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Guests from Laos!!

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We Sakura Hotel Hatagaya welcomed guests for JICA participant from Laos today!!
And we made green tea as Japanese traditional way to them.

写真 (1).JPG
 How to make tea....??

写真 (2).JPG

写真 (3).JPG

We hope they have great time in Tokyo, Japan!!
Enjoy your stay :)
Finally they're on sale!!
Slime Nikumans


You can buy them in Family Marts all over Japan starting from today.


s-slime1.jpgYoshi has been looking forward to this day for months, and bought a Slime Nikuman on his way to work this morning. It seems they're very popular and sell out fast.


s-slime2.jpgYoshi and his new friend. lol
I wanted to see what the inside looked like and asked Yoshi to eat it, but he straight out refused.

So it has been sitting in our office since this morning and nobody knows what it tastes like.

Maybe I should get my own Slime tomorrow.



Butan Sweets cooking!Khapsay

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I took Butan sweets cooking class yesterday.

I made a "Khapsay" which is Butan traditional sweets.

Do you know about " Butan"??

There is between India and China.

As you know, The  happinest country in the world.



kapuse.jpgThis is really easy to make it.

1.Melt a Butter,water and sugar in a pan.


 2.Put"1" into the flour and knead the dough just until it comes together


3.roll out the dough using a rolling pin,and make a shape

こねる のばす.JPG


かたちをつくる2.JPG4.deep-fry 揚げる.JPG

5.ready to eat!揚がった.JPG


Crispy and sweet a little.

Actually Butanian doesn't have regular receipe...


In near future, you prpbably try "Khapsay" at!?

Today, there were Indnesian group guests in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

MAIKO made welcome drinks, green tea with performance, for them!P1040541.JPG 

Whipping with snapped hand.

Of course, we tought 'HOW TO DRINK Green Tea'

How great their smile is!!


P1040540.JPG P1040542.JPG


 We wish this experience become good memory of JAPAN trip!

Ai for sale!!

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s-Buy Ai.jpg
We accept payment by cash or credit card at the front desk at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.
Don't wait to long! Only one item available!

Flowers for Maiko

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Today Miki from Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro came over to say hi to us! She seemed to like our Christmas decoration.



And Maiko tried to steal it back! I surprised her. lol


111111.jpgSpeaking of Maiko... I told you that she is a very kind person in the introductory post I wrote about her. Remember? Today she helped a customer from Indonesia to send a letter to a Japanese friend.

And guess what!!!...


33333.jpgHe came back with flowers for her to show his appreciation!

What a lovely idea!

You should have seen her face!

Which do you think??

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Hi, everyone.

Are you having delicious foods?

What is said, this time is food.

Is cooking its favorite, you? Would you like to make for someone?

I like making foods but I'm very glad if someone making for me.

The delicious foods is made for someone, moreover, It's happy that making foods for me.


It's regrettable that can't be introduced any other foods.

Food is important in our life.

By the way, this meal is for someone, or for me?

What do you think??

Do you know Kotatsu?

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Have you tried when you visited Japan?

Kotastu is a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon and heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself.

Mametan,coal briquettes are mostly used in the early 20th century
as a heater for Kotastu.

This is a heater unit in Kotatsu.

Chinese Lunch in Hatagaya

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 Would you like to try real chinese food ??


 "Shanghai Sakaba"

Lunch only 580yen with dessert!


 Entrance is Next to "Sukiya"(Beef bowl restaurant)


From Hatagaya station it takes 30second.

From Sakura hotel hatagaya it takes 1 minute!

There are Chinese staff,  you can talk in Chinese!



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I'm Hirotaka Hayakawa.

I have been working for Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for about 3 years and half.


I have been in Tokyo for more than a quarter of a century.

But there are lot of things I still don't know about Tokyo...


I have been to Germany (for 3 weeks) and France (for 5 days).

I cannot speak Germany but I can speak a little French (un peu de Français).


I used to like getting on local train so long such as from Ueno to Kushiro (about 1,200 km) and Tokyo to Kagoshima (about 1,200 km).



Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.
I'll try the best I can do.

Singapore visit

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3 members including me from Sakura group went to Singapore for 6 days to promote our business last week.



At first, we exhibited in AFA 2011 (Anime Festival Asia) which is the largest Anime event of Southeast Asia.

Many many people were there, and it was so fun!

Especially we met some our friends who stayed with us before :)


And also we gathered with our guests one night on Japanese Izakaya in there



We could met our old friends and new friends in Singapore at that time, had lovely time.

This trip was for the business, so we have no enough time to see everything in Singapore, but we could see a Marina Bay sands which is a famous hotel in Japan lately, and of course the Mar-Lion.


And we tried many kind of foods!!!

Thank you for all people who met in Singapore, we enjoyed very much!!

Actually it was my third time to went Singapore, but I would like to visit there again for sure.   

Please come again to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

We are looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Muito prazer! (Nice to meet you!)

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Hello everyone! Nice to meet you :)

My name is Kyoko.

I am a new part-time staff of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya since November.




Today I'd like to introduce myself to you understand me well.


I'm majoring Portuguese language in a university in Tokyo.

From 2009 to 2010, I was studying and living at University of Aveiro in Portugal.



It's Aveiro. Very beautiful city :)



I love traveling!!!

Thinking about my next trip makes me soooo happy!

I've traveled more than 20 countries all over the world.







New York City






And the my best trip is in Morroco!




Of course in Japan I've traveled a lot.

I've ever been to Hiroshima for 4 times because I love there!


 itsukushima shrie.jpg

 Deers in Miyajima :)



 Recently I've learned Uzbek language and the situation in Uzbekistan by myself.

I've stayed in Uzbekistan for a month in summer vacation.




I'm doing my best to be able to help the guests everyday.

And if you need the help in Portuguese, please feel free and ask me!



Do you know our colorful staff T-shirts?

Since we love variety at Sakura Hotel we wear our staff T-shirts in many different colours!

Have you seen them all?


P1040498.JPGAi is wearing black today. Btw, she's busy preparing Welsh Cakes at the moment!


P1040504.JPGI'm purple.


Keiko will show you the other colors!


P1040499.JPG  P1040500.JPG  P1040502.JPG P1040501.JPG 


I love the yellow one.

What's your favorite color?


Meiji Jingu Tour information By Sakura House

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You know, Autumn is the best season for watching red leaves.

It will take more days to watch these kind of beauty...

明治神宮 紅葉.jpg


明治神宮 .jpg


By the way, this tour is held on today. 

Why don't you join this nice tour event??


 Next time is Nov. 26th(sat.), the leaves will be going to become more red and yellow!


You can feel Japanese culture& falling leaves in Autumn, with your new friends!

Please make your reservation of this tour from...♪

[email protected]

The day of curry!!

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I went to Indian cuisine last week. I used to go to Indian cuisine when I was in Sydney AUS but I haven't been there since I came back to Japan. It was first time to go last week.
Fresh baked garlic Nan was coming!!!

It was surprised that pretty big Nan p(^.^)q
The curry was butter chicken which is my favorite Indian curry.
It was yummy yummy.

Conveyor-belt sushi bar

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I love Sushi~

I went to Conveyor-belt sushi bar in Shinjuku.すし2.JPG


Foreign guests sometime ask me

「Is this display?Can we eat them?」

Yes, you can !


On the table, there is Hot water.

We can make green tea by myself.

Green tea and Sushi are good combination!


 How many sushi can you eat,,,???

I ate a lot~! 


B-1 Grand Prix

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6th B-1 Grand Prix is held on today and tomorrow (November 12 and 13) at Himeji.


B-1 Grand Prix is "selling each town" instead of only providing foods.
That is the presentation much more and the city event which we aim to lead to activation "Machi okoshi" each local town around Japan, developing the projects there.

Do you have such an event in your country?

Do you have some local food you'd like to recommend us?

Hello Everyone!!

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Hello everyone!

I'm KYOKO, started to work at Sakura Cafe/Hotel Hatagaya from today!

Nice to meet you---.


'I can speak Português! because I used to be in República Portuguesa
República Pertual for 1 year for study!!'

The numbers of countries, she travelled before, are over 20!



From  this afternoon, Kyoko began to do trainning at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya, and was tought how to make drinks and foods.

♪Please come to talk with me♪

Hi, Everyone. Introduce myself.

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Hi, there, nice to meet you. I'm Masaaki Fujisawa. I stayed in Sydney AUS for 8 years then came back to Japan 6 months ago. I studied English and Hospitality when I was in Sydney. I also worked in a restaurant, fashion shop & Hotel for long time.

I like traveling, fashion, photos & boxing.

If you like to talk about Australia or my hobby, just come to Sakura Hotel. I'm looking forward to seeing you.



November 27th (Sat) 2011
Open 3:30 PM / Start 4:00 PM

If you are interested,
please feel free contact us.

The donation box will be placed in the venue.
The donations will be sending to the Red Cross for people
who suffered damage of the earthquake in East Japan. 

Design Festa Vol. 34

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Who will come to Design Festa this weekend (Nov. 12 & 13th)??

I went in May this year and it was so much fun.

So I'm really looking forward to going again!

Here are some photos I took last time.


Thumbnail image for 14052011247 (800x600).jpg Thumbnail image for 14052011261 (800x600).jpg  Thumbnail image for 201105141222000 (640x480).jpgThumbnail image for 14052011262 (800x600).jpg 
Thumbnail image for 5724774830_43c9a9497f_b (800x534).jpg 201105141441000 (800x600).jpg5724734034_725c3b515c_o (800x533).jpg


If you're in Tokyo on Saturday and Sunday,

don't miss out on this fun event!

For more information, feel free to ask us anytime.


The government, in a step to support tourism in three prefectures ravaged by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, is planning to waive visa fees for foreign tourists who visit Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, government officials said on 26 October.

It starts at 15 November and is going on until 2016.



Totoro [email protected] Teddy bear museum

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As Anne wrote a blog about me before, I love fluffy things,

so I went to Totoro exhibition in Nasu, Tochigi prefecture.

Nasu Teddy Bear Museum do a special exhibition "Totoro exhibition" right now.


s-DSCF0257.jpgDo you know "Totoro"?

Yes, it's one of the Ghibli's film "My neighbor Totoro"


You can see the big sized Neko-bus and Totoro.

DSCF0275.JPG s-DSCF0258.jpg 

And many cute cute stuffed things!!!


s-DSCF0254.jpg s-DSCF0266.jpg s-DSCF0269.jpg

My best is...Makkurokurosuke!!! very cute right?? :)

s-DSCF0268.jpgAnd this Kaonashi from the film "Spilited Away"

s-DSCF0261.jpg If you have a chance to go to Nasu, please check it out!

This exhibition is until the Summer 2012!!


* If you would like to go to Nasu, the Highway bus is going from Shinjuku station.

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya to Shinjyuku is a just 2 stations and 3 min.


Karaoke Box

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Is there the person who wants to make a karaoke alone?

A store specializing in alone karaoke box will open in Kanda.

Please sing a lot!!

It's all you can sing!!

Japanese Ghosts & Monsters! :P

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It's November! Almost a week has passed already...How fast!


By the way, did you dress up on Halloween?

I think many people wore the costumes of monsters... like them!


Monster / annabellaphoto


They all look scary and bad. On the contrary, look at Japanese ghosts and monsters.

Catgirl statue 猫娘 / urawa

Ghost / Jem Yoshioka


Don't you think they are humorous?


I have never seen people in costumes of Japanese monsters.

If you have ever tried before, let me know and show me pictures please!


As you may know some ferrys are already operated between Japan and China as public transports.A new ferry route will open in early 2012.The route is from Nagasaki to Shanghai.
The cheapest fare is 10000(USD130/EUR90)yen/oneway.It takes 22 hours to Shanghai.

Although It takes more time, the sea voyage would be a lot of fun.

Tokyo FREE Spots!

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It's a Culture Day (one of national holidays) in Japan today. 

Did you hang out at somewhere?

For those who did not go out, there are a lot of places you can enter for free in Tokyo. How about planning to go there on next holydays?


1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings (@Shinjuku)

Tokyo, Japan - seen from the North Observatory 45th floor - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. / UggBoy?UggGirl [ PHOTO // WORLD // TRAVEL ]



It's free to go up to the top floor. You can see sky scrapers in Tokyo from the height of 202m!

2. MEGA WEB (@Ome)

Megaweb / ksuyin



This is a theme park ran by TOYOTA. If you have a driver's license, you can enjoy many exhibits and events here!


3. Suntory Musashino Beer Factory (@Musashino)

Beer! / Kimtaro


You can have fresh beer for free!


Please check their websites before you go! They are not open every day!

Torinoichi fair

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Fukuda-san (our cleanig staff) brought Kumade or colorfully decorated rakes this morning.

She bought it at Torinoichi fair.


Kumade is thought as a lucky charm. It is said to rake in good fortune and attract customer.


We place it in the entrance.

We hope we can welcome many guests:)