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This is my last working day in Hatagaya today.


I've working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for a year but will work at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro from tomorrow in the personnel reshuffle.


まいこ.JPGThank you very much for all of your kindness!!

I miss all staff in Hatagaya...

This is my thank you gift for all of staff in Hatagaya.


ぷれぜんと.JPGPlease drop by Ikebukuro if you come to this area.

See you soon!!!



The special 300 Series shinkansen bullet train to be used in the train series' last commercial operations for five days between Feb. 17 and March 16th.

 The 300 Series trains will retire after being put into services in 1992 to connect Tokyo and Shin Osaka in two and a half hours with a speed of 270 kilometers per hour. 

The services were later expanded to connect the Japanese capital and Hakata in about five hours. 

Tickets for the last runs between Tokyo and Shin Osaka on March 16th  were sold out in only around one minute after the company started to sell them in the morning of Feb. 16th.

Pocket Warmer "Hokkairo" News!

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It's still very cold in Tokyo.

However we have the great winter goods, Hokkairo(Pocket Warmer)!



セイコーマート(冬の釧路・厚岸) Kushiro Trip (East Hokkaido) / jetalone


We can see various Hokkairos in the market nowadays.

Attatching Hokkairo and Applying Hokkairo are popular.

Hokkairo for toes and for eyes,



ホッカイロ(足全体用) / jetalone

Some characters' Hokkairo exist.

Rechargeable Hokkairo! It's very interesting and economic :D

We can overcome this coldness with these excellent Hokkairos!!


CUTE TWINS from U.S.A: Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

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They are from America, stayed at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya yesterday.

They are actually twins!!



How cute they are!!

Left side is younger sister, right side is older sister! (and I'm in the middle.)

I thought that it's opposite.


     They stayed at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for several times before.

     (And lived in Tokyo one year last time.)


               Welcome back to Sakura Hotel! Enjoy your Tokyo stay!!


New ★ German Blog! ~ Deutscher Blog

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Recently Sakura House and Hotel has launched a
for all speakers and learners of German!

Frederik and Fumi from Sakura House, Vanessa from Sakura Hostel Asakusa and me, Anne from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya will update everyday for you, so please check it out!

We try to provide useful information about life in Tokyo, but we also write about everyday stuff.


german team.jpgAlso schaut vorbei! Wir warten auf Euch!!


By the we, we also have a German Facebook site now!


How long does it take from your country to Japan?

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How long does it take from your country to Japan? 


Here's a picture of our guests.
They are JICA trainees from Namibia.
They stayed with us for two weeks and went home last week.

For them, it takes about 20 hours flight (changing planes three times).

To where can you go by 20 hours flight?

According to today's news, finally, the numbers of Mobile phones plus PHS has exceeded the numbers of Japanese  total population(counted on the end of December 2011.)

     ■Japanese total population---128,000,000.

     ■Counted mobile phone&PHS's numbers ---129,800,000 



It means, one person have more than 2 phones!? for some porpose.


By the way,



This dog's name is named 'KAI' , most famous dog in Japan, you know??

He is a mascot charactor of Soft bank. speaks Japanese and he is dad of the family.


you can do internet with free wi-fi, at the lobby (= in sakura cafe).



↑I bought my i-phone 4s last year (november)! How convenient it is!

(when I lost my way, this i-phone is very useful.)

It's convenient to check your friends' e-mail, and searching something about Tokyo. 


But if you cannot search the information about you want to know for yourself,

please ask to Sakura Hotel staff anytime. We'll assist you!!


Tomatada à Alentejana da Avô Velinha

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Good evening from Sakura cafe Hatagaya!

Today, we'll introduce a Portuguese dish Tomatada by Mr. José Rafael.


IMG_2639.JPG Tomatada 500 yen

Mr. Jose Raphael who has visited Japan in order to inquire in a Japanese company cooking this time.




Tomatada is seemingly a tradition dish of a Alentejana district, and it is made when there is a ripe tomato.

And it is a simple dish such as the herb was added to the onion, and a sausage, ham and an egg. 

But it is ・・・・

Very very delicious!!!!

All staffes tried and everybody said " Yammy!!!" 

This special dish Jose cook, 
It ends, as soon as it is finish, please taste earlier!


Special sauce!!Amazing!

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Do you know "Mole Mole Poblano "?

We made it with Mr.Victor from Mexico.

Everybody knows in Mexico...


Spicy a little...

and Delicious...!!!

Ingredients is.......................




You can buy "canned mole sauce " in mexico.


It is difficult to buy "Canned Mole sauce" in Japan.

So we have to make by ourselves!

Our special menu with mole sauce will be start soon. 

At Sakura Cafe!


How much do you think postage for a post card is?

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What nice post card they are!


Our guest from Germany (Mr. Thorsten) bought them at Asakusa.

P1040780.JPGHe sent them to Germany this morning.


He asked us how much postage for a post card is.

Do you know that?


The answer is 70 yen.

Why don't you send a post card to your family and friends?


FYI, we have post cards and stamps to sell.

Tomorrow,February 18th an event going on at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

It's delicious and become the international exchange event.

20120218page.jpgwe are waiting your participation today.

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya Happy Sweets!

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I will introduce today's happy sweets in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!


,Ayako's Home made Chocolate chunk Cookie

WhiteChocolate + Cocoa cookie


Foamy's American Cup cake

Orange + White chocolate アメリカン.jpg

Lynsey Davis Welsh cake

Monthly Welsh cake is Almond Maple!

Cafe&welsh cake.jpg

 Do you wanna try??

We always welcome to you!


When I came to work today, I found a big chest in our office!

So we had some fun with it...





ai kiste.jpg

The last picture is Ai by the way. XD


There was another box as well. I wonder what we'll use them for.

I will let you know when I find out! ^^

Souvenir from Thailand

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I like to walk around local supermarkets when I visit other countries.

I bought these tea bags in a supermarket in Bangkok.

I will try to drink just now!



Virtual Tokyo in Bangkok

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I visited Bangkok last week in my winter holiday.

I stayed at a hotel near Sukhumvit Rd. in the centre of Bangkok.

So many shopping malls open one after another in these days.

This "Terminal 21" was open last year.This shopping mall's concept is an airport terminal.

This floor is modeled after Tokyo.You can eat Japanese foods in this "airport" as well.





IMG_0646[1].JPG IMG_0647[1].JPG

If you catch a cold in Japan...

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It has been very cold these days in Japan and flu is epidemicing!
I also caught a cold (but it's not flu!) on last Friday and had a high fever...

風邪/Catching a cold / typexnick


When you catch a cold, what usually do you do to cure in your place?
In Japan, when we caugh, we roll a leeks around throat.

Welsh Onion Field / Dick Thomas Johnson

It is said that the anti-inflammatory component in leeks makes throat better!

And also, we eat something good for digestion or something warm.
For example this!

お粥できたー #dinner / is_kyoto_jp

PorridgeThis is the light-salted boiled rice.

At Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, we're offering the Ginger Hot Drink fair!

Ginger is good for the sickness:)



You take care not to be sick and flu!

Today's Happy sweets!

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Have you already tried Foamy's happy sweets?

「American Cup Cake」

230 yen


Orange & White chocholate flavor 

Have a good afternoon tea!



Ms.Naoko Kai (Foamy):Happiness food creator.Cooking teacher,Food consultant

Foamy's Blog:Foamy's 食で巡る「世界散歩♪」

Guess who's checking in at the moment!

Our group of JICA trainees who stayed with us last week!


P1040730.JPGThey are a multi-cultural group from countries like Nicaragua, Indonesia, Armenia, Cambodia, the Philippines and so on, and even though they just came back from a bus trip to Wakayama where they stayed for the last 5 days or so, they are all in a really good mood.


P1040731.JPGOur hotel lobby got really lively as soon as they walked in. :D

They are going to stay with us for a while longer.

Welcome back at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya. We missed you guys!


Sakura Hotel News!!

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We created the 'Guests' Photo Board' at the entrance of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

photoboard ぜんたい.jpg 

For our guests, can you find your photo among these pictures??

 photoboard かくだい.JPG

We'll add more photos in the near future!

And Let's take photos when you'll come to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, we'll make it on the board!!

Needles in Tofu?

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Why are the needles put in Tofu and Konnyaku (jelly made from the devil's tongue) for 8th February?

It is for "Hari-kuyo". Hari-kuyo is a dedication ceremony for broken needles.

It is a bit funny to me that there is such a ceremony because I do not do needlework...  However, needles are necessary to make a Kimono; a good Kimono is made only by hand! 

Besides, needles used to be very important when there was not a sewing machine. 

That is why people thank needles soul and do a dedication ceremony. 

But why are needles in Tofu??

The reason why broken needles are put in Tofu is to thank them by putting in something soft (those old needles no longer have to work! :D)! 

chilled tofu / [puamelia]

Do you know Koala's March?
It is a biscuit containing chocolate with a picture of a koala on the outside.
From today (February 7th), Koala's March in cans that can be stored for a long time goes on sale.



It lasts 5 years and can be used as emergency foods.


Koala's March in cans is different from normal one, and chocolate isn't contained.

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

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My friend and I went to the Ramen Museum in Shin-Yokohama the other day. There you can eat all kinds of Ramen noodles from many different regions of Japan. As you know, I love Ramen, so I was very excited to go there.

aussen.jpgThis is what it looks like from the outside. It's very close to Shin-Yokohama station.


innen.jpg  museum innen.jpg


And these are photos from inside the museum. The overall theme is Tokyo during the Showa era, so everything looks really old, just like 40 years ago. There are many Ramen restaurants right next to each other.



In every restaurant you can order a mini-bowl of Ramen, so you can try many different types and find your favorite.


ticketautomat.jpgFirst you choose a dish and pay on the ticket machines in front of the restaurants.


tonkotsu miso ramen.jpg   hokkaido ramen.jpg 


These are Tonkotsu-Miso Ramen from Kumamoto prefecture, and Shoyu Ramen + Shio Ramen from Hokkaido. I was already full after 2 bowls, but I tried the ones my friend ordered as well. So yummy!


eis.jpgThere was still enough space left for some ice cream though. XD

We decided to come back soon, because it's impossible to eat all the different styles of Ramen during just one visit!


anschlagtafel.jpgBy the way, our guests at Sakura Hotel can get a free admission ticket to the Ramen museum. You can find more information on our Special Offer site (you need to scroll down till the end). Just ask our staff at the front desk. ^^

If you love Ramen, this museum is highly recommended!



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Super Bowl 2012 of NFL opens tomorrow.

The card of this year is New England Patriots VS New York Giants.

I look forward to it now which wins.

The halftime show of this year is tha diva Madonna.

This is a pleasure, to me.

February 6th at 8:20 a.m. kickoff of in Japanese time.

Sakura Hotel is useful for foreigners!!

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Hello, foreigners, have you ever stayed at Sakura Hotel group??


We have many kinds of foreign guests everyday.

So, all staff can speak not only Japanese but English, and other languages:)

Anytime you can easily ask us about sightseeing, food, culture, and so on!


By the way, they are from Syria, checked out yesterday.

シリアCO 1.jpg

They stayed at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for total 14 days, for buisiness (JICA).

Would learn many things in Japan, and will teach it to Syrian people.

We have many memories with them.



Let's stay at Sakura Hotel Group and make great memory in Japan!!


Spring has come.

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Today is the first day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar.

But it's still freezing. 
So I guess many people cannot feel the change of the seasons.

What makes you feel coming of spring?


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There is a map of the world at sakura cafe.

world map.JPG


Sakura guests can put a sticker on the map where their hometown.


The guests come from all over the world.

Today......17 countries!! 





SUSHI ROLL GINBAP &Cooking Workshop

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1070.jpgKorean GINBAP and Japanese SUSHI ROLL are dishes of
various ingredients and rice wrapped in a sheet of laver.
Both are reminds each other but little bit different. This is
a special cooking workshop! Enjoy taste of Korea & Japan!!

img_1391067_49646762_0.jpgPlease provide us with the following information via email.

SUSHI ROLL GINBAP &Cooking Workshop

Date:Feb.18th (Sat)
Price:1,500 yen

Please provide us with the following information via email.

[email protected]

1.Name.?Phone number(If you have)? Name of your Hotel & Room NO, If you stay SAKURA HOTEL.   

The number of participants is
limited to 20 !  

TEL:03-3469-5211 FAX:03-3468-4307
〒151-0072 東京都渋谷区幡ヶ谷1-32-3
1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0072

Smoking Rates in JAPAN

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The Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare of Japan announced that

Japan has the lowest rate of smoking after 1986 in which they began

the investigation.

The price of cigarette has been raised in this fifteen years.
Mild Seven,a popular brand in Japan was sold for 230Yen(USD3.00/EUR2.28) in 1997.
Now the price is 410Yen(USD5.35/EUR4.07).Worldwide popular Marlboro is 440Yen(USD5.74/EUR4.37) in Japan.How much is it in your country?

By the way,all guest rooms in SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA become non-smoking after 15 February.
We are sorry to say that for smokers.