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Fireworks in the winter sky can been seen in Odaiba.

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I wrote about fireworks festival held in fall.

This time I found the place you can enjoy viewing fireworks in winter in Tokyo.


In Odaiba near Tokyo Bay, fireworks is scheduled to be set off from 7 p.m. for about 10 minutes on December 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd (Saturday).


I wonder how fireworks looks in the winter sky.

FYI, to go to Odaiba area near Tokyo Bay from Hatagaya please take Keio new line to Shinjuku.

After that please take JR Saikyo line bound for Shinkiba (that is connected to Rinkai line) to Tokyo teleport station.

Hello everyone ^_^

Do you know that we have in SAKURA CAFE HATAGAYA many many kinds of BEER & SNACKS .. from almost all over the world , SPECIALLY the delicious & awesome stuffs (^_o)

Take a look at this as an example .. BUT FOR SURE IT'S NOT ALL THE KINDS THAT WE HAVE , LOL :D ===>
Those 5 kinds of Beer is from USA , Singapore , Mexico , France , Thailand 
& we have other Beer kinds from .. 
Greece , Germany , Belgium , Vietnam , UK , Spain , Brazil {*_*} 

Also we have a very Delicious Snacks 
Those kinds are from Lithuania , Poland , UAE , USA 


SCOOT (LCC in Singapore) is going to start service between Narita and Singapore (via Taipei) from tomorrow.


They use mid-sized aircrafts (402 seats in each of them) differently from other LCC using small sized aircrafts (about 180 seats).


They operate flight between Narita and Singapore once a day.


I hope SCOOT boosts the number of reservation :)

Conveyor-belt sushi bar

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I love Sushi~

I went to Conveyor-belt sushi bar in Shinjuku.すし2.JPG


Foreign guests sometime ask me

「Is this display?Can we eat them?」

Yes, you can !


On the table, there is Hot water.

We can make green tea by myself.

Green tea and Sushi are good combination!


 How many sushi can you eat,,,???

I ate a lot~! 


Look at these nice pictures!




These photos and crafts are made by many artists, 
and the gallery (Design Festa Gallery) is located in Harajuku, 

Then,  there will be one of the biggest event in Tokyo Big Sight, called
on Nov. 10th. and 11th. 2012.


You'll be able to spend joyful days in Design Festa, 
and will be a great memory for you to meet with many kinds of artists:)

SAKURA HOUSE Friend Introduction Campaign poster. 
Feel free to use it on blogs and SNS. (read the newsletter from Oct 15 for more info) 


【Access info from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya】
 Totally 40min. to Tokyo Big Sight.

Hatagaya→(Keio New line)→Shinjuku →(JR Saikyo line) →Kokusai Tenjijo  (walk 5 min.)

Have a good time there!
Today i would like to introduce something special from 


Do you see some cute things on the hair??
You can get those  hear in SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA.

When there was the earthquake(3.11) ,the woman called Ms. tomoCo made these
to get smile back again.

Especially the people who were hurt by Tsunami, 
and any problems because of the earthquake.

These are the picture of the accessories.

DSCF7336.jpg DSCF7343.jpg DSCF7338.jpg DSCF7339.jpg DSCF7340.jpg
DSCF7341.jpg DSCF7337.jpg DSCF7344.jpg DSCF7342.jpgDSCF7347.jpg

There are more different kind of those!
You will find the best one !!

It also good to get as a gift to your friends or family!

It is 200yen each;)

Hello! This is Naoto from SakuraHotel Hatagaya!!

We have lots of events coming up this month, next month, even in next year!
Looking for something fun in Tokyo? Check our event page here :)

Just a couple of days ago, We had Japanese Lesson &  Traditional music live!
and next event is coming UP!  ---- On October 28th,

  ★One Coin Festival @ Sakura Cafe Hatagaya★  
This time, We provide Fabulous German meal at Only 500yen!!(=one coin) 

 ☆ ☆ ☆ S P E C I A L   M E N U   O N   T H E   D A Y ☆ ☆ ☆ 

#1 - German special plate!
Hot Chips, Crunchie Sausages, Fresh-baked Pretzel and Sauerkraut
It definitely makes your mouth water-- normally 750yen however 
ONLY 500yen on the day - LIMITED!!!!

#2 - Glühwein (Spiced Hot Wine)
a glass of Wine, flavored with Cinnamon and spice - Nicely warm.
Is it sort of Mulled Wine? -- totally different! It's traditional German hot wine.
Warm up your body and Enjoy Tokyo in this autumn!

Once again --- Only on October.28th!! 

If you're travelling in Tokyo,
Come&Join US★One Coin Festival @ Sakura Cafe Hatagaya★  

We, Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, have some menues of Organic food & dessert.
One of them is, Special egg pudding @800 yen (with one drink) bellow.


The organic pudding has 3 special materials,

1. Using 2 types of only organic eggs, one is red-shell-egg, another is blue-shell egg. (blue egg's yolk occupies 50 % of the whole egg) 

2. Using honey of acacia (not using white sugger).

3. Using Jersey milk (not using normal milk).

Actually, a lovely family with their child, came to Sakura Cafe Hatagaya yesterday.
Then, they ordered the pudding , and he could know the difference from red to blue egg!

This kid is his lovely sun:)

If the guests could distinguish the difference,
We can put your name on the black  board, for admiring the winner!


★Sakura Cafe open 24 hours (located in Hatagaya, Jimbocho, and Ikebukuro).
Anytime you can use here for your breakfast, lunch, tea time and beer time!!

Enjoy your Tokyo life!!
★☆★Special Plate of Halloween★☆★
It came suddenly to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Among the smell of fragnant olive.... 

It seems to say 'Hello' to us:)



Reception: Sally  「Welcome to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya ★」 with her smile.

Mr. mantis : ''... Can I stay 1 night tonight at your hotel???''
Sallym ''Sure, you can. Then, could you fill in this form? ♪''

It's a joke♪

But, take a look at him!!



He really grasp the pen to fill in the form!?
He want to stay in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya :)?


So we made his reservation bellow:) (Put his name on the computer). 

Ha-ha! It's joking!


When  you want to stay in Tokyo,
We open 24 hours, so please make a contact with us anytime:)

We are located very convenient place, 3 min, by Keio New Line from Shinjuku station:)

QUICK Online Reservation is convenient and reasonable from this URL

★☆★ Halloween Menu Is Now On Sale ♪ ★☆★

☆☆ My Special Delicious Japanese Food ☆☆

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Hi everyone .. This Mohamed from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Did you guys like the Japanese Natto (^_-) ?!!
I just heard that even the Japanese people there are who like it and some others don't like it ?

Actually when I came from 3 years to Japan , I wasn't like the Natto because of its appearance & smell 
But NOW ... I like it so much & I eat it at any time on the day .. Also I eat it by many ways my favorite way is with the Rice but I sometimes spread it over the bread & get it heated by the microwave ^_^

This was my yesterday's dinner .. Natto is always Delicious (?_?)

It was great Event Today!!!Did you enjoy??
2012-10-20 17.58.00.jpg
We took Japanese Lessson together
Let's introduce in Japanese!「Hajime mashite」(Nice to meet you)
What are they doing??
Thank you for teaching Mr Sasaki! fromIntercultural Institute of Japan

Syamisen&Hauta Concert



After Party

How pretty this  badge is♪!?

バッジ 3.jpg

This special 'Sakura Cafe'  badge is given only for people, who get 10 points on the stamp card of Hatagaya Kiwamu League (a member card in Hatagaya restaurants and cafes).↓↓


On Oct. 28th. (Sun.), Kiwamu league will hold
a monthly event ,

'One Coin Festa vol. 8' 

in Hatagaya shopping street.

There are over 30 restaurants and cafes joinning with this team.

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya is also a member of the community.


In this event, the shops prepare 1 coin menu, (means 500 yen menu).

one coin 2.jpg

The previous menu was this, 

How about to join this interesting event, and try to know Hatagaya  more!?

If you'll join this event, please inform us by e-mail, or phone call!
Tel: +81-3-3469-5211

OPEN 24 hours, 1st floor in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
3 minutes from Shinjuku, by Keio New Line, 
and 1 minute walk from Hatagaya station, to Sakura Hotel / cafe Hatagaya.

It's getting cold in Tokyo.
How is your place?
Here is our new menu to warm up your body.
Hot butter rum from America!

ホットバターラム (3).jpg

Surprisingly, we use suger, butter, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and rum!
It's like a dessert hot cocktail but really strong.
So be careful to drink too much!

It's getting cold in Tokyo.
How about your place?
Today, we would like to introduce our new menu.
Chicken Paprika cake from Poland
パプリカケーキ (3).jpg
Chicken &Paprika Cake 500yen

It is like a omelet cake with a lot of butter.
Also, we use cheese and egg inside, it might be good for Morning menu.

He is Powel from Poland. Usually, he works as translator  in England. 
He also can speak Italy and Spanish! ( I am envy him!)

Anyway, come and try our new menu!


 Looking for business hotel in Tokyo? BOOK NOW

Special Treasure Box in Tokyo

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I was look forward to seeing for long time...!!!!
Finally we got new world snacks!!

Many kind of  snacks in treasure box....
from Lithuania,Arab,U.S.A,Poland,Italy and Indonesia!!
You can try only Sakura Cafe Hatagaya
This is "Almond Pops" from U.S.A 250yen
It's like "a granola bar"
Free wi-fi connection is available!
Drink Coffee and take a relax anytime!
We are waiting for you :)

Next Event 20th October 2012

 Hello :) How are you today , This is Naoto from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

Today, We had a special guest "Mr.NOVA" from Korea - Yeehaw!
2012-10-17 11.26.22.jpg
Left : Mr.Nova / Right : Me,Naoto in blue shirt

He is very famous "POWER-BLOGGER" among people, 
especially staff in hotel/tourism industry... you know why??

Simple! Sales person talks only good-things however,
Blogger talks/publishes the truth - which is more reliable to people :)

As you know - as saying says "Talk is Cheap" though - He's blog is "THE" real one!

This is Mr.Nova's "Powerful" blog 

All contents are written in Korean - don't worry! "Google website translation" is available.


Lots of Lots of High quality pictures from all around the world - It's what his passion for!
Enjoy Checking his blog - and Thank you for reading our blog as well :)

see you soon!                            

A football friendly match between Japan and Brazil will be held from 9:10 p.m. in Japan time tonight.


I guess many Japanese football fans are so much delighted to watch games with strong opponent following the match against France 4 days ago.


In Japan, football and baseball is popular.

What sports is popular in your country?

New Lunch menu!!From Myanma

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Chetter hin ・ ohn hta min
チェッターヒン オンタミン.jpg
Spicy Chicken stew with coconuts rice 
You can find this dish everywhere in Myanma
It is good combination spicy chicken stew and sweeet coconuts rice!
Ms.Thida from Myanma.

Sakura Hotel Event!20th Oct

Now on Sakura Cafe Hatagaya a new delicious meal had been updated on the cafe menu 

Here we are ... The new delicious meal ? CHICKEN & PAPRIKA CAKE ? (^_^)
Mr. Powel from Poland had made it for us & its components
Chicken - Paprika - Butter - Egg - Cheddar cheese - Onion - Parsley
Mr. Powel's family used to eat the Chicken & Paprika Cake as a lunch & dinner as well :)

Come everyone & try our new delicious Chicken & Paprika Cake 

Is there anyone who will be in Tokyo on October 20th 2012?

If you are interested in Japanese language or Japanese traditional music, how about visiting Sakura Cafe Hatagaya?

We will have Japanese Language Lesson & Music Experience on the date.

If you'd like to join the event, please contact us.
Good evening, everyone!!

Welcome to 'Nao's kitchen'!!

Today what I'll teach you is,,,,

「PEA SOUP from Finland 
Here we go!!


This is a parody blog against 'Moko's kitchen', it's very famous cooking TV in Japan.
Because Moko (means Mokomichi Hayami) is very handsome model, and he is very good at cooking!!

Nao said 'I'm great at cooking'!

So today's his work become to make lunch menu from tomorrow:)

Bold head with Apron... Looks pretty? cute??



The new lunch menu will be start tomorrow , let's come to eat the lunch in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!! (lunch time is 11:00 to 16:00 every day)

Access to Sakura Cafe Hatagaya. 
(3 min. from Shinjuku and 2 min. from Hatagaya station.)

       ♪Lovely Event Information
       ↓↓↓↓↓↓chance for hearing Shamisen music on Oct. 20th↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Hello everyone!
Do you like Ramen ??

There are 2 ramen shops near Hatagaya where I recommend.

At first, 'Hidakaya' ramen.
today I orderd this, 
Cold Chinese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping


I ordered 'Red' soup, more spicy than white one.
(Both of them are pork-bone soup)

Looks like soooo delicious!ー☆彡

Once you eat it, you'll go there everyday to eat it again! 

Second is this, 'Musashiya' ramen.


You can choose the noodle type(soft, middle, hard), the taste (deep, middle, light).


The rice is free of charge, and you'll drink  the soup completely! :)

These ramen shops are near Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
Anytime you can ask us the place! 

Enjoy your Hatagaya life!!

Next funny event in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya is this,


Hello! This is Naoto from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya -
This time, I'd like to talk about fabulous *4 Things* on our Hotel!

1.Guests are so international!
We have lots of fabulous guest from all-around-the-world every day!
Loved by both Local ppl and Tourists - That's it, Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! :)
Guests having Brekkie at terrace table @ Sakura cafe Hatagaya 

20120824 たまごかけごはん.JPG  
Dinner is getting ready in a pot - can't wait! yum! @ Sakura cafe Hatagaya 

2.Staffs are so international!
All staffs are billingal - Yes, We do speak Japanese and English,
Some staffs are Multi-lingal!! Chinese,Korean,Spanish,Muslim...and more!!
From October, Mohamed from Egypt joined our team - wow! (in green shirt)
This is me, Naoto (in blue shirt) talk "Fair-Dinkum" Aussie English, Mate! 
as I spent many years working for aussie cattle station - good times, good times

3.Foods and Drinks are so international!
As you know (oh, didn't you know yet?) Sakura Hotel Hatagaya has an restaurant
"Sakura Cafe" on Basement, and we provide lots of fun, fancy foods and drinks! :)
We do often create new menu, inspired by our guest's idea - for example

Power meal from Africa!.jpg
"Africa-No-Chikara-Meshi" (=African Power Meal!!) 
What's in it? --- Secret! - come and try this, I guarantee, you'll love it :)

Inspired by Ms.Cecilia from Ghana!
check out what we got --- Sakura Cafe Hatagaya MENU

4.Everything's so international!
We have lots of customer from U.S, Canada, Oceania and throughout Europe everyday,
and, as We have deep connection with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency),
People from - Zambia, Namibia, Siera Leone, Guinea...... can't write them all at once!

Gentleman from Nigeria - Just bought new iPad! Yikes!

another 4 things - 

*Rooms - Available from 6,930yen!! (depends on room types.)
*Reception & Cafe - Open for 24hrs!! (Having night out? Late flight? all-good!)
*WiFi Internet - Free at Lobby!! (Free - My favorite word.)
*Unforgettable memories with guests - Priceless. (absolutely!)

When you travel in Tokyo, 
We're looking forward to meeting you @ Sakura Hotel HATAGAYA!!


We decorated with Halloween items in many places in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya like this,
(this is Tresure box for selling snacks in the world.)


Today, I was presented  3 chocolate bars from a guest from Austria:)

I didn't tell him any 'Trick 'r Treat', but he was very kind, gave me snacks what I really like!!

Chocolate Bar----!!!!!  

Not only I, some of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya's staff was presented:)

He is really gentleman for all of us:)

Thank you very much!
Have a fun time in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!

Hello everyone :)
Here's Mohamed from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff  (*_*)

Actually I am Egyptian but because I am living here in Japan from 3 years so my last time went back to my home town Egypt was on 2010 .. but on last September & before start working on Sakura Hotel & Cafe Hatagaya , I just went on a trip for 20 days to Egypt  \(?_?)/ 

As normal of Egypt's summer season .. it was sooo hot :'(
but finally my trip was so much interesting & I enjoyed it so much 

Here was in Giza Pyramids area on front of  the great Pyramid Khufu 

Here was near Khufu Pyramid with a camel seller , but I was a little bit scared from the camel for that the man was catching me to not run away with his scarf .. lol :D

Just taking a little bit rest on the second pyramid Khafra (^o~)

Today's photo with a Philippines guest staying on Sakura Hotel Hatagaya after he came back to the hotel from outside ('',)
It was a good chance to know from our guest how much the Corn Bits B-B-Q flavor Philippines snacks & also the San Miguel Philippines beer that we selling on Sakura Cafe Hatagaya is delicious .. CHE~ERS  \(*_^)/


This is Mohamed from Egypt.
I'd like to show you some Egyptian food I have cooked!

Pasta Soup
Egypt pasta soup.jpg
Cut onion and boil it with salt, pepper and spices.
Fry pasta until it gets brown.
Put chicken into the soup and take it out after a while.
Put fried pasta in the soup.

Inside it has potato, tuna and olive cheese.
You can put anything you like!

This is our new menu: Apple Cider from England. Looks beer? No, it's not beer!IMG_2513.jpg
This is Yoshi's camera.
Japanese best brand: Sony.

He always use this camera to take a photo of guests.
I'll show you some photo which is in this camera.
Having a breakfast at the terrace seat.

Having a morning coffee at the seat in the sun.

Reading a book

Group photo of guests from Vietnam. 

What is your favorite?

What season do you associate fireworks with?
I guess most people in Japan may associate them with summer.

But we will have two fireworks festival in October in Tokyo.

One will be held in Adachi (near Kitasenjyu station) on October 13th.
It will starts from 6 p.m. and lasts for an hour.

The other will be held in Chofu (near Chofu station) on October 20th.
It will starts from 5:50 p.m. and lasts for about an hour.

If you miss watching fireworks festival in summer, it might be good chance to enjoy watching fireworks.

Yamanote line

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The restoration work of Tokyo Station has finished and opened to public from today.
Speaking of train, do you know Yamanote line?

The route of Yamanote line is know as circle as below.

Actually the route of Yamanote line is not circle, though.
The route is between Tabata and Shinagawa (via Shinjuku).

The route between Shinagawa and Tokyo is Tokaido line on paper.
And the route between Tokyo and Tabata is Tohoku line on paper.

Even so you can go round by Yamanote line.