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Hi everyone!!
This is Tamotsu at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!

Even if a grain of rice on a table,
you won't think it looks yummy.


If planty of grain of rice is out in bowl,


Looks yummy!!!!

Anyway, let me introduce you about one episode of Peru.

In Lima, there is beautiful beach, fancy restaurant as well.
Also I went to local market. then I found colorful vegetables!!
They were so much beautiful!!


What about the post cards of organic vegetables?

Well, even if one gobou card on a table, you won't think it looks colorful. But...


If you get many kinds of the post cards,



You can buy the post cards for 100 yen at Sakura Hotel/Cafe in Tokyo!!

Yuki has been working as trainee in Sakura Hotel HATAGAYA for a month.
He finished training here and he's moving to Sakura Hostel ASAKUSA from tomorrow.
He always set the mood for Sakura Hotel Hatagaya with his big voice and his vitality!


He cannot help move all the time.
During his training period, he was moving actively. It was impressive for us.
After he finished the last work at HATAGAYA, he showed us his funny cosplay!

By the way, the cuisine in front of him is New Lunch menu "Irish Stew and Shpherd's Pie" which has just started from today.

He was the man who had New Lunch before anyone else!!!

He's so positive and active.
That's why I'm sure that he will adapt well to Sakura Hostel ASAKUSA.

Good Luck, YUKI!!!!!