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Awa Odori performance at Otsuka

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Awa Odori will be performed at Otsuka (near south exit of Otsuka station) coming Saturday (September 1st) between 16:30 and 21:00.

You can enjoy watching dance performed by a total of 14 groups (more than 1,000 dancers).


What is Awa Odori?

Groups of choreographed dancers and musicians known as ren () dance through the streets, typically accompanied by the shamisen lute, taiko drums, shinobue flute and the kane bell. Performers wear traditional obon dance costumes, and chant and sing as they parade through the streets. (from Wikipedia)


From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Otsuka

Keio new line Hatagaya→Shinjuku

JR Yamanote line Shinjuku→Otsuka

about 30 minutes

Hello, Matsuri Lovers!!

Let's join to the Mikoshi event on September 23rd 2012!!


(these pictures are taken when Mikoshi event in Sakura Hotel Jimbocho 2012.)


(She is Miki, a manager in Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro, one of Matsuri lovers!!)

Now we're going to prepare the event information!

(This costume is mine, bought at Asakusa this year!! Super Kawaii--!)

Let's check the next event information coming soon on our homepage!!
Do you know Tokyo Marathon?
The 7th Tokyo Marathon will be held on February 24th 2013 and
applications for it is now being accepted.

The deadline (August 31st 2012) is coming closer.6929899105_141ae5e1ef.jpg

The race starts from Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Do you know that it takes about 30 minutes walk from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Tokyo Metropolitan Government?

We welcome many guests who will run the marathon on the previous day.
If you are eligible to run Tokyo Marathon and are looking for accommodation, why don' you stay with us?

Do you know applications for Sakura Hotel Photo Contest 2012 are now being accepted?
You can join the contest here on our facebook page!

If you have nice photos taken at Sakura Hotel or Sakura Cafe, why don't you apply for the contest?

The deadline (August 31st 2012) is coming closer.

We are looking forward to your photos! 

End of Summer

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It is still very hot every day in Tokyo.

Is your healthy all right?

 I do not miss the brisk walking walk before and after work every day.

There are discovery and an impression by every day walk.

When I pass the construction spot by a walk of the morning.


"What is this?"

When I look well; ...


It was the character of famous Japanese comics.

There is a sense of fun.

when I go for a night walk.


The wonderful fireworks at neighboring athletic ground.

Well,It's the end of summer.

Here is our kawaii guests from France.

They are still 17years old.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo LOVELY!
And their favourite drink is Ice coffee @190yen :)
How do you drink ice coffee?
With sylup? Milk?

We have a very special offer for you tomorrow starting from 
3 PM and ending at 5 AM. Bars, cafes, restaurants clothes stores and karaoke 
around Hatagaya have gathered together to have a day of 500 yen offers. 

SAKURA CAFE Hatagaya is of course also participating. How about a 
Fuller's London Pride beer, or for those of you with a sweet tooth, 
an old-fashioned American Chocolate Soda Ice Cream?

Why not spend your afternoon and evening in Hatagaya? Start off with some shopping, 
or even a hair treatment at the hair dresser. Follow that up with dinner and finish 
it off with beer. 
All this at different locations for just 500 yen each! 

You can even receive a stamp card at any of the stores and use it to keep track 
of your One Coin Festa visits. 
If you ask you can get a map in English over all of the businesses participating in One Coin Festa. 

Local people usually participates in this event with great passion, and we hope you too will be able to join them! 

Hello, everybody!
How do you spend your day?
Today, we would like to introduce our new snack!

Corn Bits from Philippines

It's a popular snack among children in Philipines.
Not only children, adult also likes it because of the spicy flavour.
Yes, it's perfect for Beer!

this is best mate for corn bits,
Cristal beer  from Peru 650yen
Clear and dry taste like Japanese beer.
Please try try! 

Don't forget our event for this coming weekend!
1coinFES-blog.gif バナー.JPG

Where is Hatagaya?

Hatagaya is in Shibuya ward and only 2stops from shinjuku by train!

Most popular  three menu in July at Sakura cafe Hatagaya!

3rd place

Greek lemonade


Home made lemonade with fresh Basil

Last year summer it was No.1 menu

2nd place

Thailand Milk tea


 No.1 milk tea in sakura cafe hatagaya!

1st place

Australian Kangaroo Coffee


Iced coffee with Ice cream and cream

Can you find your country menu?
If your have any idea , let us know!

Sakura Hotel Facility--Hotel in Tokyo--

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I would like to introduce one of our facility.
--Air  freshner---

If you need it, please feel free to ask at reception

Free of charge!


I would like to tell you how to use air freshner in my way lol

           blind            slow method of progression


                               Back side             Behind背面.JPGかくれ消臭.jpg

If you have idea of spray style, please let me know!

Sakura hotel hatagaya facility 

Make reservation 

Awa Odori performance at Koenji in Tokyo

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Awa Odori will be performed at Koenji this weekend (August 25th and 26th) between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.


You can enjoy watching dance performed by a total of 150 groups.


FYI, about 900 thousand audience gathered to watch the event last year that is almost equivalent to the number of audience of Sumida River fireworks festival.

From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Koenji

Keio new line Hatagaya→Shinjuku

JR Sobu line      Shinjuku→Koenji

about 25 minutes


What is Awa Odori?

Groups of choreographed dancers and musicians known as ren () dance through the streets, typically accompanied by the shamisen lute, taiko drums, shinobue flute and the kane bell. Performers wear traditional obon dance costumes, and chant and sing as they parade through the streets. (from Wikipedia)

Salt on a watermelon

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Do you like watermelons?


How do you eat a watermelon?


In Japan, it's no wonder that some sprinkle salt on a watermelon.

How do you like sprinkling salt on a watermelon?


One last question, do you know what is watermelons called in Japanese?

The answer is Suika. That's the same pronunciation as a prepaid railroad pass whose name is Suica.

Hello, everybody.
How do you spend your day?
Today, we would like to introduce our new menu, called Teh tarik.
Look at this!

Is'nt it so lovely color? I love the form milk on the top.

Sivane san from Malaysia let us know this new menu.
It is most famous drink in Malaysia (I believe...:P)

Please come Sakura cafe hatagaya and try this menu!

Malaysian Night

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Tonight, we had an event named Malaysian Night.

29 guests gathered at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, watched Malaysian folk dance, ate Malaysian curry, drank 3 brands of beer from Southeast Asia to know more about Southeast Asia including Malaysia.

We had a ball.

Here are pictures we took during the events.
Mekar Budaya who performed fantastic dance



Mr. Shivane special guest from Malaysia made Teh Talik kinda milk tea.

Thank you so much for all the guests came to the event, performers and Mr. Shivane.

You can see the movie taken during the event.

【Sight seeing in Japan】Kamakura

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Every year I visit Kamakura city.

There are a lot of nature, many temple and good restauraunt!

This is my Sashimi lunch meal.

Thumbnail image for 写真 (65).JPG

Thumbnail image for ブログ1.jpg   

You can go inside of Budda it cost only 30 yen!

Thumbnail image for 写真 (67).JPG

My favorite Japanese sweets ' Cream Anmitsu '

I think this is the Best one ever.

写真 (69).JPG

Do you like ' Miso Soup'? You can buy it from Vending machine.

I have never seen before!

Thumbnail image for 写真 (68).JPG

More information about Kamakura city....

1 day pass for Kamakura.

Romeo & Juliet

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We got Wine order today.

We try to open it,,,,but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


By the way, this Wine name is"Romeo & Juliet"

Seems like romantic!!


We cannot open this wine

Customer said 

"Name is romantic,,,after all tragic story"lol


If you have Yukata, let's join Hatagaya Event!


Access for Airport from Shinjuku

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Do you enjoy Summer Vacation??

I would like to tell you how to get Airport from Shinjuku.

By the way,Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Shinjuku it takes 3 min 120yen!

*You can also take a taxi from Shinjuku station to our hotel

(15 minutes, 1,000 yen~ 1,400 yen)



【Narita International Airport】

1.Limousine Bus 3,000yen(105-120min)




-every 15-20min during the day no transfer


2.JR Narita Express 3,110yen(90min) 


 If you travel with small luggage

Also If you have JR rail pass


3.Keisei Line Limited Express ( do not take "Sky Liner")  1,200yen (102min)

keisei line.jpg

Cheapest way

Transfer is only once.

Shinjuku-(Toei Shinjuku line)-Motoyawata-(Walk)-Keisei yawata-(Keisei line)-Narita Airport


 【Haneda International Airport

1.Limousine 1,200yen (48min)

every 15-20min during the day no transfer



2.Train 650yen(46min)


easier  frequent departures  2 transfer

If you take a train during the rush hour(7:30-10:00), it will be very crowded.

Shinjuku-(JR Yamanote line)-Shinagawa-(Keihin kyuko line)-Haneda Airport


Have a good Trip! 

Need accomodation in Tokyo?---Sakura Hotel--











Romain-san, from France, gave us a present of Champagne today, since he'll check out tomorrow.

Stayed almost 3 weeks in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya♪♪☆彡.


In front of Beer case, we took a memorial photo with him and champagne. 

Romain-san can speak Japanese very well.


From now, I and Sally will drink this special present with him at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!

How about to join with us!?


YUKATA Night!  Special drink with wearing Yukata on Sat. and Sun. 】 
【Only rainy day, you can drink a Cafe au Lait bowl with just 180 yen!



Today is the last day for Anne (from German) to work at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


She worked here since the earthquake occured  in 2011 March.

Even if the sensational event happened, she never give up, because she is really love Japan, and Japanese people.

Whenever some event held in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,

Anne and we enjoyed the event with Sakura Cafe's guests!!


Anne often encourage Japan even if she is a German.


See you again, and have a good life!!

Hello everyone,
Today, I'll introduce NEW snack menu in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.
It's very suitable for 'Beer of the world', and without any residual agricultural chemicals!

(Left: Young coarn pickles @500 yen , Right: colourful pickles @300 yen)



Let's have these snack with these beers of the world!
This is our NEW Homepage. Easy to book hotels in Tokyo!
If you are searching 'Beer Garden' near Shinjuku, or Hatagaya,

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya is suitable for you:)

bi-ru .jpg

At the entrance of Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,
there is a bottles of Beers of the world, 

You can choose them from 500 yen!
bi-ru 2.jpg

Snacks are Nachos, Cheese Parata, Nuts, and so on♪

My best recommendation is , NEWTON, taste a green apple so fluity-taste beer!

terasu beer.jpg

Let's have a great beer time in Sakura Cafe as a beer garden:)


YUKATA Night!  Special drink with wearing Yukata on Sat. and Sun. 】 

【Only rainy day, you can drink a Cafe au Lait bowl with just 180 yen!


No.1 Sakura Hotel staff! in Tokyo

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I used to write Diary of Anne..

By the way , Have you met Anne???


Anne is one of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya staff.

Everybody love her!

At Event, 名司会者.jpg

Winter time




Summer time  



In Disney landneko.jpg

Anne's birthday!はぴば2012.jpg

We had a lot of memory...

Would you like to meet her?

We are waiting for you!


↓↓ No1 hotel in tokyo ↓↓


Akihabara 2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN

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I visited to Akihabara '2k540 AKI-OKA ARTISAN'


We can find them under the elevating structure of JR Line.


 Everything Original and New!


Hat Shop imeka .You can order Original own Hat!

iphone かば.JPG

Woddy item shop  Hacoa.I bought iphone cover for birthday present

悪魔人形.JPG でかいあくま.JPG

     UAMOU.Small davils and Big davil...Cute!


 TOIQUEYou can play many Toys in the cafe.Iはんもっく.JPG

Hanmmok Cafe ASAN Unfortunately They already closed now.

coffee mame.JPG

Yanaka Coffee shop.They roasting coffee bean in the shop.

Smell is so great!


There is some performance and Event!

It looks like our sakura group"Design Festa". 


How to get "Akihabara" from Hatagaya Sakura hotel.

Hatagaya→(Keio new line/Toei shinjuku line)Direct→Iwamotocho(Akihabara area)

18min 330yen!

Sakura Hotel Photo Contest 2012

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We hold this event again!! 
Does anyone remember the picture that won the 1st prize last year?
Let's review it before you post your pictures for the contest this year!

Last year many guests entried their best photos of Tokyo.
Let me introduce some of them!
Top 1
Mr./ Ms. Asa Ellison' s Meiji Shrine 73Like.
Cleary beauty Autumn in Meiji Jingu shrine.
1 ASA ELLISON (73).jpg
Top 2 
Mr./MS. TOof ToOf's 69Like (In Shinjuku) 
Night seen.
2 TOOF TOOF (69).jpg 
Top 3
Mr. Josh Chong's 66Like 
Ai(staff) said she really likes this photo!
 and 'My' favorite shot is,,,,
Top 4 Oscar Sosa's 48Like.
This is like a miracle shot!! Of coarse I typed 'Like' button immediatelly.
 What is your favorite photo??
We usually introduce some event on our facebook fun page.
Please check it, and let's join in

Japanese Bon Festival

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I went to Bon Festival near my house. 
Usually we have Bon festival during summer vacation time(July and Aug)

We can enjoy Bon Dance and food.But we dont't know why we have this festival exactly...

What are you going to do on summer vacation?
Have a nice summer!

I went to the Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama the other day.
When I drove past the place a few days before, I had spotted something like a jungle between the buildings which got me curious.

So when I went the other day, I found out that there is an event called "Red Brick Resort 2012" going on there at the moment. It's some kind of beach resort for people who want to enjoy a southern island atmosphere without having to leave the city.
Needless to say, it is very popular with young families.

I went on a weekday, so it wasn't that crowded. There was a beach bar, a little pool to cool your feet, hammocks and a very relaxed atmosphere in general. Quite enjoyable if you cannot afford to take time off work to travel somewhere.

The warehouse is located near the bay area, known as Minatomirai, so I went for a little walk as well. It was very hot that day and the cool breeze close to the sea felt so refreshing.

Since there is a big ferris wheel in Minatomirai as well, I decided to watch the sunset from there. I love ferris wheels, and Japan has a few huge ones. Unfortunately the sun was hidden behind a tall building, but it was a beautiful sight anyway. 

I had a really fun day. Now I only need to decide what to do on my next day off! It's summer after all. ^^
Friday was a special day. Why? 
Because it was...

Our Lovely Staff Ai's Birthday!!!

Of course we wanted to surprise her with a nice birthday cake, because she never forgets any of our birthdays and always makes sure to organize something sweet for everyone.

But, Ai herself is not a big fan of sweets. So what to do? Birthday cakes tend to be very sweet after all.

Luckily, Ai loves watermelons! As soon as the days get hotter in summer, you can spot her carrying away big water melons from the supermarket during lunch break.  

So Ai's birthday cake this year looked a bit special. ;)
Like this, to be exact...

She burst out laughing when she found it. 

It seems, she liked our idea. This is her in water melon heaven. XD

Happy belated Birthday Ai! We'll make sure, you'll never run out of water melons in summer.

Tokyo Game Show 2012

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Well known even to other countries Tokyo Game Show will come soon in September.
This event is open for public on 22 and 23 September.
Tickets,1200yen for adults,are available at the DAY TICKET boxes on site.

Stay at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya and join the big game show!

Restaurant in Tokyo-Gonpachi-

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I went to "Gonpachi in Shibuya" with my friends.

Gonpachi is Japanese restaurant.

You can feel Japanese atmosphere.

ごん (2).JPG


kositu .JPG店内着物1.JPG

    ごん.JPGStaff can speak English!

also there is English menu

ごん (3).JPG

If you would like go there, you can yake local bus from Hatagaya to Shibuya! 

----Time table----



I'll plan to go to Bangkok with my friend, in the end of summer.

Because I really love Thailand food above all.


This is Tom-Yum Noodle in Thailand, what I made for myself♪

How do you think it?? Looks sooooo yummy!? (^^)

Actually we have many guests from Thailand as every day.

So I talked with them about my travel schedule, and asking some advice from them!! They  are so kind to me!! 

Enjoy your summer vacation in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya♪
And let's share your memory in Japan with us!!!!

Football match at London Olympics between Honduras and Japan is coming closer.
It will be held at 1:00 a.m. on August 2nd (Japan time).
Many Japanese hope Japan will finish first in group D.
Otherwise it is highly possible next opponent will be Brazil.

I hope Japan will finish first in group D too.
But I have another reason.

That is starting time of the match.
If Japan finish first, the match will be started from 8 p.m. in Japan time.
If Japan finish second, the match will be started from 1 a.m.  in Japan time.

Do you watch Olympics games?
Which sports do you like?