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Hello! This is NAO from Sakura Hotel HATAGAYA!

We've been importing lots of beer from all-around-the-world,
and famous Aussie beer "XXXX" (four-x) is one of the popular beer in our cafe!

Fine brewed, full flavoured and nicely bitter,
If you like XXXX, I recommend one of Japanese beer "ASAHI" which has similar taste :)

and so much more.... Check the news : the Regend of XXXX!
it was on newspaper and tube all over the Australia and U.K.!  :)

Diamond Mojo, 6yrs old male horse was dying from bout of terrible colic,
He really was dying, Owner kissed goodbye to him.

what the heck is this smell... sip...
It bloody well works!

no more colic, no more sore legs, absolutely no flaw at all!!
Are you stressed? - Drink XXXX!!
Are you overloaded? - Drink XXXX!!

The horse proved that beer can fix pretty much everything :)
By the way it's the end of 2012 already - - - Have a happy new year!!

How do you spend your holiday?
Are you enjoying in Japan?
Or are you spending time with family at home town?

I had 3days off until yesterday and spent time with my family.
From today, I'll be working 3days! (Yes, I am on duty new year's eve and new year's day!!)
Please come and see if you are around Tokyo!

Anyway, here is our new menu!
P.B.R (Peanuts butter revolution!)

It's a some kind of peanuts butter milk!
Really sweet and yummy drink. It might be great for winter time!

Please try it!

If you have ever stayed at our hotel, you must have seen this box near the reception.


In this box we have put snacks rarely found at other places in Japan.

Today we have received samples of new snacks. We are wondering if we should add one of them to the box!

Fruit flavored mint tablets

Spoon chocolate

Chocolate nuts

Which should we choose!? We can not decide!!

We have an announcement today!
All the repair works at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya have been finished!!

It has been going on for a few months and finally done.
All the wallpapers, carpets, and air conditioner has been renewed.
Now we can welcome new year without worrying about it!

We are really proud of all the places at our hotel!

What we would like you to see is the wallpaper pattern at our cafe.


Yes, that is SAKURA! Of course we need to have it as a SAKURA Hotel, right?
You can see Sakura all over the wall in any season!

And here are our renovated guest rooms:





They are totally reformed! It makes me feel like staying at our own hotel!!
If you book our hotel, you will stay in one of the brand new rooms. It is highly recommended!

We even have special promotion for you.


When you are at our place, what we would like you to try is a SHISHA.
It is kind of a water pipe they use in India and the Middle East.

22afe 031.jpg

If you are interested in, please click the picture below to see the details!
To make a reservation, come visit our website:


For those who are planning to travel around Tokyo next year, we have got a special discount, Winter Special!
With this discount, you can save 20% of room charge!

Single room (for 1 customer) : normal rate 6,930yen -->5,500yen!!
Double room (for 2 customers) : normal rate 9,000yen -->7,200yen!!
(3,600yen per customer!)

3,600 yen per customer! That is not so different even from dormitory rates!
Compared to other hotels in Tokyo, it is reasonable without a doubt.

Besides, our rooms have been all renewed recently. Here is what they look like after the renewal:


Single Room


Double Room

They are clean and cozy!

The discount is available until 15/03/2013. If you are looking for a place to stay in Tokyo, 
do not miss this promotion!

New Menu!!

Here is Ying Yang Tea from Hong Kong.
This is a mix of coffee and tea! 
Ying Yang means lovedbird! 
How lovely.
This is Ms.Won.
She use to work. 
Oh.... we miss this smile!

THIS is Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim 
cafe 029.jpg

Mr. Mohamed in Prayer room
cafe 026.jpg

Teaching Shisha to beautiful girl!

This is his favorite Egyptian sweet milk.
4 (1)-thumb-400x533.jpg

Lovely smile!

Come and see him!
I would like to recommend you New menu in Sakura Cafe!
4 (1).JPG
Your body become warm from inside when you drink it!
Milk,Cinnamon, and sugar combination! 

4 (2).JPG


Hello everybody , Today i'll gonna introduce the Fried Snickers 
You think it's a Spring Roll ?!!! Nooo , It's not (^_~)

It's contents is Snickers Chocolate 


Actually in Australia , children should not bring any snacks in them lunch 
But It seems it's Okay to bring it if it's fried like this , lol (^o^)

Well, isn't it looks like the Japanese fried bun ( Agemanju ) ...

But ... This one isn't in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya's Menu 

It's the limited edition party menu .. so It's available from 1000 Yen , Please Feel free to check about it (^_^)/
★忘年会・二次会はご相談ください★世界の料理パーティプラン お一人様1,000円から(世界のビール付き)
This is Apple Crumble from Canada!
Saute Apple and granola in the butter
After that put some ice cream and cinnamon on top!

Only 500yen at  Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!
apple crumble .jpg

By the way,,,,,,
Do you know about "Shisha"??
You can try Shisha at our Cafe!!!


Next Event !Mosque tour 19th January 2013!
エジプト人スタッフ・モハメドさんと行くモスクツアー 2013年1月19日(土)
Do you know about Shisha??

This is it!

Shisha is one kind of cigarette culture , popular among Islam countries.

In Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, you can smoke Shisha with 800 yen (one drink free).
Usually in Egyptian restaurants, people can try to smoke it.
shisha sally (2).jpg

We have 5 kinds of flavors: 
'Double apple', 'Green mango', 'Cinnamon', 'Chocolate mint', and 'red cherry'.

All flavors are nicotineless.


One drink menu is bellow:

Coffee, espresso, tea (Apple, Peach, Earl grey, Darjeeling )
Mint tea (from Morocco), Cinnamon Hibiscus tea (from Egypt).

(This is Cinnamon Hibiscus tea)

Egyptian often drink this tea while they have a cold.
sweetness of honey and flavor of cinnamon seems to make their body more warmer and warmer!

Mohamed taught us this drink recipe:)



How to enjoy shisha in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,

1. You can smoke both alone and with your friend (1~2 people).
2. You can smoke 24 hours, in terrace seat! 
  If you're staying at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, it's time to smoke it:)

3. You can choose the best flavor from these 5 kinds of flavors,
    Which one do you prefer!? smoking time is about 30 minutes.
4. The shape is soooo cool! 

5. If you don't make sure how to smoke it, we can assist you anytime! 


Actually in Hatagaya area, 
anybody cannot find other place to be able to smoke shisha.

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya will provide you the best relax time:)

☆ Let's enjoy Shisha Time!! ☆

■ Access to Sakura Cafe Hatagaya ■



Shinjuku 新宿 (take Keio New Line京王新線, 3 min. 2 stops) ⇒Hatagaya 幡ヶ谷(2 minutes walk to Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (In Sakura Hotel Hatagaya).

We have 'Christmas lunch menu'  in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,
and 'Tokyo Mosque tour in Jan. 19th 2013' with Egyptian guide, Mohamed:)
今だけ!限定ランチ HAPPY X'mas COMBOエジプト人スタッフ・モハメドさんと行くモスクツアー 2013年1月19日(土)

Christmas Gingerman cookies from U.K

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Have you ever made Gingerman cookies for Christmas?
You can try it at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya only 300yen!

I made them with special recipe from U.K
you can find some cookies on Christmas tree!


今だけ!限定ランチ HAPPY X'mas COMBOエジプト人スタッフ・モハメドさんと行くモスクツアー 2013年1月19日(土)

Howdy - y'all!! 

We got new cafe menu idea from Canadian guest - "French Canadian"!!
Double "Frenches", Double irresistible! 
(get it? French Fries and French Toast, it doubles "French" lol!)

and lots of Maple syrup's on! Let's dig in, looks really good!! :D
COMING SOON <December 2012>

By the way, as you know
from early-morning to even midnight - 
You can have party, event, even conference anytime you want!


Today we had pretty big Language Exchange group!
<The international center in TOKYO, ICT>
European, Taiwanese and Japanese - I heard lots of different language this arvo :)

Christmas is coming soon - what do you wish for Santa this year?
Let the christmas spirit ring - Happy holidays!!


Roz Bel Laban .. Soon at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

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Hello everyone 

Today i'll gonna introduce a new Egyptian sweets that it'll be soon at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya 
It called ROZ BEL LABAN (^_~)

Roz Bel Laban is number 1 popular desserts in Egypt & you can eat it at any restaurants or cafe shops at any time on the whole year.

It's component is:
Milk - Rise - Sugar - Starch - Raisins - Coconuts powder

Everyone come & try it at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya 

How about Beer @sakura cafe hatagaya

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Look at this!
Isn't is so beautiful bottle?
I will be so happy to look those bottle.

Me choosing  beer now.

By the way, did you check our party plan already?
It is only 1,000yen including one bottle of beer and two snacks.
hatagaya-party-flyer (1).jpg
If you are planing any party around Tokyo, please call us!

Did you try our Christmas menu already?

Me Learning Arabic!!

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Hello how have you been you all - in Tokyo, it's getting cold day by day!

Recently I've started to learn Arabic,
it's freakin difficult!! first of all normally we do read left to right though
when it comes to Arabic, We have to read from right to left - oops.

this is my first try ----
Normally people start to learn how to say "Hello" or "Thank you" though
I started to write "Horse" just because I like it :)


it's interesting thing, even in Arabic they call horse "horsan", 
having same roots or what - I need to do some more research.... <in progress!!!>

by the way this is how KANJI (Chinese/Japanese letter) made.
sorry for bad doodling! 

Chinese and Japanese letters, they're all hieroglyph - and combination of them.
it's always fun to learn something new - particularly different cultures and languages,

What do you want to learn in next year? :)
make your goal and keep going - nobody's perfect, but practice makes you perfect!

BTW - as a very international hotel, we're renovating everywhere!!
*New wallpaper and floor in every guest room <DONE>
*prayers room for muslim customer <Almost done>
*serving sisha for customer <READY>
and upcoming event - once in a life, Tokyo MOSQUE TOUR!!!
Once in a life event - Don't miss out!! :D


Shisha Cafe in Tokyo

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Have you ever try SHISHA before?
If not, please come our cafe!
shisha (4).jpg
We've received brandnew shisha!
Mohamed from Egypt show us how to do it.

shisha (2).jpg
We are so excited!

You can try it from 600yen (including one drink)

They seems like dancing Shisha :D 
shisha (3).jpg

Please come and try it!

Shisha Cafe in Tokyo

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Have you ever try SHISHA before?
If not, please come our cafe!
shisha (4).jpg
We've received brandnew shisha!
Mohamed from Egypt show us how to do it.

shisha (2).jpg
We are so excited!

You can try it from 600yen (including one drink)

They seems like dancing Shisha :D 
shisha (3).jpg

Please come and try it!

Hello from Fukushima Japan

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This is Live Camera in Aizu wakamatsu staion (Fukushima pre)
We can see Aizu wakamatsu in real time!
__ 4.JPG

Can you see someone waving his hand?
__ 3.JPG

He is in  Aizu wakamatsu now!!

 waved my hands in reply through the live cam.
Have a safe trip Yoshi san!

Tamago Kake Gohan・SHINDOFUJI・Tokyo Release・So tasty that rendering any kind of seasoning unneccessary. Completely free of any pesticide residues.

Which Photo do you like???

Thumbnail image for 202015_10151186482521514_1585933373_o.jpg381366_10151233979986514_1857249133_n.jpg

今だけ!限定ランチ HAPPY X'mas COMBOエジプト人スタッフ・モハメドさんと行くモスクツアー 2013年1月19日(土)

I wrote "How to make Japanese curry" last blog.
In this time I will tell you " How to make Curry Udon"

Ingredients for 4 people:
Udon 400g
Soy sause 1 spoon
Hondashi(Fish soup stock) 2 tea spoon
(You can buy it in Japanese super market)

1.Boiled Udon
2.Add Water to Curry and mix, simmer about 5 min.
udon (4).JPG
3.Add Hondashi and Soy sause
udn (2).JPG
4.Add Udon,simmer about 5 min

Ready to eat!
udn (1).JPG
Enjoy Curry Udon!!

☆Premium Gift in Winter of Japan ☆

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It's time to send premium gift  in Japan

We have 'Seasonal gift' on middle summer 'Otyu-genお中元' and the end of the year 'Oseiboお歳暮', you know??

(free photos by yoppy、 and by titanium22)


By the way, I was given a gift from my friend yesterday♪
When the present was given, I think I wanna give something special for her/ him.
How about you??


How about to send something special gift to your important persons, in this winter??

This is one of the tour on Jan. 19th 2013, Let's go to the mosque near Sakura Hotel Hatagaya with Egyptian Mohamed:)


Hey! It's Kent from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

I would like to show you what you can do in Tokyo for free.

Everyone thinks Tokyo is an expensive city but you don't need money to have fun here.

Check out Tokyo's oldest temple

Sensoji temple located 3 minutes on foot from Sakura Hostel Asakusa. The smoke from the incense urn is regarded to have healing powers.

Visit Tsukiji fish market

Entry is free to the world famous fish market but you may be tempted to the eat the fresh catch of the day.

Go watch people at Harajuku

Relax on a Sunday afternoon at Yoyogi park and enjoy watching the fashion and listen to the music of the young people of Tokyo.

Jog around the imperial palace

We always have jogging events at Sakura and recently we it was held at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho. Burn some calories and while enojying the view.


5. Go to Shibuya Crossing

Witness the worlds busiest street crossing.
Good Evening! This is Kent from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Do you like tea or coffee?

Well I'm sorry for all the coffee lovers this blog is about Tea!

Like our world beers..


We also have world teas!

What is your favorite type of tea? 

If we don't have it please recommend it to us we love to get feedback from our customers on new things.

My favorite at the moment is green tea which I'm totally hooked on.

The world tea is included in our breakfast or you can buy it on its own for 190YEN

Please try our world tea, you might find a new flavour you like.

2 days ago, I went to a studio in Azabu (near Roppongi)  to hear a live stage of my friend's friend:)

He is one of Japanese musician, 'Yuuki', the artist's name is 'Nine States'.
He did major debut this year. 

I bought his CD, with message for me:) 

ninestates 2 .jpg

By the way, In Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, some artists and performers, dancers did their event as follows,
They are tap dancers, 2012. 


If you want to do your live stage, or performance,
Please ask us about your request.
We might create the chance for gathering audience in Sakura Cafe / Hotel Hatagaya.


Needles in Tofu?

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Some people in Japan put needles in Tofu on 8th December.

As you might know, tofu is food made from soybeans; it is not a tool for sewing!

Why do they do that?


Needle Macro
by fdecomite

It is for "Hari-kuyo." Hari-kuyo is a dedication ceremony for broken needles.

It is a bit funny to me that there is such a ceremony because I do not do needlework...  However, needles are necessary to make a Kimono; a good Kimono is made only by hand! 

Besides, needles used to be very important when there was not a sewing machine. 

That is why people thank needles soul and do a dedication ceremony. 

But why do they put it in Tofu??


Warm Tofu with Spicy Garlic Sauce

by joyosity 


The reason why broken needles are put in Tofu is to thank them by putting in something soft (those old needles no longer have to work! :D)! 

Hari-kuyo is so traditional and hilarious an event.


chilled tofu

by [puamelia]

Hey This is Kent from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

So on my day off yesterday I went to Akihabara to do some shopping for some video games.

For lunch I accidentally found a restaurant which was 100% halal!

The restaurant sold Indian and Pakistan dishes! YUM XD


Only 500YEN for the lunch set which was incredibly satisfying.

Chicken Skin Curry <3

You won't have any problems finding halal restaurants in Tokyo, out of all the places I was surprised to accidentally find one in Akihahabara.

This won't be the last time I visit a halal restaurant!

Good evening!

The other day I have found beautiful Christmas illuminations in Tama, a west area of Tokyo.




This Pegasus is my favorite. 


This tunnel is made of illuminated wires. On the tunnel you can find some creatures in the sea, such as an octopus and a lobster.
Though it just looked like tangled up wires when I had seen it in the afternoon, 
it completely changed at night! 

If you are coming to Tokyo by Christmas, you will see a lot of illuminations.
Find your favorite spot!

Where is my iPhone??:(

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Hi, I am Yujiro a new trainee of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
I will talk about the Amazing Story!

Last Friday, I lost my iPhone on Yamanote Line...
Yamanote Line is one of the famous trains.
It's so difficult to find lost items.

But my iPone was found and return to me safely.
I really feel how safe Japan is!

Anyway I want u to remember 2 points, if you lose something on the train.

I show you the website for Lost and Found of JR EAST
If u lose something on the train, please contact to them!!

If you lose something in Tokyo, please ask Japanese so kind police!!
Here is their website.

Flowers of Vegetables

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Have you ever seen flowers of vegetables? They are as beautiful as ordinary flowers.
Though I rarely find them in Tokyo, I know them a lot as we sell the postcards with pictures of 
flowers of vegetables.



Do you know that a flower of a carrot is white and shaped like broccoli, just like you see on the picture?
I wonder why it is not orange.

Unlike that of a carrot, a flower of an eggplant is purple. Both have the same color.


But again, a flower of a tomato is yellow and not red! 
It is interesting that a yellow flower turns into a red vegetable.


Please take a look at these postcards when you stay at our hotel.
If you want them for souvenirs, we sell one for 100 yen. Please feel free to ask us!

Hello! It's Kent!

The weather was perfect today, completely blue skies.
今日東京の天気素晴らしいYO完璧青空だった XD

My recommendation on a day like this is to snack!

At Sakura Hotel Hatagay we have heaps of snacks from lots of different countries.

 ストロベリーにホワイトチョコ掛ってるポップコーンキャンディ 250円

This is Miwa's 2 favorite snacks at the moment

Hey! This is Kent from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya :)

In this blog I'll introduce you to some aussie beers in Japan.

I love beer <3
ビール大好です <3

At Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, we have 3 different kinds of aussie beer. When I first saw them I was totally shocked!

Please come have a taste.

This morning a guest from Australia bought Naoto a beer after he finished work! Aussie style

If you want to become friends with an aussie just buy them a beer, it's like saying hello!

We have XXXX, Coopers and Crown Lager.

Hello! It's Kent from Sakura Hotel Asakusa.
ハロー! サクラホテル浅草の健人です。

Today is my first day as a trainee at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

I love chocolate <3 you can tell by the shape of my face right?


Let me reintroduce myself for everyone that doesn't know who I am!

I'm half Australian and half Japanese.


My mother tongue is originally Japanese but I've lived in Australia for a long time so that's why my Japanese is not perfect XD
もともと母語は日本語だったけどオーストラリアにずっと住んでって日本語へたくそです XD

That's why I'm now back in Japan working for Sakura!!


Please come visit me while I'm at Hatagaya!
I'll make you a delicious drink, hot chocolate from Malta available at Hatagaya, Ikebukuro and Jimbocho!

Hello!! I'm the new staff of Sakura hotel Hatagaya. My name is Yujiro Abe from JP!! 
Nice to meet you☆
I want to help the special journey of every guests in Japan. 
I like to travel to foreign countries.

And, actually I used to hate Japan. 
but recently...

Hey Japan, Sorry for bad mouth-ing you all these while.  Such a wonderful place you have and yet I still forget you Japan.. Thank you thank you thank you☆

I want to introduce Cool Japan to many foreigners from this hotel!!

check it out♪

and, I'm good at running. Please run with me around cool Tokyo!!

anyway visit Japan!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Too early? But it's already Dec in Tokyo!
You can see many beautiful illumination and lighting in the city.

And, this is our Christmas menu!

Happy Xmas comb at only 980yen!!

My recommendation is Mins pie from England.
It's a some kind of pie which is dry fruits inside, and perfect to have it with hot coffee.
I also like to have it with hot wine!

Please try it!