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The 7th Tokyo Marathon will be held on February 24th 2013.
Application period will start from tomorrow August 1, 2012 (till August 31, 2012).

Maximum number of entrants for full marathon is 35,500 runners that is the same as previous one.

The race starts from Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Do you know that it takes about 30 minutes walk from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Tokyo Metropolitan Government?

We welcome many guests who will run the marathon on the previous day.

If you are eligible to run Tokyo Marathon and are looking for accommodation, why don' you stay with us?

Iced coffee ~ Germany vs. Japan

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Today I realized something for the first time...

Japanese iced coffee is completely different from German iced coffee!

If you order iced coffee at a Japanese cafe, this is what you will get...

Coffee with ice cubes. "Coffee on the Rocks" so to speak. ;)

In Germany iced coffee (Eiskaffee) looks like this. 

Coffee with ice cream (usually vanilla ice) and whipped cream on top.

If I think about it, I've never seen coffee with ice cubes in Germany. 

I wonder why I've never recognized this before. I don't really drink coffee usually, but I work at a cafe and serve coffee everyday, so this is a bad excuse. I guess, when I came to Japan for the first time I was so expecting to everything being different from home, that I didn't even think twice about it. (^^;)

Somehow I feel like I made a huge discovery today. 
Well, almost. XD

What does iced coffee look like in your country?

Prepaid Visitor SIM on Sale!

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It has been difficult for visitors who travel around Japan to buy prepaid mobile SIM cards.

At long last the prepaid SIM card is on sale now!
B-mobile announced that two types mobile SIMs are on sale.

The price is 3980yen(USD50/EURO40).

For details please check out this link.

London Olympic special menu

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Hello, everybody!

How are you doing?

Are you excited London Olympic?


And now, we started to sell special menu for London Olympic!

Mom's cake from Wales.


2 for 260yen!

Please enjoy the Mom's taste!!


By the way, we have YUKATA de night for every weekend (Fri, Sat, and Sun).

If you come Sakura Hotel with Yukata, you can get Mom's cake from Wales.

Please try try!



There are two big events for Japanese on July 28th in 2012.


One is the Sumida river fireworks display.

hanabi.jpgThat will be held from 7:05 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

About twenty thousand fireworks will be set off in the night sky.


The other is an Olympic football match  between Sweden and Japan.


That will be started from 8:00 p.m. in Japan Time.


Do you have something special on July 28th in 2012?

The day of the ox in midsummer

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This year the day of the ox in midsummer is coming today (July 27th).

It is said that when you eat eel on the day of the ox in midsummer or "Doyo no Ushi" Day, then you won't suffer from natsu-bate (summer heat).

Do you have some food to have in order to prevent from suffering from summer heat?

This is Mr. Mat with cool haircut.
He always comes to our cafe and orders drinks! (Thanks Mat-san!)
He is very fluent in Japanese too!


What he has is the new drink we started selling, which is GARANA JUICE SENORITA!
Garana is a healthy drink born in Brazil.

Paullinia cupana - Köhler-s Medizinal-Pflanzen-234.jpg
It is a sour-sweet soda drink (not alcoholic), exactly what you would like to have in hot summer!
Please check out other drinks here!

↓↓We have just seen off a lot of guests from Venezuela! 
Who will be the next? Hotel in Tokyo↓↓

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

Address: 1-32-3Hatagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo151-0072

Fax +81-3-3468-4307

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

I went to Odaiba the other day. Odaiba is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay and a very popular sightseeing spot. From there you have a great view of Tokyo's skyline, can book a boat cruise through Tokyo Bay or you can just hang out at the beach and relax a little from Tokyo's hectic lifestyle.

But at the moment Odaiba is famous for something else: a life-size Gundam!


It was finished in April this year, is 18 meters high and will guard Tokyo Bay till March 2013.

If you get a chance to visit Tokyo during this time you should definitely go and have a look at it. It's huge and can even move its head!


At night it gets lit up and episodes from the Gundam anime are screened in the background.

This is definitely an attraction unique to Japan and I'm happy I got to see it! ^^

In Sakura Cafe Hatagaya(on the first floor in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya),

there is a lunch time , from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

This board is for 'Weekly lunch' 

・Beef Stew (from France),
・Carbonara (from Italy),
・Sri Lanka  curry (from Sri Lanka) 


Talking about beef stew, the beef is really really soft, and demi-glace sauce is so tasty!! 

And limitted just 3 persons in one day.

Let's eat 'Cheff's special' lunch in Sakura Cafe, while you're staying at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


[ Home Page Limited Discount ] Summer Special
Single Room :6,300 yen 
(tax included)
/ per night(regular price 6,930 yen)
Double Room :8,100 yen 
(tax included)
/ per night(regular price 9,000 yen)

* This offer is available for stays between April 15th, 2012 and August 31st , 2012.

Limited to 5 Rooms / Day

Please make Room Inquiry for other rooms.

Have a nice summer vacation in Tokyo!! :)

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

Address: 1-32-3Hatagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo151-0072

Fax +81-3-3468-4307

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

One-coin festival is over now!! It was so much fun!!
Here is the card for a stamp rally.
Isn't it cool!? 

What we sold at the festival is this! 

Australian coffee!! 
Actually, we made a special arrangement for this event and dded a welsh cake on the drink.
It was so gorgeous that I regret I did not take a photo.

Even though the festival is over, we are open as usual.
You can still get a glass of Australian coffee and a welsh cake!

Check out the coming events here!

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

Address: 1-32-3Hatagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo151-0072

Fax +81-3-3468-4307

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

In Tokyo, the rainy season has finished.
How about  your contry is?

I'll go to this water adventure, named ' Tokyo Summer Land', one of the most biggest play spot in Tokyo.

This is my first time to go there.
So wanna go there soon!!

It opens in all season, not only in summer! 

サマーランド 画像1.jpgサマーランド 画像2.jpg

サマーランド 画像3.jpg

If you have a swimming wear and don't have any tatoo, you can use this pool.:)

What is your best schedule in this summerhttp://www.summerland.co.jp/english/index.html??

★Access from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya★

(Totally 80 min.)
Sakura Hotel Hatagaya ⇒(Keio line) ⇒Chofu⇒⇒Keio-Hachioji 
                                                    ・・・・(bus)・・・Tokyo Summer Land 

How MacDonald's conquered Japan

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Do you know what day it is today?

Today 41 years ago, on July 20th in 1971 the first MacDonalds opened in Japan.

In Ginza, an exclusive shopping district in Tokyo, to be exact.


This is not it by the way. This is the MacDonalds at Hatagaya Station. ;)

In 1971 a Hamburger cost 80 yen, French Fries 70 yen and a BigMac 200 yen.

The second MacDonald's branch opened only 4 days later in Yoyogi, which is in walking distance from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Yamagata prefecture was the last prefecture to get its own MacDonalds branch in 1991. So it took MacDonalds 20 years to conquer all 47 prefectures of Japan. ;)

By the way, my co-worker Hiroki told me today that while in the Kanto area (around Tokyo) MacDonald's is referred to as "Makku", in Kansai (the area around Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe) people say "Makudo". Everything is different in Kansai. ^^;

Happy Birthday MacDonald's Japan. ^^ 

Maybe you've already heard about this year's photo contest on facebook! 

In case you haven't, have a look here! ^^


Win up to 3 nights for free at a Sakura Hotel of your choice!

You can join the contest here on our facebook page!

It starts on the 1st of August!

We look forward to your photos! ^^

This is a nice article, "how to wear A YUKATA"

in Japan's No1 English Magazine "METROPOLIS"!!


You know A "YUKATA"?

"YUKATA" is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton.

 People wearing yukata are a common sight in Japan at fireworks displaysbon-odori festivals, and other summer events.


Off course, we can wear it for ourselves!!

(Miwa, Koz, Ai, Miyuki, Mitsuko, all are Sakura Hotel Hatagaya's staff .

some of them are already retired, but they are fine!!)



Feel cool summer in Japan, with wearing Yukata:)

Just 2 stops from Shinjuku station ↓↓
When I opened the fridge at work this morning, I found something interesting.



Can cupcakes look any more delicious than this!? (*T▽T*)

First, I thought it was some gift that a customer had stored in our fridge for a while (which happens quite frequently), but then I found a post-it on the box that said: "Present from a customer. Don't let it go to waste."

Well, guess what my reaction was. 
Gotta love workdays like this. lol

Our cleaning staffs who helped me eating the cupcakes were really excited as well.  

I have to admit though, the cakes were even sweeter than they looked. I only had one and didn't feel like eating lunch anymore afterwards. ^^;

Anyway, thank you lovely customer who gave us this delicious present. :)

Do you happen to like Japanese calligraphy ?

Are you the kind of people who enjoy ancient art ? or do you happen to have talents for handwriting? well if you do, then we must inform you that we (Sakura Hostel Asakusa) have a monthly calligraphy event.

Our fully experienced teachers will teach you the words that you would like to know and of course they will show you how to write them step by step as well.


This even is held mainly for foreigners, so there might be a possibility to encouter someone from your own country, or some people from your favourite country. and of course, Japanese guests will occasionally  participate in our events as well.


Do you happen to know what Origami is?

If you have never heard about what Origami is, then allow me to explain to you the meaning of Origami, in fact [Ori] means "folding" and [Kami] means  "papel", so combining these 2 words, it will become [Japanese Paper Folding Art]

By the way, we made the following Origami arts yesterday: 

-Samurai Helmet
-Traditional Japanese dress-
-Balloon (Dice)

If there is any particular thing you want to make with paper, please feel free to let us know.

We are holding these kind of events every month, so if you are interested in participating one of those, you are more than welcome to join us. Please let us know if you are willing to participate for the next one.

Most importantly, sometimes the admission fee of our events is free of charge. 

New Menu! from Mexico & Norway

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We just added a brand new Menu


Let me humbly introduce you our first menu

Norway`s Tilslørte bondepiker  = 350Yen



Tilslorte Bonderpiker Is made up of 2 layers, which are cream and apple

The meaning of Tilslørte bondepiker

is [A countryside girl who wears a vell as a hat]

 So the next new menu that I am going to introduce to you is !!!!





Shaved ice topped with Reddish syrup and lime. 

What kind of color is this? What kind of syrup is that? might be your first question right after seeing this picture, well.... 

let me cut to the chase,  this red syrup is Mexican spicy sauce.

such like Michelada.

Wow ! Mexico is a real Spice paradise !




Today is a really special day for one of our colleagues. 
Why is it special? because today is her B-day! 
Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, even in high season, we still need to make some time for our staffs so all the staffs that are here for work today, gathered around and planned how to surprise our lovely colleague Anne when she was taking her break.
There is a mysterious planner which I am not going to tell you her name, but she planned the whole thing, so lets call her [The Secret Planner] for now. 

Let me show you how this happened today.

ちなみにケーキ美味そうに見えるでっしょ (笑)

Today`s star is She!  Anne ! Happy Bday!
Take a look at that cake, in fact that cake was made by one of our colleagues. 
It looks delicious doesn't it? 



In Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, all the staffs here are full of unbelievable talents, 
By the way, all the staffs here can  speak fluent English, and not only that, they are always so full of surprises. 
So our pastry chef is Ono San, and how did we give her this delicious cake when she was working? 
Thanks to our Secret planned, she came out with this thought of, tricking Anne when she was  doing the daily routine of regular patrol, right after she went on patrolling, first thing was to put the cake on 5th floor, on the washing machine. and then, tell Anne that there is a customer on the 5th floor having trouble using the washing machine, and make Anne to go there right away. but the difficult part was to not make her suspicious.  and Hayakawa san made a really good job tricking Anne. 

重要な役割を果たしてくれた早川さんです!内線でアンネさんにミッションを与える仕掛け!全く疑われずにうまくアンネさんをごまかしました(笑)GOOD JOB!パーフェクトでした!

Professional staffs, need to be professional even in a occasion like this ! 
Anne didn't realize it was a lie. Hayakawa san You really did a great job!

Here she is, but she was too speedy so I couldn't take a picture of her face right after she found out about the plan. 

それでは、次回のブログで公開いたします (笑)

So who is this secret planner? I will reveal it next time when it is my turn to write the blog again!See you next time!




By the way, there will be an event about calligraphy and Origami  in Sakura Hostel Asakusa today, at 5PM. Peter is going to be there, hope to see the familiar faces again in Sakura Hostel Asakusa.

Free Wi-Fi Service in Tokyo

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Good news for visitors.
Starbucks started to provide free wifi service in Tokyo area branches.


For details please see this official website.

Our Sakura Cafe Hatagaya has already provided free wifi.
Please feel free to ask the key when you visit our hotel/cafe.


What is the difference?

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There ismany coffee menus at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

Even the same coffee has slightly different drink.

Did you know the difference?

Cafe au lait


The cafe au lait mixed general coffee with milk.

Caffe latte


The thing which the espresso of the involvement roast was used for caffe latte, and installed milk put in there.


We use the espresso of the involvement roast for cappuccino and pour beating milk.

Try difference taste at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

I heard that Peter attended a welcome party for new staffs.
He even had female staffs make his Okonomiyaki!! 
You could see what it was like on his blog here (Sorry it is in Japanese!).

I actually attended the same party and am going to show you some different pictures.

The left is Mr. Okami, a staff at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro.
And the right is Mr. Hozumi. He is a trainee at the moment.
This table sure looks more manly than Peter's table!

And the other staffs excited with cooked Okonomiyaki!


Sadly the picture is so small...
But it looks so fun, doesn't it??
Sakura-tei, where we had the party, is pretty popular and was full with customers!
Check out here for more information on them!
Don't forget our Hatagaya cafe!!

I often get asked by Japanese people if there is something I find strange about Japan. It's kind of hard to answer this question since I have gotten used so much to Japanese lifestyle that I hardly realize anymore whether something is strange or not.

There is one thing though that kind of bothers me, since nobody has been able to give me a proper explanation for this so far. It has to do with the 2,000 yen bills. They look like this and are worth about 25 US dollars (20 euro).

Pretty, don't you think? But the thing is, for some reason that escapes me, Japanese people don't like them.

In fact you will hardly ever see a 2,000 yen bill in Japan. It is as if they don't exist. And if a Japanese person happens to get hold of one accidentally, they will try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Which can be tricky because most vending machines don't accept them. 


I think the only reason why I have ever come across a 2,000 yen bill is because we have many foreign guests at Sakura Hotel who receive them when they exchange money in their home countries before they come to Japan. There seems to be a vast amount of 2,000 yen bills at foreign banks. Maybe more than there are in Japan. ;)

I have to admit I am really surprised at how much Japanese people seem to dislike their 2,000 bills. When I ask somebody about this the only answer I ever get is that they are "hard to use" or a "nuisance" even. I've never heard a European person complain about the 20 euro bills, so I just don't get it.

One yen coins are much more of a nuisance in my opinion. They take away space and are have practically no worth. But Japanese people don't seem to mind them.

Do you happen to know the answer I am looking for? 
Or is there a coin or bill in your country that is disliked by everyone? 
Tell us! ^^ 

Trip to Nagoya

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I went to Nagoya and Aichi prefecture for a couple of days. I don't have much time to travel a lot, but when my friend told me he had to go to Nagoya on business, and that I could come with him if I liked, I could hardly say no, right? ;)


03072011440.jpg Thumbnail image for 03072011443.jpg

   We didn't have much time to do sightseeing together and the weather was shitty as well, but I wanted to see Nagoya Castle at least and so we went there together. The golden statue on the photo on the left side is supposed to be a tiger-headed dolphin and was used as a talisman to prevent fires. It can be found on many souvenirs from Nagoya as well. 



This coffee house chain is very popular in Aichi prefecture. I really liked their menu. I usually don't drink coffee often, but the cinnamon coffee they had was delicious. I should try to make it myself at home. XD


We had lots of delicious food as well. On the second photo you can see "miso katsu", which is fried pork (tonkatsu) with some kind of miso sauce on top. It's great, you should try it, when you happen to go to Nagoya some day.

I also tried a local dish called "hitsumabushi". It's eel (unagi) on rice basically with a few side dishes and it's my new favorite food. ;) Since eel is pretty rare in Japan this year, it's crazy expensive though, so I'm afraid I won't be able to afford it very often.

The trip was so much fun and I met many lovely people. I hope I can go somewhere again soon. ^^ Where will you go during your summer holidays this year?

Por casualidad, ha usted escuchado  sobre una de nuestras empresas subsidiarias? Cuyo el nombre es Design Festa Gallery.


Seguramente usted preguntaria:¿Design Festa Gallery? ¿Que es eso?


Pues ,Design Festa Gallery es un salon de exhibición, ubicado en Harajuku, el cual es bastante cerca de Shibuya, de hecho se puede ir a pie desde Shibuya, y el viaje tarda aproximadamente unos 20 minutos.


design festa.jpeg

Así es como se ve la entrada, bastante artística verdad? 

Bueno para seguir con el tema, Desgin Festa Gallery consiste de 2 edificios, los cuales son el West Gallery y el East Gallery. Dentro de Design Festa Gallery se puede encontrar piezas maestras , en casi todas las esquinas del edificio.


Aquí les muestro unas de las piezas que me gusto bastante la ultima vez que fui.



Por si en el medio del espectaculo, le da sed, o hambre o algo asi por el estilo, de hecho en el West Gallery tenemos un Café para calmar un poco de sus necesidades personales.


Dentro de los artistas que vienen a exponer sus obras maestras en Design Festa Gallery,

Los artistas internacionales abarcan la mayor parte, y por supuestamente hay artistas japoneses sin falta.


Interesante no?

Antes de que se me olvide, tambien quisiera introducirles a ustedes, el restaurante que esta situado entre Design Festa Gallery East and West, cuyo nombre es Sakura Tei


Aquí es donde ustedes pueden disfrutar la comida tipica japonese,el cual es llamado Okonomi Yaki o el Monja Yaki, ambos platos son cocinados a la plancha, y son muy populares en japon.



En este magnífico restaurante, confortable y relajado, donde disfrutarás de una cocina natural auténticamente japonesa, junto con la maravillosa decoracion artistica; Una funsion de arte y cultura japonesa.



Pagina oficial de Sakura Tei : http://www.sakuratei.co.jp/

Aquí puedes conseguir cupones exclusivos !


Para quien le interese:

¿Sabia usted que el Okonomi Yaki se conoce como Pizza Japonesa?

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

Address: 1-32-3Hatagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo151-0072

Fax +81-3-3468-4307

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★


Sakura Hotel Hatagaya presents you a special offer in this summer!,

Until August 31st 2012,
Single rooms and double rooms are discounted 10% from proper price.
This is  a picture of double room in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
Shinjuku(one of the biggest downtown in Tokyo) is close to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, with Keio-new line, 5 minutes by train.

If you're planning to come to Japan this summer,
Please go to our homepage, and click the banner of 'Summer special' to get the discount price!
(Please make sure that the campaign is limitted only 5 rooms in one day.)
Enjoy your summer in Japan!
And see you soon!!

Design Festa in Harajuku!!!

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Hello everyone!

Same as Peter, I went to Design Festa Gallery, Sakuratei and DF cafe yesterday! 

I like abstract galleries and potteries (ceramic ware) so I was so excited to see these:





When I was approching the Sakuratei, I could smell the okonomiyaki! 


The staffs there were so nice and made a large cup of hot chocolate milk for me! See! 


You can realize the cup is from the gallery! ^^

And here is one of the nice staffs---Miss Hamada-san! 


I will definitely visit there again! (with my friends! )

What is your summer plan?

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Summer is coming! What is your plan for summer?


For me, I wanna go to Tokyo Disneyland! First time I were there was March 11 last year with my high school friends, yes the day which the disaster happened....I still cannot forget I was eating Mickey crackers and chocolate as dinner and slept in souvenir shop with a blue plastic bag.


Having my Disney journey unfinished last time, I decide to go there again this summer!


According to one of the Hong Kong travel web sites, there is a summer festival in Japanese style from 9 July to 31 August in Tokyo Disney. Dancing competition will be in front of the castle. All Disney characters will be divided into 8 groups. The best 4 groups will go to finale at night time. I love watching dancing so I am really excited about it!



Its real easy to access to Disney, just get yourself in Tokyo Station and take JR Keiyo line and get off at Maihama station!

Need a place to stay in Tokyo? Find Sakura Hotels here


Enjoy your summer!!!


Shinjuku,Another Akihabara

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Shinjuku,only 2 stops from hatagaya,is good town to buy electric items.
There are many mass home electronics retailers in Shinjuku area.

The biggests are BIC Camera,Yodobashi Camera,Yamada Denki.

If you are interested in cameras I recommend you visit second hand camera shops in Shinjuku.
You can find SLR camera lens(Nikon) for reasonable price.


It was decided that the 7th Tokyo Marathon will be held on February 24th 2013.

Maximum number of entrants for full marathon is 35,500 runners that is the same as previous one.

Application period will be between Wednesday, August 1, 2012 and Friday, August 31, 2012.

The race starts from Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Do you know that it takes about 30 minutes walk from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Tokyo Metropolitan Government?

We welcome many guests who will run the marathon on the previous day.
If you are eligible to run Tokyo Marathon and are looking for accommodation, why don' you stay with us?
Today I went on a business trip right after I arrived to my work.

So where did I go today? I went to our sister company [Design Festa Gallery],  perhaps you have no idea about what this place is about, or maybe you do, if you are a true fan of Sakura  Group.
but since I started working in Sakura Hotel, I have never visited DF, and finally I went there today!

So what is Design Festa Gallery?

Simply put, Design Festa Gallery [DF] is an exhibition center,DF consists of 2 main buildings which are the West and the East Galleries,

and of course there are plenty of artworks being exhibited every day, and  I took a few pictures before I left. there are artworks like this:

There are many artworks like this,

There is also huge size artworks
 Also special master piece like this!   
All those artworks are very interesting

There is a restaurant between the 2 buildings, and its called Sakura Tei, 

It has a really beautiful Japanese style entrance, I really like it.
I was really shocked by the price written on the their signboard. 
because they actually offer a buffet course for only 1060 Yen, and is all you can eat monja and konomiyaki! these 2 kinds of plates are very expensive in Japan, so I was really surprised.

Next time when I am off, I am definitely going there with my friends!

By the way, near the DF, there are plenty of places to visit, such as Fashion Shops,  the famous Meiji Temple etc, so why don't you come and visit us on your holidays,  or next time when you passed by Harajuku?


Special Welsh Cake!

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It is already July. The half of the year is past!
As we make special welsh cake every month and announce it on our blog,
 this is the seventh time! Time really flies.

So, what is the flavor this month?

The flavor is... LEMON GINGER!

It goes well with welsh cakes than I thought.
Other staffs also like it very much.

Please visit us to try it!

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★

Address: 1-32-3Hatagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo151-0072

Fax +81-3-3468-4307

★★★Online bookings are 24 hours available HERE . ★★★


From July 3rd 2012

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Today, I'd like to bring you two great news for travelers.

One is that Jet Star Japan starts domestic line service between Narita and Fukuoka and between Narita and Shinchitose (near Sapporo) from today.

Airline route will expand.
Two routes will follow on July 9th 2012.
Those are between Narita and Kankuu (near Osaka) and between Narita and Naha in Okinawa.

Two more routes will follow on  August 24h  2012.
Those are etween Kankuu and Fukuoka and between Kankuu and Shinchitose.

The other is that Keisei bus company starts high way bus whose name is Tokyo Shuttel.

The fare is only 800 yen till beginning of September.

After beginning of September

the fare is 1,000 yen if you buy a ticket one month prior to the date you use the bus,

the fare is 1,500 yen if you buy one day prior to the date you use the bus,

and the fare is 2,000 yen if you buy on the date.

FYI,the fare is 2,940 yen if you use Narita Express train.

The fare is 3,000 yen if you use Airport Limousine bus.

Special Pudding!

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Did you already try our Pudding?

(sakura cafe pudding)


 You can try only Sakura cafe Hatagaya or Ikebukuro!


Hey every one, its me Peter again. I just got here from Sakura Hotel Jimbocho.


So today, I am going to bother you again with my personal introduction again. (Laugh)
You might have  seen me through other blogs from our sister hotels, but I am here again to tell you once more, my name is Peter, I am from Taiwan but I was raised in Costa Rica, therefore I speak Spanish, and needless to say, I also speak Mandarin as well, so if you encounter with any problem during your stay, or during your journey in Japan, I will do my best to help you. so don't hesitate to ask me. 

I am going to work at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for the next 2 weeks.

Note:Unexpectedly, today was a tough first day, we actually had a lunch party here right after I arrived, and I was shocked, didn't know  what to do, but thanks to the nice cover up from my senior colleagues I was able to work fine.

Perhaps this is going to be the last stop of my training period.
After the whole training process, finally my permanent destination will decided. 

Guess which hotel Peter will be transferred to?

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