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We have added two brands of imported beer to our beer collection at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

Brooklyn Lager


and Blue Moon


If you like a lager, you would definitely like Brooklyn Lager. If you do not like beer itself, please try Blue Moon.
It has a fruity taste unlike most brands of beer.

If you are a beer lover, of course you need to have both of them!


Hello this is NAOTO ?from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya - TOKYO!!


We got nice drink recipe for these hot summer days!!

The name is : CHAI-BEL-NEANAA!

Traditional Egyptian drink, Sweet and Minty, great deal for hot summer day!


You know what - Egyptian people love sweet treats!
Almost all of their traditional drinks and snacks - just SO Sweet :)

By the way - We have massive organic farm in Aomori prefecture
(Far north part of the mainland of JAPAN) and this is where the mint come from :)



Far far away from TOKYO - - - The true country region 'AOMORI'
100% Organic farm , thats we are proud of :)

If you are planning to visit Tokyo this summer,
Stay at Sakura hotel Hatagaya , drink Chai-bel-neenaa and ENJOY THE SUMMER OF TOKYO!!



Today, We had a cooking party with one of our guest from Algeria!

We cooked ''couscous with lamb sauce''.

The way of cooking....The taste....Everything is Algerian?
Mum's cooking!!


We simmered the lamb meat and Special algerian spice for 1hour!

And then put some vegitable and beans !


May be...We simmered the souce for 2hours!




''Lets EAT!!''


surprisingly, In Algeria, People eat ''Couscous''every friday!!

In many countries, Saturday and Sunday is the weekend, However, in Algeria Friday and Saturday is the weekend.

We learned so many things about algeria!

We just wanna say big thank you to our lovely guest from Algeria:)


HI, There!!

Its getting hot and hot in Tokyo right now. Ofcourse, Its still rainy season!

When it becomes summer, people tend to get sick because of?the heat.

But, There is?a preventive for the sickness.

Its just easy?a preventive! You can just have 3 meals a day!?

Moreover Breakfast is very important in our daily life!

As you know, Our cafe, Sakura cafe Hatagaya has morning menu!!?

''All You can eat breakfast''

It comes Toast and 3 kinds of bread,Coffee, Tea, juice, soup and 3 kinds of jam and margarin!

I saw One of our guest mixed Strawberry jam andBlueberry jam and made own special toast!

So, If you have a chance to come to shinjuku, Please come and visit our cafe!

Our cafe is just 2 stations away from shinjuku! Also, WE ARE OPEN FOR 24 HOURS!

Hello! this is NAOTO from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

Have you been to, or heard of "Akihabara,Tokyo" ?
It's massive electric town - washing machine, TV,DVD,computer supply,headphone,camera,manga,anime...
you can buy anything you can possibly imagine :)

I finally got my new camera TODAY :)
Compact SLR camera yet, performance is so much more than Full-sized SLR!
it cost me abour $700 + lens... oh yeah, totally worth it !


Got double zoom lens - so I can take a picture of anything - even flying birds in Loooong distance, YAY!

This is one of our guests - from U.S.!!?


Cute outfit, ay? :) ?cheers, country of freedom!!
I'm going to visit Calgary (CA) and Montana (US) just right in NEXT WEEK!!!

Summer has finally come - are you ready for travel around? :D
If you are planning to stay in Tokyo - you should definitely check SAKURA HOTEL GROUP!! :)


Hello everyone

Here's Mohamed the staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Also we have Sakura Cafe at the lobby area of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya?

P6181939.JPGIMG_1817.jpgWe have many interesting things at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

For example

We have many many kinds of Beer from the whole world

IMG_2974-thumb-550x736.jpgAlso you can enjoy smoking the Shisha with many different?flavours

Now we have in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya five flavours
Double Apple, Green Mango,?Chocolate Mint,?Red Cherry and Cinnamon.
mohamed11.jpgThere are also many?delicious food & drinks from many places in the world
fg.jpgio.jpggh.jpgPlease come on & take a look for Sakura Cafe Hatagaya's Menu?
We will be waiting for you all (^_^)/

We sell many brands of beer at our Café.


You see that there are a number of brands. However, we had only beers, unfortunately.

There are some times you feel like something stronger than beer or like to try something with deeper taste.

So we started selling JAPANESE SAKE!


I never know how many brands of Sake we are going to have later on.

I personally think that we are going to be something like Sakura Liquor Shop instead of Sakura Café Hatagaya...


I would report how Sake tastes if I could. I can not before I finish my shift...

Please try by yourself!


Good evening!

This is Kazuki, a trainee at SakuraHotel/Cafe Hatagaya.

Tonight, let me introduce our popular menu thesedays!

Refreshing summer drink,

☆☆Greek style lemonade☆☆


really refreshing taste, it tastes good with fresh basil!


It's also?one of our most popular sweets!
From Norway

★★Tilslørte bondepiker★★


It's a little bit difficult for some of customers to pronunce the name of this ^^U

As you can see, It's?creamy, mild and rich taste!

By the way,

On 30 Jun,We are going to hold?One coin festa at Sakuracafe Hatagaya.

At 30 shops/ bars/ cafes will prepare one coin menu on the day.check


Good night ^^

Good evening, this is Miwa:)

Today,there was a dinner party tonight, the theme was 'From Brasil' ?by customers of Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

★so I'll show you the menu what we prepared tonight★

Linguiça (Brasilian sausage )and?Linguiça sauce.


At the real Brasilian eat them with the special sauce including white wine vinegar, chinese passery tomato, onion, olive oil, and so on.

So it's so fresh, and can eat more and more!!

Next, 'Calt de batata (Potato and sausage soup)?


The recipe was from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya's repeater, Gabliel?
The soup including olive, the accent was soooo delicious!!?
He often eat much amount of the soup, made by his mother.
One day, he watched the soup was in a big pan, he finished to eat all of them for only himself!! Ha-ha!
At last, we prepared this desert,?

★Banana flitter (Baked banana with cinnamon and ice cream)


When I heared the recipe, it might become a mega-hit menu at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!!

★☆★ sometime you can taste it after we made it new menu of Sakura Cafe Hatagaya★☆★


Recently,We, sakura hotel hatagaya is on TV many times!!?

Did you know that??

This morning, We were on TV called ''Mezamashi- TV' which is very popular TV program in Japan! '


This time, one of our guests from singapore were on TV!! ?


This TV program ?continued closely covering their sightseeing in Tokyo!


Please have a look!!?



This is our Entrance!! YAY!!?

This time, It just only little time that we were on TV!!?

However, Would you like to know about our hotel and cafe???

If you so, Please come and visit our hotel!! :)?

Key Card System Installed!

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We have got a big news today for you all!

Key card system has been installed at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! We have changed all the keys today!

Unlike before, you can keep your key during your stay! For those who have stayed at our place should know what that means.
No more giving back keys when you go out!



Brand new key cards!

It is good to start something new, isn't it?
We believe these new keys make your stay with us more comfortable!

When you are here, do not forget to try our cocktails!


As a coffee lover, my favorite is coco-presso!?
Find your own favorite at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!

サクラカフェ幡ヶ谷 ワンコインフェスタ限定メニューをご用意!幡ヶ谷ワンコイン・フェスタ6/30(日)開催

What Is the Best Aussie Beer?

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It's been a year since I started working here!! Time flies!
Naoto hozumi r.jpg
In Japan we have rainy season (called Tsuyu) now.
You might feel it's bit humid here, but don't let Tsuyu ruin your stay!!

You know bacon makes everything better no matter what... Have some beer to make it perfect!!

As I'd been working for cattle station in FNQ, Australia, Australian beer is not just a beer, its part of my life and part of my blood for sure... :)

These are my favorites!


Coopers RED and GREEN!!
RED is for Ale lover as it has strong flavor, and GREEN is for first-timer as it has mild taste :)

Not only these Aussie beer brands, we have lots of beer from all around the world!!!
Please visit us and have a nice time with our fabulous beer!! are you ready for "cheers" ?? :)

Hi there!!
This is Tamotsu! I started to work at SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA from this month!!

I'm trainning and learning many things evey day! It's really fun because in SAKURA HOTEL,there are many people from many different countries!!

I'm excited about that!!

By the way, this is my first time to write this blog so let me introduce myself little bit♪

After graduating a university, ?I went to Canada for 1 year by Working Holiday!!


I was doing something new such as stuying English in a language school, street performance,
and singing and playing the guitar in New York!

I had a great time in Canada and New York!! It was so much fun!!
After that, I went on a trip to South America!!


?have experienced many things and met many interesting people!!
This trip made me mature as a person!!

I have found a dream while I was in South America.
It is
?to help and support many people who cameto Japan from different countries!!
That is why I started working at SAKURA HOTEL!!!!!

I'm still beginner about working here but, I'll do my best every single day!!

Thank you for reading this blog, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

I will be waiting for you at SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA!!!!

Tamotsu Imai


Its getting hot in Tokyo!! Summer is coming!!

As you know... Summer in Japan is really hot and humid!!?

So I would like to introduce our nice and cold?drinks for you, guys!!?

This is our new drink!!

''Egypt style Mint Tea''??Its sweet but it makes you really nice and cool!?

When the summer time come, Do you feel like having minty taste or minty smell??


Next is....
Greek style lemonade topping with basil.


This menu is really popular in our cafe!!

This remonade is our handmade!!?

If you want to have some ?cold drinks, Please come and visit our cafe, We are open for 24 hours!


How was you weekend? Did you do something fun in this weekends?

As you know,We had Sushi roll event in our hotel, Sakura hotel Hatagaya!

our great guests from all over the world, experienced making SUSHI ROLL!!

Everyone was so amazing people!! ?They are making sushi roll very easily!!?


Some people were grabbing a bottle of ?beer and talking while they were making sushi roll!!?

After 2hours... Finally they made some awesome Sushi rolls!!?



As you can see, We had a very good time!?

Would you like to join this event!

Actually... we will have same event in 20th July!!

Dont miss out!!?

Good evening all!!!

This is Shun the trainee here at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

It was soo humid and sweaty hot day wasn't it??

What did you guys do today???

Today we had AWESOME WORKSHOP, here at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

And that was....



I think there are many of Japanese people who's never done this before,

Today our great guests from all over the world, experienced SUSHI ROLL!!!?


This is our first try - beautiful flower called "AJISAI" (=Hydrangea) !!


Everybody seems so serious!


BEER always makes everything better. :) heck yeah!


Keep goin guys :)




It's always good to have some fun :D


You made it man :)


OMG you guys made it much better than sushi roll teachers!


You might even be a SUSHI SHEF!!!!




Lookin' picture perfect!!

it's not over yet - we've still got many event pictures!!



First Try on Eating a Paratha

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GOOD evening!

Do you know paratha? It is a flat bread born in South Asia.
It has been a popular item at our cafe.

Here is a photo of Singaporian guests with a paratha!

2013-05-31 00.39.40.jpg

They used the cafe every night during their stay and ate parathas with a bowl of cafe au lait!

キャラ~1 (1).JPG


Sweet caramel cream with bitter coffee...it is a perfect match!

On a rainy day we serve a cafe au lait bowl for 180 yen. If you happen to stay at our hotel when it is raining, do not miss that chance!


On Jun 30th (sun.),

we are planning to hold 'One Coin Festa 'event in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

At 30 shops/ bars/ cafes will prepare one coin menu on that day.

Last time, on May 26, we prepared these menu from Philipine , and they're sold out!!


So this month, we'll prepare Australian?'World menu from Australia' .

You can eat beer nuts, and ?choose one drink.

One is, Victoria Bitter (Australian popular beer )


Another one is,'Australian coffee'.

australian coffee.jpg

Australian beers can be opened with hands, not using?bottle openera corkscrew.

【We usually sell the beer Victria Bitter with 600 yen, beer nuts with 200 yen.】

Let's try to open crown cap with your hands.

(If you cannot open crown cap, please ask us anytime♪)

We're waiting your coming to join this interesting event♪

☆You can also smoke Shisha at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, at the terrace seat☆
Hello! This is NAOTO from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

We have travelers from over 100 countries arriving each year!

This time - We would like to introduce fabulous guest from FRANCE!!
2013-06-09 20.13.04.jpg
On her (upper) arm - got lots of SAKURA petal tatoos on them!

2013-06-09 20.13.12.jpg
Lower arm - cutie cartoon & cupcakes (yum!)

2013-06-09 20.13.24.jpg
kitten and little sweet devil is on them :D

From shoulder to toe - got every color on every parts of her! :)

it seems that SAKURA tatoo design is kinda trend among Tokyo lovers!
last month we had a nice guy wearing rockin sakura tatoo on his arm..

2013-05-14 08.58.33.jpg
really cool yet, how Beautiful! :)

Getting tatoo in TOKYO - compare to another countries (e.g. Australia,U.S. ..)
could be bit more than you expect - however the quality is totally guaranteed!

Tokyo lovers!!!
Anime, manga, samurai, ninja, oni, sakura, temple, yakuza, rising sun flag..... 
what are you into?

Japan has got lots of nice design and patterns for tatoo!
Next time you visit Tokyo, how about to get your rockin' tatoo and show off 'round ? :)

Have a nice day...!


Hello! This is NAOTO from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

As we have been welcoming lots of guests from all-around-the-world....
Especially young guests seem having too much energy for party!!

Well well well this time, I'd like to show you whats Tokyo's night life like :)

Tokyo never sleeps!
There are lots of Pubs, restaurants, bars and of course - CLUBS!

vinyl_main.jpeg  let's get the party started!

Shibuya - Tokyo's most energetic, young town.
If you have watched the movie "Fast and Furious : Tokyo drift",
hat's exactly what Shibuya like :) Lots of hooning cars, people, fashion, hair - from head to toe,
You can find every color that you can possibly imagine!

If you love rage party, hit-chart songs - Shibuya would be a perfect city for you!

Roppongi is high-end, sophisticated city of Tokyo.

Roppongi has lots of skyscrapers and posh restaurants and bars...
Full of excitements however streets are not so loud as Shibuya :)
As there are many rich people and citizen from big countries,
If you don't speak Japanese at all - no worries, English speakers everywhere!

If you are mature-adult, but still love Party and Drinks - Roppongi would be a great deal :)

Daikanyama is another new sophisticated, sociable city in Tokyo!

Shibuya and Roppongi... they are both so famous yet,
I guess You haven't heard of the name "Daikanyama" before.
It's new, clean, sophisticated and really is "SOCIABLE" city!

it's getting famous day by day - among Students and Business person, and Tourists!
If you are not really a party person but interested a bit, and want to make some friends?

At Daikanyama - every clubs, personally
CLUB "UNIT" is highly recommended for everybody!

Me - NAOTO, I just went there last night :D

I've met - lots of Italian, Canadian, British, American guys... and more!

Party hard, young guys!

Our receptionist is on duty for 24hrs, and Hatagaya is right next to 
Shinjuku station (only 4min. by train).

If you lost last train - taking taxi wouldn't be so expensive, I promise :)

Let me say in one sentence :)

Good time rules, No curfew! Party hard y'all!

Book Online and Enjoy Tokyo's HOT SUMMER [email protected] Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

Hi! I'm Manuel, the Spanish staff of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Since June there is many festivals in Japan,
All neighborhoods and cities have any festival.
Yesterday I wrote  the blog about the Kawagoe Festival and today a write a bit more about this nice Festival!

There is many stalls and I always eat many Yakitoris,
Then for dessert a Choco-Banana i always welcome!

There is many fairgrounds, a classic is the Japanese Haunted House.

And the children buy mask of his favorite characters,
Japanese anime and Hero characters is very popular but Disney characters too.

Would you like to enjoy a Japanese traditional festival?

As you know...

Our hotel, Sakura hotel hatagaya is specialized for Muslim people.



There is  a praying room and halal food menu at our hotel and cafe.

So,   Muslim people can travel around Tokyo without having to worry about  food.

Moreover, We can learn their culture at Sakura hotel Hatagaya!!

That's amazing isn't it?

We have many kinds of Halal food menu! Please try it!!

Today, A big group from Dubai came to our cafe!!

They ordered ''Koshary'' which is one of the popular Egyptian food  menu at our cafe!

Actually, They just arrived today,,so they must be tired....!

We hope they loved the dinner and have a special time in Japan!!


Hi, Manuel speaking.
2 years before I was go to the Kawagoe's city Festival for first time in my life.


Kawagoe is called "The little Edo"、 is very near from Ikebukuro,  if you are on Tokyo you can go easily. 
On the Festival Spectacular Festival floats carrying exquisitely crafted dolls are pulled.

There is many places for eat, and there are many people that enjoy the festival.

The grilled fish was very delicious!



All years on October, you can go to enjoy the Kawagoe's Festival!
But Kawagoe city The Little Edo is a very nice place for visit anytime.^^

Sushi Workshop at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya on June 15th


Rainy season,,,

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Befittingly in Tsuyu, the rainy season in Japan,

But, even if you are not prepared, you don't have to worry raining so much.


Sakura Hotel Hatagaya has umbrellas for rent.

In Japan, diposable plastic umbrellas are very common.

You can buy them almost everywhere, about 400 yen or less.

But so called "disposable" umbrellas are actually usable again and again.

So we recycle the umbrellas which our guests left in our umbrella stand.

By recycling, we can use limited resources effectively. :-)

Sushi Workshop at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya on June 15th

Hi, I'm Manuel, the Spanish staff of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

On Sakura Hotel Hatagaya this week there was a big group from North America!
They are around 18 years old and are very funny.
Today they will return to his country, we hope that have a good trip,
Thanks very much for stay with us and See you!!

This Sunday we have too a special event: 
With delicious Okonomiyaki lunch included.
Would you like to join us?

On Harayuku area there is many interesting places for visit,
the Meiji temple, one of the most important shrine temple of all Japan, the Takeshita Street, Omotesando street, the Yoyogi park,... etc
For join us, please, ask to the staff or touch here!.
Let's enjoy the weekend!!!


In most of Japan, the rainy season lasts from the beginning of June to mid July.
This year it seems different; we still have not had much rain.
It was another sunny day today.

It is not that I like rain. I am just wondering if anything is wrong with the weather.
Is it because of global warming?

Anyway, I would like you to get ready for the expected rainy days while it is sunny.

1. Hydrangea


by ptrktn

Do you know what hydrangea is? It is a flower that blooms in the rainy season.
During the season you can find it anywhere in Japan.
It is an ordinary, but beautiful flower.

2. Rain scenery


by hiyang.on.flickr

Do you think a rainy day is not good for sightseeing? 
Actually some places, such as temples and shrines, would look more beautiful in rain.
If you are into photography, it is the day for you.

Even to those who prefer staying inside, the rainy season should not be that bad, 
as they can have the excuse of not going out.
Play your favorite music and enjoy reading with a nice cup of coffee.


It was baking hot today!! The weather forecast says the rainy season has come, but I have not seen any rain for about a week.
Perhaps we will go into summer without having much rain this year!

And at our cafe, a new item is getting ready to be on the lunch menu! 
It is a Mexican soup as red as the sun! "Sopa de Albondigas"!


"Sopa" is soup and "Albondigas" is meat in Spanish.
Simply put, it is Mexican meat soup! You bet it can not be bad!

Our staff member Peter at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho introduced this to us! 
He was grown up in Costarica!


Besides, you will get the spicy toasts below if you order "Sopa de Albondigas" for lunch!
That is salsa, beans, and cheese on the toasts.


It will be available very soon! Please check this blog for the update!


You know, It's already rainy season in Tokyo! 

However, It's still sunny and warm day in Tokyo!

I really hope that it will be lovely summer day soon!! 

Have you ever been to ''Shinjuku''? Its really big city in Tokyo! 


If you go to ''Shinjuku'', I strongly commend  to go to 

''Tokyu Hands'' which is the largest house hold goods shop in Tokyo!


There is a lot of unique goods. 

So You will probably see the Japanese sense of humour.

Our hotel, Sakura hotel Hatagaya is really close to Shinjuku! 

Its just 2 stations away from here!! 

Moreover, Its easy to go to almost everywhere in Tokyo from here! 

If you are planning to look around Tokyo, please use our hotel!! 


Hello! This is MUTO from sakura hotel hatagaya!

In Tokyo, it's supposed to be a rainy season already,
However its been sunny these days - wish the sun keeps chasing clouds away!!

Today we had rockin' EGYPTIAN PARTY!!
See the lots of guests waiting - cafe had been packed even from 4P.M!

One of our staff - Real Egyptian guy "Mohammed" is getting ready for...IMG_0368.JPG

Before the dance starts, it's time to learn about their history and culture..
Breathtaking story weren't they :)

After Egyptian lesson - time to have a coffee break? ---- no,
they are traditional Egyptian drink after Ramazan (Fasting)! 

tastes good - or bad ? (Yikes!)

After the lesson - it's time for Egyptian meal! :)

All recipes are from Mohammed, true Egyptian! 
Trust him, it tastes real good :)

And after the meal - SHOW TIME!
Dance to the music! it's belly dance show hour!


........Ooops, sound system got some trouble but no worries - 

Another idol, ONO cheered crowds UP!IMG_2872.JPG

Alrighty Alrighty.... Things got fixed, let's start all over!! 

How beautiful aren't they :D

Aww so sexy, missy :)


Time flies when we are having fun - so true!! 
is it time to say goodbye already!


Now it's time to dance with y'all !
dancers and guests from all around the world!!

Dancing needs no language - no border , too!

Put your handz UP!!


All dancers and guests - Thank you so much!!

We are organizing lots of Japanese traditional & International events!
If you missed this event - don't forget to check our website 

Have a nice day ....  MUTO
Hey everybody, it's Shun the trainee here.
I thought it'd be rainy today but was beautiful day was it??
Hope you did all the laundry today, cuz I'm sure it'll be hard to hang them outside from tomorrow.

Today I would love to talk about my hometown,
Fukushima. I know now you all know this name, because of that incident. 
Sometimes people get nervous when I tell them where I'm from, but please don't hesitate to ask about my hometown, we're not dead, and it's not Taboo thing at all!!

There's a HUGE FESTIVAL in Fukushima city today, 
It is Tohoku Rokkon Sai,well in Kanji, it like this,東北六魂祭. Here's a little bit of Japanese Kanji class for today!!

 There are 6 prefectures in Tohoku Area, and each place has its own Festival which is all amazing. When 3.11 occurred, we realized how important to stand together, and because Tohoku is not the center of Japan, some people didn't realize how big role we have for entire Japan,therefore right after the earthquake and nuclear power plant incident, most of people was frightened because that was something we've ever never imagined. 

 Now this year is our 3rd Festival since Tohoku people has stood up together and has come up with this idea.
Usually you need to go to each place and see and enjoy the festival. but only this time of year, you can enjoy, eat, laugh, feel, and have fun at the same place.




Here are some photos from Rokkon Sai Today!!!

So why don't you go to Fukushima???
It costs you 8,000yen by bullet train.
And 3000yen by Highway Bus.

If you don't have time to visit Tohoku now, you can also enjoy something from Tohoku at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

We now have pudding made by using Eggs from Tohoku, I will introduce you all some other time.

Have a great night all!!! :]


Its Aya,a trainee at Sakura hotel Hatagaya! 

I'm back from training at Sakura hostel Asakusa and Sakura hotel Jimbocho!

When I came  here,Sakura hotel Hatagaya, It was really nice and quiet

I felt like '' I'm back !!!''


And.. I've already met some lovely guests at Sakura hotel Hatagaya!!

Their beautiful smile  makes us HAPPY!!




As you can see our guests are coming from all over the world!!

Do you know...Tomorrow is a special day??

We are going to have a party called.....''Egyptian Party''!!  YAY!!!!

Thumbnail image for 20130602-egyptianparty (1).jpg

So..''Egypt''!! What do you think about Egypt?

For me...''Big Pyramid''  ''Sphinx' !! 

If you join this party, you can see real Egypt!! 

Moreover, You can see belly dance show!! 

Would you like to join this party? 
If you so please let us know!!