced onion in it^^

very simple but it was so good!!


by the way, these are all i cooked myself^^ can i be a good shef? hehe

come to sakura cafe hatagaya and you can try these food i cooked for FREE!!?

kidding kidding^^

but there are two kind of spagettes you can try at sakura cafe hatagaya^^


creamy carbonara


paghetti bolohnese

both are pretty good!!

there are alot more food and drinks at sakura cafe hatagaya, come and try some please^^

Multiple Nights Discount -2 Nights Minimum

Hello everybody!

While we introduce a number of times in the previous blog

And I thought I try to announce the latest catch of black bass fishing

There is not much appetite black bus like a heat fatigue in addition to water-reducing in the heat of the place here

It is getting harder to fish...

However, by focusing on the aim only a big fish.

I got them couple.

please look at awesome basses.


Photo shoot in the pitch-black I'm sorry if not show it quite difficult to clean,

However I got 52cm 55cm big fish

How's like it !!!!

So stoked,

thank you




Please check here for how to get SAKURA CAFE Hatagaya.



Hello everybody. How's it going? Hope all is good!

Well, today I'm going to introduce my second hobby "Bass Fishing"

今日は私のサーフィンの次に虜になっているブラックバス フィッシングをチラリとご紹介。

ブラックバスというと大体の人が食べれない魚でしょっ て

Many people of my friend said Black Bass is not eat?

何が楽しいかって 引きが強いのです 要はファイトですよね 戦いです(笑)


There are two kinds of black bass

one of them is a?Large mouth Bass


other one is a?samll mouth Bass




Holy Land of Black Bass is a ?Lake Biwa?





How's like this?


ちなみにバスプロみたいなお方は名古屋のクラブでDJなさってるDJ SHIN さんです


Everyone Why do not you try to experience once



hava a good day.


For those who are going to go to Ginza, we introduce you some nice bars there.

300 BAR


You can order all the drinks and food for just 300 yen!

What is great about them is not just the price. You know you need herb mint to make some cocktails like mojito?

They grow organic herb by themselves for their cocktails!




And here is their original GARDEN MOJITO!!

AWESOME! Can't believe it is only 300 yen!

If you are looking for a nice place to drink, their place is a must-go!

300 BAR GINZA 5-chome
Tel. : 03-3572-6300

300 BAR GINZA 8-chome
Tel. : 03-3571-8300

For the Sakura Hotel guests, we have a free 1 drink ticket for the guests. Do not forget to bring it before you go!

Hi, I'm Manuel, the Spanish staff of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

On Sakura Hotel Hatagaya this week there was a big group from North America!
They are around 18 years old and are very funny.
Today they will return to his country, we hope that have a good trip,
Thanks very much for stay with us and See you!!

This Sunday we have too a special event: 
With delicious Okonomiyaki lunch included.
Would you like to join us?

On Harayuku area there is many interesting places for visit,
the Meiji temple, one of the most important shrine temple of all Japan, the Takeshita Street, Omotesando street, the Yoyogi park,... etc
For join us, please, ask to the staff or touch here!.
Let's enjoy the weekend!!!

Good evening!

As it is getting warmer, these days I often find a group of guests enjoying imported beers we sell at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.
Nice beers get nicer when you drink it with nice friends!


Sometimes our staff members also like to have beers at the cafe.
If you find them drinking, please talk to them or drink with them! 
You are always welcome! If you drink too much, you can stay at the hotel.

We can serve you snacks that go well with beer too. Please ask us at any time!


Hello, this is kazuki

It was a nice day today too ^ ^

Going cycling is nice on a day with good weather like today !!


This is my bicycle★

I like cycling because・・・

You can go far away
 (I went to Sendai (400km from Tokyo) by bicycle when I was a student!!)

You can burn off calories !!
(I'm on a diet ...)

You can visit many places as you want ^ ^

enjoying nature


Jizo near my home!?

Sakura hotel hatagaya is located very close to Shinjuku

Cafe 24hours open

We have not only beers around the world but cocktails too!

sIMG_0352.jpg      sIMG_0353.jpg

Hello everyone, how are you today? 

Do you know that now we have "spring special offer" for single & double rooms till 30th may at Sakura hotel hatagaya!

Single room (for 1 customer) : normal rate 6,930yen >>5500yen
Double room (for 2 customers) : normal rate 9,000yen >>7200yen(3600yen per customer)

See more details >> ★☆★☆

You see the cozy and clean rooms, you would know that from photos below^^

2013-04-29 16.02.07.jpg

2013-04-29 15.57.06.jpg

2013-04-29 15.42.40.jpg

There are most things you need at Sakura hotel, of course!

Do you need aircon?

Here you go!
2013-04-29 15.54.45.jpg


2013-04-29 15.49.09.jpg

And a big miller in your room?

2013-04-29 15.47.39.jpg

How about hair dryer, shoehorn, shampoo, conditioner and tooth brush?

2013-04-29 15.46.45.jpg
2013-04-29 15.46.59.jpg
2013-04-29 15.39.51.jpg
2013-04-29 15.40.00.jpg

What else you need? Let us know if you want something more for your room, we might have it for you:-)

Anyways, it's a very good chance to book your room now, so... hurry and don't miss this chance!

Have wonderful holidays in Japan!



Hi, how are you? This is trainee at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, Yukiko Tsukada.^^



Here is very good news for those who have an interest in starting business in Tokyo, Japan!
Now, do you know what "BUSINESS GARDEN" is?  "BUSINESS GARDEN" is a well-established rental office agency, and they support side business, start-ups and ventures.



They provide full service and support! Moreover, now they have very special plan at the moment which is limited offer, so call them right now! 



wow! They have taken interview with "METROPOLIS"! 


Don't miss your business chance in Tokyo, Japan!!

Tohoku bokujo's Shindofuji Eggs Pudding Set
How do you like special pudding at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya?

Today let me give you information about the "Sakura" forecast to find out the best date to visit cherry blossom viewing  in Tokyo. 


Flower forecast:25th MARCH!!!

full bloom: 2th APRIL!!!

Best time to see: 1th to 7th APRIL!!!

You will get a chance to see sakura trees being in full bloom!

Our website is alredy in full bloom!!


What Is Shisha?

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You might already know that you can smoke shisha at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
However, I guess there are a lot of people who do not know what it is.

I will explain you briefly what it is like to smoke shisha.
Shisha is flavored tobacco. You smoke it with a instrument called hookah.
It is originated from India and Middle Eastern countries.


Shisha Smokers
by ChodHound

On the photo above, they seem to be at some cafe.
Both men and women are smoking shisha. Some are old, some are young...
Shisha is for everyone!


Smoking Shisha in London
by ChodHound

The caption says they are at London.
Shisha seems to be popular everywhere in the world!

What I tried to show you is that you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere with your friends. 
You do not have to be a tobacco smoker. We have nicotine-free shisha as well. 


Brand New Japanese Tattoo!

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Have you ever seen a fresh tattoo?
One of our guests got a new tattoo yesterday and he showed it to me!

THIS is it!


This leg belongs to Mr. Thomas from Austria.
He said it had taken 4 hours to get that tattoo! And it hurts! 
To be honest, I do not really understand why people would like to have a tattoo.

I do not know what fish it is, but it seems to be a carp.
It seems that a carp is trying to climb up a waterfall. Isn't it a cool tattoo?

When I think of Japanese culture, what come to my mind are things such as Anime and Sushi. 
I guess Japanese tattoo can be on that list too!

Potluck Party!!

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How do you spend a saturday night?

I am invited to my friends moving party.
though, I will be late because of work...

But anyway, today's party is potlick style.
Organizer of today is from Spain.
so he prepared gallons of SANGLIA !!

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

0209 party sangria new.jpg

I prepared this dishes..hope every body like my cook..

0209 party new.jpg

I heard there are any guest from many country.
So I'm looking forward to eat variety of foods and drinks.

Sakura cafe have a international food party plan.
Please check this.

Yesterday one guest showed me a English railway map when we were talking.
It was actually a map he got when he stayed at Sakura Hotel 3 years ago.
It was very impressive. I would have lost it in 3 years. Thank him very much for keeping it!


On the back of the map was a advertisement of Design Festa 2008 and 2009!
It really was made 3 years ago!


Let's compare it to the latest version.


Though the design is a little bit different, it looks the same basically.
Of course I gave him the latest one! 
I believe he will bring it with him a few years later when he comes back to Sakura again!

Places to Go for Free in Tokyo

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Have you ever felt that everything is expensive in Japan?

Actually, there are a lot of places to hang out for FREE in Tokyo!


1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings (@Shinjuku)


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
by ivva

It's free to go up to the top floor. You can see sky scrapers in Tokyo from the height of 202m!

2. MEGA WEB (@Ome)


MegaWeb Toyota City Showcase

by Ian Muttoo

This is a theme park ran by TOYOTA. 

If you have a driver's license, you can enjoy many exhibits and events here!

3. Suntory Musashino Beer Factory (@Musashino)




by Kimtaro

You can have fresh beer for free!

Please check their websites before you go! They are not open every day!

Our brand-new guest room!

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Hi everyone!
how do you do?
I' just waiting for spring to come..

Today,let me show you some pics of our guest room,
which has just  refurbished!

Warm and cozy,It's just like a brand-new house.

 triple room

IMG_3909.jpg・twin room


・single room


・Sakura cafe-a place of relief for everyone.

How about having a good time at cafe and straight to room?
Isn't it great??

please enjoy and relax at our brand-new room :)

We had a lot of snow in Tokyo!

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We had a lot of snow in Tokyo today.
2013-01-14 13.37.56.jpg
It is the first snow in this winter and this year as well.

2013-01-14 13.37.44.jpg
At first, I thought it might take more time to commute than usual.
Trains in Japan are famous for on time, but it will be disrupted on snowy days especially in Tokyo.
I used to be excited to watch snow when I was a child, though...

Do you have the first snow in the place you live this year?

Coming-of-Age Day

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The day after tomorrow is a national holiday and we have three-day weekends in Japan.

The second Monday of January is Coming-of-Age Day.


You may see women wearing elegant long sleeved kimono on the way to a coming-of-age ceremony.


In Japan, adult age is 20. From how old do you reach adult age in your country?
How are you today?
Do you like Ranking?
We, Japanese loves Ranking!
And same as me!

This is my favorite ranking website.
Trip adviser.
You also can check the reviews of hotel, tourist spot, and restaurants.

Please check our hotel's reviews. 

This also popular ranking site. (sorry it's only Japanese) 



Check it out!!!

This is also my favorite.( Japanese only. sorry...)
@cosme is cosmetic ranking site. You can check Japanese girl's opinion from there.

By the way, Anne san who was working at sakura hotel hatagaya, stopped by today.
Thank you!!

If you have ever stayed at our hotel, you must have seen this box near the reception.


In this box we have put snacks rarely found at other places in Japan.

Today we have received samples of new snacks. We are wondering if we should add one of them to the box!

Fruit flavored mint tablets

Spoon chocolate

Chocolate nuts

Which should we choose!? We can not decide!!

I wrote "How to make Japanese curry" last blog.
In this time I will tell you " How to make Curry Udon"

Ingredients for 4 people:
Udon 400g
Soy sause 1 spoon
Hondashi(Fish soup stock) 2 tea spoon
(You can buy it in Japanese super market)

1.Boiled Udon
2.Add Water to Curry and mix, simmer about 5 min.
udon (4).JPG
3.Add Hondashi and Soy sause
udn (2).JPG
4.Add Udon,simmer about 5 min

Ready to eat!
udn (1).JPG
Enjoy Curry Udon!!

Hey! It's Kent from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

I would like to show you what you can do in Tokyo for free.

Everyone thinks Tokyo is an expensive city but you don't need money to have fun here.

Check out Tokyo's oldest temple

Sensoji temple located 3 minutes on foot from Sakura Hostel Asakusa. The smoke from the incense urn is regarded to have healing powers.

Visit Tsukiji fish market

Entry is free to the world famous fish market but you may be tempted to the eat the fresh catch of the day.

Go watch people at Harajuku

Relax on a Sunday afternoon at Yoyogi park and enjoy watching the fashion and listen to the music of the young people of Tokyo.

Jog around the imperial palace

We always have jogging events at Sakura and recently we it was held at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho. Burn some calories and while enojying the view.


5. Go to Shibuya Crossing

Witness the worlds busiest street crossing.
Good Evening! This is Kent from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Do you like tea or coffee?

Well I'm sorry for all the coffee lovers this blog is about Tea!

Like our world beers..


We also have world teas!

What is your favorite type of tea? 

If we don't have it please recommend it to us we love to get feedback from our customers on new things.

My favorite at the moment is green tea which I'm totally hooked on.

The world tea is included in our breakfast or you can buy it on its own for 190YEN

Please try our world tea, you might find a new flavour you like.

Where is my iPhone??:(

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Hi, I am Yujiro a new trainee of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
I will talk about the Amazing Story!

Last Friday, I lost my iPhone on Yamanote Line...
Yamanote Line is one of the famous trains.
It's so difficult to find lost items.

But my iPone was found and return to me safely.
I really feel how safe Japan is!

Anyway I want u to remember 2 points, if you lose something on the train.

I show you the website for Lost and Found of JR EAST
If u lose something on the train, please contact to them!!

If you lose something in Tokyo, please ask Japanese so kind police!!
Here is their website.

Flowers of Vegetables

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Have you ever seen flowers of vegetables? They are as beautiful as ordinary flowers.
Though I rarely find them in Tokyo, I know them a lot as we sell the postcards with pictures of 
flowers of vegetables.



Do you know that a flower of a carrot is white and shaped like broccoli, just like you see on the picture?
I wonder why it is not orange.

Unlike that of a carrot, a flower of an eggplant is purple. Both have the same color.


But again, a flower of a tomato is yellow and not red! 
It is interesting that a yellow flower turns into a red vegetable.


Please take a look at these postcards when you stay at our hotel.
If you want them for souvenirs, we sell one for 100 yen. Please feel free to ask us!

A football match of the final Asian qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup between Oman and Japan will be held at Muscat in Oman tomorrow.


The match will start from 8:30 p.m. It's not local time but Japan time.

It's 3:30 p.m. in local time.


It's easy for Japanese audience to watch the game.

But I guess it's tough for players. It is said the average temperature in Muscat is about 30 degrees Celsius even in November.


I wonder if we can feel hotness through TV screen.

If so, I wonder if we can enjoy drinking beer like a hot summer day.

The day of elevators

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November 10th is the day of elevators.

A twelve-story building called Ryouunkaku was completed on November 10th in 1890 at Asakusa. Japan's first electric elevator began service in the building on the following date (November 11th ).


I wonder why November 10th is selected as the day of elevator (not November 11th).


Speaking of elevators and Asakusa, I associate those keywords with Tokyo Sky Tree opened this May.

The elevators in Tokyo Sky Tree take us to the first observation deck (about 350 meters high) in about 50 seconds. The speed is 600 meters per minute and those are the fastest elevators hold 40 people in Japan.


Have you ever been to Tokyo Sky Tree and entered the observation deck?

Christmas is coming closer! 
We are trying to put up a special Christmas menu at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

Last year we did a "Christmas plate."


What I am trying to make for Christmas this year is "Slovak Christmas Soup."
Have you heard of it?

I heard that it tastes sour and contains the items below:


by cote


by ahisgett

Sauerkraut and plums in soup! Very unlikely and interesting for the Japanese.
I will show it to you when I cook it. 

If you know some recipes for Christmas, please let us know on facebook!

The End of 2012 Is Coming Soon!

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Have you noticed it yet?
This year is almost over. Only 2 months left!
I can not imagine myself welcoming a new year. 

I was getting a bit sentimental looking back the pictures of the events we have held this year.

This was taken on "Malaysia Night."


They showed us what Malaysian dance is like. It was brilliant!

And the pictures below are taken on the day of the local festival.

Do you see that they are wearing rain coats?
It was raining hard, but they carried a Mikoshi or a portable shrine around the town of Hatagaya!

The Japanese guy in the center is our staff, Nao.
I like his facial expression in this picture.

These events were so fun.
I hope I can enjoy the rest of the year as much as I did already this year!

As the title says, "Oden" is one of Japanese winter foods.
Cook some vegetables, such as white radish, and fish-paste products together in a big pot.
That is the basic Oden we usually eat. A lot of Japanese people miss it when the air gets chilly as the season changes.

by rhosoi

What is interesting is that what they put in a pot is different depending on the place.
In Shizuoka prefecture, they put black hampen. 
Hampen is a fish-paste product and the color is white. Since I have never had Oden in Shizuoka, I have never seen a black hampen.

by kynbit

Another fish-paste product, Chikuwabu, is also something similar to black hampen.
Some people say it must be in Oden and some not.
I guess you could put anything in Oden as long as it goes well with the other food in the pot.

by jetalone

However, a few wees ago I was surprised to know that some people even put tomatoes.
It would be so red and look like a pot of tomato soup. 
What is the definition of Oden if it could have a tomato in it?? Oden is really a funny food even to Japanese people.

Which one would you like?

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Have you ever seen beckoning cat Manekineko?
If so, do you remember which paw the Manekineko you've seen raises?
It is said that cats invite people and fortune into their homes.
Manekineko raising its left paw is considered to invite people including customers.
And one raising its right paw is considered to invite money.

Which one would you like?


SCOOT (LCC in Singapore) is going to start service between Narita and Singapore (via Taipei) from tomorrow.


They use mid-sized aircrafts (402 seats in each of them) differently from other LCC using small sized aircrafts (about 180 seats).


They operate flight between Narita and Singapore once a day.


I hope SCOOT boosts the number of reservation :)

A football friendly match between Japan and Brazil will be held from 9:10 p.m. in Japan time tonight.


I guess many Japanese football fans are so much delighted to watch games with strong opponent following the match against France 4 days ago.


In Japan, football and baseball is popular.

What sports is popular in your country?
This is Mohamed from Egypt.
I'd like to show you some Egyptian food I have cooked!

Pasta Soup
Egypt pasta soup.jpg
Cut onion and boil it with salt, pepper and spices.
Fry pasta until it gets brown.
Put chicken into the soup and take it out after a while.
Put fried pasta in the soup.

Inside it has potato, tuna and olive cheese.
You can put anything you like!

Yamanote line

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The restoration work of Tokyo Station has finished and opened to public from today.
Speaking of train, do you know Yamanote line?

The route of Yamanote line is know as circle as below.

Actually the route of Yamanote line is not circle, though.
The route is between Tabata and Shinagawa (via Shinjuku).

The route between Shinagawa and Tokyo is Tokaido line on paper.
And the route between Tokyo and Tabata is Tohoku line on paper.

Even so you can go round by Yamanote line.

October 1st is the day of Tokyo citizen.

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October 1st is the day of Tokyo citizen.

Admission fee for Ueno zoo, Kasairinkai aquarium and Hamarikyu Jpanese garden and so on is free on the date.

If you have a chance to hang around Tokyo, why don't you visit admission free spots as many as possible?

Free Wi-Fi Service in Tokyo

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Good news for visitors.
Starbucks started to provide free wifi service in Tokyo area branches.


For details please see this official website.

Our Sakura Cafe Hatagaya has already provided free wifi.
Please feel free to ask the key when you visit our hotel/cafe.


Autumn sky

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Good evening, readers.
Now we are in Autumn in Japan.
But it's still hot, do you feel the same, don't you ??

I hope it became even a little cooler.
However it is the truth that we can feel Autumn more.
For example, many restaurants sell Autumn limited dishes in which chest nuts or pumpkins are used.
The sudden rain in this morning made us surprised,but it's kind of "Autumn Rain in Japan ?"

Then after raining, we can see such sky !!

This cloud is called Iwashi gumo (Cirrocumulus clouds).
Why don't you have our tasty hot coffee at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya and look up such a nice sky ??

Experience caryying Mikoshi !!


Media Interview!! National Geographic Japan

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We gave Media interview by National Geographic Japan

(This wed site is only Japanese)


They found my blog and visit Sakura Cafe Hatagaya
for coverage!

Norway --Tilslørte bondepiker

CHAMOYADA from Mexico


September 7th(Friday)

The article will put on National Geographic website !!

The annual sales of umbrellas in Japan

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We have our first rain for 2 weeks in Tokyo today.

How many do you think annual sales of umbrellas  in Japan in a year.


130 million umbrellas!!

That is about population in Japan.

About 60% of that is plastic umbrellas.

How many umbrellas do you have?

End of Summer

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It is still very hot every day in Tokyo.

Is your healthy all right?

 I do not miss the brisk walking walk before and after work every day.

There are discovery and an impression by every day walk.

When I pass the construction spot by a walk of the morning.


"What is this?"

When I look well; ...


It was the character of famous Japanese comics.

There is a sense of fun.

when I go for a night walk.


The wonderful fireworks at neighboring athletic ground.

Well,It's the end of summer.

Sakura Hotel Facility--Hotel in Tokyo--

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I would like to introduce one of our facility.
--Air  freshner---

If you need it, please feel free to ask at reception

Free of charge!


I would like to tell you how to use air freshner in my way lol

           blind            slow method of progression


                               Back side             Behind背面.JPGかくれ消臭.jpg

If you have idea of spray style, please let me know!

Sakura hotel hatagaya facility 

Make reservation 

Akihabara 2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN

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I visited to Akihabara '2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN'


We can find them under the elevating structure of JR Line.


 Everything Original and New!


Hat Shop imeka .You can order Original own Hat!

iphone かば.JPG

Woddy item shop  Hacoa.I bought iphone cover for birthday present

悪魔人形.JPG でかいあくま.JPG

     UAMOU.Small davils and Big davil...Cute!


 TOIQUEYou can play many Toys in the cafe.Iはんもっく.JPG

Hanmmok Cafe ASAN Unfortunately They already closed now.

coffee mame.JPG

Yanaka Coffee shop.They roasting coffee bean in the shop.

Smell is so great!


There is some performance and Event!

It looks like our sakura group"Design Festa". 


How to get "Akihabara" from Hatagaya Sakura hotel.

Hatagaya→(Keio new line/Toei shinjuku line)Direct→Iwamotocho(Akihabara area)

18min 330yen!


The 7th Tokyo Marathon will be held on February 24th 2013.
Application period will start from tomorrow August 1, 2012 (till August 31, 2012).

Maximum number of entrants for full marathon is 35,500 runners that is the same as previous one.

The race starts from Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Do you know that it takes about 30 minutes walk from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Tokyo Metropolitan Government?

We welcome many guests who will run the marathon on the previous day.

If you are eligible to run Tokyo Marathon and are looking for accommodation, why don' you stay with us?

There are two big events for Japanese on July 28th in 2012.


One is the Sumida river fireworks display.

hanabi.jpgThat will be held from 7:05 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

About twenty thousand fireworks will be set off in the night sky.


The other is an Olympic football match  between Sweden and Japan.


That will be started from 8:00 p.m. in Japan Time.


Do you have something special on July 28th in 2012?

One-coin festival is over now!! It was so much fun!!
Here is the card for a stamp rally.
Isn't it cool!? 

What we sold at the festival is this! 

Australian coffee!! 
Actually, we made a special arrangement for this event and dded a welsh cake on the drink.
It was so gorgeous that I regret I did not take a photo.

Even though the festival is over, we are open as usual.
You can still get a glass of Australian coffee and a welsh cake!

Check out the coming events here!

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

Address: 1-32-3Hatagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo151-0072

Fax +81-3-3468-4307

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

How MacDonald's conquered Japan

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Do you know what day it is today?

Today 41 years ago, on July 20th in 1971 the first MacDonalds opened in Japan.

In Ginza, an exclusive shopping district in Tokyo, to be exact.


This is not it by the way. This is the MacDonalds at Hatagaya Station. ;)

In 1971 a Hamburger cost 80 yen, French Fries 70 yen and a BigMac 200 yen.

The second MacDonald's branch opened only 4 days later in Yoyogi, which is in walking distance from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Yamagata prefecture was the last prefecture to get its own MacDonalds branch in 1991. So it took MacDonalds 20 years to conquer all 47 prefectures of Japan. ;)

By the way, my co-worker Hiroki told me today that while in the Kanto area (around Tokyo) MacDonald's is referred to as "Makku", in Kansai (the area around Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe) people say "Makudo". Everything is different in Kansai. ^^;

Happy Birthday MacDonald's Japan. ^^ 

When I opened the fridge at work this morning, I found something interesting.



Can cupcakes look any more delicious than this!? (*T▽T*)

First, I thought it was some gift that a customer had stored in our fridge for a while (which happens quite frequently), but then I found a post-it on the box that said: "Present from a customer. Don't let it go to waste."

Well, guess what my reaction was. 
Gotta love workdays like this. lol

Our cleaning staffs who helped me eating the cupcakes were really excited as well.  

I have to admit though, the cakes were even sweeter than they looked. I only had one and didn't feel like eating lunch anymore afterwards. ^^;

Anyway, thank you lovely customer who gave us this delicious present. :)

I heard that Peter attended a welcome party for new staffs.
He even had female staffs make his Okonomiyaki!! 
You could see what it was like on his blog here (Sorry it is in Japanese!).

I actually attended the same party and am going to show you some different pictures.

The left is Mr. Okami, a staff at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.
And the right is Mr. Hozumi. He is a trainee at the moment.
This table sure looks more manly than Peter's table!

And the other staffs excited with cooked Okonomiyaki!


Sadly the picture is so small...
But it looks so fun, doesn't it??
Sakura-tei, where we had the party, is pretty popular and was full with customers!
Check out here for more information on them!
Don't forget our Hatagaya cafe!!


It was decided that the 7th Tokyo Marathon will be held on February 24th 2013.

Maximum number of entrants for full marathon is 35,500 runners that is the same as previous one.

Application period will be between Wednesday, August 1, 2012 and Friday, August 31, 2012.

The race starts from Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Do you know that it takes about 30 minutes walk from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Tokyo Metropolitan Government?

We welcome many guests who will run the marathon on the previous day.
If you are eligible to run Tokyo Marathon and are looking for accommodation, why don' you stay with us?

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya 3rd Anniversary!

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Sakura Cafe Hatagaya will celebrates 3rd Anniversary!

Times fly! 

I would love to say " Thank you" in various language



Japanese:Arigato   English:Thank you   Chinese:Xie Xie

Korean:Kamsahamnida    French:Merci 

German:Danke    Italy:Grazie   Spanish:Gracias  Portuguese:Obrigado

Swahili:Asante    Indonesia:Terima Kasih   Swedish:Tack

Thai:Khoop khun khrap      Arabic:Shukuran      Rossian:SpasibaTurkish:Teshekkyur ederim 


How many language do  you know??


A nickname of the penguin who escaped is wanted!

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One penguin escaped from Kasai aqarium in Tokyo late March this year and 
is found Edogawa river near the aqarium late May this year.

The aqarium is collecting ideas for the nickname of the penguin from June 15th till July 1st 2012.

Those who visited the aqarium between June 15th and July 1st 2012 can apply for it.

They must be good at business lol

I wonder what name the penguin will be called.

[Acess from Hatagaya]
Hatagaya→Ichigaya       Keio new line
Ichigaya  →Shinkiba      Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line
Shinkiba →Kasai rinkai koen JR Keiyo line
5 minutes walk from Kasai rinkai koen station

Tamarind Juice

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Have you ever drink this juice?


This is made of tamarind,a kind of beans.

I found this juice in Israel and Jordan before.


I met tamarind juice again in Thai food supermarket in Tokyo!

Do you have this kind of drink in your country?



How many flowers' name do you know??

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How many flowers do you know??

I'll inform you this convenient apprication to search about flowers.はなしらべ.jpg

It is, 'Hanashirabe 花しらべ'.


This apprication is very useful to find out the name, and much information of the flowers.

Just taking photos with your iphone, or iPad, and search with 'Hanashirabe', you will easily find out what the flower is!

(Hanashirabe has 1700 kinds of flowers for searching)


Today, it was sunny day in Tokyo.

During I went to Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, took these flowers with my iPhone, even if I might know these flowers are!


How about to search these flowers' name with this excellent apprication??

Have a good weekend!!

花1.JPG 花2.jpg 花3.jpg

The day of beer and local beer

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April 23rd is the day of beer and local beer in Japan and Germany.


It came from the fact that German Beer Purity Law was established on the date in 1516.


Do you know which country won first place for the eighteen consecutive year in the ranking of per-capita beer consumption in 2010?


The answer is Czech (131.7 liters about 2.9 times as much as Japan).

160g candies!!!

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Hatagaya staff like to eat all the time.

Specially GIRLS!! 


Today we got 160 g candies from our kindly guest!!

Yummy, yummy!





Anecdote about Ieyasu Tokugawa

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17th April is the death anniversary of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder and first Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan.


jp127 / unclekage


It is said that he died after he ate Tenpura and had a stomachache.

Though it is impossible to know whether it is true or not, it is an interesting anecdote without a doubt.



江戸博物館 / Joshua Rappeneker

Day of Titanic

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April 14th, 1912.

British large-sized passenger ship Titanic in maiden voyage crashed into the iceberg in North Atlantic Ocean and sank the next day in the early morning.

1,513 people of matter sacrifice.

The 100th anniversary this year.

I think many pepole knowing by a movie.

It was a great accident.

Great word

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"We don't have enough when we fight over things, but we have more than enough when we are willing to share."

My history teacher taught such words when I was high school.

I am deeply proud of the Japanese who are living by those words.

Please stay strong.

Japanese Plum Blossom

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Japanese plum / pelican

When we think of "flower viewing," cherry blossom comes to our mind first.

But you should not forget Japanese plum blossom. We call it "Ume" in Japanese. It is also beautiful and smells better than cherry blossom.

Japanese plum / pelican


Since April is a season for cherry blossom, it is better to see "Ume" this month.

If you have no time for flower viewing, please just take a walk around your house. It is not so hard to find it.

Japanese plum / matsuyuki


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Time flies since Japan disaster occurred in 11/3 March 2011.

 We lost a lot of things at the instant because of Tsunami, Earthquake and Nuclear incident.

 I believe that japanese people will be able to overcome this harmful happend strongly even more than before. We would like to offer our deepest sympathy to victims and their families.
I found that Japan is loved by many foreigner. Thank you so much!!

I love Japan so much!!Do our best!!


Shinichi Tada


Asteroid "Tohoku"

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The asteroid which a Japanese amateur astronomy discovered.

With the requiem to the victim of the East Japan great earthquake disaster and a wish to revival, he named this asteroid "Tohoku( northern east of Japan )".

We can not seem to be able to confirm it by the naked eye from the ground, but it's approach the earth most on the night of March 11th and shine neatly in Leo in the sky of the south.

How much do you think postage for a post card is?

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What nice post card they are!


Our guest from Germany (Mr. Thorsten) bought them at Asakusa.

P1040780.JPGHe sent them to Germany this morning.


He asked us how much postage for a post card is.

Do you know that?


The answer is 70 yen.

Why don't you send a post card to your family and friends?


FYI, we have post cards and stamps to sell.

When I came to work today, I found a big chest in our office!

So we had some fun with it...





ai kiste.jpg

The last picture is Ai by the way. XD


There was another box as well. I wonder what we'll use them for.

I will let you know when I find out! ^^

Souvenir from Thailand

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I like to walk around local supermarkets when I visit other countries.

I bought these tea bags in a supermarket in Bangkok.

I will try to drink just now!



Virtual Tokyo in Bangkok

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I visited Bangkok last week in my winter holiday.

I stayed at a hotel near Sukhumvit Rd. in the centre of Bangkok.

So many shopping malls open one after another in these days.

This "Terminal 21" was open last year.This shopping mall's concept is an airport terminal.

This floor is modeled after Tokyo.You can eat Japanese foods in this "airport" as well.





IMG_0646[1].JPG IMG_0647[1].JPG

Do you know Koala's March?
It is a biscuit containing chocolate with a picture of a koala on the outside.
From today (February 7th), Koala's March in cans that can be stored for a long time goes on sale.



It lasts 5 years and can be used as emergency foods.


Koala's March in cans is different from normal one, and chocolate isn't contained.


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Super Bowl 2012 of NFL opens tomorrow.

The card of this year is New England Patriots VS New York Giants.

I look forward to it now which wins.

The halftime show of this year is tha diva Madonna.

This is a pleasure, to me.

February 6th at 8:20 a.m. kickoff of in Japanese time.


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There is a map of the world at sakura cafe.

world map.JPG


Sakura guests can put a sticker on the map where their hometown.


The guests come from all over the world.

Today......17 countries!! 





Hatagaya Funny Photo Gallery

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We love to take photos at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! And we try our besr to make our day at work as fun as possible.

So today I would like to show you some of my favorite photos we took during the last year. There are so many, that I had a hard time choosing. LOL
Here we go!

s-rakugo1.jpg  s-portugal front.jpg 

s-soup.jpg  s-ai venus.jpg  s-miwa pickles.jpg  

s-P1040028.jpg  s-ai running.jpg  s-P1010659.jpg   s-378420_10150495150641514_690106513_10649687_1847615533_n.jpg  s-Linn Bowl.jpg  s-schubkarre.jpg  s-kopftuch.jpgmeloneessen.JPG  group.JPG 


ai hasenzahn.jpg


I'm sure we'll take many many photos this year as well. ^^




Mini Portuguese Lesson :)

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In fact, I can speak Portuguese Language as I told in my self-introduction.

So today I will teach you some phrases in Portuguese to be able to introduce yourself in Portuguese!

1. Greetings

"Good morning!" = "Bom dia!"

"Good evening!"  = "Boa tarde!"

"Hi!" = "Olá!"


Usually, Brazillian people say "Oi!" as often as "Olá!".

And since "Bom dia!" means "Good day", they also use it when they say bye-bye. 



2. Self-Introduction

My name is ... = Chamo-me ... (Sha-mo mi...)

I am from Japan ... = Eu sou do Japão.

Nice to meet you.  = Muito prazer.


If you remember and show these phrases to Brazillian, Portuguese and other people from Luso-Brazillian countries,

you may be able to make friends with them soon :)  Like me --->


foto com pors.jpg

with Portuguese friends


foto com bras.jpg

with Brazillian friends


*At Sakura Cafe, we often have some international events like Portuguese Party.

Why don't you join us?! :)


General Frost

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This few days, Japan are very cold every day.

Weather forecast say "The  General Frost  arrival".

Who will  The  General Frost  be?

Napoleon Bonaparte.

Famous French emperor.

A French military leading Napoleon in 1812 invades and attacks in Moscow, Russia.

However, the enemy was in the unexpected place.

The French military is defeated by winter severe cold and heavy snowfall.

A British newspaper reporter reported this fact as "General Frost".

The thing which translated "General Frost" into Japanese seemed to become "Fuyushougun".

Even Napoleon was not able to overcome "General Frost".

All of you do not yield to "General Frost", and please get over this winter.

Ukraine cooking

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I visited my friend who is a cooking teacher.

She made me a Ukraine's traditional dishes.


Use a whole  Paprika



Inside of Paprika, there is a Onion,ground meat and Rice!

And boil with Tomato sause by pressure cooker 15min




It was great dinner,,,tasty! 


She gave me homemade Piroshki.

This one also great.


Thank you very much for inviting me!




3 days week-end coming up tomorrow

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Next Monday (The second Monday of January) is national holiday in Japan.

Do you happen to know what day it is on that day?


The second Monday of January is Coming-of-Age Day which honors young people who have reached the age of 20 as new members of adult society.


What age is the adult age in your country?

A happy new year!! 

Since 2011 is the year of the rabbit in Chinese Zodiac, 2012 is the year of the dragon!

Though the dragons only exist in stories, we know several kinds of them.

This is a European dragon.

Dragon / fireflythegreat

And this is an Eastern dragon. In Japan dragons are illustrated like this.

Dragon / miheco

It seems that the biggest difference is whether it has wings or not...

Although dragons are thought to be good creatures generally in Japan, they are not in Western countries (right?) Maybe you can tell us what you think about dragons. J


Thank you very much for supporting us last year, 2011!

We are all looking forward to seeing you next year here in Japan.

We hope you have a great year!!


Travel Photographer of the year 2011

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Did you go travelling in 2011? If so, did you take some picture while travelling?

Travel Photographer of the year 2011 was announced recently.

What is the best picture taken while travelling in 2011 for you?

Total lunar eclipse

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Total lunar eclipse will occur on tomorrow (December 10th) in Japan.


We will be able to observe it between 11:05 pm and 11:58pm.

We hope we could see total lunar eclipse clearly.

Secret Bull?

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I guess many of you know the drink called "Redbull."
It is popular in Japan as energy drink.
Of course that is not secret; everyone knows that...

But do you know there is a bull on the Redbull can?
Look at this picture!

RedBull Tab / TehLonz

SEE? There is actually a bull on the tab!!! :o
To tell the truth, I did not know this until today...
Does everyone know this already??