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A happy new year!! 

Since 2011 is the year of the rabbit in Chinese Zodiac, 2012 is the year of the dragon!

Though the dragons only exist in stories, we know several kinds of them.

This is a European dragon.

Dragon / fireflythegreat

And this is an Eastern dragon. In Japan dragons are illustrated like this.

Dragon / miheco

It seems that the biggest difference is whether it has wings or not...

Although dragons are thought to be good creatures generally in Japan, they are not in Western countries (right?) Maybe you can tell us what you think about dragons. J


Thank you very much for supporting us last year, 2011!

We are all looking forward to seeing you next year here in Japan.

We hope you have a great year!!


Today's guests @hatagaya

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This group of guests from the Philippines checked in today!

They all live in Japan and are visiting Tokyo at the moment.
Welcome at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! We hope you'll enjoy your stay!


Secret Menu

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You cannot find on the menu

You cannot find our HP too


Please ask staff when you visit Sakura Cafe,

「Do you have a White Hot Chocolate?」



You can try Hot chocolate and White hot chocolate at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya


Mega Hot chocolate also you can try!





Travel Photographer of the year 2011

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Did you go travelling in 2011? If so, did you take some picture while travelling?

Travel Photographer of the year 2011 was announced recently.

What is the best picture taken while travelling in 2011 for you?

Kanji of the year

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The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation select one Kanji every year.

And It is kind of long custom in Japan.


Did you know the kanji of year 2011??

Can you read this?


The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation announced on Dec.12

 that the Chinese character "kizuna" (the bond) was selected as the kanji that best reflects the disaster-ridden year.


After the disaster we felt many kindness and bonds from our guests and friends from all over the world this year.

 Hearafter, I want to value the connection with the person.





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 New Menu at Sakura cafe hatagaya!

This is mackerel sandwich from turkey!




「Cocada」from Brasil



Coconuts and Coconuts milk and condensed milk

You can buy everywhere in brasil


At last

「Milchreis」 from Germany



Milk,rice and strawberry and cinammon...

It looks desserts but actually Lunch menu in germany.


What your typical food in your country?

Please let us know!

Your idea will be famous in Japan!

Want to grown vegitable with my family!!

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They are my family!, Father and mother.


(I have one more young brother, but he's not appear on this picture.)


 Next week, I'll go back to Aichi(=my hometown) again!

新井きゃべつ.jpg 新井ねぎ.jpg

My father's farm!! 


Aichi prefecture is famous for producting district of Cabbage, butterbur.


Are you growing something to eat for yourself?? 

Little Chef in Ikebukuro

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On last Friday, our hotels' popular event, Little Chef was held at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro!



画像 007.jpg


This time was so gorgeous!!

 The foreign chefs are from 9 countries all over the world :O!!


From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, Brazillian guests cooked Brazillian sweet, Cocada :)


画像 009.jpg

 This is made with Coconuts, Coconuts Milk, Condensed Milk, and sugar.

Sooooooo sweet :D



They cooked following their mother's recipe. 

画像 002.jpg

 We will add Cocada to our cafe menu finally :) You can taste it soon!


Other tasty food is Burritos from Mexico!




This souce made with Abocado was fantastic!


From South Korea, 



Dakpal Toppokki!Do you know what is this? This is chicken foot! lol

This dish is sooooo spicy, then all the people were crying... lol




画像 013.jpg

This is Mackerel Sand from Turkey! Looks so exciting, isn't it? 


In this event we can taste various international foods, then for me(I am so glutton :p), it is fantastic event! lol

Cannot wait next!!


My Christmas party, with homemade cake♪

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Today is Christmas Eve! How are you doing, everyone??
Talking about me, I made an Unbaked Cheese Cake for my home party! 
We decorated chocolate, and other snacks on the cake.
Then, it's time to exchange presents! 
I got this winter gift! How cute it is!  
Thank you my friend!
クリスマスプレゼント友達から 2011.jpg

By the way, In Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, there is a menu of Cheese cake @500 yen.
With blueberry sauce, it's so yummy...(^^)!
In the near future, I wanna try to make these 'baked' cheese cake!
If I made it, will you taste it with me??
Enjoy your christmas days!

How do you spend Christmas?

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It's Christmas Eve tomorrow. I guess people are in Christmas mood yet in your country!

It's the same here in Japan, but the way many people spend it might be unfamiliar with you.

First of all, cake is necessary for Japanese Christmas.

christmas cake / torisan3500

Besides, fried chicken is popularly consumed for the day.

dinner @ Tabibito Shokudo ジャークチキン (旅人食堂, 吉祥寺) / jetalone

However, one of my non-Japanese friends told me once that eating cake and KFC for Christmas is weird!

"So what do you do??" I asked. He told me that they usually eat turkey.

Turkey / jdolenga

Other than that, they have food that is unique to their country.

Even after knowing that, I still feel like eating cake!

Though the way to spend it is different, 

I hope everyone will have a nice Christmas this year. J

Doraemon Museum!

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I went to Doraemon museum with Yoshi and Ryoma.

It takes only 30min 210yen from Hatagaya Sakura Hotel to there.

If you would like to go,you should make reservation before.


Lovely character "Korosuke" welcoming to us!


Photo spot 1!


Photo spot 2


Photo spot 3!!どかん人生.JPG

Welcome to Sakura Hotel~~ 

You can enjoy Cafe.korokke.JPG

There is Manga area

Doraemon comics are not only comedy but also touching..


This is one of the best scene ....Ohhhhhhバギー.JPG

Winter Solstice

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Tomorrow (December 22nd) is the Winter Solstice.


In Japan, people take yuzu bath.

It is said that we can stay healthy during the cold winter to do that.


In addition, the Winter Solstice is called Touji in Japanese and Touji means hot spring cure as well.


What do you do on the Winter Solstice?

Curry lunch box -2- in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

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As Ai mentioned yesterday with a staff blog,

I've sold 15 boxes of 'Curry Bento' this noon!!


Today's curry lunch box was, Indnessian curry rice!!

写真 らい カレー販売1.JPG

This time, the curry lunch box was sold out in 30 minutes!! I did it!!

らい ブログ カレー販売2.jpg


By the way, the winter solstice will be on the day after tomorrow in Japan.

One of bed-making staff gave me small citrus fruits!

らい 冬至ゆず.JPG

In Japanese traditional culture, people try to take hot citron  bath in the winter solsticea, to overcome the most coldest season.

How kind she is!!


The smell of the Citron is soooo good!!


How do you overcome the cold winter!?

1 day trip to Mt. Takao!

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 Recently Mt.Takao has been very popular between Japanese people and foreigners since we can enjoy hiking easily in this big urban city Tokyo.


In fact I am from Hachiouji city where has Mt.Takao and living very near!

So I cannot count how many times I have climbed up it since I was small. lol

It is annual event for me to go to Mt.Takao on New Year's Day.




Mt. Takao is located at Takao-Sanguchi St. in 50 min from Hatagaya St. where Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is located.

So you can enjoy nature easily by 1 day trip!

And we can hike in Mt.Takao through all seasons.


Now I, as a Mt.Takao lover, will introduce you the ranking of "the thing to do at Mt. Takao" !




Look for Tengu (Japanese Mythical Creatures).



(This image is from:


Since long time ago, there is a legend Tengu is living in Mt. Takao.

They have been protecting us and the mountain from above tall trees.

If you look up above in Mt. Takao, you will have a chance to meet Tengu!



(This image is from :



Taste Mt.Takao's delicious foods.


Hiking makes us hungry.

But, don't worry. There are lots of delicious foods in Mt. Takao!


The most recommendable dish is...

japanese wheat noodle with wild plants / [cipher]


Sansai Udon (Sansai = Mountain herbs, Udon = noodle)!

Fresh mountain herbs from Mt.Takao make it so tasty!


And another recommendation is...




Baked dumpling!

Shoyu(Japanese soy souce) flavored, warm, huuuum sounds so delicious! 




And finally No.1!!!


Overlook Tokyo.


From the middle of Mt.Takao, you can overlook Tokyo city!




Skyscraperes in Shinjuku, Sky Tree, and actually we can see Yokohama Minato Mirai from there!




Don't miss  this amazing view!!!

From now you're also the biginner of Mt. Takao lovers! eheh




Get warm all together!!

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Hi, everyone. How are you? A season is winter now. Future time, mind and body will get warm with warm foods.

Today is Japanese style hot pot for winter season.

The hot soup using dark-brown miso based for hot pot.





This spicy soup makes warmer the body much more.

Japan has various kinds of hot pot and this season's pleasure increases.

However, hot soup based of hot pot is a recommendation awfully.

At last of hot pot, it's risotto!!





A topping is carried out with cheese, and it closes and receives with eggs. It's awesome!!





When you have hot pot with your friends, please refer to it

Ok, see you next time.

Do you know about Tsukiji market ?

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The Tsukiji market, Japan's largest fish market in Tokyo.

 It is also one of the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Markets―which is the main food 

distribution center in Tokyo. 

All the ingredients are fresh at Tsukiji market, and fresh food makes all the difference to eating 

in this market.

From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is just take about 30 minutes by train to go Tsukiji market.

It cost about 380yen only. If you like to know more about or how to go to Tsukiji market 

please feel free to ask our staff. 

We are looking forward to seeing  you soon.

From Sakura Hostel walking distance

Tokyo Sky Tree will be lit up

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Tokyo Sky Tree which will be open from May 22nd, 2012 will be lit up on the nights of December 23rd, 24th and 31st, 2011.


On 23rd and 24th, it will be lit up between around 5:30 pm and 10:00pm.

On 31st, it will be lit up between around 9:00 pm and 1:00am.

The image above is from the official website for Tokyo Sky Tree.
This time, the color of lights will be white.
After opening, the color of lights will be pale blue and deep purple every other day.
From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Tokyo Sky Tree
Take Keio new line from Hatagaya to Kudanshita
Take Tokyo Metro Hanzoumon line from Kudanshita to Oshiage
Oshiage is one of the nearest station from Tokyo Sky Tree (The other is Narihirabashi)
It takes about 40 minutes in total.
From Sakura Hostel walking distance

New Year's Greeting Card

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Do you know the Japanese New Year's greeting card?

It is important manners and customs of the beginning of the year in Japan.

We write greetings of the New Year and your present condition on the  New Year's greeting card .

2012 is Year of the Dragon.

 We will write the picture of the dragon too.

Red leaves !!

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Hi, everyone. How are you? I have been to see Red leaves at the end of last month.

It was a bit late this year and there was a little Red still more.

However, it is also a famous place and many persons were enjoying Red leaves.





It is popular, so that there are also people who come to see these Red leaves from overseas, and it is also a Japanese true symbol.





The Red leaves seen all over the country!!





Ok everyone, see you next time.


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I went to Shiodome for see musical yesterday.


I saw "The Phantom of the Opera"
and had this dessert at the bar near the theater.
It was really good taste and beautiful!!


Have you ever been there??
Shiodome is a quite new place in Tokyo.

It's near the Ginza and Shimbashi.
There were Christmas markets and Christmas illuminations.


Please try to go there if you are staying Tokyo this time.
From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, just 30 min. by subway.

Total lunar eclipse

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Total lunar eclipse will occur on tomorrow (December 10th) in Japan.


We will be able to observe it between 11:05 pm and 11:58pm.

We hope we could see total lunar eclipse clearly.

Hi , glad to know all of you...

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My name is Bryan.

Welcome to a beautiful city Tokyo.



This city attracts me so much and I have spent here already 4 years.

I come from Malaysia, a " truly Asian " multi-cultural society.

Sakura house gives me also an opportunity to meet many friends of different countries and    backgrounds.

 I welcome all of you from all over the world!

wang wang.jpg 





My Schedule to go to concert in December

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Last time, I wrote a blog of 'Going concert' bellow,

 On December, I'll go to 2 kinds of artists' concerts.


★☆★  First is B'z on Dec. 22nd, in Tokyo Dome!!  ★☆★ 

You know, they are great rocken rollers in Japan,

This was my second time to go to their concert.



★☆★  Second is Anjera Aki, on Dec. 26th, in BUDOKAN     ★☆★

This time, only a Piano, and She, and will sing all requested songs from her fan.

And this is my 4 times to go to her concert!!


She is actually a pregnant,

but for her many fun(including me), she decided to hold a piano concert in Budokan武道館,(Tokyo).

What is your schedule in December??


(this photo is KEYAKIZAKA street in Roppongi, sited from a website of


A mysterious object in the office...

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Hello again, this is Linn currently training at Sakura Hotel and Cafe Hatagaya.

Today I am borrowing Maiko-san`s account to write a blog entry.

This morning, when I entered the office of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, I noticed something unusual.

Thumbnail image for P1040570.JPG


It`s a pomegranate!

I was surprised, as this is a rare fruit in Japan.

Ai-san brought it with her to work today. ヾ(^∇^)

Native to the area of modern day Iran, this fruit is very beautiful to look at and quite fun to eat. The seeds pop in your mouth and are sweet, sour, juicy, and crunchy. Apparently this fruit is becoming more and more popular in everyday cooking.




For example, this is a seared ribe-eye beef salad with a pomegranate vinaigrette! Doesn`t it look delicious? The texture of the seeds are really interesting and I believe they would add a kick to any meal.




Also, today I found out that pomegranates were actually what grenadine syrup is made out of!  This syrup is used to make many very popular cocktails such as Tequila Sunrises, and Shirley Temples. Who knew?

Anyway, the pomegranate was very delicious. Thank you, Ai-san!

Welsh Cake!

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Have you had  Welsh Cake??

Welsh cakes are traditional welsh snacks.

My friend sent to me genuine Welsh cake from England!

welsh lodon.JPG

By the way, you can try Sakura cafe Welsh cake

Plane,Cocoa and Gingerman welsh cake(Christmas special flavor)

welsh cake.JPG

 I like both of them....:)


I probably going to England next year,then I will learn real welch cake cooking!

I hope I will have own welsh cake shop all of Japan someday :)




Secret Bull?

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I guess many of you know the drink called "Redbull."
It is popular in Japan as energy drink.
Of course that is not secret; everyone knows that...

But do you know there is a bull on the Redbull can?
Look at this picture!

RedBull Tab / TehLonz

SEE? There is actually a bull on the tab!!! :o
To tell the truth, I did not know this until today...
Does everyone know this already??

The Little Things that Make our Cafe

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Today I am borrowing Miwa-san`s account to write a blog entry.

This is Linn currently training at Hatagaya (originally from Jimbocho)ヾ(^∇^)

Today is my third day training at Hatagaya,

and in those three days I have really come to like the cafe here.



So today I would like to introduce all the little things I like about Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

There are a bunch of tiny articles and accessories you wouldn`t notice at first, but they are in fact the things that create the cozy atmosphere of our cafe.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for P1040558.JPG


For example this tiny bird. You can see him at the reception and pull his tail and a staff member will come running! The noise he makes is quite cute.




On the tables in the cafe, we have little menus decorated with flowers. The flowers vary in color at each table.



In the window you can see my favourite baby cactus. His name is Harrison. I gave him this name today without anyone`s permission. I hope no one minds.



This is our cafe cuckoo clock. Once an hour he cries and lets us know when an hour has passed. He is very popular among our cafe guests.

Thumbnail image for P1040564.JPG

Lastly, this is our Winnie-the-Pooh scale hidden away in cupboards and only taken out at requests. You can use him whenever you need to weigh luggage for the luggage requirements at the airport. He is very useful.


I hope you were able to get a taste of the atmosphere at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya! Please come by for a visit the next time you are in the area♪



Road trip for 5 minutes!

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California Redwood Road Trip / photopaige


One photographer traveled all over the United States and took pictures with his camera, to which he installed a program to take photos every five seconds.

He made those into a 5 minute video! His name is Mr. Brian DeFrees, living in the state of New York, USA.


It's very exciting! I felt like going somewhere far as I watched it! 

The United States is such a huge place... I wish I had a driver's license!!

Read this article for details:



Swedish Glögg

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It's getting cold in Tokyo.

Today I'd like to introduce a new menu of Sakura Cafe Hatagaya to you.

That is


Swedish Glögg.

Spicy and sweet, hot and pleasantly aromatic wine drink hugely popular in Sweden around Christmas time.

In Swedish traditional fashion, the raisins and whole almonds in the drink are ladled and eaten while slowly drinking this hot winter drink.

Please try our new menu.


If you cannot or are prohibited to drink alchol, please try non-alchol menus. We have so many.

You can check what is on our menu on our website.

A Rock!!?

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Hi, everyone. How have you been?

Today is Ayers Rock in AUS.

The drama of Japan also became famous which is centre of the world.

In fact, Ayers Rock is the rock which looks like mountain.



Moreover, it is buried in the earth 90%.

In a visible portion, there is 348m height.

Although Ayers Rock can also be reached, most is closed in many cases.

I was not able to reach, either.



The time of sunrise and sunset is solar sunlight and Ayers Rock becomes red.

It is really beautiful.



Please see, if there is an opportunity by all.

If it can reach in the centre of the world, please cry for love.