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Japanese Victoire Pisa won the cup 2011


The world richest horse race Dubai World Cup starts at AM2:40(Tokyo time) on 1st April.Japanse champion Victoire Pisa won the cup last year.It was the first win for Japanese horse in Dubai World Cup histiory.


The top favourite is So You Think who was born in New Zealand.He won five Group 1 races in Australia including Cox Plate in 2009. He was transfered to Ireland after coming 3rd in Melbourne Cup 2011.He has still shown his great talent in Europian racing.


Japanese amazing front runner Smart Falcon is second favourite.He extended winning streak to ten races in Japan.In addition the runner-up in 2011 Transcend tries again this year.He lost to Victoire Pisa by half length.Japanese Derby winner Eishin Flash tries to make a long shot.


Which is your bet?







Star of the Giants

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March 30th, 1968.


The animated cartoon which all the Japanese citizens knew started broadcast.


"The star of the giants"

It is the monumental achievement of the baseball animated cartoon.

All child in Japan to imitate "major leagues ball" by Hyuma Hoshi the character of "The star of the giants".

"The star of the giants" seems to be remade this year in India.


The title "a rising star."


A success story a boy makes an effort on the stage of Mumbai, and to become a star player of the cricket.


I look foward it.


We supposed that the name of Tokyo Sky Tree is 東京天空樹 which is a literal translation of the tower.In fact the official Chinese name is 東京晴空塔 which means "Tokyo clear sky tower".

The reason is that 東京天空樹 has been already registered in China,so the the official had to make up another name.

Which name sounds better for you?





Hello All!

Have you eaten Teriyaki chicken before? with rice OR with bread as sandwich?

Well.. here is our teriyaki chicken at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya


How do you think? 

We serve with Rice, and use seaweed, mayonase and sesami as topping.

But we are wondering how others like to eat TERIYAKI.

If you have any idea, please let us know.

Do you have any plan to visit Japan on May 21st this year?


If so, you have a chance to observe annular solar eclipse.


Annular solar eclipse will be observed over a large region such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya on May 21st 2012.


It will be the first time in 25 years in Japan and the first time in 173 years in Tokyo.


In Tokyo, we can observe it between 7:32 a.m. and 7:37 a.m.


I hope there will not be a cloud in the sky on May 21st 2012.

This group of guests stayed with us last night.
The members are from Italy, Mexico, India, Russia, Spain and Portugal.
What a great mix of different nationalities and cultures!


s-P1050108.jpgThey are traveling to Osaka next.
Thank you for staying with us! Have a fun and safe trip! 

We hope to welcome you again some day at Sakura Hotel! (^O^)/

MLB in Japan

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Major League baseball will come over to Japan next week.

The card is "Oakland Athletics VS Seattle Mariners."

Ichiro returns to Japan.

The place is Tokyo Dome.

I looking forward to good games.

I went back to Nagoya 5 days ago.

The purpose is to make a reservation for travelling abroad with my mother!

Just for one night I stayed in my house. The plum tree near my house was blooming↓


I really love Japan, cause I can feel 4 seasons in one year, now is early in the spring!


But, the most of my favorite seasons is summer. How about you??


Since I can take 7 days-off in April,

I and my mother decided to go to Hawaii♪♪

ハワイ 2.jpgハワイ 1.jpg

 ハワイ 3.jpg  


(these photos are from website free authorized)

Snorkeling, Parasailing, shopping, cannot help waiting:)


If you have 7 days-off like me, where will you want to go for overseas travel??


Japanese Plum Blossom

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Japanese plum / pelican

When we think of "flower viewing," cherry blossom comes to our mind first.

But you should not forget Japanese plum blossom. We call it "Ume" in Japanese. It is also beautiful and smells better than cherry blossom.

Japanese plum / pelican


Since April is a season for cherry blossom, it is better to see "Ume" this month.

If you have no time for flower viewing, please just take a walk around your house. It is not so hard to find it.

Japanese plum / matsuyuki

Hello All!!

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Hello, everybody, I am Sariko. I've been working Sakura Hotel for 5years.

Here is my information. If you visit Japan, talk to me!

Name: Sariko 
Hometown: Tokyo 
Language: Japanese, English 
Countries visited: Canada, United States, Korea, Indonesia(Bali Island), Costa Rica, France, Spain. India, Jordan, and Thailand!
I like....................... Travel, shopping, hang out with friends, beer, chocolate, sweets, French bread, 
park, river, drive, cherry blossom, shining sunny. 
My memorable episode: When I went to Death Valley national park in west coast of United States, I felt like world is mine. The nature in there is just beautiful and marvelous!!
My favorite movie: Lost in translation, Virgin suicides, Devil's wear Prada, Roman holiday, 
Porco Rosso, Ruokala Lokki(seagal diner). 
Message: I promise you to have great time in Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. Come and join us!!


Top End of Tokyo Towar

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The view of Tokyo Tower from NHK Broadcasting Museum,Mt.Atago


The antenna in the centre of this pic is same type as Tokyo Towers'.


This is the enlargement of the top.




As you see the antenna bent to left a little bit.

The earthquake caused this last year.



Cherry blossoms season is coming closer.


I'd like to introduce famous and easily accessible cherry-blossom viewing spot from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

That is Shinjuku Gyoen.


There are 1,300 cherry blossom trees (65 kinds) in the garden.

It will be open every day between March 25th and April 24th in 2012.


I have to confess some drawbacks.

Entrance fee (age 15 or over: 200 yen, age 6-14: 50 yen) is required and bringing alcohol (one of the things we look forward to) is prohibited.


Even so, it's worth visiting.



Hatagaya→Shinjuku Sanchome (3 stops) by Keio new line

It takes about 5 minutes walk from C1 or C5 exit of Shinjuku Sanchome station.

We've got a group of guests from Uzbekistan staying at our hotel at the moment. Only one of them speaks English, so we basically communicate with guestures. XD



Yesterday they had a little nomikai at our cafe. They brought vodka and some traditional meat dish from Uzbekistan, and offered us to eat & drink with them.



Of course we can't drink while working, so we opted for water instead. Looks just like vodka, don't you think? ;)


s-P1040945.jpgThey are going to stay for a few more days. Today they went shopping with Shinichi. I heard they want to cook for us later. I wonder what they are going to prepare.


Sakura Season

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Have you seen Japanese cherry tree?

Cherry tree is very beautiful in spring.

The foreign cherry tree is blooming during a long period, but 
Japanese cherry tree is around one week in the in full bloom.

This state is the ideal of the way of life of the samurai.


It seems that the best time to view cherry blossoms will be between March 24th and March 31st in 2012.


I'm talking about in Washington, D.C. not in Japan.


This year is the 100th anniversary since 3,020 cherry trees were sent as a gift from Japan to U.S (Washington, D.C.) in 1912.


Incidentally, it seems that the best time to view cherry blossoms in Tokyo will be between April 4th and April 10 th in 2012.

 Do you know the highest mountain in the centre of Tokyo?

It's Mt.Atago which is located near Kamiyacho station(Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line).

You guess how tall it is.

It is 26 meters high.It is the highest mountain in Tokyo central district.

There is Atago Shrine on the top.You can see Tokyo Tower there as well.

The Triangulation point(26 meters high).



Steps to the top.



WHAT is the White Day??

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14th March is the White Day. Though this anniversary is widely known in Japan, it is not at all in the other areas, especially in western countries.

*Many females give chocolate (or other sweets) to males on Valentine's Day in Japan. On the White Day, males give sweets to females in return.


ホワイトデー / mersy

I googled "white day" just out of curiosity and got the following result.

"About 4,880,000 results"

This number is more than I thought I would get!

However, the contents of the results were mainly introduction of Japanese culture. As I thought, it seems not to be so common (it is known in countries in Eastern Asia such as China and Korea).

Males are supposed to give sweets like these:


Candy / Smabs Sputzer

Cookies / Moyan_Brenn

As usual, these pictures make me hungry... (but candies seem too sweet!!)

I wonder what everyone gives on the White Day.




[NEWS] Our HP is renewal

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Hello, everybody!

Today, we have big news. Our home page is renewal open.


How do you think?

We have many different contents on our HP.

Please check check!!


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Time flies since Japan disaster occurred in 11/3 March 2011.

 We lost a lot of things at the instant because of Tsunami, Earthquake and Nuclear incident.

 I believe that japanese people will be able to overcome this harmful happend strongly even more than before. We would like to offer our deepest sympathy to victims and their families.
I found that Japan is loved by many foreigner. Thank you so much!!

I love Japan so much!!Do our best!!


Shinichi Tada


Today it has passed 1 year since the earthquake occured.




(at Shibuya Koen street) 


Some other time, we are deeply sorry for injured people.


Then, thanks for many country's huge support, Japan (mainly in Tohoku area) is about to revive, however it's by little.


 ■Today, please just pray for Japan.■


We are very appreciated for anything you (and your country) did for us, including guests come to Japan after the earthquake.


(some guests' photos, came in last month...)


susa%20brasil-thumb-350x232.jpg malaysia-thumb-350x233.jpg 

(↓this is presents from Chinese guest.) 

ありがとうございます。 謝謝 


 ------ From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya -----

World Lunch!!

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We will start "World Lunch" in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!


Lunch includes Home made soup, and Coffee or Tea



Nice to meet you!!!

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Nice to meet you everyone.

My name is Shinichi Tsda. Please call me 'SHIN'

I started to wark at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya from March 2012!!

I hope I wanna meet many people and talking.

Please come Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for meeting Meeeee!!!

I'm looking forward to meeting you!!



skytree light.JPG

Do you know when Tokyo Sky Tree will be opened?


It will be opened on May 22nd 2012.


From when can we buy a ticket on the day of the viewing deck for individual customer (under 25 people)?


From July 11th 2012.


We cannot enter the viewing deck without buying a ticket (a date and a time designated) in advance.

Those who can buy a ticket are selected by lot.


From when can we buy an advance ticket?


From March 22nd 2012.


I have one last question.

When will Tokyo Sky Tree be lit up on the date of most recent?


It will be on March 10th and 11th (between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.).

Asteroid "Tohoku"

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The asteroid which a Japanese amateur astronomy discovered.

With the requiem to the victim of the East Japan great earthquake disaster and a wish to revival, he named this asteroid "Tohoku( northern east of Japan )".

We can not seem to be able to confirm it by the naked eye from the ground, but it's approach the earth most on the night of March 11th and shine neatly in Leo in the sky of the south.

Spring is getting closer! Soon the cherry blossoms (sakura) will be in bloom all over Japan.

So we decided on a spring like flavor for our Welsh Cakes this month! 

Sakura Green Tea flavor!



P1040915.JPGAvailable until the end of March at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya for 130 yen per piece!

Our regular Plain and Cocoa Welsh Cakes are also available of course. 


How about having a party at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya?


Do you know our party plan? 

We have several party plans at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya on the 1st floor of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

My recommendation is My cafe plan:

For 840 yen per 2 hours you can host your own workshop or club activities at our cafe.

For example, 

Making small accessories, 

Teaching languages, 

Reading club, and more!

Enjoy your own cafe.

Tokyo Sky Tree!!

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Construction of Tokyo Sky Tree is finally finished!!
Now it has become the tallest tower in the world.

But! We still have to wait to enter until it opens in May.
Can't wait!

Doll's Festival (Hina Matsuri)

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March 3rd is Doll's Festival (Hina Matsuri) in Japan.


This festival is a traditional event held to wish for girls' growth and happiness.

Families with girls display a set of hina dolls at home.


Do you have similar event in your country?

Hello! We have got another new menu for you at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!

It is called TASTIRA!! Let's take a look!


It looks awesome, isn't it??

Mr. Ghazi from Tunisia introduced this recipe for us.


It goes well with everything especially bread.
It is a necessary food for Tunisian people!!
Besides, it is a healthy food because it is made from a lot of vegetables.

It is now on sale for the limited number!
If you would like to try, hurry to one of Sakura Cafes!!

JR East announced that JR East Pass Special is on sale from 1st March in overseas.


What is JR East PAss Special?

☆Unlimited rides for only 10000yen!(3000yen cheaper than last year's rate!)

☆You can use the JR East Pass Special for any three of the 10 days.

☆Valid for unlimited travel on Shinkansen lines and Narita Express.

☆Go anywhere in Iwate,Aomori,Sendai,Fukushima and Niigata with this pass.

☆Use period:Sunday, April 1 to Saturday, June 30, 2012


This is very very good value pass.(We,Japanese can not buy it...)


 Please see JR East official website to check the details.