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Hi there everyone!!!

This is Shun the trainee, from Sakura Hotel Hayagaya.
How are you doing in Rainy Season? Sometimes RAIN makes people depressed but not in Sakura Hotel Hayagaya!

We have Special Discount only on Rainy Day.
This Cafe Au Lait Bowl usually 400yen, but when it's raining,
it'll cost you only 180yen!!! 
Isn't it Awesome???

We're gonna have an Egyptian Party on 2nd of June, this Sunday.
One of our staff from Egypt, Mohamed will give you Special Tour to Egypt!!:]

Before he came to Japan, he was a tour guide in Egypt, so he knows a lots of thing about Cultures and History.
You can learn more about him, here.

20130602-egyptianparty (1)-thumb-500x701.jpg

We're hoping to see you all at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!!

Hello ! This is Yui, as a trainee !

The staffs of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya always make an efforts to create new menu! As I have worked here for almost a month, sometimes the combination of the food makes me surprised because it is so unexpected  and unbelievable for Japanese' sense of  taste!
Today, let me show you some of  that menus!

The ranking No.3 is.... 
Yun Yeong Tea!!!!


The drink a guest from HongKong gave us a recipe, is made half of tea and half of coffee  with formy milk on the top.
>>see details on this Blog !

When I heard about this menu at the first time, I thought the mixed-up of coffee and tea would be offsetting each other, but it was not!! its like "chai" and I felt both aroma of coffee and tea ! its on our menu, so you can try it whenever  you want !

The second prize is....
The Egyptian salad made by Mohamed-san of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

eggplant salad.JPG

Mashed eggplants, crashed chickpea, and yogurt are mixed and flavoured with some spice and lemon. For normal Japanese people like me, the combination is I was anxious  while Mohamed-san was cooking them. However, when I ate, then I found it was delicious!!!  The eggplant and yogurt was matched, and the lemon flavour put all the things together.Unfortunately, its not on the menu now, but I hope it will be up on the menu soon!
Mohamed-san gave me a funny shoot!!

eating mohamed.JPG

By the way, we have a Egyptian party on this weekend! you can be able to talk and taste the Egyptian food produced by Mohamed-san!

Finally, Ta-Da-  ♪
The king of "unexpected combination menu"is...


"California Ants"
you know, its kind of familiar menu for people from overseas,but I have never heard about it, it was unbelievable for me such a combination! Even some people hates all of this ingredients, celery, peanuts butter and raison!! I like all of those tree, but cannot imagine the three works well each other, but when I tried it...
Hmm....?? Hmm....!!?? Hmm...!!!!!
First, its taste bit strange, but as I eat another one, it became kind of unstoppable tasty!!
Also its not on the menu now, but you can try if you reserve in advance as a party plan.

as you can see, we, Sakura cafe staff are always try hard to develop our menu! if you have any nice recipe on your own, please tell us! Your original recipe is always welcomed!
Also we have "party plan" that you can taste many foods from all over the world with reasonable price! Any kind of occasion can be suit to our place!

Please try "unknown combination" menu in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!! I am sure you will love them!!

cook your own SUSHI ROLL!!

Hi, it's Shun the trainee, from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Today I got some info about the coming up event at our hotel on NEXT SUNDAY!!!

So,,,you all know him right???

He is now known as a SUPERSTAR who recently showed himself on TV for couple of times.

His name is Mohamed from Egypt.
Lately his recipe MUSAKA and KOSHARI is pretty popular in our Sakura Cafe, and that's why he's been interviewed by some TV crew.

Before he came to Japan, his job was Tour Guide back in his country Egypt.

So he knows a lot about EGYPTIAN HISTORY and CULTURE and so on.

What comes up in your mind when you hear the word, 'Egypt'?
In my mind, hmmm Mummy, Pyramid, and Pharaoh...
Because we see or hear about Egypt often, we just feel Egypt close, but actually we don't really know about EGYPT.

It's like, some people still believe there are SAMURAI or NINJA in Japan!
Well, I'm joking but I hope you know what I meant. 

There're millions of things we're not familiar with, and this is the Chance that you'll learn, feel and eat,,,well experience EGYPT!

We still have some seats left, so call or email us right away!!!

20130602-egyptianparty (1).jpg

We're hoping to see you all here at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya & Sakura Cafe.

Thank you for your time:) 
Hi there everyone, this is Shun the trainee, from Sakura Hotel Hayagaya.

Today I would love to introduce you all NEW DRINKS from Mexico, and it'll soon to be on our menu.

According to the weather forecast guy on TV, Part of Japan, which is around Kyushu Area has been announced its in RAINY SEASON.

Day by day, it'll get humid and humid...
Personally, I don't like Rainy Season, which is kind of common thing among lots of people.

BUT this RAINY SEASON won't be the same like always, because now we've got AWESOME DRINKS!!!

Today one of our guest from MEXICO,kindly teach us how to make  
' Limonada'
 ' Punch of Pineapples and Citrus' !!!

I'll show you now how he made that awesome drinks, 
are you ready ??

First, cut lemon half and squeeze the juice of the lemon,

And put something in it [cannot tell you what it is, take a guess plz]

And TA-DAH!!!

This is the drink from MEXICO called ' Lemonada'
They usually drink Lemonada with Breakfast or Lunch, taste sweet and nice sour of lemon, 

it'll be on our Menu soon, so please if you stay with us or come by, check it out, trust us you won't regret!!

OK, here comes the next DRINK!!!

First squeeze the juice out of lemon, 
and after that, squeeze the orange and pour in it.

cut into pieces and...

take some steps after that, 

and TADAAAAH!!!!!!!!!

The name of this drink is
'Punch of pineapple and citrus'!!!

In Mexico, it serves with Breakfast and Lunch like Limonada.

The taste of this punch is so sweet from Pineapple and Orange, and you can taste sour throughout that sweetness.

With this drink I think I can punch the heat of summer,Bring it on SUMMER, we're so ready for you!!!


This drinks are perfect for YOUNG AND OLD, WOMEN OR MEN!
We also have lots of kind of beer from all over the world, 
why don't you come over to our Cafe and try some,
 you may find your BEST BEER here :)

in the end, our friend from MEXICO told us the great secret way to enjoy these drinks extremely cooler than ever. 

it is really simple, drink these with 


I can't imagine how good it will be,,,make my mouth water...

It'll be on our MENU soon, so come by and check em out please :) 

Let's have these great drinks and get ready for SUMMER!!!

At Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, we'll have EGYPTIAN PARTY!!!
More information, go to our website from the link below.


Thanks for reading and see you next time everyone!!!
After the TV program, 'Sarameshi' in NHK, 

Mr. Mohamed become very famous around Hatagaya:)

He is Mohamed (Egyptian staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya).


Now in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,
we have 3 kinds of lunch menu from Egypt,

All menu are halal menu, so Muslim people also can eat them.

And this is digest of the TV program!!


Sakura Hotel entrance!!

From France, and from Switzerland,
Mohamed was talking anytime with our guest, to communicate.



The most important thing is 'to get familiar with our guest '

Next, Musaka (Egypt meal) was focused.

It's already in lunch menu at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.



Mohamed usually buy Halal beef at Halal shop.
(It'S in Shin Okubo station). 


And we have 'Prayers room for Muslim' in Sakura Hotel/ cafe Hatagaya.
It's necessary for them. 


Good smile !! Anytime we smile to our guest!!


Let's eat lunch menu from Egypt at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya , when you'll check-in at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!
You will satisfy to eat it!!


We are waiting your attendance!!
Anytime you can ask us about this event:)

Purchasing Halal Food in Shin Okubo

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I went to Shin Okubo station to buy some ingredients (Mainly Halal beef) for Sakura Cafe Hatagaya's lunch menu, 'Musaka' 
The halal beef was selling at Green Nasco, (picture), and it was 'Halal' seal on the package. 


It was on TV, 'Sarameshi 'By NHK channel on May 13th.


Mohamed produce the menu 'Musaka' you know??


This is Musaka, halal menu for Muslim, and we prepare this for 'LUNCH TIME ONLY' menu.

You can eat with 800 yen (including one drink).





They are Sakura Cafe guests, coming to join 'One Coin Festa' in Hatagaya (monthly event in Hatagaya, 500 yen menu preparing on that day ) tried to smoke Sisha (it's their first time), so Mohamed explained how to enjoy smoking :) 
Are you enjoying, men!? (^^)


We have many guests from various countries today too!!

Firstly, guests from Mexico:)
They look happy having Sakura Cafe Hatagaya's breakfast with 350 yen:)


From France:)
What a lovely couple they are:) 

amilcar chavarria.JPG
From U.S.A..
Unbelievable!! He is travelling over 3 months!! 
Europe, Singapore, Asia, visiting soooo many countries.
Moreover, Look! The number of his baggage is only 2!
SUPER TRAVELER!!!(....or survivor (?))

His T-shirt 「BRASIL」 is so suitable for him, isn't it?
He said that he bought it at Brasil:)


Also from USA. He can write and speak Japanese!! Great!!

They are from Myanmar.


Their smile always makes me happy through working here
as a hotel staff in exotic atmosphere like this.


He is from U.S.A. Good smile.
Thanks so much for staying at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

We have SPECIAL RATE for foreigners.
Please reserve from this URL,




Get special price, and enjoy your TOKYO stay:)

★Check out our enjoyable events coming up 
from May 26 to Jun. 15!★

blog用1コイン (1).jpg

Good evening!

This is Kazuki, a trainee , @Sakurahotel/cafe Hatagaya.
As I said before, I like cooking!

I thought I wanted to grow something like vegetable for myself, so
I started a kitchen garden !(It's really small though...)

s-P1110014.jpg s-P1110024.jpg
left =mint                     

It's getting warmer and warmer these days.

It's really fun to water them and to see how they grow!


I made this cocktail ,Mojito, with rum and soda.



new menu coming soon !?

blog用1コイン (1).jpg

Make your own Sushi-Roll!

Not just a Sushi-Roll,We will make special Sushi ART!

Look at this - "Sumo wrestler" is holding "Sumo wrestler Sushi-Roll" !!
With Sushi-roll workshop teacher, everyone can make sushi art like this :)

This character is called "Sekitori-Kun", cute ay? :)



If you would like to join,just send us the following info to the address below!
**We have a recipe for Vegetarians.

1. Name
2. If you are SAKURA GROUP Guests, hotel /
     premises name and room number
3. Phone Number ( if you have )

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Egypt Event !! 2nd JUNE 2013!!

Hello, everyone.
I'm a trainee, Masaru.
I particiated in a wedding celemony and party in Yokohama last Saturday.


The celemony was hold at a small church near Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery.
And the party was at an Italian restaurant by the sea.


Yokohama is a very beautiful place and you can feel as if you were in a foreign country.

How to get Yokohama form Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
Hatagaya Station → Shinjuku 3chome Station (Keio New Line)
Shinjuku 3chome Station → Yokohama Station (Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line)


Good evening!

As it is getting warmer, these days I often find a group of guests enjoying imported beers we sell at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.
Nice beers get nicer when you drink it with nice friends!


Sometimes our staff members also like to have beers at the cafe.
If you find them drinking, please talk to them or drink with them! 
You are always welcome! If you drink too much, you can stay at the hotel.

We can serve you snacks that go well with beer too. Please ask us at any time!


Hello! This is Yui.
I've been leaning lots of things at my training with fun!! One of the most pleasant things for me,is making puddings for Sakura cafe!

Look these eggs! don't you think its beautiful?
We have 2 kinds of egg, one called "RED EGG", the other one called "BLUE EGG".These are from Tohoku farm, which provides fresh vegetables and eggs by organic farming since 1987.
"BLUE EGG" taste more rich and creamy,on the other hand "RED EGG" taste more clear and mild.

I like cooking, but I rare cook dessert because I believe that it is much delicious 
to buy one from pastry, so I have never cooked  pudding in my life ! However, my
colleague show me how to make it, then I could do it !!! seems so delicious, isn't it??

初プリン オーブン.JPG

初プリン ひとつ.JPG

You can try this tasty pudding at 500yen with hot beverage!
We also have a special pudding set with "BLUE EGG PUDDING", "RED EGG PUDDING" with hot beverage at only 800yen!!

Please enjoy our special tasty pudding made from freshly organic ingredients!
we are waiting for you at our place,Sakura Cafe hatagaya!

trip to Egypt from Tokyo ! ↓ 

Hello, This is Yui !

It was raining all-day today, but you don't have to be blue! because it means, you could have large bowl of cafe au lait at our place for all-day ! Yeah!!!

Since I was born in Tokyo, I use bus often inside Tokyo. Some days before, I took a bus from Shibuya when I come to hotel. You may know our hotel is located close by Shinjuku area, only take a train to go. Not only that, but we are also close to Shibuya area, only taking a bus! Let's me explain how to get our place from Shibuya by bus.

There is bus terminal just in front of the west exit of Shibuya station. You can see many bus stops there. Please get "route 63" to Nakano or "route 66" to Asagaya, be careful not to take another route of going Nakano, it will takes you to Shinjuku!

 渋谷駅 バス停2.JPG

渋谷 バス停.JPG

The bus goes through to the middle of Shiuya.

Sorry for my bad pictures because I took them from running bus...


Passing by the NHK hall...



Going through a junction of Tomigaya...




Passing through Koshu highway...



Approximately in 20 minutes. The Hatagaya bus stop is located in fromt of super market "Gourmet City", please go back to the direction that the bus comes from, turn to the right and you can see Hatagaya station. The Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is only 1 minute away! You can easily find us when you turn right at the convenience store "familymart".





If  you would like to go to Shibuya from our place, please across the Koshu Street to the opposite side. You can find a bus stop just in front of "Matsuya" restaurant with orange sign.



 Don't you think that is nice to enjoy the townscape by getting on the bus? You have 5 to 6 buses in every 1 hour, so no need to wait so long to catch it.

Shibuya is a quite busy place that makes you get little wearied, please get a bus and take a rest in our place Sakura café Hatagaya ! you are always welcome!!

make your special SUSHI !! ↓



This is kazuki @Sakurahotelcafe Hatagaya

It rains in the evening these days.

I don't like humid weather.

Well, I like eating ice cream when it's hot !

I found this in Korea before.


hmm? I think I have seen this design in Japan too...

Yes, this is 「yukimi daifuku」 in Korea!!


Walnuts ice cream covered by rice pudding(It's thick and tastes wormwood)

Sakuracafe Hatagaya is open 24hours! We have many kind of foods, drinks all over the world and dessert too !!


Limited offer

Hi there. I'm Kaz, a Hatagaya staff loving taking photos.

Looking at guests at SAKURA HOTEL Hatagaya here, I often see 
them having nice camera actually. 

You don't have any idea where you should go for photos?
What about Mt. Fuji then?

Let me show you my photos here....

<Mt. Fuji in sunset time>




Above photos were taken at a bus stop, Otome Toge
It might be also interesting to explore here and there by yourself 
to find the best place for your best shot of Mt. Fuji.

<Access from SAKURA HOTEL Hatagaya to Otome Toge>

     ↓  Keio Shin-sen Line (for Moto-Yawata)
     ↓  Odakyu Line - Romance car (Express) (for Hakone-Yumoto)

Yumoto Eki(Hakone-Yumoto Staition) 
     ↓  Hakone Tozan Bus (for Gotemba Outlet)
Otome Toge

The number of buses(Hakone Tozan Bus) is extremly limited. 
You're recommended to check its time table well before going.

Enjoy a walk with your camera today too!

Hi there. I'm Kaz, a Hatagaya staff loving taking photos.

If you are in Tokyo for sightseeing, you should not miss night-view
of Tokyo. 

For night-view photos, some skill and knowledge are needed as you
may know. 

Let me show you my challenges here...

-Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba-





Easy access from SAKURA HOTEL Hatagaya
Why don't you go out for Odaiba tonight before/after drinking

<Access from SAKURA HOTEL Hatagaya to Odaiba> 
       ↓ Keio Shin-sen Line (For Moto-Yawata)
       ↓ Toei Oedo Line -Subway (For Roppongi / Daimon)
       ↓   Yurikamome Line 
Odaiba Kaihin-Koen (Odaiba Kaihin Park)

Enjoy a walk with your camera today too!

Hi, there.
This is Masaru.

We have lots of snacks from all over the world!!

2013-05-16 21.01.58.jpg
I tried this one.

2013-05-16 21.03.05.jpg

2013-05-16 21.05.49.jpg
This is called Monster Munch from Porland.
Ketchup taste and the shape is really cute!!

This is called Deep river from the U.S.
Onion taste and Salt & Pepper.

2013-05-16 21.03.57.jpg

Taste world snacks at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!!

Hello, I'm Masaru.

Recently it's getting hot and I feel like I don't want to eat anything.
But curry is an exception.

We have various taste of curry, and this time I tried Indonesian curry.

This one!!

2013-05-15 18.46.04.jpg

coconuts taste and creamy and spicy!!
Vegetarian food.

Also I had olivier salad from Russia.

This one!!

2013-05-15 19.13.07.jpg

This is potato salad including sausage and pickles.

Come and try Indonesian curry at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!!

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya is inside Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!

Our Cafe OPEN June 30th 2009!

It looks different from now:)



What are you going to do for your anniversary?

We are thinking about our 4th Anniversary party :)
If you have any good idea please let us know!!

Check out the discount if you are planning to make a booking:

Hello, this is kazuki

It was a nice day today too ^ ^

Going cycling is nice on a day with good weather like today !!


This is my bicycle★

I like cycling because・・・

You can go far away
 (I went to Sendai (400km from Tokyo) by bicycle when I was a student!!)

You can burn off calories !!
(I'm on a diet ...)

You can visit many places as you want ^ ^

enjoying nature


Jizo near my home!?

Sakura hotel hatagaya is located very close to Shinjuku

Cafe 24hours open

We have not only beers around the world but cocktails too!

sIMG_0352.jpg      sIMG_0353.jpg

 Hi ! This is Yui, and its my 4th day of training Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

As being here for 4 days, I have found some "Kawaii" (pretty) things at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya. Let's me introduce them today!!

Can you see his( or maybe hers ?) smile? Its on our sign board standing outside on the way to hotel entrance. Is he a caterpillar or a honey bee?  Everytime I walk down near the signboard, my eyes meet his! Please stop by Sakura Hotel Hatagaya saying hello to him!

2013-05-12 12.11.32.jpg

These are our guests' photos decorated at the entrance. I like this colorful sign!
Come and join in these pictures when you stay with us !

2013-05-12 12.11.22.jpg

Mr. Frog is always standing at the entrance to welcome all his customers.
See his smile ! 

2013-05-12 12.02.30.jpg

Under Mr.Frog standing, you can see cute Japanese taste souvenirs and you can buy one at 200yen. I love to buy one for myself !

2013-05-12 12.02.41.jpg

These are light on our cafe decorated with Arabic cloths. Don't you thik its nice idea to cover the light like this ?

2013-05-12 12.03.15.jpg

There are some other "Kawaii" things here!


and this...↓


and more !!!


We have many more !

Please come to our place to feel homely atmosphere by attentive staff and find your "Kawaii" things here !

Check out the discount if you are planning to make a booking:

We have many brands of imported beer at our cafe.


Sometimes our guests try too many kinds of beer and get drunk.
A few nights ago, some guests from Canada were drinking like cars drink gasoline!
They are so nice people!

カナダ人 初めての日本ですごくうかれてビールたくさん飲んでました。-thumb-400x300.jpg

I wonder how many beer bottles they emptied to be like this.
Guess what they are doing on the floor?




They kept telling me they were not drunk, but I doubted it when they started push-ups.
That was funny...

If you stay at our hotel, come down to our cafe (on the 1st floor of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya). You might find somebody to drink with!

We have welcomed guests from Malaysia today.


As they are Muslims, they seemed to be surprised to see a prayer room at our hotel.
They went outside to have dinner a few hours ago. 
What they were planning to have is Tempura.



by Yuya Tamai

They were looking for a tempura chain restaurant "Tenya" near the hotel.
I know it because it is popular among Japanese people. 
But I did not imagine that they know it too.

They told me they like the restaurant because it is delicious and cheap.
If I find a guest looking for cheap Tempura, I will recommend Tenya.

Please come to Japan and try good Japanese food!

Check out the discount if you are planning to make a booking:

Hello, everyone.

I'm a trainee, Masaru.


I took a walk alone the other day...

The place is...



Shinjuku Gyoen!!


Look at this extensive landscape!!

Maybe you can't believe this is the center of Tokyo.

This place is really peaceful.

People of all ages are enjoying taking a walk or having picnic.

I did it before.


Shinjuku Gyoen is very close to Shinjuku 3 chome station.

Shinjuku 3 chome station is just only 3 stops from Hatagaya station.

Have a bottle of beer at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya after taking a walk!! 

Hi, everyone.

I'm new trainee, Masaru.

I started working here, Sakura Hotel Hatagaya from last week, and I noticed that there are lots of guests speaking Japanese beyond expectation.

Some speak greeting words like 'KONNICHIWA' and some speak like '~~SHITAINDESUKEDO...' (I would like to do ~~)

I was teaching Japanese language in India and South Korea


So I am really happy hearing foreigners speaking Japanese!!

Do not be anxious if you do not speak Japanese.


We have English, Arabic, Korean speakers.

It's me who speaks Korean.


And Arabic speaker is Mr Mohamed!!


cafe 026.jpg

Why don't you come and feel international atmosphere at Sakura cafe Hatagaya ?

Tamago Kake Gohan・SHINDOFUJI・Tokyo Release・So tasty that rendering any kind of seasoning unneccessary. Completely free of any pesticide residues.

Kawaii!!!Lovely guests from France!

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Here is our kawaii guests from France.

They are still 17years old.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo LOVELY!
And their favourite drink is Ice coffee @190yen :)
How do you drink ice coffee?
With sylup? Milk?
Tamago Kake Gohan・SHINDOFUJI・Tokyo Release・So tasty that rendering any kind of seasoning unneccessary. Completely free of any pesticide residues.

Kawaii!!!Lovely guests from France!

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Here is our kawaii guests from France.

They are still 17years old.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo LOVELY!
And their favourite drink is Ice coffee @190yen :)
How do you drink ice coffee?
With sylup? Milk?
Tamago Kake Gohan・SHINDOFUJI・Tokyo Release・So tasty that rendering any kind of seasoning unneccessary. Completely free of any pesticide residues.

Hi, everyone:-) How are you?

It was wonderful weather today!!

See these smiling guests from Indonesia, yesterday they gave us such wonderful smiles with Japanese calligraphy that they tried for the first time for most of them! 
well done everyone!!

And.. yesterday we changed reception counter^^

Do you know what's new?


It's not simple reception counter any more!!

You see these photos below:-)


wow! quite pretty, colourful and helpful with hotel name, date, weather forecast, temperature and... world flags!! 

Can you find your national flag on it? 

You can come and see this new reception counter whenever you like because we are working 24/7!!

Have good night<3

Hello, everyone!

Today We held a calligraphy event at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya with 26 guests from Indonnesia!!

 It was the first time for all of them to try calligraphy!


Ok、Let's write your name in KANJI


It looks difficult...

My name in kanji is more complicated than yours....

What does this kanji mean ?...



They are really good at writing calligraphy!

it was a good experience :)

We, Sakura Cafe hatagaya holds events like this !

We are looking to forward to seeing you ♪


Hello everybody 
Here's Mohamed the staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya (^_~)/

Today I'll introduce a Muslim group come to stay with us at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

They are from Indonesia 
2013-05-04 13.58.16-1.jpg
They are a high school students & they came in a journey to Japan

They arrived today & they will stay with us for 5 nights \(^ 。^)/

2013-05-04 13.38.17.jpg
Today we took them for a sightseeing for the area around Sakura Hotel Hatagaya 

2013-05-04 13.59.05-2.jpg
2013-05-04 13.59.09.jpg
They also visited the Sakura Muslim Share House which it's located nearby Sakura Hotel Hatagaya within 8 minutes walking

I think we will enjoy them stay with us in the next 4 nights a lot 
Thank you a lot for giving us the chance to meet you & we're looking forward to very well servicing you 

Hi! This is Kazuki , a new trainee at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


I like cooking very much.


This is the roast chicken I baked :)
It's one of the best menu I cook.


This is a homemade hamburger.

★I bake pan for myself,
★I fry potatoes, too!!

You can enjoy a lot of foods, drinks around the world at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (at 1st floor in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya).

I like eating too.
I LOVE Ramen, spicy food

I've been to Korea skr100.jpg,Thailandsth100.jpg, Spainsfes.jpg, and Turkeyss114.jpg.

I speak Japanese and English.

We are looking forward to seeing you:)