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Hatagaya Funny Photo Gallery

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We love to take photos at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! And we try our besr to make our day at work as fun as possible.

So today I would like to show you some of my favorite photos we took during the last year. There are so many, that I had a hard time choosing. LOL
Here we go!

s-rakugo1.jpg  s-portugal front.jpg 

s-soup.jpg  s-ai venus.jpg  s-miwa pickles.jpg  

s-P1040028.jpg  s-ai running.jpg  s-P1010659.jpg   s-378420_10150495150641514_690106513_10649687_1847615533_n.jpg  s-Linn Bowl.jpg  s-schubkarre.jpg  s-kopftuch.jpgmeloneessen.JPG  group.JPG 


ai hasenzahn.jpg


I'm sure we'll take many many photos this year as well. ^^




Mini Portuguese Lesson :)

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In fact, I can speak Portuguese Language as I told in my self-introduction.

So today I will teach you some phrases in Portuguese to be able to introduce yourself in Portuguese!

1. Greetings

"Good morning!" = "Bom dia!"

"Good evening!"  = "Boa tarde!"

"Hi!" = "Olá!"


Usually, Brazillian people say "Oi!" as often as "Olá!".

And since "Bom dia!" means "Good day", they also use it when they say bye-bye. 



2. Self-Introduction

My name is ... = Chamo-me ... (Sha-mo mi...)

I am from Japan ... = Eu sou do Japão.

Nice to meet you.  = Muito prazer.


If you remember and show these phrases to Brazillian, Portuguese and other people from Luso-Brazillian countries,

you may be able to make friends with them soon :)  Like me --->


foto com pors.jpg

with Portuguese friends


foto com bras.jpg

with Brazillian friends


*At Sakura Cafe, we often have some international events like Portuguese Party.

Why don't you join us?! :)


Hatagaya Staff ~ Anne

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Hi everyone!

I'm Anne from Germany and have been living in Japan since February 2011. I started working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya in March 2011.


s-tee.jpgI speak German, English and Japanese. I also used to learn French in school, but I forgot most of it unfortunately.

I have been to Japan as an exchange student before and fell in love with the country. I have met so many great people here, who make Japan my second home.

Two of my favorite places in Japan are Kamakura and the Fuji Five Lakes. I love to go there whenever I can.

I love Japanese and Italian food. I could eat Okonomiyaki, Ramen or Pasta everyday. Oh, and I eat way too many sweets for my own good, but I just can't resist all the delicious cakes and deserts that are sold at every corner here in Japan. ^^;


  My hobbies are hoopdance, going to Jazz clubs, eating out and sleeping.

I usually don't sleep at work though. ;)


s-sleep.jpg  s-africa.jpg


Since I started working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, the number of countries I would like to visit has  

increased dramatically, because we have so many guests from all around the world, who

tell us about their home countries. 


s-ai anne.jpg

I hope to see you soon at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! 


How to eat fried noodles(yakisoba)

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His name is Usama.
From Syria.

He is staying at our hotel. 

He always gives the food of Syria!
So I also gave him Japanese fried noodles(yakisoba).

The very interesting way of eating :pppppppppp

Thanks Usama!!!

Ten Thousand Yen Notes Secret

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I guess everyone likes this ten thousand yen note.



Click this image to enlarge.















There are more microprints in ten thousand note.Can you see them?

One of the biggest purpose of travelling the world, Gourmet is quite necessary.

These are my favorite Japanese food,

Can you guess what is it!?


★Gyu-don (牛丼, means beaf bawl) with Japanese pickles and miso soup)

→You can find SUKIYAすき家 restaurant in Hatagaya, very close to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


★Chicken-namban food set, with Cereals rice and miso soup.

This restaurant is near Shimokitazawa station, 'Kurokawa黒川'

The fried chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce is my No. 1 menu. Sooooo yummy!!


By the way, most of 'food set' includes salad or 'Miso soup', and so on.

Miso soup is like Japanese sowl... Everyday I can eat it. 


 ★This is '味噌カツ定食', made in Aichi(my hometown。)

check-it!! http://sakura-cafe.asia/hatagaya/blog/2012/01/selfintroductionmiwa-is.html)



柚子の木 表.JPG

★This soba restaurant is, '柚子の木 YUZU?NO-KI'  located in Hatagaya station.

柚子の木 定食.JPG

Tempura, Katsu-don, are also very delicious!!

(Ten-don 天丼 and soba set menu, @880 yen)

Where do you want to go, and eat during your travell in Japan!?


Arround Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, there are many kinds of Japanese food restaurant.

Anytime we can help you to find out your favorite restaurant!

Self-introduction "My name is Maiko"

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Today, I'll introduce myself.

It seems like too late to do that :) since I've work here almost a year now.


Thumbnail image for 着物.JPG 

My name is Maiko Sato.

I was born in Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Taito-ku is a downtown side of Tokyo. There are famous temple Senso-ji.

Have you ever been there?? I love my hometown very much.


senso-ji.jpgI love travelling, see musicals, and  fluffy things!!


The best country that I ever been is Canada!!

I went to there 4 times and lived for one year from 2009.

So Canada is my 2nd hometown :)




I often go to see musicals almost once a month.

My favorite is "Mamma mia!" and "Cats"


And this is my lovely....Pig!!!


ぶた.JPGPlease say hello to me if you have a chance.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you near future!!



New menu!

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New menu!

You can try only at Sakura Cafe


 U.S「Sloppy Joes」500yen(Drink set 650yen)

 Meat sauce sandwich with potato chips.

Sweden「Janssons frestelses」550yen(Drink set 700yen)


  • This is a home cuisine in Sweden.
  • A lot of Potato and anchovy.
  • Henrikさん




    Mexico「Burrito」550yen(Drink set 700yen)


    Traditional Mexican food.

    Great combination with Beef and Vegitables! 






    dakpal.jpg Dakpal=Spicy Chikcken Leg

    Great snack for Beer! 
    JI FUNさん




    Syrian Tea

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    Today in the morning, Our guest from Syria gave me this!


    syrian tea1.jpg

    Syrian Tea!

    At Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, we are offering World Tea, but it's the first time to drink Syrian Tea for me.


    They put much sugar in tea ^^

    Syrian Tea.jpg

    The tea was very good!


    In addition, one of them gave us hand-made cookies right now! 



    It's soooo delicious with various spices!

    Do Syrian people like giving things to others?



    What souvenir attracts you most?

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    Paper fan shaped plates which have a seasonally painting on them won the grand prize of appealing japanese souvenir contest among 720 items.


    The plate is covered with gold leaf and the handgrip can be used as a fork.

    It costs 6,090 yen.


    I'm curious about what souvenir attracts you most.

    A Wise Calendar!

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    I found a very interesting calendar in our office today.
    Can you see what's different about it?
    (you can click on the photo for a bigger version)

    s-kalender1.jpgIt shows only 1 day per month, but for all 12 months of the year on one page. So there are 31 pages in total. The page on the photo shows the 17th day of each month, i.e. January 17th, February 17th, March 17th... you get the idea.


    I was like, what the heck, at first! It's an upside down calendar! oO; 


    s-kalender4.jpgThe good part about this calender is that you can turn the page and enjoy a different picture every day (though the page will get repeated every month on the same date).

    The bad part about it is, that it doesn' t make much sense apparently, and is quite inconvenient in a way.


    So I asked the wise Ai-san, who dressed up as a frog today

    for a reason that escapes me. XD


    s-kalender5.jpgShe explained to me that this is a popular type of buddhist calendar. Every page provides some words of wisdom in beautiful calligraphic writing. Instead of reading a new advice everyday of the year and forgetting them all immediately, you are supposed to take them to heart. Which is made easy since every page is repeated 12 times during the course of the year.


    s-kalender6.jpgA very wise calender indead. Thanks for the explanation dear frog Ai!



    "Small New Year's Day"??

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    11th January is known as the day for "Kagami-biraki."

    People eat "Oshiruko," which is sweet red beans soup with pieces of rice cakes in it.

    On the other hand, it is not well known that 15th January was "Koshougatsu," which literally means "Small New Year's Day."

    On "Koshougatsu," it is said that they eat "Azuki-gayu," rice porridge with red beans, though I have not had it before...

    Here is what it looks like. Unlike "Oshiruko," this does not taste sweet.

    Traditionally, red beans are believed to drive away evil spirits and keep you away from diseases. Although "Koshougatsu" is already gone, "Azuki-gayu" is still good for your health and easy to cook. Why don't you try it!?


    Welcome Drink★

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    Our guests from Syria are 11 people!!! 

    We served them Japanese traditional Tea again!!

    Who served??It's Hiroki!!

    How is that?
    Is that OK for them??


    SMB (Sakura Mandolin Band)  played at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya today!!First part 

    1. 「Spring Sea」 well used to opening of the new year.

    2. 「Japanese Chirdren's medley」 

    Famous Japanese chirdren's song in medley form★

    3. 「SUKIYAKI SONG」 1st place of the US!!

    4. 「Kimi wo nosete」 Theme song of Studio Ghibli's " Castle in the Sky"

    5. 「Kawa no nagare no youni」 Ms.Hibari Misora's an excellent piece of music!


    Second part 

    1. O Sole Mio The music of Italy of Mandolin origin.


    2 songs from the beatle's

    3. Grandfather's Clock 」・「Danny boy」・「Home sweet home」

    American fork songs!

    4.「Zigeunerweisen」 Famous as solo music of a violin.


    As we noticed before, SMB (Sakura Mandolin Band) will play at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya,

    We will announce the selections in secret for tomorrow♪


    20120115page.jpgIn the first part from 15:00PM・・・

    1. 「Spring Sea」 well used to opening of the new year.

    2. 「Japanese Chirdren's medley」 

    Famous Japanese chirdren's song in medley form★

    3. 「SUKIYAKI SONG」 1st place of the US!!

    4. 「Kimi wo nosete」 Theme song of Studio Ghibli's " Castle in the Sky"

    5. 「Kawa no nagare no youni」 Ms.Hibari Misora's an excellent piece of music!


    Next In the second part from 16:30PM!!

    1. O Sole Mio The music of Italy of Mandolin origin.


    2 songs from the beatle's

    3. Grandfather's Clock 」・「Danny boy」・「Home sweet home」

    American fork songs!

    4.「Zigeunerweisen」 Famous as solo music of a violin.


    *Since this is a schedule, please understand that it may change without a preliminary announcement.  

    Let's have a good time while listening to some good music!

    Hope to see you there! (^O^)/

    General Frost

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    This few days, Japan are very cold every day.

    Weather forecast say "The  General Frost  arrival".

    Who will  The  General Frost  be?

    Napoleon Bonaparte.

    Famous French emperor.

    A French military leading Napoleon in 1812 invades and attacks in Moscow, Russia.

    However, the enemy was in the unexpected place.

    The French military is defeated by winter severe cold and heavy snowfall.

    A British newspaper reporter reported this fact as "General Frost".

    The thing which translated "General Frost" into Japanese seemed to become "Fuyushougun".

    Even Napoleon was not able to overcome "General Frost".

    All of you do not yield to "General Frost", and please get over this winter.

    Change of generation!!

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    Hi, everyone. It is new from an old thing today but subject is the Shinkansen. Various Shinkansen appeared from commencement of business in 1964, and it retired to private life.





    It continued the other day also at first 0 series, and, as for 100 series and 300 series, retirement was decided. If a new thing is made, the old thing is lost someday. The time is progressing.




    Although the appearance of the newest N700 series and E5 series are good looking, if it is called the Shinkansen, are they the Shinkansen of a round nose which is first generation!?


    Japanese Literary Award

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    It is said that there are more than 500 literary awards in Japan. 

    The most famous prizes are Akutagawa Prize and Naoki Prize. 

    These were established by a famous author Kan Kikuchi in 1935 in honor of great authors, Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Sanjugo Naoki.

    The winners of 146th Akutagawa, Naoki Prizes will be chosen on 17 January!

    Some of the nominated stories are as follows:

    "Shiro wo kamaseta otoko" by Jyun Ito (The man who made a castle bitten) (Nominated for Naoki Pirze)

     "Yumechigai" by Riku Onda (Different dream) (Nominated for Naoki Pirze)


    *English titles are not official; I translated Japanese titles literally just for this blog article.


    Since the winners of these prizes will be very popular, past nominated works might have been translated from Japanese already. 

    If you look for books written by Japanese authors, I recommend you to check them out!


    On the Ocean.

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    Hi, everyone. How's your day? Please look at a beautiful scene from the sea today. Various things will be considered with what, looking at the sunset.



    The circumference is the sea!! The sunset from the sea is really beautiful.

    If you take a big luxury ship, just enjoy beautiful sunset on the sea.

    Ukraine cooking

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    I visited my friend who is a cooking teacher.

    She made me a Ukraine's traditional dishes.


    Use a whole  Paprika



    Inside of Paprika, there is a Onion,ground meat and Rice!

    And boil with Tomato sause by pressure cooker 15min




    It was great dinner,,,tasty! 


    She gave me homemade Piroshki.

    This one also great.


    Thank you very much for inviting me!




    Yesterday we held the Portuguese Party at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!




    We decorated the cafe with ballons of the portuguese color (red & green), the flag, and galo which is like symbol of Portugal :)




    And we costumed with the traditional portuguese clothes!


    あいほんしゃしn 010.jpg 


    So cute, isn't it?



    Ken was wearing the uniform of Portuguese National Football team :)


    At this time, the party was at the lunch time.




    This plate is from Alentejo region,of Portugal.

    Of course we cannot miss this!



    Vinho Verde(Green Wine)!

    This wine is original of Portugal and white semi-sparkling wine :)



    あいほんしゃしn 005.jpg


    With Portugal lovers, Portuguese music, Portuguese Language, and Wine...

    All the things made our Sunday so nice : )


    We love Portugal !!!


    あいほんしゃしn 013.jpg

    Late happy new year!!

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    Hello world,Let's say "Late Happy New Year!!!"


    So,,,This is Masaru.
    I went back to my hometown in Kyoto and My wife's hometown Kawachinagano for new year.

    Kawachinagano is border area between Osaka Pref, and Wakayama Pref.
    Especially, Kakihata area is beautiful area for awsome waterfalls.



    Tram in Kyoto is so cool!

    I like that modern design.

    tram2.JPGI met nephew!!!
    He is super Kawaii!!
    And in Kyoto,We went to my friend's Livehouse to spend new year day.
    I didn't say for anyone about visiting there.So everyone really got surprise!
    We enjoy to make Michi too.

    3 days week-end coming up tomorrow

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    Next Monday (The second Monday of January) is national holiday in Japan.

    Do you happen to know what day it is on that day?


    The second Monday of January is Coming-of-Age Day which honors young people who have reached the age of 20 as new members of adult society.


    What age is the adult age in your country?

    SMB (Sakura Mandolin Band) will play at

    Sakura Cafe Hatagaya on January 15th (SUN)!!

    Entrance is only 500 yen and includes 1 drink!

    (No need to reserve tickets in advance.)



    Mandolin Event.jpg



    Let's have a good time while listening to some good music!

    Hope to see you there! (^O^)/



    Bargain information 2012 in Shinjuku!!

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      Now is a good season for shopping(cloths).

      Because most of the departments started 'Winter bargain' or 'New year's sale' in Japan.

      Talking about me, I went to shopping MYLORD in Jan. 2 !


    And Shinjuku is the most biggest town for shopping of cloths, you know??

    This coat is what I bought at the sale in MYLOAD


    How about to buy something nice item for the new year??

    【other sale informations

    ★Marui Depertment in Shinjuku★


    ★LUMINE Depertment in Shinjuku★



    If you feel tired, Sakura Hotel(Cafe) Hatagaya is just 5 minutes from Shinjuku station, by Keio-new line!

    Sakura Hotel URL


    Sakura Cafe Hatagaya access URL



    Why don't you have a break in Sakura Cafe (Sakura Hotel) Hatagaya??



    Hatsumoude and Omikuji

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    January 1st is Japanese New Year's Day.

    On New Year's Day, people pay a visit to shrines to pray for happiness and good health, it called Hatsumoude.

    So I went Sensoji in Asakusa for Hatsumoude on January 1st.


    There were so many people and many stalls, looks like Matsuri★


    I drawed Omikuji at Sensoji and I got the best one Daikichi!!




    __ (2).JPG

    I hope..all this Daikichi will bring all the hapiness to me :)

    Omikuji sold at Sensoji have English explanations as well, so please try!!

    Gook Luck!


    * More information for Sensoji, Omikuji...Check here.


    You wanna go Sensoji, Asakusa?

    About 30-40 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya. 



    Hi, everyone. Happy New Year. Do you have a cold??

    It is a southern island which is saying this time.

    Cold day has been continued recently. So, it flies over to a southern island such at the time.



    We will forget winter season if it goes near the equator. It's a relaxing on the beach!!

    Don't you forget a busy life and lengthen your life??


    Warm climate, the passage of loose time, delicious food,,, It's awesome.

    Where is here,,,?