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We will start Chinese New year'sLunch from 3rd Feb!
This is  dōngpōròu from China.
(Its made of thick cubes of Pork belly simmered in Soy sause, sugar and Alcohol
By cooking it for a long time over a low temperature the collagen breaks-down into gelatin keeping the meat moist while becoming extremely tender allowing it to be consumed with chopsticks easily.  )

China Kakuni3.JPGのサムネール画像

Ms,Koh taught us how to make it.
She learned this dish from her Mom.

kohsan .jpg

You can try it from 3rd Feb at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!!

We held a farewell party of Hirotaka last Monday

He is Hirotaka, Do you guests remember him!?

He worked for about 5 years at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, and he quit his work on Jan. 30th.

For this party, Ai made a baked cheese cake,
Ryoma made a  Cinnamon roll,
Mohamed made 'Samosa' 
Naoto made a memorial photo-video, and broadcast it with TV in Sakura Cafe.


Actually I (Miwa) had worked until 9 PM, so after my work finished, I joined this party.
So I couldn't take so much pictures... 


These balloons are created by Ai!!




We promised that we meet him at Kyoto in the future !!
So one time good-by, and see you again!!

There was a 'Runners Event' on Jan. 25th. at Sakura Cafe Jimbocho.
The purpose of this event is, to run around the Imperial Palace, and to make new friends each others for runners!

To join this event again,  I made my work off:)

This was the second time for everyone, but 2 of the guests  joined this event again like me! 

Mohamed (Sakura Cafe Hatagaya staff) also joined it, like me (work was off).

He is Michel, living in Sakura House in Shinjuku, an English teacher at Nova (an English conversation school in Japan).
Actually this was first time for him to run around Imperial Palace, so he was so excited!

So everyone, 
Let's start running!! (from 7:30 PM)



Sooooo beautiful illumination! 

The running time was best for us, 33 min. (5 km).
(Last time, the time was 50 min. ha-ha)(^^)


After running together, 
there was a reception party in Sakura Cafe Jimbocho, with these various 'world food'

Mackerel-sandwiches from Turkey!


Liver paste from France!


Salad from Israel.


All of the menu satisfied us very much!!
Thank you very much , Rico-chan, and Shun-san!
(they made for themselves, for us, runners.)


Next event information will be on Sakura Cafe Jimbocho's HP.

Let's join this joyful event next time!

Today there were an monthly event, 


Today's menu for 500 yen, was, 'Hookah with one drink'. and ' EFES beer'.

We prepared 5 kinds of flavors, 

and much of Efes beer for this event day.

For Japanese, Hookah is sooo nove, so many Japanese (living near Hatagaya area) came here to smoke it:)

Usually, Sakura Cafe Hatagaya prepare it with 800 yen (with one drink).

How about to smoke it when you stay at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya?


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Is this our new uniform?!?
No, no... he is just pretending Muslim people.
egyptstyle 003.jpg

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya has many facility for people who lives in Middle east.
Here is prayer room.

And this is Shisha!
Have you try it before? You can see many people having shisha at cafe in Middle east.

We have haral menu! 
This is koshary which is famous as Egyptian food.
Looks yummy?
Yes, it is!!

Please come and visit us!!

Japanese Proverbs

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Do you know any Japanese proverbs?
Though I speak English as I work at our hotel, I do not really know any proverb in English.
That is why I thought you might not know any Japanese saying, though you might be familiar with Japanese culture already.

Let me introduce you some Japanese sayings.

「悪事千里を走る」 Akuji senri wo hashiru.
Translation: Bad news runs 1,000 miles.


January 22, 2011
by Jeremy Jenum

In English, there is a similar saying: "A lie can be halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on."

「石の上にも3年」 Ishi no ue nimo sannen.
Translation: Stay 3 years on a stone.


by Public Domain Photos

It is a bit hard to get it. 
It means that even if it is a cold stone, it becomes warm if you sit on it for a long time.
A similar proverb is "Rome was not built in a day."

That is it for today!

I will explain more proverbs next time!

One of weather forecast companies in Japan announced the forecast about when cherry blossoms may bloom.

That says we may be able to see cherry blossoms as early as usual in many places in Japan this year.
In Tokyo, cherry blossoms may bloom on March 25th, may be in full bloom on April 2nd and best time viewing cherry blossoms may be between April 1st and April 8th.

FYI, cherry blossoms bloomed on March 31st in Tokyo last year.

Do you have a plan to visit Japan in spring this year to see cherry blossoms?

Our brand-new guest room!

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Hi everyone!
how do you do?
I' just waiting for spring to come..

Today,let me show you some pics of our guest room,
which has just  refurbished!

Warm and cozy,It's just like a brand-new house.

 triple room

IMG_3909.jpg・twin room


・single room


・Sakura cafe-a place of relief for everyone.

How about having a good time at cafe and straight to room?
Isn't it great??

please enjoy and relax at our brand-new room :)

Try a quick quiz on vegetable flower!

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Hi everyone!

Today I got some quick quiz on vegetable flower!

We see lots of vegetables every where in everyday matters,
but it's a rare occurrence to see vegetable's flower isn't it??

I'ts like a pretty flower just like at a floral shop.


But it's actually a flower of  carrots!

This might be more familiar one than a carrots.

It's potato!

How about this one?actually this one is not so popular in Japan....


や6 (1).jpg

Here is a final question....do you know this flower?

parsley!maybe I like flower than a parsley...
Actually those pics are from a post cards that we sell at front desk. 

Those pictures are from TOHOKU-BOKUJYO our group company. 

you can buy fresh and delicious organic vegetables or eggs by mail order!

please check their website for those beautifulVegetables!

Tohoku-bokujo   http://www.tohoku-bokujo.co.jp/


How do you spend Valentine's day in your country?
In Japan, Girls give the chocolate to boys. 
Is this same as your country?

Our branch hotel, Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro will have Valentine's day party, called 
Bloody Valentine.

If you have time, please join them! 
Hi everyone!

I'm yuka,trainee, from sakura hotel ikebukuro.

To introduce sakura hotel hatagaya to everyone.

I spent those few hours walking around hotel.
here is some of my favorite places!

"Taketora"  ramen shop right next to our hotel.


Tasty soy souse based  soup
 shredded Seaweed,boiled egg,Chinese-style barbecued pork,stewed chicken on top.
just for 780 yen.that was so  delicious.

And the other favorite place is..

A supermarket that sell a little exclusive products.a fancy product  imported from whole entire world.

I like just hang around this supermarket,because there is always something new and interesting! 

This time I got some items for nems and bottled liver mousse,I thought it go with wine.

I'll keep go out for a stroll around hotel,when i find something new,I'll let you know again.

Thank you very much for your coming!

Here is some picture for today's trip!
Let's go to Arabian world!

Is this really Japan?

Beautiful Islamic Architect 


My favorite is entrance.
Love stripe pattern!

After we look around Mosque, we had small party at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Sweets Vietnam tea.
Mint tea was most popular!


Thank you for coming!

We will have Mosque tour vol.2 on Feb 19th! 

mosque banner (1).JPG


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Here's a picture of the family who already done check-out.



I'm writing about guests with family, but we welcome those who travel alone, travel with friends, travel with lovers and travel on business as well :)

Hello! this is NAOTO from Sakura Hotel HATAGAYA!

HATAGAYA is really convenient place, 
as it only takes 4min. from Shinjuku station.

Basically Hatagaya is good and old Japanese residential area,
quiet and relaxing at night time, many local restaurants everywhere, 
but it might be not exciting enough for some young backpackers I guess?
(as I've been getting asked about CLUBS / PUBS in Tokyo so many times!!)

so this time, I'd like to introduce you some good place for night out,
hope this will help you to Enjoy TOKYO!


★GO ROCKIN'(move ur body, sweat it out!)

***Club atom <Shibuya, Tokyo>
Every night, so Packed with many young clubbers, 
Main dancefloor : Trance*mix - Sub : PsyTrance , always rocking,
besides, on another floor, you can chill with hiphop/r&b music.

***Gaspanic <Shibuya, Tokyo>
All-mix style, and I would say that this is the #1 international club in Tokyo,
as every night so many tourists, students and people from overseas are 

***Studio Ageha <Shinkiba, Tokyo>
Biggest arena in Japan!! 
big dj, singer, artist comes often (Tiesto,Above&Beyond etc..)
Everything's depending on a schedule, 
on a weekday sometimes closed, you must check the website...
having fun in there!

★GO CHILLIN' (with your gf,bf,maybe?)

***Lounge VANITY <Roppongi, Tokyo>
breathtaking - Have a nice time with beautiful night view of Tokyo!
This place can be lounge, bar, restaurant, even private party room... up to you!
every month this lounge has fun events. (e.g. costume party, color-themed party etc)

***Club flower <Roppongi, Tokyo>
If you are not really in a mood, this club would be nice, 
massive interior, professional bar tender 
good music, many sofas & pretty big dance floor!! events depend on the day.


**These are my personal suggestion, sakura hotel group is not related with any clubs.
**Before you go, check the event information on the website 
     so you don't waste your time and money.
**Drink safe, Sleep well at Sakura Hotel HATAGAYA!!


Good time rules, No curfew!

We are open for 24hrs!!
Enjoy JAPAN, Let's go, TOKYO NIGHT OUT!! 


When does the last train leave?

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When does the last train to Hatagaya (Keio new line) leave Shinjuku?

is one of the questions we often get asked by guests.

The answer is 0:52 am. Is it later than you think?


The first train to Shinjuku (Keio new line) leaves Hatagaya at 4:46 am.

FYI, Sakura Cafe Hatagaya opens for 24 hours.

We had a lot of snow in Tokyo!

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We had a lot of snow in Tokyo today.
2013-01-14 13.37.56.jpg
It is the first snow in this winter and this year as well.

2013-01-14 13.37.44.jpg
At first, I thought it might take more time to commute than usual.
Trains in Japan are famous for on time, but it will be disrupted on snowy days especially in Tokyo.
I used to be excited to watch snow when I was a child, though...

Do you have the first snow in the place you live this year?

Sumo Tour & Chanko Lunch Party

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Have you ever watched Sumo match?


Sumo (相撲) is Japan's national sport as you know.

Three major games at Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan are held in January, May and September.

On January 15, 21 and 24, 2013, SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA staff will cook sumo food for you and guide you to watch the sumo tournament together.

Don't miss this chance!


Event Date & Time

January 15 (Tue) From 1:00 PM (Hostel lobby)

January 21 (Mon) From 1:00 PM (Hostel lobby)

January 24 (Thu) From 1:00 PM (Hostel lobby)


Meeting Place



Fee: 3100 yen

(fee includes Sumo tournament ticket & Chanko lunch)



Appointment required. To reserve this tour,

please contact SAKURAHOSTEL ASAKUSA via email.

*Limited to 20 people per day. First-come, first-served!


You can find details about the event on the website below.


Coming-of-Age Day

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The day after tomorrow is a national holiday and we have three-day weekends in Japan.

The second Monday of January is Coming-of-Age Day.


You may see women wearing elegant long sleeved kimono on the way to a coming-of-age ceremony.


In Japan, adult age is 20. From how old do you reach adult age in your country?

QUIZ: Do you know what this food is!?

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Her name is Masayu-san, coming from Indonesia.

'I've come to Japan 15 years ago!', she said.

Welcome back to Japan!


It's a first time to stay in Sakura Hotel for her.

When she checked in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya,
I heard her country's food recipe bellow.


Can you guess what this is!?

Hint: Traditional food in PADANG, not curry.

We'll make it for Sakura Cafe menu before long. 

Actually, I was born in Nagoya, and most of my favorite food is Miso-Katsu:)

As I mentioned in the last staff blog,

I really love Miso taste above all:)
(Thailand food is also my favorite, ha-ha!)


This picture is 'Miso Dengaku' , what I eat last month in Toyohashi (near Nagoya City)

Tofu and miso is so matched!!


This restaurant is near my home.
My favorite Miso-Katsu restaurant:) 

(Crumbed Fried Pork with sweet Miso )



So many pigs found in this restaurant:)
They are symbol characters:)


Nagoya station had 'Everyday Nagoya-Food Festival' last month.


If you will go to Nagoya,
Please ask me about sightseeing and gourmet:)
Anytime I'll assist you!

★Runners Event on Jan. 25th 2013 ★♪

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Hello! Runners from all of the world♪

Sakura Cafe (hotel )Jimbocho will hold the amazing event 'Runners Station Event , 'Let's run around the Imperial Palace' again, 

On Jan. 25th 2013!!


★You should join this event if you ...♪★

「..have never run around the Imperial Palace」
「...need to do some exercise for my health♪」
「...wanna make new friends by these kinds of event」

「...have nothing to do on the day  that day!」

♪please check the details




If you will join this event, please make your reservation in advance♪

Let's meet at Sakura Cafe Jimbocho♪
I went to Asakusa yesterday, to do my first visit of the year to 'Sensouji'

When you entered the temple, there is 'place for wash your hands' near the entrance.

Before praying, people wash their hands with ladle.


Many people including foreigners were coming to pray their wishes.

You know, this fire & smoke are famous, call the smoke by hands to your body-parts where you want to 'repair' or 'heal' or 'become better than ever' .


This is also famous, a written oracle (normally from 100 yen).
My fortuneluch was, 吉 (normal luck) , it's not so bad:)


Asakusa has many kinds of shops, mainly traditional food/ costume in Japan, and

I bought 'Steamed Potatoes ' for tea time in my friend's home.



This is another snack, fried dough cookies.
The package is soooo cute:)

Foreigners, good souvenirs for your friends and families !
(Tokyo Sky Tree, Sumidagawa River and Sensouji are designed for the package )

Let's enjoy Asakusa walking, and pray your wishes of this year at temples in Japan!

(Asakusa also have our branch hostel, Sakura Hostel Asakusa.)
How are you today?
Do you like Ranking?
We, Japanese loves Ranking!
And same as me!

This is my favorite ranking website.
Trip adviser.
You also can check the reviews of hotel, tourist spot, and restaurants.

Please check our hotel's reviews. 

This also popular ranking site. (sorry it's only Japanese) 







Check it out!!!

This is also my favorite.( Japanese only. sorry...)
@cosme is cosmetic ranking site. You can check Japanese girl's opinion from there.

By the way, Anne san who was working at sakura hotel hatagaya, stopped by today.
Thank you!!



Brasil brothers in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!
They gave us long letter last time.
It is nice to see you again!!


They eat Sakura Cafe's Breakfast every day.
Using a lot of sugar for coffee and Tea!
They usually drink Espresso with sugar.

So,we made a new menu!
Brasil style Espresso 400 yenespresso.JPG

imited time offer at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,don't miss it!

Happy one coin festa on 27th Jan
Hey ,what's your lunch today??

Today I introduce you that what Mohamed made to us for 'lunch menu in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya' next week♪
This is ' ???? (pronounciation: Koshali''♪

One of the major fast food in Egypt.

The ingredients are, 'Thailand rice, peppers, garlic, Egyptian special spices, chickpea, lentil, vinegar, tomato, and so on. 
(Other details are secret:) )☆彡


These are 5 layers to make it.


Rice, macaroni, chickpea, lentils are on the plate.

The special tomato sauce dive into the dish, and finished!
We could have 'party time' with this special home-made food from Mohamed♪
(This is an image picture, drink and soup will be changed into the better one.)

You might eat this lunch menu from next week:)

Let's enjoy Egyptian food in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya★☆彡

☆We open 24 hours/ 365 days for you!☆

Kakizome corner is now occupied with guests' calligraphy♪


逢 = meet someone special,
勝利 = victory

Guess other word's meaning...


華やか= gorgeousness 

By the way,

they are Australian newlyweds, staying at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya :)
So lovely costume:)


So their word 2013 is, 
'祝結婚' = congratulation for marriage:)

Then, you know about 'Mirror word' in China??

This 福 (fuku, means happiness) is hanged upside-down.

Upside-down (mirror ) word means, 'to arrive happiness in our life'

This is one of Chinese traditional culture.

Since I didn't know about the meaning, I thought somebody missed to hang it correctly:) Ha-ha!


At last, her name is Mrs. Deise, coming from Brazil.

'Deise' means 'Margaret', and the flower meaning is, 'real love' 

So she wrote '愛 Love' ♪ Great word in whole world.

How about to fill in your heart on the paper?
Have you already eaten Osechi in Japan?

Osechi is a traditional Japanese food-box for new years day (oshougatsu).

Osechi have many kinds of wishes inside.

Congratulation: Sekihan 赤飯 (red bean rice )

Richness : Kurikinton 栗きんとん (marrons glacés)

Large Families: Kazunoko 数の子 ( salted herring roe )

Joyful : Kobumaki昆布巻き (rolled kelp with fish in it )

Please think about these happiness during you're eating OSECHI:)

As Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro did yesterday, 

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya also made a 'KAKIZOME' corner in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!


Can you guess these letters meaning??

 means, cherry blossom (for Sakura Hotel ),
希望 means hope (Miwa wrote it ),
means Horse (Naoto wrote it because he really love horse all above ), 
富士山 means , you know, Mr. Fuji, 
円安 means a weak yen  (Yositaka wrote it )  :)


 You can also write 書き初め KAKIZOME during your stay in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

Let's grip the brush, and write your hope 2013 or your name / country of KANJI , anything OK!

☆Enjoy Japanese culture in the NEW YEAR☆

Happy New Year! 
Cheers! Kanpai!
Currently, we have many guests from all over the world.
They are from Australia! Having a party with world wide beer!
This is what I wanted to see at our cafe.
Thank you very much for coming!

Anyway, here is our new menu: Egypt style coffee!
It's really strong coffee like espresso, but has cardamom inside.
After you drink this, you can speak Arabic (maybe:P)
IMG_3405.jpg IMG_3409.jpg
Please come and try it!