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Fireworks in the winter sky can been seen in Odaiba.

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I found the place you can enjoy viewing fireworks in winter in Tokyo.


In Odaiba near Tokyo Bay, fireworks is scheduled to be set off from 7 p.m. for about 10 minutes on December 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd (Saturday).


I wonder how fireworks looks in the winter sky.

FYI, to go to Odaiba area near Tokyo Bay from Hatagaya please take Keio new line to Shinjuku.

After that please take JR Saikyo line bound for Shinkiba (that is connected to Rinkai line) to Tokyo teleport station.

Hello, all. This is Tamura.

I went to Mt. Fuji and took a good photo as below...
121129mt fuji.JPG

...No. I lied. It is actually a photo of the postage stamp.
( Mt. Fuji is closed this season for your reference.)

Sometimes, our hotel guests come to the front desk and ask "What 
do you recommend I buy for Japanese souvenir?"
Every time,  I tried my best to meet their request, after asking what 
type of souvenir they are looking for. But, the gifts they want should 
basically be "very Japanese", "not too expensive" 
and "not too heavy".
The other day, when I found a postage stamp sheet in my 
house, I noticed that these can be one of the best souvenirs from Japan!"

121129kitte fuminohi.JPG

First, they are mostly "very Japanese". Some of them are
serialized, if popular. So, good for collectors.

121129kitte fuji six.JPG

Second, they are "not expensive".

121129kitte bara.JPG


What's more, they are all "lightweight". Could be bought even
piece by piece.
Additional advantage is that you can buy them at the post
office anywhere in Japan. Actually our Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
and Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro are located right behind the
post offices. Sakura Hotel Jimbocho & Sakura Hostel Asakusa are within walking distance from the nearest post offices, too.
So from now on, I, with confidence, recommend Japanese postage stamps  to our guest as one of their choice for the souvenirs.
By the way, postage stamps are never without postcards. At Sakura hotelswe sell post cards of Tohoku Bokujo↓↓

121129postcards stand.JPG

They shows rare vegetable flowers. I recommend these post cards, 
too ↓↓.

121129postcards six.JPG

It's too cold today!
So here is too hot dishes!

Rice with meat sauce, melting cheese, and half boiled eggs!!

[Be careful!!] So yummy and hot!!


We released new beer
XXXX beer(called four X)
Lovely label with yellow and red color!

Look at this cap!
Isn't it so Kawaii??!
Try with this posture when you drink XXXX! 

Available at 650yen!!!

It is really cold today in Tokyo!
How about your place?

When it is cold, I would like to eat RICE!
So, today, I will show you Egypt rice!

Roz mix rice with special soup.

Roz mix rice is some kind of hormone and spice mixed rice. If you like ethnic food, I am sure you will like it!
Soup is made from a lot of vegetable and Egypt mix spice.

It makes you warm :)
Try it!

Album of 
Thanksgiving party @Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

David from U.S.A and our staff Naoto
サンクスギビング (1).jpg

Lovely Japanese girls!
サンクスギビング (2).jpg

Photo time with SUSHI!!

Man, this is my job!

This is how to cut Turkey
サンクスギビング (13).jpg

picture picture...
サンクスギビング (4).jpg

Thank you for coming, everybody!

What do you guess this vegetable is??
The answer is not  'sweet potato' but....

It's organic 'Red Radish' , 

The farm mainly grow up only organic vegetables and eggs


This is 'Benishin Daikon =rose-color radish

Inside the radish is bellow, looks like 'peach' doesn't it!?

Then this cube-shaped one is 'Seigoin Daikon =seigoin radish'.

There are 2 colors, white and green inside:)
You can feel more soft than others.


So I made them 'radish pickles' for new menu of Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

These 3 kinds of radish have the different taste:)
You can feel various kinds of 'bitterness' and 'sweetness' and the colorful visual.

TEL 03-3469-5211 

Hello, all. This is Yutaka.

On Nov. 21st, I participated "Visit Japan Travel Mart 2012" 
fair for inbound tourists to Japan, held in Pacifico Yokohama. 
And at the end of the fair, there was a closing ceremony.

 I do not remember when I came to mid-evening Yokohama 
last time, but night view from ceremonial hall was so beautiful that night!!
I recommend you go there, especially winter time when air is clear.
MUST-SEE place.

In the middle of the ceremony, there were also scenes that current 
and former Miss Japan ladies showed up and gave a speech 

to appeal Japan's attraction. They are as beautiful as Yokohama's 

night scene, too.

121123miss japan nature.JPG121123miss japan.JPG

Authentically made in Japan!! Current and former Miss Japan ladies.

121123meet japan.JPG

Meet the new Japan!!


A "Maiko" lady, apprentice geisha was also popular for taking pictures together.


This is a Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff, Naoto
(2nd from the right).  Enjoying the communication with the guests from 
foreign countries.
I hope we can appeal the charms of Japan through this type of events and
more and more people visit Japan and hopefully Sakura hotel accordingly.
So friends, "Meet the new Japan!!"

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya - Access

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Since we often receive inquiries from customers who ask us how to get from Hatagaya Station to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, I made a little photo map. ^^

Leave through the ticket barrier. There is only one, so you can't miss it.

Pass the ticket vending machines and head for the stairs.

Take the stairs to your left (South Exit). Halfway up there is a 100 Yen Shop.

The stairs will lead you to this exit. There is a big bridge on your right side. Turn to the left, away from the bridge.

If you walk down the street a little further, you can see a big red sign on a roof top at the end of the street. There is also a Family Mart (convenience store) in the same building.


When you stand in front of the building with the big red sign, turn right.

Now you can see the Sakura Hotel sign.

It was just a two minute walk from the station. (^O^)
What did you eat for lunch today?
I ate this ↓↓
pasta (3).jpg

Funghi e piselli and Caprese
pasta (5).jpg

Yummy Yummy pasta which made from this Italian girl.
pasta (4).jpg


あ、ちなみにメニュー名はFunghi e piselli とCaprese。

1coinFES (1).jpg

What day it is today?

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Hello all. My name is Yutaka Tamura, a new trainee at Sakura 

Do you know what day it is today in Japan?.
It is "Hotel's Day" today.
It is named after the date of Imperial Hotel's opening date in 1890.
The hotel was built as a national undertaking at the initiative of 
Kaoru Inoue, foreign minister at that time.

121120syodai imperial hotel.jpg

The picture above is the first Imperial Hotel. 

Also, Nov. 20th is the day for "Pizza"
In 1889, Margherita, the Italian princess of the day, desired a piece 
of "Pizza" which was trendy food back in those days. Pizza makers 
in Naples then made a Pizza with White (mozzarella cheese), Green 
(basil) and Red (tomato sauce) in the motif of Italian national flag. 

That was the origin of "Pizza Margherita".

121120 Margherita.jpg


Beautiful Princess Margherita

Anyway, it is the day for "Hotel" and "Pizza". So why 
don't you enjoy "Pizza" at our Sakura Cafe Hatagaya
then have a good sleep at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya at night!!


Hello All from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya in Tokyo!
New Drink again!


Hot chocolate with orange and chestnuts! 
Isn't it so lovely?
It makes you warm up!

Here is Claude from Marta!
He introduced us this recipe! 
Nice guy :D

Please come and visit us!  

How are you everybody?
Do you enjoying holiday season?

If, yes, please try our new drink which makes you warm and happy!

Hot Spiced Cider from United States.

When I was in United States, my friend gave me this drink to sober me up :D
(my old memory.....)

Please come and try it!!
We prepare 'Beer of the world' in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, you know??

Including Japanese Sake, Wine, Many kinds of Beers from all over the world:)


The nice points of Sakura Cafe Hatagaya are, 

◆We open 24 hours / 365 days open:)

◆You can use Wi-Fi for free, with one drink or menu ordering.

◆ Many kinds of country's guests arrived to stay Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, so you can make friends all over the world!!


If you want to try to have Japanese Sake,

Let's ask us! 
We can assist you about the taste of Japanese Sake:)
It seems to drink wine, for first time drinker.


※ This beer is Japanese brand, 'Asahi Super Dry' , original design for Tokyo Sky Tree.

By the way, Hiro, a staff of Sakura Hostel Asakusa, well-knows about  beer:)
This picture is one seen of Oden Party in Asakusa.


If you lost your last train during drinking beers in Sakura Cafe,

You can stay at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, and we can wake you up if you need wake-up call:)

Have a nice weekend!!

★We also have Thanksgiving menu★

New beer @sakura cafe

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Good evening!
◆◆Super Happy Friday Night◆◆

How do you spend Friday night?
Yes! Finally it's weekend!
I can't wait to have beer after work.
So................ I will show you our beer today!
San Miguel and San Miguel right from Philippins!

Round shape bottle is lovely, huh?

And San mig right !
Alc 5% and it has only 100 calories.
Maybe good girl?

Please come and try it!!

DO you like sweets more than beer? then click ↓↓

Holiday season is coming soon!

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How are you ?
Holiday season is coming soon!
You can see many decoration and santa claus  all over the Tokyo.
Here is some photo of them.
Please check it!

Color ball for tree

How about white Christmas tree?

How about Dancing and singing Santa?

I am wondering decoration around you.
If you have any of it, please share! 

Thanks giving holiday is coming soon!
We will release the thanksgiving lunch menu from tomorrow.
Please check!

Lunch A: Thanks giving chicken special sandwich and macaroni cheese.
Original spice makes chicken very yummy! 

Macoroni cheese is my memory of campus life in U.S.A.
Be careful! It's really yummy!

Turkey style chicken with cranberry sauce.
Have you ever try chicken with fruits sauce. We, Japanese people don't really use to it.
But it is match perfectly.

Here is scalloped corn.
I don't know why but it brings back my memory...

And, and... Desserts! 
Pumpkin pie! Raisin and cinnamon make it american taste!

スイートポテト オレンジ (14).jpg
Mashmarrow sweet potato. 
Melting mashmarrow with orange taste sweet poteto.

Please try it!

A football match of the final Asian qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup between Oman and Japan will be held at Muscat in Oman tomorrow.


The match will start from 8:30 p.m. It's not local time but Japan time.

It's 3:30 p.m. in local time.


It's easy for Japanese audience to watch the game.

But I guess it's tough for players. It is said the average temperature in Muscat is about 30 degrees Celsius even in November.


I wonder if we can feel hotness through TV screen.

If so, I wonder if we can enjoy drinking beer like a hot summer day.

A good time to see autumn leaves are coming closer.


Where in Tokyo would you like to visit to see autumn leaves?

One of my favorite place is Rikugien or Japanese garden.

Rikugien is famous for illuminated weeping cherry tree.

Regularly, they are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (entering after 4:30 p.m. isn't accepted).

From November 22th 2012 to December 9th 2012, their opening hour will be extended until 9 p.m. (entering before 8:30 p.m. is required).



In addition, Somei-mon gate will be open during the dates above.

It is nearer from JR Komagome station than the front gate by about 5 minutes but it is usually closed.

Lighting-up will start from sunset until 9 p.m.

Admission fee is 300 yen.

Today is one special day, though, where Pocky (supposedly) reigns as king of the snack world, and that day is "Pocky Day," which lands on November 11 (11-11) because that date consists of a bunch of ones, which are, of course, shaped like Pocky.
Also Today, we got a Party reservation from Kyoko!
Have you seen her?
kyoko alogo.jpg

It was girls Party!
Thank you for choosing Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!

Have a nice POCKY!

The day of elevators

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November 10th is the day of elevators.

A twelve-story building called Ryouunkaku was completed on November 10th in 1890 at Asakusa. Japan's first electric elevator began service in the building on the following date (November 11th ).


I wonder why November 10th is selected as the day of elevator (not November 11th).


Speaking of elevators and Asakusa, I associate those keywords with Tokyo Sky Tree opened this May.

The elevators in Tokyo Sky Tree take us to the first observation deck (about 350 meters high) in about 50 seconds. The speed is 600 meters per minute and those are the fastest elevators hold 40 people in Japan.


Have you ever been to Tokyo Sky Tree and entered the observation deck?

I will show you how to get to the nearest public bath to our hotel.
*All the rooms at our hotel have private bathrooms.

Go out of the hotel and turn left. You see a shopping mall on your right.
Keep going straight on that street, and you will see the public bath on your right.
Here is what it looks like at night.
The name of the place is SENGOKUYU.
They are open from 16:00 to 00:00, but closed on Monday.

It looks like this in the daytime.

It is fun to bathe in a big bath tub! You should try it at least once when you are in Japan.

SOON ==> In Sakura Cafe Hatagaya's Lunch Menu (^_^)

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Hi everyone .. Here's Mohamed  8=(*,*)=8
Today I am gonna introduce one of my favorite country's MEAL ..

It's called Roz Mix & Roz means Rise in Arabic Language :)
Actually some of the Egyptian people used to eat this meal when they have a special ceremonies or in the festivals 

Roz Mix components is:
Rise - Chicken Liver & Kidney - Egyptian Spices - Butter - Oil

In Egypt we normally use Spices in any meals .. also there's many many kinds of spices 
But on Roz Mix I used only 6 kinds of this Egyptian spices (^?^)

★ First .. Cut both the Chicken Liver & kidneys in to small pieces & add the spices to each one separately
★ Put each one in different frying pan & heat on it with the Butter until it get ready for eating
★ Also get ready for the Rise with the amount that you want but be sure to add the spices also to the Rise & a little amount of Oil ?
★ Then add both the Chicken Liver & Kidneys that you cooked to the Rise & mix them 
Now its Ready for eating ... Hmmm 
 Bon Appetit 

Do you know  Japan's convenience store is more convenient than ever!?
You can buy vegetables and fruits like in super markets, for 24 hours.


Mikan (Japanese orange) have different taste to normal orange, do you know??



This is Ice cream area, you can try 'Azuki = red bean' and 'Matcha =green tea' taste Ice.

By the way, In Lowson,
 you can buy ticket of GIBLI MUSEUM in Takao.
The nearest Lowson is just 2 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
If you want to go there, reservation ticket is necessary.


Let's enjoy to buy something  your favorite  at convenience store :)
Christmas is coming closer! 
We are trying to put up a special Christmas menu at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

Last year we did a "Christmas plate."


What I am trying to make for Christmas this year is "Slovak Christmas Soup."
Have you heard of it?

I heard that it tastes sour and contains the items below:


by cote


by ahisgett

Sauerkraut and plums in soup! Very unlikely and interesting for the Japanese.
I will show it to you when I cook it. 

If you know some recipes for Christmas, please let us know on facebook!

It's getting cold in Tokyo. How is your place?

What do you like to drink in winter time?
How wine? Hot sake?
How about hot beer?

Here is our new menu!
Ukrainian style Hot Beer 800yen

Ukraine is located at next to Russia. It is also famous for beautiful ladies.
In Ukraine, they warm up beer and drink it as cold beer.
When I heard that first time, I can't imagine that.
However, once i tried it, I'm in love it!
It is not bitter, and you might feel little bit sweet taste.

This is Tur chyn from Ukraine.
When he stayed with us, he asked to warm up beer.
Yeah, it is popular hot beer in Ukraine.
Please try it! 

The End of 2012 Is Coming Soon!

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Have you noticed it yet?
This year is almost over. Only 2 months left!
I can not imagine myself welcoming a new year. 

I was getting a bit sentimental looking back the pictures of the events we have held this year.

This was taken on "Malaysia Night."


They showed us what Malaysian dance is like. It was brilliant!

And the pictures below are taken on the day of the local festival.

Do you see that they are wearing rain coats?
It was raining hard, but they carried a Mikoshi or a portable shrine around the town of Hatagaya!

The Japanese guy in the center is our staff, Nao.
I like his facial expression in this picture.

These events were so fun.
I hope I can enjoy the rest of the year as much as I did already this year!

We have a classic piano in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya) you know??

Some of our guests already know about that, and used to play the piano during their stay?

Yesterday, one girl came to Sakura Cafe with her family, and find the piano.

'Hi, can I play the piano...?' She asked us, and 'Sure! Let's play as you want?' we answered to her.

So she was very grad, and started to play that.


How great she is at playing the piano!?

Most of the guests were taking pictures and movies, gathered around her!

So did I.

Pianists are a girl (on the left), and a American guest (on the right).


How about to enjoy playing the piano in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya?

The classic piano is waiting you!!

As the title says, "Oden" is one of Japanese winter foods.
Cook some vegetables, such as white radish, and fish-paste products together in a big pot.
That is the basic Oden we usually eat. A lot of Japanese people miss it when the air gets chilly as the season changes.

by rhosoi

What is interesting is that what they put in a pot is different depending on the place.
In Shizuoka prefecture, they put black hampen. 
Hampen is a fish-paste product and the color is white. Since I have never had Oden in Shizuoka, I have never seen a black hampen.

by kynbit

Another fish-paste product, Chikuwabu, is also something similar to black hampen.
Some people say it must be in Oden and some not.
I guess you could put anything in Oden as long as it goes well with the other food in the pot.

by jetalone

However, a few wees ago I was surprised to know that some people even put tomatoes.
It would be so red and look like a pot of tomato soup. 
What is the definition of Oden if it could have a tomato in it?? Oden is really a funny food even to Japanese people.

Hey everyone 
Here's Mohamed again (^_-)

I'll write today about so much awesome & funny Australian Family 
They come & stayed for 3 nights on Sakura Hotel Hatagaya 

Actually they're always saying jokes & laughing 

Also they was coming every night to our Cafe to order some drinks & to enjoy some time with us 
But the most funny & interesting thing for me .. that the lady in the right side was have about 10,000 Yen in COINS which was really a little bit confusing for them to use , especially the 5 Yen ...


They left after the 3 nights that they stayed with us going to Osaka !! We'll gonna miss them...
Thanks for them a lot & we hope to see them another time ??

Which one would you like?

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Have you ever seen beckoning cat Manekineko?
If so, do you remember which paw the Manekineko you've seen raises?
It is said that cats invite people and fortune into their homes.
Manekineko raising its left paw is considered to invite people including customers.
And one raising its right paw is considered to invite money.

Which one would you like?

World heritage sites in Japan

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Tomorrow, November 4th is UNESCO Charter Memorial Day.

Speaking of UNESCO, I associate the organization with world heritage.

Do you know how many world heritage sites there are in Japan?

We have 16 world heritage sites (12 cultural heritage sites and 4 natural heritage sites) in Japan.
In the world, 962 sites are listed as world heritage.

The below is the list of world heritage sites in Japan.
1.Cultural heritage sites
1)  Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Temple Area
2)  Himeji-jyo Castle
3)  Hstoric monuments of ancient Kyoto
4)  Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama
5)  Hiroshima Peace Memorial
6)  Itsukushima Shinto Shrine
7)  Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara
8)  Shrines and Temples of Nikko
9)  Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu
10)Kii Mountain Range
11)Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its Cultural Landscape
12)Historical area of Hiraizumi

2.Natural heritage sites
1) Yakushima Island
2) Shirakami mountain range
3) Shiretoko
4) Ogasawara Islands

How many sites on the list have you ever been to?

November 3rd is a national holiday in Japan.

It is called the day of culture.


November 3rd is the birthday of Meiji Emperor as well.


Have you ever heard of Meiji Shrine near Harajuku?

Meiji Emperor is enshrined there (That's why the shrine named Meiji Shrine).


On November 3rd, an event such as Yabusame (the shooting of arrows while riding horses) will be held to honor the 160th anniversary of his birth.


From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Meiji Shrine,

please take Keio new line from Hatagaya (2 minutes' walk from the hotel) to Shinjuku.

After that, please take JR Yamanote line from Shinjuku to Harajuku.

It takes two minutes from the south exit of Harajuku to Meiji Shrine.

★ Early Morning at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya ★

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Today is Nov. 2nd & it became a little bit cold on the early morning (*~*)
BUT .. there's a way to become warm & that way is available everyday at Sakura Hotel & Cafe Hatagaya (^_^)

You're all agree with me that when we eat our bodies will become warm .. but it's depend also about the kind of food that you're eating (^_o)

In Sakura Hotel & Cafe Hatagaya we have every morning a BREAKFAST from 5:00 AM till 11:00 AM 
Every morning you can eat a lot of delicious food on the breakfast buffet which will must get you warm & it's only cost 350 Yen ('',)

November 1st is the day of black tea in Japan.

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November 1st is the day of black tea in Japan.


On November 1st in 1791, one Japanese man who drifted to Russia due to storm invited to a tea party hosted by Catherine II.

It is said that it's first time for Japanese to drink black tea.

Now drinking black tea is natural for Japanese.

At Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, there are 15 kinds of tea bags on the table during breakfast time (from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m.).


It means that there are 105 possible combinations if you try to mix 2 tea bags out of 15.

Please let us know if you find great combination.