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October 1st is the day of Tokyo citizen.

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October 1st is the day of Tokyo citizen.

Admission fee for Ueno zoo, Kasairinkai aquarium and Hamarikyu Jpanese garden and so on is free on the date.

If you have a chance to hang around Tokyo, why don't you visit admission free spots as many as possible?
Love Chopperrrrrr!!
This is Chopper made by Sushi!
Would you like to make it??
You should go  Asakusa Hostel on 13th Oct!

By the way we will have Event on 20th October with Japanese language school student!
You can take Japanese lesson and listen Shmisen concert ,
after that we will have small party.


Shamisen:Keisuke Ito
MC:Ikuya Nakada

Date:20th October 2012 Sakura Cafe Hatagaya 
14:00-14:45 Japanaese Lesson 
15:00-16:00 Shamisen live
16:00-16:45 Party
Reservation and ask more detail!

My last day @Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

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7 days have passed and today is my last day @ Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
Thank you for reading my blog these 7 days.
My last blog here is how to bake a pound cake.


Sugar: 110g
Wheat flour :150g
Butter (without salt): 150g
Baking powder:one tea spoon amount 
Lemon peel: as much as you like
Lemon juice: as much as you like

Before you cook
1:Break the eggs and mingle
2:Heat the oven in 180℃
3:Mix the flour and baking powder
4:Squeeze the lemon juice and cut the lemon peel into stripes.

How to make

1:melt the butter like cream

2: Add sugar and mix it

3:Add egg and lemon juice little by little, then mix them

4:Put the powder and mix them from the bottom

5: Pour into a mold and drop it to take some of air

6:Bake in an oven in 180℃for 40 minutes and cool it.

7:Decorate as you like

Now thank you for your reading my blogs.
I will be back to Sakura Hostel Asakusa tomorrow.
See you there !!

Today's cake : 2

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Hi, I'm Tomoyuki.

As we mentioned last night, today's our blog is Today's cake 2.
Not only chocolate cakes, but also I bake tart and pound cakes.
When I can afford to buy many ingredients or fruits, I make fruits tart.
I love fruits tart, but after deciding to make it, I find it will cost much for them and take times....
Here is what I made.

The seasonal fruits like strawberries, kiwi fruits, blueberry are used for the tart.
I bake the dough and almond dough together in an oven first, then place custard cream on it and put the fruits randomly after the cream.
It took approximately 2 hours.

Sme times pumpkin, chest nuts and sweet potato are.
The below one was for Halloween.

This tart was hearty indeed.
Because I put pumpkin paste and bake first, then spread cornflakes, and finally decorate chestnuts and cut sweet potatoes
You can feel Autumn with this tart. 
I'm planning to make new one next month.
It can be chestnuts and pear tart :-)

Tomorrow will be my last work at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya and Sakura cafe Hatagaya.
I will show you my way to make pound cake.

Today's cake: 1

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Good evening, readers, this is Tomoyuki. 

Thank you for reading our blogs every time.
Today I will introduce to you the cake I baked.
One of my hobbies is to make sweets.
Some times easy one, and some times a little greater ones.

Do you like chocolate ? I do very much !! especially a little bitter one.
I usually bake chocolate cake when i would like to eat chocolate.
I'm best at this cake, look !!

This is gateau chocolat. 
You can not eat this cake where I'm working now (Sakura cafe Hatagaya), but if there is a chance, I might bring this cake to whom I made friends with.
Would you like to try ?? 

And tomorrow's blog will be "Today's cake:2"

Almost the chance is coming

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As we have been writing, we are mostly having autumn atmosphere in Japan.
It is getting cooler and cooler in the morning and evening, we feel s indeed.

We go around and enjoy the foods, travel and so on.
Japanese some times trip to a little far places to enjoy coloured leaves when the time comes.
Personally Kyoto is the most famous for it and a lot of people visit.
They reserve hotels or ryokans( Japanese style inns) some months before and look forward to visit the spots.

紅葉.jpg   栗.jpg

Though the time for coloured leaves is a few more months later, we will have Tsukimi (moon viewing) chance almost.
It is, Chusyu no meigetu (The most beautiful moon in Autumn) 
This moon is known as the most beautiful moon in a year.
We could view it on 12th of September, and we will be able to view the moon on 30th of September (5 days later)

The weather on that day will be cloudy sometimes sunny, and the chance of rain is 30 percent.
The moon can be viewed on condition this weather goes on.

After the moon viewing, why don't you visit sakura Cafe Hatagaya and take a rest over a cup of hot drink??

Tokyo Station was almost restored to original state.

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The restoration work of Tokyo Station started about 5 years ago.

The restoration work has almost finished.
We can see restored Tokyo Station from October 1st.

It may allow us to imagine or remind what it looked like in 1914 when it was opened.

Have you ever seen Tokyo Station?
And do you have a plan to go to Tokyo Station?
We had heavy rain today in Tokyo.
Sakura Cafe Hatagaya welcomed 300 customers this afternoon.

Today, we had a local festival in Hatagaya.
Many people who live in Hatagaya gathered to carry a portable shrine.
And we serve free foods and drinks to 300 people who participate the festival.


Mr. Hozumi who works for Sakura Hotel Hatagaya carried a portable shrine with guests who stayed with us.
Have you ever taken part in a local festival in Japan and carried a portable shrine?

Free Wi-Fi Service in Tokyo

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Good news for visitors.
Starbucks started to provide free wifi service in Tokyo area branches.


For details please see this official website.

Our Sakura Cafe Hatagaya has already provided free wifi.
Please feel free to ask the key when you visit our hotel/cafe.


Autumn sky

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Good evening, readers.
Now we are in Autumn in Japan.
But it's still hot, do you feel the same, don't you ??

I hope it became even a little cooler.
However it is the truth that we can feel Autumn more.
For example, many restaurants sell Autumn limited dishes in which chest nuts or pumpkins are used.
The sudden rain in this morning made us surprised,but it's kind of "Autumn Rain in Japan ?"

Then after raining, we can see such sky !!

This cloud is called Iwashi gumo (Cirrocumulus clouds).
Why don't you have our tasty hot coffee at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya and look up such a nice sky ??

Experience caryying Mikoshi !!


Hello, every body, I'm Tomoyuki who introduced myself yesterday.
If you still don't know me, please check last blog

As I introduced, I love eating very much !!!!!
Thus Sakura Hotel Hatgaya is the heaven for me in a point that I'm surrounded by various foods.

But what should you order when you come to this cafe ??
Probably you will wonder.
I will suggest special one for such customers.
It is...................,


Green kale carbonara !! very rare in Japan !!
Very nutritious and safe kale is used for the ingredients.
The combination of carbonara and the kale is amazing ! how amazing ??, that's you should try in practice.

When you come at lunch time, you can enjoy it with soup and drink.
The price is just 900yen !! wow !
You should come right now, may be gone....

Come and experience Japan !!


A new trainee @ Sakura hotel Hatagaya

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Hello, readers, I'm Tomoyuki; a new trainee @ Sakura hotel Hatagaya.
People call me Tom for remembering and calling easily.

Though you may know that I usually work @ Sakura hostel Asakusa where many many foreign people visit and stay.

On the contrary, a lot of Japanese guests come and stay with us here. 
I hope every coming guests get satisfied with our hotel.

Now I will introduce myself a little.

Name: Tomoyuki Nishikoori 
Age: 26
What I like: Diving, Cooking, Baking cakes, Sleeping, Eating, 
What I don't like: Garlic, Kim-chi, Chemistry, Math

I will be here just for 1 week, but when you see me, please feel free to speak to me.
I help you to make your stay more comfortable and fun ☆

Enjoy Mikoshi experience !


【New Store Open in Shinjuku】BICLO!

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BICLO in Shinjuku


BIC CAMERA( electronics shop) x UNIQLO( clothes shop) collaboration shop!
27th September will open in Shinjuku

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is good access for Shinjuku station.
Only 2stops by train!

Would you like to have experience of Japanese festival?
You should join us 23rd Sep in Hatagaya!  

How many national holidays do you have in your country?

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Today is national holiday in Japan.
The third Monday of September is Respect-for-the-Aged Day 
which honors and shows respect to the aged.
We have 15 national holidays a year in Japan.

Do you think it's so many?
How many national holidays do you have in your country?
This picture is Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff, in new homepage of Sakura Hotel (group),


So, I'd like to introduce Hatagaya staff in this blog♪

(from left)

Ryoma Kobayashi(yellow):
Do you know 'Ryoma Sakamoto'?? Since I was a child, I was called 'Ryoma Sakamoto' ha-ha! I have Japanese Samurai Soul!!

Ai Ono (green):
I really like to talk with foreign guests with their language, always making a note for new language! Please teach me your language!

Mohamed (green):
(An Egyptian. Can speak/write Japanese as real Japanese people. ) .

Miwa Arai(me, pink) :
(What I addicted thing is, to cook Thailand food since I travelled in Bangkok) 

Hirotaka Hayakawa (red):
(I can speak English, and French, too.  Please talk with French:) 

Naoto Hozumi (light blue):
(My hoby is riding a horse, I'm Japanese and Australian, too!!) 

These rooms are of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.




If you are coming to Tokyo or Shinjuku, 
Let's stay in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, we are waiting your coming with our best smile!!

★One coin festa in Sep. 30th.★

Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo

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Grand Sumo Tournament is held now at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.
The last day will be September 23rd.

Do you have a plan to visit Tokyo during the period of Grand Sumo Tournament?

And are there anyone who will be staying at SAKURA HOUSE/HOTELs around September 20th?
If your answer is yes, you are eligible to apply for CHANKO LUNCH PARTY & SUMO TOUR.

If you are interested in, you can check the details about the event here.

What's CHANKO?

Chanko (ちゃんこ) is a Japanese stew (a type of nabemono or one-pot dish) commonly eaten in vast quantity by sumo wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet. ←from Wikipedia

It's already middle of September.
But the sky in Tokyo is still summer colour. 
How about in your place?


Omija soda from Korea

The picture is our new manu; called Omija Soda.
Surprisingly, Omija soda has 5 different taste; sweet, sour, salt, bitter and spicy.
Depends on people and their condition, you feel different taste. 

For me, I feel sour taste. How about you?

Thi is Jona from Korea. 
She told us this new menu.
Isn't she so beautiful?

If you try Omija soda, you can be beautiful as well?!?

This is the view from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya in Tokyo.
Isn't it so beautiful?
How is the sky in your place?

By the way, here is our new drink at sakura cafe hatagaya.

Sweet egg soda from Vietnam

Duan from Vietnam show us how to cook it.
What she has in her hand is...

Yes, we use low egg!! 
Sweet egg soda is mix of egg, condense milk, and soda.
Besides Vietnam, you can find this drink only at Sakura Cafe in Tokyo.
Please come and try!

How do you drink coffee in your country?
Now, we are collecting the coffee from all over the world.
I will show you some interesting coffee today.

This is Lemon coffee form Hongkong.
you might familiar with lemon tea. But this is lemon coffee.
I was surprised that better taste of coffee and sour of lemon taste very match.

Next is Ginger coffee from Thai
Ginger and caffeine? You might surprised.
It has really strong ginger taste. 
In Japan, ginger drink is getting popular now, like ginger milk, ginger tea and so on.
However this is my first time to hear coffee with ginger. 
If you are interested, please try.

And, last one is Australian style coffee.
写真 (4).JPG
You might know this kind of coffee already.
Coffee with whipped milk and ice cream.
Ofcourse, everybody likes this coffee. and ME TOO!

What is your favorite coffee?

Here is more information about our world wide drink. 

On Sep. 23rd. 
Mikoshi Festival is coming soon!

Let's gather in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!!

To join Hatagaya festival.
If you are guests of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya,
You can carry Mikoshi with us!!


Enjoy this festival, with Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff and Hatagaya regidents!!

(these pictures are of Daitabashi festival near Hatagaya area, on Sep. 8th.)

Wassho--i Wassho---i!!


(This picture is of Misaki festival in Jimbocho on May 2012)

Have you ever try our pickles? 
This is our home made pickles!
Isn't is so colorful?

Here is the pickles princess; MIWA.
She always made great pickles. ( I am not really good....)
Please try our pickles! 
Have you ever try our pickles? 
This is our home made pickles!
Isn't is so colorful?

Here is the pickles princess; MIWA.
She always made great pickles. ( I am not really good....)
Please try our pickles! 
Hello, All!!
How do you spend Sunday night (maybe your country is not Sunday night yet...)
Today, we made new manu!
Ginger Coffee!!

Ginger coffee looks normal coffee.
BUT! taste is not normal!
It is really GINGER!
Yes! We put many ginger on it!
And you can really feel ginger taste.
If you feel something different coffee, I really recommend it!

We also serve regular coffee which is 190yen:)

Grand Sumo Tournament will be started from tomorrow.

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Grand Sumo Tournament will be started from tomorrow at Ryogoku in Tokyo.
It will last for 15 days.

Do you have a plan to visit Tokyo from September 9h to September 23rd?
If so, you have a chance to see Sumo match.

And are there anyone who will be staying at SAKURA HOUSE/HOTELs around September 12th or September 20th?
If your answer is yes, you are eligible to apply for CHANKO LUNCH PARTY & SUMO TOUR.

If you are interested in, you can check the details about the event here.

What's CHANKO?

Chanko (ちゃんこ) is a Japanese stew (a type of nabemono or one-pot dish) commonly eaten in vast quantity by sumo wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet. ←from Wikipedia

Have you try corn potage soup ice cream?
You might know GARIGARI-kun which is famous ice cream in Japan.
Usually, GARIGARI kun is soda flavor. However, they released new flavor: Corn Potage!!!

Can  you imagine the taste?
It tried it today. And it is really tasty. Strong corn taste is best match to ice cream.

If you are in Japan, please try it. You can buy it any super market and convenience store. 

Unfortunately, we don't have corn potage ice cream at Sakura Cafe.
However, our morning is included corn potage soup occasionally.

Hello, All.
How do you like to eat Sushi? 
Wasabi? Soysauce? Kechap? Chili sauce? Cream?


I got this sushi for lunch today.
It comes with Lemon and Salt!
This is my first time to see Sushi with salt and lemon,
However, it is really tasty!!!!
Sometimes soysauce is too strong and so does wasabi.
But salt and lemon really match to fresh fish.
I really love it! I think I will eat it for next two weeks. Because one I'm in love it I am tend to eat it everyday. hehhehe.

Oh... and don't forget about our new Turkish drink Ayran, which also use lemon and salt.
Basically, Japanese style yogurt drink is sweet with a lot of suger. 
But Ayran is not sweet.
MIWA 022.jpg
If you haven't try it yet, please come our cafe. sakura cafe hatagaya in Tokyo!


Hi, All.
Recently, I am addicted to this!
Taco Rice 800yen (included drink and soup)


You know why?
The hot meat, cheese, tomato,  lettuce, chips and spicy hot sauce are best matching each other.
It is available lunch time only.

By the way, here is new staff.

His name is Mohamed from Egypt.
Please come and to see him!

Hello! I have made a little quiz for you. 

See the pictures of our guests below, and guess which countries they are from!

Hints: They are from Southeast Asian countries. They have great food, but it is not Thailand.
If you like Thai food, please check here.

Hints: These days the media often reports on their country. The country is located in Middle East. The name starts with "S"!
I remember the lady in the middle (Ms. Shira) ordered Milch Reis at our cafe. I miss them all!

3.2012.8.20 ナイジェリア.jpg
Hints: This is the most difficult to guess. She is from the African country which has the biggest population in Africa.
I know one Japanese TV star from her country. He is also a martial artist. 
By the way, you can have a cup of African tea at our place.

(Though they are from different places, they have one thing in common.
They are all JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) trainees! 
We accept a lot of JICA trainees as guests! 
Right now trainees from South American countries are staying with us.)

Click "continue reading" for the answers!

They  arrived Tokyo this morning, after 17 hours/ 21 hours flight!
Welcome to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! 
Nice to meet you! and please take a lest♪

They are JICA participants, came from Guatemala, Dominica, Peru, and Chili.


So I prepared 'Welcome drink' for them, it's green tea what I made.

They already know
「Strong taste, and delicious. I love it!」They said to me:)



There are 4 Ladies, named Maria-san in this group!! 
Super miracle!?

One of Maria-san (from Guatemala) game me this snack, toasted corn!!



Please call 'Maria-san' if you come to Sakura Hotel/Cafe Hatagaya.
Some of Maria-san, will look at you:)

Media Interview!! National Geographic Japan

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We gave Media interview by National Geographic Japan

(This wed site is only Japanese)


They found my blog and visit Sakura Cafe Hatagaya
for coverage!

Norway --Tilslørte bondepiker

CHAMOYADA from Mexico


September 7th(Friday)

The article will put on National Geographic website !!

Turkish Drink: Ayran in Tokyo

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İyi akşamlar

How do you spend Sunday night?
İyi akşamlar means Good Evening in Turkish.
How about Good night in Turkish?
The answer is İyi geceler.

You might wonder why I am using Turkish now.

The answer is we start to sell new drink called: Ayran
MIWA 022.jpg

Ayran is turkish Yogurt Drink.
In Japan, Yogurt is always sweets. But turkish yogurt is salty!
Ayran is kind of welcome drink at typical turkish home.
Please come to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya and try it!

Yes, we are No,1 Hotel in Tokyo!!

The annual sales of umbrellas in Japan

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We have our first rain for 2 weeks in Tokyo today.

How many do you think annual sales of umbrellas  in Japan in a year.


130 million umbrellas!!

That is about population in Japan.

About 60% of that is plastic umbrellas.

How many umbrellas do you have?