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Good morning


we just got a new cafe sign board.


did you know that?

幡ヶ谷の the man 事 HZM氏によるawesome jobにより半端じゃなくいかしています

this sign board was made by the man mr HZM nao. ?good job!!!!




cafe sign1.jpg


how's you like that!




The customers from 23 countries world today


no space.....


what a happy day


sakura cafeでは毎朝5時から11時まで

from 5:00~ 11:00 ?every morning in sakura cafe


we have been doing the breakfast buffet all-you-can-eat



Kind of rich bread


Fresh coffee



s-BF .jpg

how's that?

waiting for you


It was a crazy hard rain and wind in Tokyo.


Become cool every time a typhoon goes.


the season is change to fall


お盆チュールなしの2013 夏 でした

so sad, my summer is finishing










every year from Sakura Hotel with the?foreigners guests & our staff


at last, we got new pop at cafe?


how's that . great job!

awesome pop right


made by Mr. HZM

he's the man


we stoked



Hello everybody?

Do you think the Japanese Convenience Store is really convenient ?!!
Actually for sure?I?think the?Japanese Convenience Store is really?convenient
It's working all the 24 Hours & all the 365 days of the year.
Maybe it's appearing to be small , but you can buy & do many things from there!!
But , there isn't only for buying food , drinks & sweets (^_^)
if in case if you need an?immediate money ..??There's an ATM machine in any?Convenience Store .
Also there 's a copy & Fax machine?
Is there anything else you need in the?Convenience Store (^_~)


hello, all the people


Today, I will let's you know to the words that I read every day



s-syugyou .jpg


I can not be the work yet as some as other staff


I'm working hard in order to daily growth in everyday







at last, event info from sakura hotel hatagaya


we'll have a loco festival in hatagaya on 9/23th



If you have interested in that, it'll be a fun! ?I can tell.

s-maturi .jpg



one more info from sakura cafe hatagaya



why don't you try them, so good





The many guests from the world



thank you very much



Good morning!!!


来る9月23日 秋分の日

we'll have a Japanese style's loco festival on Sep 23rd at hatagaya Hikawa Jinjya.






Let's try Mikoshi carriage together, and enjoy loco festival & nigth market in hatagaya.






need a?Reservation

1.your full mane number hotel or sakura house premise name & room number

more info :?[email protected]

it's free

join us!!


see you soon



There is big news today

Tokyo Walker って雑誌知ってますよね?!

You know 's magazine that " Tokyo Walker"


It's a Magazine major

なんとその9/17 発売のTokyo Walkerにサクラカフェ幡ヶ谷が紹介されました ?イエーイ

s-2013-09-07 09.24.40.jpg

特集 "ひとりメシBOOK" 

即席国際交流メシ の店 と題しサクラカフェ幡ヶ谷が



The honor it is to be chosen for this mag, also Tokyo is so many restaurants.

s-2013-09-07 09.26.45.jpg

s-2013-09-07 09.25.33.jpg



With the support of more foreign peoples




Staff further now that I have an opportunity, we do more hard work.


今後ともサクラホテル&カフェ 幡ヶ谷を宜しくお願いいたします

thank you for all your love?


Hello Everyone

Here's Mohamed?the?Egyptian staff?at?Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Sure you all know that we have many kinds of Beer from the whole world at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya?

By any way , Today i'd like to?introduce for you my?favorite Beer

Here is the most one that i like ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

?from Belgium , actually i like all those 3 types :)

The next one is ..↓↓↓↓

?from Japan

I like the Black one the most because it's the strongest . LOL

Also we an interesting new beer & it's also from Japan?


SKYY?is new at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya but it's so?delicious,?Hopefully come & try it

Also because we have many kinds of Beer at Sakura Cfae Hatagaya,

so you can ask the staff at any time , we have many Beer?recommendation?

I'll be waiting for you all (^_^)/

Do you know what Eid al fitr is?

Eid means banquet.Fitr is the word for fasting.

This is an Islamic festival, the last celebration of Ramadan!

By the way,In Egypt, they give money (crisp bills!) to children, so the banks are always busy around the end of Ramadan.

Today, we're throwing a Eid al fitr party right here at Sakura Café Hatagaya!

Allow us to introduce the organizer.

His name is Wafi, wearing traditional Algerian clothing.

__ ddd(2).JPG

We had about 15 guests in attendance!

There were many different nationalities represented as well.
Pakistan,Libia,Egypt,Malaysia,Indonesia and so on,,,

s2013-08-11 20.25.18.jpgs2013-08-11 20.25.53.jpg

And of course, all the food we prepared is Halal!

Egyptian style Spring Rolls:

Egyptian style Karage:

Lentil nuggets

Egyptian Mixed Rice

Pomegranate and Hibiscus Tea




All of these items were hand made by our friendly staff!



More than anything, we just want our guests to have a great time here!!

We hope you'll please come again in Sakura Hotel / Cafe Hatagaya!


s2013-08-11 20.54.47.jpgs2013-08-11 21.10.33.jpg



We celebrated her birthday :) Have a great day! AYA!

By the way,, it was my birthday on 3rd AUGUST...

I got package from Brasil !!

Mr,Gabriel sent me special present!!!What a lovely gift!
He is one of memorable guest who loves Sakura Hotel SOOOO much!
He remembered all staff name and cleaning staff name as well :)
gaburieruff (1).jpg

Obrigada!= Thank you in Portuguese

Would you like to have special birthday in Japan?
Please feel free to ask us anytime :)We open 24 hours!!


SHISHA CAFE 800 yen   incl. 1drinkAll-you-can-eat Breakfast 350yen

Hello, This is NAOTO from.Sakura Hotel Hatagaya- TOKYO!!

If you have ever been to TOKYO... I guess you have already known,?
Tokyo is the assembly of lots of big cities such as Shibuya,Shinjuku,Roppongi,Harajuku etc..

Totally same as N.Y. , As the song goes "Concrete jungle where the - " :)
Example : Shinjuku station from GoogleMap!

Imagine this situation :

*Okay, Finally I have arrived to Shinjuku station!!
?Landmark... yup, I'm standing by the ABC building,
?I'm right here on the map...
?Well... there's lots of looks a-like building around me,


even you have a map, and know where you are on a map,
you still need to get to know the direction to get to the goal.

Here is the solution....
Pocket Compass will give you the right direction in a sec!!
2013-08-02 13.17.01.jpg

Not in Outback, Even in TOKYO, compass will be really useful tool for every person, even local people!
Another example..
*The restaurant is located on the north part of Shinjuku station.
*You are in the Shinjuku station, just got off the train.
*There's many exits... A3,D5,E8 !?! which exit should I take?

simple! Keep walking towards the North, and take any exit,
That's the nearest one to the restaurant!

No need to walk all the way round of whole station... yay! :)

Enjoy summer time, Happy holidays!!


Tokyo Marathon will be held on February 23rd 2014.
Application period has started from ?August 1, 2013 (till August 31, 2013).
Maximum number of entrants for full marathon is 35,500 runners that is the same as previous one.
The race starts from Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Do you know that it takes about 30 minutes walk from?Sakura Hotel Hatagaya?to Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
We welcome many guests who will run the marathon on the previous day!
If you are eligible to run Tokyo Marathon and are looking for accommodation, why don' you stay with us?
Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
SHISHA CAFE 800 yen   incl. 1drinkAll-you-can-eat Breakfast 350yen

It was Sumida River Fireworks festival!!

But ,,,it was stopped due to heavy rain....
I hope I could see beautiful fireworks next time!


We had a sudden rain today,did you have umbrella??
But,even if you are not prepared, you don't have to worry raining so much.
Sakura Hotel Hatagaya has umbrellas for rent!
__ (1ddddd).JPG


Good mornning, This is a Hashimoto writing

Before in my blog I said, big surfing contest going on at Huningotn Beach Ca.

The contest is going on Roung of 24, right now.

SURFING MEN は ROUND OF 24 まできました この大会にエントリーしているプロ選手の人数も半端じゃなく多く

Round of 24 と言っても トライアルからここまで勝ち上がるにはすでに7ヒート以上を勝ち続けている強者なのですが



What I have noted "Kolohe Andino" He's a one of the hottest pro surfer of the world.

Kolohe Andino選手。 彼の父親はDino Andinoと言ってU.Sチャンピオンにもなった事のある有名なプロサーファーでさらには私の友人です。2代目なる息子のKoloheはサラブレッド。アメリカ期待のヤングガン。19歳にしてスポンサー料は1億円以上のスーパールーキーなんーですっ (川平風に)

Thumbnail image for s-fb90e722646c11e2a9d522000a1fb17d_7.jpg

頑張れー "Brother"

Big up, brother

from Shimpei

helo how are you everyone?

its getting hot and higher humidity in tokyo, well im quite happy with this climate, better than cold weather at least to me^^

summer is the time to harvest a lots of vegitables i guess?

do you know we are runnning a big farm in?Tohoku?region, and selling its postcards at sakura hotel hatagaya.

the postcards are very original with vegitables and its flowers photo^^

have you ever seen flowers of potato?


see, its how potato plant looks like!

very pretty purple flowers^^

how about shallot?


hmm interesting!

then, do you know how?flowers of?garlic chives look like?


i could not even know they have flowers!

would you like to see a lot more?

come to sakura hotel hatagaya, you can enjoy the postcards over a cup of coffee^^

and also check out website of "Tohoku bokujo"!


Rainy season,,,

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Befittingly in Tsuyu, the rainy season in Japan,

But, even if you are not prepared, you don't have to worry raining so much.


Sakura Hotel Hatagaya has umbrellas for rent.

In Japan, diposable plastic umbrellas are very common.

You can buy them almost everywhere, about 400 yen or less.

But so called "disposable" umbrellas are actually usable again and again.

So we recycle the umbrellas which our guests left in our umbrella stand.

By recycling, we can use limited resources effectively. :-)

Sushi Workshop at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya on June 15th

Hey everybody, it's Shun the trainee here.
I thought it'd be rainy today but was beautiful day was it??
Hope you did all the laundry today, cuz I'm sure it'll be hard to hang them outside from tomorrow.

Today I would love to talk about my hometown,
Fukushima. I know now you all know this name, because of that incident. 
Sometimes people get nervous when I tell them where I'm from, but please don't hesitate to ask about my hometown, we're not dead, and it's not Taboo thing at all!!

There's a HUGE FESTIVAL in Fukushima city today, 
It is Tohoku Rokkon Sai,well in Kanji, it like this,東北六魂祭. Here's a little bit of Japanese Kanji class for today!!

 There are 6 prefectures in Tohoku Area, and each place has its own Festival which is all amazing. When 3.11 occurred, we realized how important to stand together, and because Tohoku is not the center of Japan, some people didn't realize how big role we have for entire Japan,therefore right after the earthquake and nuclear power plant incident, most of people was frightened because that was something we've ever never imagined. 

 Now this year is our 3rd Festival since Tohoku people has stood up together and has come up with this idea.
Usually you need to go to each place and see and enjoy the festival. but only this time of year, you can enjoy, eat, laugh, feel, and have fun at the same place.




Here are some photos from Rokkon Sai Today!!!

So why don't you go to Fukushima???
It costs you 8,000yen by bullet train.
And 3000yen by Highway Bus.

If you don't have time to visit Tohoku now, you can also enjoy something from Tohoku at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

We now have pudding made by using Eggs from Tohoku, I will introduce you all some other time.

Have a great night all!!! :]

Hi there everyone, this is Shun the trainee, from Sakura Hotel Hayagaya.

Today I would love to introduce you all NEW DRINKS from Mexico, and it'll soon to be on our menu.

According to the weather forecast guy on TV, Part of Japan, which is around Kyushu Area has been announced its in RAINY SEASON.

Day by day, it'll get humid and humid...
Personally, I don't like Rainy Season, which is kind of common thing among lots of people.

BUT this RAINY SEASON won't be the same like always, because now we've got AWESOME DRINKS!!!

Today one of our guest from MEXICO,kindly teach us how to make  
' Limonada'
 ' Punch of Pineapples and Citrus' !!!

I'll show you now how he made that awesome drinks, 
are you ready ??

First, cut lemon half and squeeze the juice of the lemon,

And put something in it [cannot tell you what it is, take a guess plz]

And TA-DAH!!!

This is the drink from MEXICO called ' Lemonada'
They usually drink Lemonada with Breakfast or Lunch, taste sweet and nice sour of lemon, 

it'll be on our Menu soon, so please if you stay with us or come by, check it out, trust us you won't regret!!

OK, here comes the next DRINK!!!

First squeeze the juice out of lemon, 
and after that, squeeze the orange and pour in it.

cut into pieces and...

take some steps after that, 

and TADAAAAH!!!!!!!!!

The name of this drink is
'Punch of pineapple and citrus'!!!

In Mexico, it serves with Breakfast and Lunch like Limonada.

The taste of this punch is so sweet from Pineapple and Orange, and you can taste sour throughout that sweetness.

With this drink I think I can punch the heat of summer,Bring it on SUMMER, we're so ready for you!!!


This drinks are perfect for YOUNG AND OLD, WOMEN OR MEN!
We also have lots of kind of beer from all over the world, 
why don't you come over to our Cafe and try some,
 you may find your BEST BEER here :)

in the end, our friend from MEXICO told us the great secret way to enjoy these drinks extremely cooler than ever. 

it is really simple, drink these with 


I can't imagine how good it will be,,,make my mouth water...

It'll be on our MENU soon, so come by and check em out please :) 

Let's have these great drinks and get ready for SUMMER!!!

At Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, we'll have EGYPTIAN PARTY!!!
More information, go to our website from the link below.


Thanks for reading and see you next time everyone!!!
After the TV program, 'Sarameshi' in NHK, 

Mr. Mohamed become very famous around Hatagaya:)

He is Mohamed (Egyptian staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya).


Now in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,
we have 3 kinds of lunch menu from Egypt,

All menu are halal menu, so Muslim people also can eat them.

And this is digest of the TV program!!


Sakura Hotel entrance!!

From France, and from Switzerland,
Mohamed was talking anytime with our guest, to communicate.



The most important thing is 'to get familiar with our guest '

Next, Musaka (Egypt meal) was focused.

It's already in lunch menu at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.



Mohamed usually buy Halal beef at Halal shop.
(It'S in Shin Okubo station). 


And we have 'Prayers room for Muslim' in Sakura Hotel/ cafe Hatagaya.
It's necessary for them. 


Good smile !! Anytime we smile to our guest!!


Let's eat lunch menu from Egypt at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya , when you'll check-in at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!
You will satisfy to eat it!!


We are waiting your attendance!!
Anytime you can ask us about this event:)

Hello, This is Yui !

It was raining all-day today, but you don't have to be blue! because it means, you could have large bowl of cafe au lait at our place for all-day ! Yeah!!!

Since I was born in Tokyo, I use bus often inside Tokyo. Some days before, I took a bus from Shibuya when I come to hotel. You may know our hotel is located close by Shinjuku area, only take a train to go. Not only that, but we are also close to Shibuya area, only taking a bus! Let's me explain how to get our place from Shibuya by bus.

There is bus terminal just in front of the west exit of Shibuya station. You can see many bus stops there. Please get "route 63" to Nakano or "route 66" to Asagaya, be careful not to take another route of going Nakano, it will takes you to Shinjuku!

 渋谷駅 バス停2.JPG

渋谷 バス停.JPG

The bus goes through to the middle of Shiuya.

Sorry for my bad pictures because I took them from running bus...


Passing by the NHK hall...



Going through a junction of Tomigaya...




Passing through Koshu highway...



Approximately in 20 minutes. The Hatagaya bus stop is located in fromt of super market "Gourmet City", please go back to the direction that the bus comes from, turn to the right and you can see Hatagaya station. The Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is only 1 minute away! You can easily find us when you turn right at the convenience store "familymart".





If  you would like to go to Shibuya from our place, please across the Koshu Street to the opposite side. You can find a bus stop just in front of "Matsuya" restaurant with orange sign.



 Don't you think that is nice to enjoy the townscape by getting on the bus? You have 5 to 6 buses in every 1 hour, so no need to wait so long to catch it.

Shibuya is a quite busy place that makes you get little wearied, please get a bus and take a rest in our place Sakura café Hatagaya ! you are always welcome!!

make your special SUSHI !! ↓


Hi, there.
This is Masaru.

We have lots of snacks from all over the world!!

2013-05-16 21.01.58.jpg
I tried this one.

2013-05-16 21.03.05.jpg

2013-05-16 21.05.49.jpg
This is called Monster Munch from Porland.
Ketchup taste and the shape is really cute!!

This is called Deep river from the U.S.
Onion taste and Salt & Pepper.

2013-05-16 21.03.57.jpg

Taste world snacks at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!!

Hello, this is kazuki

It was a nice day today too ^ ^

Going cycling is nice on a day with good weather like today !!


This is my bicycle★

I like cycling because・・・

You can go far away
 (I went to Sendai (400km from Tokyo) by bicycle when I was a student!!)

You can burn off calories !!
(I'm on a diet ...)

You can visit many places as you want ^ ^

enjoying nature


Jizo near my home!?

Sakura hotel hatagaya is located very close to Shinjuku

Cafe 24hours open

We have not only beers around the world but cocktails too!

sIMG_0352.jpg      sIMG_0353.jpg

 Hi ! This is Yui, and its my 4th day of training Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

As being here for 4 days, I have found some "Kawaii" (pretty) things at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya. Let's me introduce them today!!

Can you see his( or maybe hers ?) smile? Its on our sign board standing outside on the way to hotel entrance. Is he a caterpillar or a honey bee?  Everytime I walk down near the signboard, my eyes meet his! Please stop by Sakura Hotel Hatagaya saying hello to him!

2013-05-12 12.11.32.jpg

These are our guests' photos decorated at the entrance. I like this colorful sign!
Come and join in these pictures when you stay with us !

2013-05-12 12.11.22.jpg

Mr. Frog is always standing at the entrance to welcome all his customers.
See his smile ! 

2013-05-12 12.02.30.jpg

Under Mr.Frog standing, you can see cute Japanese taste souvenirs and you can buy one at 200yen. I love to buy one for myself !

2013-05-12 12.02.41.jpg

These are light on our cafe decorated with Arabic cloths. Don't you thik its nice idea to cover the light like this ?

2013-05-12 12.03.15.jpg

There are some other "Kawaii" things here!


and this...↓


and more !!!


We have many more !

Please come to our place to feel homely atmosphere by attentive staff and find your "Kawaii" things here !

Check out the discount if you are planning to make a booking:

Hi, everyone:-) How are you?

It was wonderful weather today!!

See these smiling guests from Indonesia, yesterday they gave us such wonderful smiles with Japanese calligraphy that they tried for the first time for most of them! 
well done everyone!!

And.. yesterday we changed reception counter^^

Do you know what's new?


It's not simple reception counter any more!!

You see these photos below:-)


wow! quite pretty, colourful and helpful with hotel name, date, weather forecast, temperature and... world flags!! 

Can you find your national flag on it? 

You can come and see this new reception counter whenever you like because we are working 24/7!!

Have good night<3

I got Huge Sake bottle!! 
__ 1.JPG
Actually,It is "distilled spirit" we called "Shochu"

Sake = Rice wine
Bathing in water mixed with sake is thought to be very healthy.

Shochu is distilled alcohol made most commonly from sweet potato or barley and often has a strong aroma.
ふらんすじん しょうちゅうをのむのまき.JPG

Also we have many kind of beer and cocktail at our cafe !
__ 2.JPG
Enjoy your time !!
Hi,everyone! Its Aya,the trainee at Sakura hotel hatagaya!

Our guests are coming from all over the world.

When we  work at the  front reception, many people ask us about International ATM.

So we always ask them to go to ''Seven-Eleven''

If you go there, there is ATM which you can use your cash card in Japan. 

Its very useful isn't it?

However, there is a sad news for you.

Master card. Maestro and Cirrus can not be accepted at the ATM from April 19th.

Its a bit sad news isn't it? But there is a international ATM at Japan post office!!

Also we have one more good news!!

There is a post office right next to our hotel,Sakura hotel Hatagaya!!


Our hotel is easy access to post office so that you can use ATM etc...!!

Moreover, Easy access to almost everywhere in Tokyo!!


Are you planning to come to Japan?? 

If you so..why don't you stay at Sakura hotel hatagaya?

We are looking forward to seeing  you at Sakura hotel Hatagaya someday!

What a lovely day today^^


Hi, this is yukikot from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


Come and visit our cafe please, 
you would relax and enjoy your day outdoor with a cup of coffee^^

2013-04-05 14.31.16.jpg

We have got spring indoor of our cafe as well... Here we go!!

2013-04-05 14.37.46.jpg




It's very lovely flower^^



How do you like the pic of tulips with world's map because we have many guests out of Japan, we hope to have lots more guests from any countries!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Autumn Special Offer
[ Home Page Limited Offer] Group Special

Good evening!  This is Jonathan at the Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.  

The remodeling goes on, but it feels like we're starting to near the finish line.  

As you can see, our front desk is getting very near to completion.  We hope to welcome many new customers here!  


What I see as the biggest change is the expansion of our luggage holding area.  


The Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is changing alongside the cherry blossom trees.  While the makeup of our hotel is changing, our fundamentals are going to stay the same.  That is to say, we are still going to endeavor to provide friendly, bilingual service to customers from across Japan, and all over the world!  


Autumn Special Offer
[ Home Page Limited Offer] Group Special

Good evening!  This is Jonathan from the Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.  

We have a great cafe, where you can eat many kinds of good food, but if you are travelling in Japan, it's also fun to try eating out at different Japanese restaurants.  Even around our hotel, as well as in neighbouring Shinjuku, there are lots of great places to eat out.  


One such place, which you will pass when you come to our hotel the first time, is a chain gyudon (rice in a bowl with beef and onion on top) and curry restaurant called Sukiya (the website is in Japanese only.).  When you exit the south exit of Hatagaya Station and walk in the direction of the hotel, you will see the local Sukiya on your right, so it is also a helpful landmark.  

The actual menu is written entirely in Japanese, but I can still recommend this restaurant to customers who cannot read the language, because every item on the menu has a picture you can point to.  The only other thing to remember is that there are different sizes for each dish as well.  The higher the price, the bigger the portion.  I have Japanese friends who insist that Sukiya is the best chain gyudon restaurant in Japan.  

I took a picture when I ate there recently.  This is a western style curry gyudon (my translation.  Japanese: "kare- nanban gyudon.").  I got a normal (Japanese: "nami") sized serving with a salad and miso soup set for only 500 yen.  Not only did it fill me up for a reasonable price, but it was quite delicious!  


This is just one of many ways that customers who choose to stay with us can experience Japanese culinary culture.  I will continue introducing restaurants that you can find here in Hatagaya, as well as others you might see around Japan during your travels, so please keep reading our blog for that and other articles!  

SHISHA CAFE 800 yen   incl. 1drinkSUSHI ROLL WORKSHOP on March 28th (thu)Tamago Kake Gohan・SHINDOFUJI・Tokyo Release・So tasty that rendering any kind of seasoning unneccessary. Completely free of any pesticide residues.
Near Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, 
There are many Ramen shop like bellow,

This is one of my favorite Ramen shop in Hatagaya.

I chose 'tantan-men set' @680 yen.
Because I really like 'miso' ramen above all.


The restaurant name is 'Koufukuen' 香福園.
This restaurant opens from 11 am to 2 am!! Soooo good!

You can choose ramen and other chinese food from many kinds of menu.

Let's enjoy to find out your 'Most favorite Chinese restaurant' in Hatagaya:)

※Access to the ramen shop.
30 second from North Exit of Hatagaya station. (B1)

Hello everybody

Yoyogi Uehara B is a new share house for Muslims & it'll be opening from 20th February (^_^)

- It's so much close from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya .. Only 8 min. walking.
- Also it's near from Tokyo Camii ( Mosque ) , 5 min walking.
- A praying room is also in the house.

Actually the house place is very suitable for Muslim People
- They have the place for praying & one more thing is very important for Muslim people!!
Which is the food (^_~)
The house location is very near from many places that selling the Halal Food , like 
Sakura Hotel Hatagaya , JICA & many other Islamic Halal shops nearby.

Now Muslim people will have no problem to enjoy them life in Tokyo ♪♪

mosque banner (1).JPG

You can Reserve on the Mosque Tour by:
Phone 03-3469-5211   or by
Hi everyone!

I'm yuka,trainee, from sakura hotel ikebukuro.

To introduce sakura hotel hatagaya to everyone.

I spent those few hours walking around hotel.
here is some of my favorite places!

"Taketora"  ramen shop right next to our hotel.


Tasty soy souse based  soup
 shredded Seaweed,boiled egg,Chinese-style barbecued pork,stewed chicken on top.
just for 780 yen.that was so  delicious.

And the other favorite place is..

A supermarket that sell a little exclusive products.a fancy product  imported from whole entire world.

I like just hang around this supermarket,because there is always something new and interesting! 

This time I got some items for nems and bottled liver mousse,I thought it go with wine.

I'll keep go out for a stroll around hotel,when i find something new,I'll let you know again.

We have an announcement today!
All the repair works at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya have been finished!!

It has been going on for a few months and finally done.
All the wallpapers, carpets, and air conditioner has been renewed.
Now we can welcome new year without worrying about it!

We are really proud of all the places at our hotel!

What we would like you to see is the wallpaper pattern at our cafe.


Yes, that is SAKURA! Of course we need to have it as a SAKURA Hotel, right?
You can see Sakura all over the wall in any season!

And here are our renovated guest rooms:





They are totally reformed! It makes me feel like staying at our own hotel!!
If you book our hotel, you will stay in one of the brand new rooms. It is highly recommended!

We even have special promotion for you.


When you are at our place, what we would like you to try is a SHISHA.
It is kind of a water pipe they use in India and the Middle East.

22afe 031.jpg

If you are interested in, please click the picture below to see the details!
To make a reservation, come visit our website:


For those who are planning to travel around Tokyo next year, we have got a special discount, Winter Special!
With this discount, you can save 20% of room charge!

Single room (for 1 customer) : normal rate 6,930yen -->5,500yen!!
Double room (for 2 customers) : normal rate 9,000yen -->7,200yen!!
(3,600yen per customer!)

3,600 yen per customer! That is not so different even from dormitory rates!
Compared to other hotels in Tokyo, it is reasonable without a doubt.

Besides, our rooms have been all renewed recently. Here is what they look like after the renewal:


Single Room


Double Room

They are clean and cozy!

The discount is available until 15/03/2013. If you are looking for a place to stay in Tokyo, 
do not miss this promotion!

Which Photo do you like???

Thumbnail image for 202015_10151186482521514_1585933373_o.jpg381366_10151233979986514_1857249133_n.jpg

今だけ!限定ランチ HAPPY X'mas COMBOエジプト人スタッフ・モハメドさんと行くモスクツアー 2013年1月19日(土)

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya - Access

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Since we often receive inquiries from customers who ask us how to get from Hatagaya Station to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, I made a little photo map. ^^

Leave through the ticket barrier. There is only one, so you can't miss it.

Pass the ticket vending machines and head for the stairs.

Take the stairs to your left (South Exit). Halfway up there is a 100 Yen Shop.

The stairs will lead you to this exit. There is a big bridge on your right side. Turn to the left, away from the bridge.

If you walk down the street a little further, you can see a big red sign on a roof top at the end of the street. There is also a Family Mart (convenience store) in the same building.


When you stand in front of the building with the big red sign, turn right.

Now you can see the Sakura Hotel sign.

It was just a two minute walk from the station. (^O^)

What day it is today?

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Hello all. My name is Yutaka Tamura, a new trainee at Sakura 

Do you know what day it is today in Japan?.
It is "Hotel's Day" today.
It is named after the date of Imperial Hotel's opening date in 1890.
The hotel was built as a national undertaking at the initiative of 
Kaoru Inoue, foreign minister at that time.

121120syodai imperial hotel.jpg

The picture above is the first Imperial Hotel. 

Also, Nov. 20th is the day for "Pizza"
In 1889, Margherita, the Italian princess of the day, desired a piece 
of "Pizza" which was trendy food back in those days. Pizza makers 
in Naples then made a Pizza with White (mozzarella cheese), Green 
(basil) and Red (tomato sauce) in the motif of Italian national flag. 

That was the origin of "Pizza Margherita".

121120 Margherita.jpg


Beautiful Princess Margherita

Anyway, it is the day for "Hotel" and "Pizza". So why 
don't you enjoy "Pizza" at our Sakura Cafe Hatagaya
then have a good sleep at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya at night!!


I will show you how to get to the nearest public bath to our hotel.
*All the rooms at our hotel have private bathrooms.

Go out of the hotel and turn left. You see a shopping mall on your right.
Keep going straight on that street, and you will see the public bath on your right.
Here is what it looks like at night.
The name of the place is SENGOKUYU.
They are open from 16:00 to 00:00, but closed on Monday.

It looks like this in the daytime.

It is fun to bathe in a big bath tub! You should try it at least once when you are in Japan.

Do you know  Japan's convenience store is more convenient than ever!?
You can buy vegetables and fruits like in super markets, for 24 hours.


Mikan (Japanese orange) have different taste to normal orange, do you know??



This is Ice cream area, you can try 'Azuki = red bean' and 'Matcha =green tea' taste Ice.

By the way, In Lowson,
 you can buy ticket of GIBLI MUSEUM in Takao.
The nearest Lowson is just 2 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
If you want to go there, reservation ticket is necessary.


Let's enjoy to buy something  your favorite  at convenience store :)
Hello everyone!
Do you like Ramen ??

There are 2 ramen shops near Hatagaya where I recommend.

At first, 'Hidakaya' ramen.
today I orderd this, 
Cold Chinese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping


I ordered 'Red' soup, more spicy than white one.
(Both of them are pork-bone soup)

Looks like soooo delicious!ー☆彡

Once you eat it, you'll go there everyday to eat it again! 

Second is this, 'Musashiya' ramen.


You can choose the noodle type(soft, middle, hard), the taste (deep, middle, light).


The rice is free of charge, and you'll drink  the soup completely! :)

These ramen shops are near Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
Anytime you can ask us the place! 

Enjoy your Hatagaya life!!

Next funny event in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya is this,


Access for Airport from Shinjuku

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Do you enjoy Summer Vacation??

I would like to tell you how to get Airport from Shinjuku.

By the way,Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Shinjuku it takes 3 min 120yen!

*You can also take a taxi from Shinjuku station to our hotel

(15 minutes, 1,000 yen~ 1,400 yen)



【Narita International Airport】

1.Limousine Bus 3,000yen(105-120min)




-every 15-20min during the day no transfer


2.JR Narita Express 3,110yen(90min) 


 If you travel with small luggage

Also If you have JR rail pass


3.Keisei Line Limited Express ( do not take "Sky Liner")  1,200yen (102min)

keisei line.jpg

Cheapest way

Transfer is only once.

Shinjuku-(Toei Shinjuku line)-Motoyawata-(Walk)-Keisei yawata-(Keisei line)-Narita Airport


 【Haneda International Airport

1.Limousine 1,200yen (48min)

every 15-20min during the day no transfer



2.Train 650yen(46min)


easier  frequent departures  2 transfer

If you take a train during the rush hour(7:30-10:00), it will be very crowded.

Shinjuku-(JR Yamanote line)-Shinagawa-(Keihin kyuko line)-Haneda Airport


Have a good Trip! 

Need accomodation in Tokyo?---Sakura Hotel--








If you are searching 'Beer Garden' near Shinjuku, or Hatagaya,

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya is suitable for you:)

bi-ru .jpg

At the entrance of Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,
there is a bottles of Beers of the world, 

You can choose them from 500 yen!
bi-ru 2.jpg

Snacks are Nachos, Cheese Parata, Nuts, and so on♪

My best recommendation is , NEWTON, taste a green apple so fluity-taste beer!

terasu beer.jpg

Let's have a great beer time in Sakura Cafe as a beer garden:)


YUKATA Night!  Special drink with wearing Yukata on Sat. and Sun. 】 

【Only rainy day, you can drink a Cafe au Lait bowl with just 180 yen!


No.1 Sakura Hotel staff! in Tokyo

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I used to write Diary of Anne..

By the way , Have you met Anne???


Anne is one of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff.

Everybody love her!

At Event, 名司会者.jpg

Winter time




Summer time  



In Disney landneko.jpg

Anne's birthday!はぴば2012.jpg

We had a lot of memory...

Would you like to meet her?

We are waiting for you!


↓↓ No1 hotel in tokyo ↓↓


Sakura Hotel Hatagaya presents you a special offer in this summer!,

Until August 31st 2012,
Single rooms and double rooms are discounted 10% from proper price.
This is  a picture of double room in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
Shinjuku(one of the biggest downtown in Tokyo) is close to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, with Keio-new line, 5 minutes by train.

If you're planning to come to Japan this summer,
Please go to our homepage, and click the banner of 'Summer special' to get the discount price!
(Please make sure that the campaign is limitted only 5 rooms in one day.)
Enjoy your summer in Japan!
And see you soon!!

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya - Access

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Since we often receive inquiries from customers who ask us how to get from Hatagaya Station to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, I made a little photo map. ^^

Leave through the ticket barrier. There is only one, so you can't miss it.

Pass the ticket vending machines and head for the stairs.

Take the stairs to your left (South Exit). Halfway up there is a 100 Yen Shop.

The stairs will lead you to this exit. There is a big bridge on your right side. Turn to the left, away from the bridge.

If you walk down the street a little further, you can see a big red sign on a roof top at the end of the street. There is also a Family Mart (convenience store) in the same building.


When you stand in front of the building with the big red sign, turn right.

Now you can see the Sakura Hotel sign.

It was just a two minute walk from the station. (^O^)

Hotel in Tokyo!-Sakura Hotel Hatagaya-

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Have you heard of "Hatagaya" ? not so many tourist know this place, though,

only 4minutes away from Shinjuku, the center of Tokyo!

Hatagaya is really convenient and relaxing place to stay for both tourists and locals!!


Sakurahotel HATAGAYA" has been loved by so many tourists from all around the world, 

Currently we have had customers from more than 110 countries!!

Single, Double, Corner-Double, Twin, Triple, Delux-Double....

We have variety types of rooms available that suit for everybody, singles to families! 

All room comes with private bathroom.


every rooms are fully equipped with lots of amenities!


All-you-can-eat, buffet style break fast is available only for 350 yen!!

(Bread, Coffee, Tea, Herb Tea, Fresh Juice, Milk, Homemade soup, Cafe au lait, and more...)

loved by both locals and tourist from all around the world, why don't you have a breakfast with us!

ちょう.jpg each floor has great photography, and arts for welcoming our customer,

let us know if you would like to put yours ON!



Around us, we have many kinds of restaurant,

and SakuraCafe(located on the first floor) is open for 24hrs, 7days!!  what's in? what's the special for the day?

please ask our friendly staff, we're here, looking forward to seeing you!!






Have you taste 'Japanese Sake' in Japan?★


You can try to drink them in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (In Sakura Hotel Hatagaya)♪


Most of them are 13%  to 15 % ABV.

Each sake prices are 650 yen/ 1 cup.


We have 'Trial Sake Set' , with 1,000 yen.

How about to taste them in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, during your stay in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya?


Enjoy your drinking sake time♪


Today, Sariko and Riko put up the photos for the second part of the "Tohoku Bokujo" exhibition in our hotel lobby!

It seemed quite simple at first, but it was quite a bit of work to adjust all the photos correctly.

 sDSCF7153.jpg  sDSCF7156.jpg


sDSCF7157.jpgIt took them about 3 hours to put up everything. But now the lobby looks great again. It looked a bit empty after we had taken down the photos of the first exhibition.

sDSCF7154.jpg  sDSCF7155.jpg 

You can see the all the new photos in the lobby of Sakura Hotel & Cafe Hatagaya. (^O^)/

Gardening in Hatagaya

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 I have planted a camomile on 1st May


Now! it grows up


 One of Cafe menu Mocidre is mady by home-grown Mint



You can find many Mints at our garden




If you want to stay more cheeper than as usual at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya,


'Special Offer' campaign is useful in our homepage.


For example,

some people in single and double rooms, arrived in Japan on May 2012,


This is the best price. Soooo good price!

(Usually 6,930 yen for single, and 9,000 yen for double room.)


If you'll come to Japan, on June 2012,


  is suitable for you♪


If you are over 11 people,


This is super!! (For all season)


For ramen lovers!!


Is waiting your coming in Yokohama! 

You can eat many kinds of Ramen in the museum!



Please select the best campaign , and click the campaign banner from our homepage,


We're grad to you if you can make your reservation as you like♪


★★★See you in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! ★★★


Have you tried " Traditional Georgian Chakhokhbili " at 
sakura cafe Hatagaya yet ??

Boiled chicken with tomatoes and different spices
served with flavored rice.
refreshing sauce of tomatoes and flavored rice go very well !!
Healthy and nourishing one ♪
Let's try Chakhokhbili " of Georgia  
                     at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya !!

Good Morning, Everyone

How's it going??

Today's blog is about 'Sakura Hotel Hatagaya special campaign for stay'

For Internet User!

Good price for single and double rooms!

Single: 6,000 yen!


single eng.jpg

Double :8,000 yen!!

double eng.jpg

This Spring Campaign is avairable only by internet reservation.

If you are looking for the good-price hotel near Shinjuku station,

If your hotel, already reserved, is more expensive than Sakura Hotel Hatagaya,

Please think about staying at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya☆

You know, we can speak English, than other hotel in Tokyo.

Have a good day!!





[NEWS] Our HP is renewal

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Hello, everybody!

Today, we have big news. Our home page is renewal open.


How do you think?

We have many different contents on our HP.

Please check check!!

World Lunch!!

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We will start "World Lunch" in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!


Lunch includes Home made soup, and Coffee or Tea



Spring is getting closer! Soon the cherry blossoms (sakura) will be in bloom all over Japan.

So we decided on a spring like flavor for our Welsh Cakes this month! 

Sakura Green Tea flavor!



P1040915.JPGAvailable until the end of March at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya for 130 yen per piece!

Our regular Plain and Cocoa Welsh Cakes are also available of course. 


New ★ German Blog! ~ Deutscher Blog

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Recently Sakura House and Hotel has launched a
for all speakers and learners of German!

Frederik and Fumi from Sakura House, Vanessa from Sakura Hostel Asakusa and me, Anne from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya will update everyday for you, so please check it out!

We try to provide useful information about life in Tokyo, but we also write about everyday stuff.


german team.jpgAlso schaut vorbei! Wir warten auf Euch!!


By the we, we also have a German Facebook site now!


According to today's news, finally, the numbers of Mobile phones plus PHS has exceeded the numbers of Japanese  total population(counted on the end of December 2011.)

     ■Japanese total population---128,000,000.

     ■Counted mobile phone&PHS's numbers ---129,800,000 



It means, one person have more than 2 phones!? for some porpose.


By the way,



This dog's name is named 'KAI' , most famous dog in Japan, you know??

He is a mascot charactor of Soft bank. speaks Japanese and he is dad of the family.


you can do internet with free wi-fi, at the lobby (= in sakura cafe).



↑I bought my i-phone 4s last year (november)! How convenient it is!

(when I lost my way, this i-phone is very useful.)

It's convenient to check your friends' e-mail, and searching something about Tokyo. 


But if you cannot search the information about you want to know for yourself,

please ask to Sakura Hotel staff anytime. We'll assist you!!


One of the biggest purpose of travelling the world, Gourmet is quite necessary.

These are my favorite Japanese food,

Can you guess what is it!?


★Gyu-don (牛丼, means beaf bawl) with Japanese pickles and miso soup)

→You can find SUKIYAすき家 restaurant in Hatagaya, very close to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


★Chicken-namban food set, with Cereals rice and miso soup.

This restaurant is near Shimokitazawa station, 'Kurokawa黒川'

The fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce is my No. 1 menu. Sooooo yummy!!


By the way, most of 'food set' includes salad or 'Miso soup', and so on.

Miso soup is like Japanese sowl... Everyday I can eat it. 


 ★This is '味噌カツ定食', made in Aichi(my hometown。)




柚子の木 表.JPG

★This soba restaurant is, '柚子の木 YUZU?NO-KI'  located in Hatagaya station.

柚子の木 定食.JPG

Tempura, Katsu-don, are also very delicious!!

(Ten-don 天丼 and soba set menu, @880 yen)

Where do you want to go, and eat during your travell in Japan!?


Arround Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, there are many kinds of Japanese food restaurant.

Anytime we can help you to find out your favorite restaurant!

SMB (Sakura Mandolin Band) will play at

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya on January 15th (SUN)!!

Entrance is only 500 yen and includes 1 drink!

(No need to reserve tickets in advance.)



Mandolin Event.jpg



Let's have a good time while listening to some good music!

Hope to see you there! (^O^)/



Ai for sale!!

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s-Buy Ai.jpg
We accept payment by cash or credit card at the front desk at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
Don't wait to long! Only one item available!

Chinese Lunch in Hatagaya

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 Would you like to try real chinese food ??


 "Shanghai Sakaba"

Lunch only 580yen with dessert!


 Entrance is Next to "Sukiya"(Beef bowl restaurant)


From Hatagaya station it takes 30second.

From Sakura hotel hatagaya it takes 1 minute!

There are Chinese staff,  you can talk in Chinese!


Do you know our colorful staff T-shirts?

Since we love variety at Sakura Hotel we wear our staff T-shirts in many different colours!

Have you seen them all?


P1040498.JPGAi is wearing black today. Btw, she's busy preparing Welsh Cakes at the moment!


P1040504.JPGI'm purple.


Keiko will show you the other colors!


P1040499.JPG  P1040500.JPG  P1040502.JPG P1040501.JPG 


I love the yellow one.

What's your favorite color?


Design Festa Vol. 34

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Who will come to Design Festa this weekend (Nov. 12 & 13th)??

I went in May this year and it was so much fun.

So I'm really looking forward to going again!

Here are some photos I took last time.


Thumbnail image for 14052011247 (800x600).jpg Thumbnail image for 14052011261 (800x600).jpg  Thumbnail image for 201105141222000 (640x480).jpgThumbnail image for 14052011262 (800x600).jpg 
Thumbnail image for 5724774830_43c9a9497f_b (800x534).jpg 201105141441000 (800x600).jpg5724734034_725c3b515c_o (800x533).jpg


If you're in Tokyo on Saturday and Sunday,

don't miss out on this fun event!

For more information, feel free to ask us anytime.

Domo-kun Waiting for You!

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Do you know who he is?

写真 11-10-24 13 35 36.jpg


He is a mascot character of NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

You can see him in NHK Studio Park in Shibuya.

Although It had been closed since this spring,it reopened on 10th Oct.

The admission is only 200yen,you can take English,Chinese and Korean leaflet in reception.

写真 11-10-26 10 35 51.jpg

Download these leaflets here.

写真 11-10-24 13 37 14.jpg

So many Domo-kun items are sold in NHK official shop in Studio Park.

It's nice souvenir for you!

写真 11-10-24 14 11 47.jpg

Japanese Pancake"Okonomiyaki"

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My friend and I went to Okonimiyaki restaurant!

「Nanjya Monjya」


He is Taiwanese,,,so it is first time to make it!


Good job!!And tasty!!!


Some of staff can speak English!

If you would like to try, feel free to ask them in English.

Soft and crispy!


 It takes 5 min from Sakura cafe hatagaya

By the way , there is an Okonomiyaki restaurant in Harajuku

Sakura tei

In lunch time, all-you-can-eat style is available!


Lunch at JIca tokyo

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My recommendation!

Lunch at Jica center in Hatagaya

JICA=The Japan International Cooperation Agency


There are many foreign trainees from all over the world.

When you registrate at front, whoever enter there



JICA2.JPG  You can choose Main dish and side dishes


 I ate India Curry~

Reasonable and delicious!

Thank you for invite me!

They are my friends in JICA center.


EEL lunch!~Hatagaya info~

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There is many great restaurants in Hatagaya.


Today's my lunch,,,,「Eel restaurant Ochiai 」!

I ate "Hitsumabushi"

(Hitsumabushi is a tasty dish of chopped grilled eel on a bed of rice in a lacquerrware container called a hitsu.

You can enjoy this dish three ways. In addition to eating it just as it is,you can also mix green onion and wasabi,or pour broth over the eel and rice and enjoy it as chazuke)



I went there with Mrs.Fukuda who is cleaning staff in Saukra hotel!


  Only 4min from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

They have reasonable lunch meal too.


 Thank you for great meal!!


Love Tempra

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My lunch for today!


(seafood and vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried)


Only 800 yen!!


Happyyyyyyyyyy lunch

From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya it takes 2 min! 

Thank you for great meal!



Taketora Ramen!

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Do you like Ramen???

In Hatagaya, there are at least 6 ramen shop!

Taketora Ramen」is nearest ramen shop from Hatagaya Sakura Hotel.

Most of our guests loves Taketora Ramen.


That shop is always full of customers.

写真 (20).JPG

 I always order "Taketora Ramen" It is only 550 yen!!

 写真 (19).JPG

I found the letter on the wall,,,It is from our England guest!! 

I remembered that they said "Taketora ramen is the best!!"


Thank you for serving great ramen!

I love Ramen!

Cool autumn has just come to Tokyo this week.

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Sticky summer is finally over. Cool autumn has just come to Tokyo this week.

We guess that you are concerned about our situation after 3.11 earthquake and power-plant accidents but as far as in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we are fine. 
The number of tourists from other countries are increasing.

We are very happy to see our guests have enjoyed in sightseeing in this summer.
And we are sure that you will be satisfied staying in Japan.






We offer "Autumn Special Offers" for visitors to Japan until 15 Dec. 2011.

Summer Discount Campaign

Please come and see us again during autumn and winter!

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. 

Fireworks at Jingu today!!

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We are fully booked tonight,

Thank you so much☆


Do you kno why!?

It might be most of our guests for tonight going to see fireworks at Jingu.

It will starts at 7:30 PM tonight.


I knew this event gonna happen today,

but I didn't know a also live concert will before fireworks. 


That's why many young guests came to our hotel.


Everyone looks so happy♪♪

I envy them... :)


I love summer☆

It's good everyone enjoying seasonal event like fireworks!! 


I gonna interview for our guests when they come back tonight☆

Tokyo Camii

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SH3E0339.JPG IMG_0563.JPG IMG_0562.JPG

 About 20min walk from our hotel,you will see an outstanding building in
Inogashira street.

It's Tokyo Camii,which is the biggest Turkish mosque in Tokyo.
The interior decoration is made by Turkish craftsmen.

Non-Muslims are welcome to see inside the mosque.
In 1st floor there are a meeting place,a souvenir shop
and Tukish culture centre.

Coming up to 2nd floor,you see a huge praying hall with splended
decoration.You can come in except praying times.

My favourite is a terrace just outside the praying hall.
Breeze is so nice here!


On Zinen 旅団によるタップダンスパフォーマンス

7月31日(Sun)14:00 START!

サクラカフェ幡ヶ谷 Please check how to get to Sakura Cafe Hatagaya こちらから

  • サクラカフェ 神保町

  • *******************

    Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (日本語/English)

    Sakura Hotel Hatagaya (日本語/English


    サクラカフェ グループ

    • Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro
    • Sakura Cafe Jimbocho

      DF Cafe Harajuku

    Germany and Japan

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    I found a book which compared Germany and Japan!

    Average height and weight

    18-20 years old man

    Germany:181cm 74kg

    Japan:171cm 63kg

    18-20 years old woman

    Germany:167cm 61kg

    Japan:159cm 51kg



    Coming of age

    Germany:18 years old

    Japan:20 years old ドイツ.jpg

     Old enough to drink

    Germany:over 16 years old(low alcohol)

    Japan:over 20years old



    Germany:Over 18years old

    Japan:man:over 16years old woman:over 18years old くるま.jpg

    Driving lisence

    Germany:over 18years old

      Japan:Over 18years old



    Germany:over 18 years old

    Japan:over 20years old


    I'm wondering what  "Low alcohol "drink is..??

    By the way、You can enjoy Germany beer at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!

    Creemy and bitter a little bit. 

    Also if you have any question about Germany, please ask Ms Anne!(Sakura hotel staff)

    Sakura cafe hatagaya Event information!★↓

    「Fantastic Tap Dance 31th July!」


    On Zinen 旅団によるタップダンスパフォーマンス

    7月31日(Sun)14:00 START!

     Please check how to get to Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

  • サクラカフェ 神保町

  • *******************

    Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (日本語/English)

    Sakura Hotel Hatagaya (日本語/English


    サクラカフェ グループ

    • Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro
    • Sakura Cafe Jimbocho

      DF Cafe Harajuku





    Traveller's Cafe No.2

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    It's time for our next Traveller's Cafe! Last time we had lots of fun talking about our travel experiences, so if you love traveling and are looking for like-minded friends in Tokyo, don't miss this chance!

    This month's topic is FOOD & DRINKS!


    Tell us about delicious food and drinks you had in foreign countries and that you would like to eat in Japan. If we can find a recipe, maybe we'll add some of your recommendations to our menu.


    Time & Place: June 18th, 2011 (SAT) 6 p.m. ~ 8:30 p.m. at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

    Entrance fee: 1,500 Yen (1 Beer & 1 Snack included)



    Thumbnail image for twitteroff.gif 



    幡ヶ谷の世界の交差点 ---サクラカフェ幡ヶ谷--- 
    〒151-0072 東京都渋谷区幡ヶ谷1-32-3 
    TEL: 03-3469-5211   FAX: 03-3468-4307 

    Sakura Hotel & Cafe Tour

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    On Tuesday Yukako and I - being the newbies at Hatagaya - did a tour around Tokyo to find out what the other Sakura hotels and cafes are like. This was also a good opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to the staff members we hadn't met yet.

    We started at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho and Maria showed us around. It seems Jimbocho is the hotel were lots of anime fans like to stay, because it's close to Akihabara.
    The rooms are very neat and pretty new. Yukako and I really liked the cozy atmosphere.
    We also had a look at the cafe. Jimbochos Masala Chai is really good. So if you go there, definitely give it a try!


    07062011350.jpg  07062011346.jpg 

    Thumbnail image for 07062011349.jpg


    Next was Sakura Hostel Asakusa. On our way to the hostel we passed the famous Kaminarimon and Sensoji Shrine. So if you stay at the hostel you can start sightseeing right away, which is probably the reason why it is so popular among foreign tourists. The cafeteria was full of backpackers from all over the world. The rooms are mainly dormitory style, but look very nice and new.
    Tomo and the others were quite busy though, so we didn't stay too long, because we didn't want to disturb them.


    07062011354.jpg  07062011360.jpg 


    07062011353.jpg  07062011365.jpg


    Then we went to Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro which is the biggest Sakura Hotel and has 2 buildings. The rooms are really nice and comfortable. One even reminded me of my own room at my parent's home in Germany. We had Picata for lunch at the cafe, and it was delicious! Highly recommended and pretty reasonable!


    07062011366.jpg  07062011369.jpg 07062011374.jpg

     07062011368.jpg  07062011373.jpg


    After a short stop in Shinjuku where we said hello to the people at the Sakura House main office we headed to Harajuku. There we had a light afternoon snack at the Design Festa Cafe before we had a look at the Design Festa Gallery. We finished our tour at Sakura-Tei, an okonomiyaki restaurant where we had okonomiyaki for dinner.


    07062011377.jpg  07062011388.jpg  07062011387.jpg 

    Thumbnail image for 07062011393.jpg Thumbnail image for 07062011381.jpg  07062011383.jpg


    07062011386.jpg  07062011395.jpg

    07062011398.jpg 07062011394.jpg


    We were really tired after walking all day, but it was really interesting and so much fun. Plus, we had yummy food all day, which is a sure way to keep me happy! :)



    Hope to see you soon at Sakura Hotel & Sakura Cafe! ^^


    Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072 
    Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250) 
    Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251) 
    E-mail: [email protected] 

    Nori Panda!

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    Nori Panda is seaweed toast which is popular memu at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.


    Oh, what a cute Panda!  


    Here is another panda!


    So tasty and unique ! I have never try before☆

    Every Panda has different face.


    You can enjoy lovely panda time!

    Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072 
    Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250) 
    Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251) 
    E-mail: [email protected] 


    Some of you might have recognized this place but OMURA AN is another nice local restaurant where you get to eat nice soba noodles in Hatagaya.






    Here is an English menu for you. They have both hot and cold broth for your preference.  



    I recommendation is `KAMONAN SOBA`.  There are duck meats, spring onions and fresh soba noodles in a hot broth. They also have a set lunch menu like tempura soba with rice and garnish.



    I hope you enjoy your lunch in this nice little restaurant!


    QUIZ: Where is this!?

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     Do you find out where this country is??

    Thumbnail image for エジプト.jpg


     This is easy. Egypt.


    Next,  How about this??

    Thumbnail image for タイ.jpg



    So, where is this stamp issued from??

    german stamp.jpg



    I like to answer to these kind of Quiz.

    How about you? Did you enjoyed it??






    On May 28th 2011, At Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,

    We'll held a party for 'Travel-lovers' and 'Cafeteria Lovers' at 18:00.


    If you will travel in Tokyo, please join this party!


    More informations will be upped in few weeks!

    We all want to hear your many experiences of travel in the world(^^)!


    Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072
    Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250)
    Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251)
    E-mail: [email protected]


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    'Primavera' is Japanese girls magic group!

    They visited Sakura hotel hatagaya

    illusion.jpg写真 (97).JPG

    Every month, they have stage show in hatagaya.

    If you would like to see, please contact them or sakura hotel♪

    Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072 
    Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250) 
    Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251) 
    E-mail: [email protected] 


    What I Thought - About This Earthquake -

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    We have many kinds of metro and JR line in Tokyo.

    Usually, we can ride trains on time, as we want.

    But after the earthquake occured, the trafic was much delayed, stopped.


    This picture is at Takenozuka station (my hometown station in Tokyo)this morning.



    For the light-cut-off scheduled, the train crew controled the amount of passengers.

    (Over 200 people are waiting their turn to enter the exit. as me.)


    What I Thought about this earthquake,

    ・Kindness when the emergency, is very very necessary.

    ・Train's Emergency stop is thanksfull.(usually, I say 'Delayed again(><)..)

    ・Japan can cut more electricity and water as usual. Everyone need to think it again. 


    What do you think about this earthquake?



    Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072
    Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250)
    Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251)
    E-mail: [email protected]



    You have heard about the earthquake we just had in Japan.
    Hatagaya Hotel and staff are fine.All our guest also okay.

     写真 (42).JPG 写真 (41).JPG                            Our friends from all of the world gave us a lot of messages.

    Those messages greatly encourage us!

    And prayforjapan movement also heartens us very much.

    Thank you!

    Now Japan meet hard difficulty and we must overcome it.

    Your encouragement is the key to the settlement.


    Address: 1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan 151-0072
    Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250)
    Fax: +81-3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251)
    E-mail: [email protected]

    With idols~!

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    アイドリング.JPGFew days ago..... idol group came on the TV coverage  to SAKURA CAFE Hatagaya 

    Idle group called " Idoling "

    This photo shot was after the  TV show called " BOX TV "

    They showed our new cafe menu~

    Girls was sooooo cute xxx

    Thank you girls

    Best wishes for your  entertainment activities



    美人さんとのフォトは緊張しますね? V(^^);

    ☆放送日: 12/17 22:00~23:00 「BOX TV」 スカパー!HD 663ch PigooHD 






    " 芸能活動頑張ってくださいね!"

    Here is an information of the event,


     held on 18th of December, at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!


    why don't you join this joiful ivent& party with us!?


    You can play the drum with us!



    Colored leaves in Tokyo

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    Tokyo is became season of colored leaves.

    I introduce colored leaves spot near Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.



    Shinjuku Gyogen 

    You can see colored leaves at very large garden place, and the whole area of  the garden is the highlight.
    Meiji Jingu Gaien 

    Ginkgo trees row is very famous here.

    When 146 ginkgo row of treeses turn yellow, I become the golden tunnel and become the yellow carpet when I shed the leaves.
    Inokashira Onshi ParkColored leaves about 1.8km outskirts around the pond are very beautiful.
    There are a lot of colored leaves spots in Tokyo.
    Which one is your favorite?

    Reception Party in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

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    Hello, everybody!!

    On 30th Oct, we're going to do Friendship Party in Sakuara Cafe!

    TIme: 18:00 to 20:00

    Fee: Participants: 1,600 yen (chose 3 beers and 2 snacks, usually it costs 2,300 yen.)

    These are pictures on 16th Oct. (last time).

    新井ブログ1.jpg 新井ブログ2.jpg 

    13 people gathered to talk with each others.


    新井ブログ3.jpg 新井ブログ4.jpg 

    How about to drink with us??

    We are welcome to everybody!!        


    Making Sushi Party in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!

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    Sushi party held on Today, Oct 23rd!

    Guests tried to make this↓ together!

    sushi 5.jpg

    These are pictures for all of our memories to learn Japanese culture!!


    sushi 12.jpg sushi 8.jpg sushi7.jpg sushi 13.jpg sushi 10.jpg 

    Please join this event again!

    Next is , on 20th Nov. 2010!!!

    Charge is only 500 yen!! Fantastic!!

    Why not making Sushi with us!?

    More Info↓


    sushi 9.jpg

    Ai (reception wearing green costume ) is a good teacher!!

    See you again--!

    Sakura Cafe Hatagaya will be on TV!!!

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    Hello, everybody!

    On 23rd Oct. (Sat.)!!

    From 4:30 am in Japan time, on TBS channel 6,

    Sakura Cafe Hatagaya will show up on the screen(^^)!!!



    World Pita sand and world beer are sold during this season, until Nov.14th.


    How about to try them!? 


    Shinjuku is great for Shopping

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    Shinjuku is just 5 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

    Keio-new line's station, 'Hatagaya' is easy access to Shinjuku (one of down town in Tokyo.)

    Today, I recommend 2 shops in Shinjuku.

    Good for suveniors.


    ◆One is,

    ナチュラルキッチン2.jpgNatural Kitchen &↓

    Most of the Ladies attracted them !



    ◆second is 


    Good for Japanese traditional items.


    Both shops are in MYLOAD depertment in Shinjuku Station.

    Which is your favorite??

    By the way, this is my house's welcome-board, made by I and my husband.

    How do you feel it?? (^^)



    shabu shabu

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    I went shabu syabu last night.

    Do you know what is shabu shabu?

    Shabu shabu is a Japanese variant of hot pot. The dish is related to sukiyaki in style, where both use thinly sliced meat and vegetables, and usually served with dipping sauces, but it is considered to be more savory and less sweet than sukiyaki. It is considered a winter dish but is eaten year-round.



    The name shabushabu is onomatopoeic, being the sound heard when paper-thin sliced beef is dipped and lightly waved around a couple of times in boiling stock.

    Shabushabu has recently become known overseas as a modern Japanese dish.

    There is 2 shabu shabu restaurant near sakura hotel hatagaya.

    How about going to go there tonght?







    More Information of Hatagaya City!

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    Today, I introduce my recommendations in Hatagaya.

    1.Sushi restaurant ・・・Azuma zushi 東寿司

    EDOMAE sushi restaurant (not round sushi). You can eat fresh sushi. 

     5 minutes from Sakura Hotel. 


    東寿司 店内.jpg

    東寿司 寿司.jpg








    Wasabi and Gari (pickled ginger) is spicy!

     But delicious!

    Sushi bowl is beautiful, like flower garden!



    2.Japanese food and bar ・・・ Daikokuya 大黒屋


      6 minutes from here.

    Dinner time only. Good for Sashimi, Yakitori, Onigiri (rice ball) and the atmosohere of Japanese Bar.

    3.Supermarket ・・・ Gourumet City

    グルメシティ幡ヶ谷.jpg Cigarette and many food and drinks, you can buy there.

       ATM machine (for credit card, to withdraw money) is also settled inside.


    4.Tea time and liquor time  ・・・ Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (in Sakura Hotel, 1st floor)



    Hatagaya is convenient place for eating, shopping, going to Shinjuku (downtown).

    Sushi map and rawmen map is prepared at reception.

    Anytime you can ask to us!!


    Menu TOP 3 in August, Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

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    ★For drinks★

    ・Soft drink  

     No.1: Iced coffee (Non-sugar is better, but it tastes a little sweet!)

     No.2: Hot coffee (coffee beans flavor is good!!)

     No.3: Coke (It's too hot to stop drinking coke!!)


     No.1: EBISU beer (Popular in Japan)

     No.2: Premium Moltz(Beat up EBISU!)

     No.3: Lager Beer(Strong bitterness)

    ・Flavored cappucino

    flavor.jpg   No.1: Green Tea / Caramel (I also love it!)

        No.3: Chocolate(Ladies love chocolate!)


    ・World Tea

    masara-ice.jpg  No.1:Masara Chai(Spiced milky tea!)

      No.2:Luibos tea (from South Africa)

      No.3:Terere (Mate Tea + Blue Berry Sauce)(Hot・Iced)



      No.1: Breakfast (Our staying guest is free! From outside guest, 350 yen)

      No.2: Snacks (We prepared new snacks in August !Add 150yen for drink-set!)

      No.3:  Mixed Pizza (↑Everybody love Pizza!)


    Sakura Cafe open 24 hours!

    We're waiting you all the time!


    Ethiopian Coffee

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    Did you know about the roots of Coffee?

    I was raised in Ethiopia, and the origin of coffee is from the region called KAFFA Prefecture in Ethiopia. KAFFA later became COFFEE...

    There is also a ceremony for Coffee, just like in Japan as for the TEA CEREMONY.


    Enjoy the nice aroma at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!



    By the way, at Sakura cafe, we use Latin American Beans.

    I really like the nice flavor of our coffee, and am proud to introduce it to you.



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    "Tyo-tin" is the Lantern.
    The Tyo-tin is used for the decoration of the nearby shopping street and the restaurant etc.





    The lantern can be used even in the festival , Japanese"Omaturi, Bon-Odori".

    RIMG0085.JPGThere is a lantern shop near the Sakura-hotel-Hatagaya.


    RIMG0081.JPG RIMG0080.JPG RIMG0079.JPG







    I think it is good for the souvenir.

    Cool Down with Iced Tea of the 'World Tea'

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  •  iloveyou.jpg

  • This menu is 'ILOVE YOU'(=mate tea with whipped milk and cinnamon powder), you know.

    But, It's too hot and humid in Japan now.

    So, I recommend this drink, ' Iced Mate Tea straight♪↓


    This is pure taste and much healthy drink.

    We have other 'world tea ' menu, ex.Organic Rooibos Tea, Corn Silk Tea, Five kinds of refreshing herb blend tea.

    We can make these Iced tea♪

  • Feel cool,  reflesh, and relux with these nice tea!

  • ■ Date
    - July 23 (Fri)
    - July 24 (Sat)
    ■ Location
    Sasazuka station next to the station at Hatagaya

    <23 (Fri) PM5: 00 ~ PM9: 00>
    ★ Keyaki Plaza Stage
    ? PM5: 00 Live Drum
    ? PM6: 00 Charlie & Friends
    ? PM7: 00 violin
    ? PM8: 00 NA Sports Club

    ★ Stage Station Site
    ? PM6: 20 Hiroshi Mita, Aizawa Takashi Takaya
    ? PM7: 00 Flamenco show

    ★ front of the stage road
    ? PM5: 00 mill and two
    ? PM7: 45 live drum sound drum wing Committee

    <24 (Sat) PM5: 00 ~ PM9: 00>
    ★ Keyaki Plaza Stage
    ? PM5: 10 Uesutankurunazu
    ? PM6: 20 for show Yuta
    ? PM7: 30 Sites

    ★ Stage Station Site
    ? PM5: 00 Live Drum
    ? PM5: 40-Jun Yu
    ? PM6: 00 HANZO
    ? PM6: 40 Hawaiian
    ? PM7: 20 Mizuki Yu
    ? PM8: 00 bright summer stream

    ★ front of the stage road
    ? PM7: 40 Awa Dance Parade

    Oishi---i♪ PART 2

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    Today's Lunch♪
    3 min from SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA!!


    Eel and rice with Japanese soup!!

    900 yen

    It is said eating eel helps to beat the summer heat.


    Fried chicken and rice with miso soup!!

    850 yen

    This store's original Lunch!


    Summer oyster
    400-600 yen


     Lunch 11:30-14:00                                              HATAGAYA STATION B1
     Dinner 17:00-22:30                                             諸菜 匠(Shosai TAKUMI)

    Oishi---i♪ PART 2

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    Today's Lunch♪
    3 min from SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA!!


    Eel and rice with Japanese soup!!

    900 yen

    It is said eating eel helps to beat the summer heat.


    Fried chicken and rice with miso soup!!

    850 yen

    This store's original Lunch!


    Summer oyster
    400-600 yen


     Lunch 11:30-14:00                                              HATAGAYA STATION B1
     Dinner 17:00-22:30                                             諸菜 匠(Shosai TAKUMI)

    24 Hours-Open shops in Hatagaya!

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    Do you know where is 'Hatagaya' ??

    Hatagaya is a safety and convenient bed-town in Tokyo, and just 2 stops, 3 minutes to Shinjuku (=is one of the downtown) by ' Keio-new Line ' (=is one kind of subway.) with only120 train fee!

    Fathermore, there are many kinds of shops and restaurants open 24 hours, like Sakura Cafe!


    These are 24 hours open shops!

    ↓Convenience Store (am pm) is 15 seconds walk from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya. 

    Ampm.jpg↓Super market 'gourmet city' is 2 minutes walk from here.


    ↓Origin Lunch-box shop is in 1 minutes walk from here.


    ↓Japanese cuisine restaurant 'Hatagaya Komachi Shokudo' is 4 minutes from here.


    Very useful for our guests, to stay here, and enjoy their trip all the nights!


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                                             Today's my lunch is Soba & Tempura♪

                                                          It is very tasty.


                    If you would like to try it , please ask staff!

                        Just 2min from our hotel★     


                                                       Enjoy Japanese food!!

    We had an event at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya on 3rd of July 2010.

    The content was, Rakugo(=Japanese traditional comedy drama) in English, and International Reception Party.:

       1. Live Music by 2 artists (Mr. Tetsuhiro Ogawa as guitar and Mr. Possasr piano.) 

       2. Rakugo in English byMs. Kimie Ohshima.

       3 .International Reception Party

    ↓ Rakugo master : Ms. Kimie Ohshima,


    The many audience gathered to hear this great oppotunity.

    Her interesting story-teller made us much laughing and laughing!


    ☆★☆★   Reception Party Started!  32 people from many countries joined !!   ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★






    Yellow T-Shirt man is an










    Ms.Kimie Ohshima(white t-shirt lady) enjoyed to talk with many guests.

    Her English is quite well!











    →(Left)Nory (Manager in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya), and (Right)Mr. Tetsuhiro Ogawa, colaborated! 

     It was wonderful experiece to meet many people from all over the world.

    We all enjoyed this good conversation.

    Wished to meet them again in the future!!