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Sakura Hotel reported in Indnesian website!!

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As I mentioned on this blog, Ms. Nova Dien(an Indnesian photographer)↓finally reported SAKURA HOTEL group with her blog♪



She travelled all over the world, and stayed many kinds of hotels to write the article with photos.

On this October, she stayed at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya(us), Sakura Hotel Jimbocho, and Sakura House!

I think this is a good opportunity to  connect us tightly (Japan and Indnesia).

If I'll travel to Indnesia in the future, I want to meet her and her nice fellows!





Have a nice day!!

New Drink Menu

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Tokyo is deepened in autumn latery.

Hot drink is good for you this time of the year.

Sakura cafe Htagata's new drink menu "Apple cider"

It's seems popular drink at winter in Canada.

Even a fragrance of the cinnamon is a delicious!!

Ancient Orient Museum

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Ancient Orient Museum is located in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro.



It is a small private museum specializing in artifacts of the ancient Near East and Central Asia. It has a collection of Greco-Buddhist art of Gandhara, and several pieces pertaining to the art of Palmyra and Persia.

Some products in Persia were imported to Japan in seventh century.That's why Japan is the east end of Silk Road.

Wedding party

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I went to my friend's wedding party few days ago.


画像 003_copy.jpg
Have you joined or seen Japanese style wedding?

We Japanese usually wear a wedding dress or Kimono for wedding, and most of couple wear both lately I guess.


If you would like to challenge a Japanese style wedding, how about this??

This is a Jinrikisha (a rickshaw), you can ride a Jinrikisha from a temple or shrine that you held a wedding ceremony to the party place.

Do you have your own style for wedding in your country?

What do you think a Japanese style?



Happy to be born in this country!

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Over night it suddenly turned really cold!
So Ai wrapped me in lots of blankets this morning,
so I wouldn't catch a cold! XD


Isn't she sweet? :)



Granny Ai giving out blankets to everyone!

But since all our guests were still asleep, I got them all! ;)


By the way:

Ai asked me today what things about Germany make me happy to be born German?

I think this is a very interesting question. I said, the fact that going to university is really cheap compared to a lot of countries, and that there are no earthquakes in Germany. Nature is also beautiful, but that is true for most countries I guess.

Ai said she feels happy to be born Japanese, because she loves to eat Japanese rice, and because Japan has a very low crime rate, so it's a pretty safe country in that regard.

What makes you happy to live in your country?



Domo-kun Waiting for You!

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Do you know who he is?

写真 11-10-24 13 35 36.jpg


He is a mascot character of NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

You can see him in NHK Studio Park in Shibuya.

Although It had been closed since this spring,it reopened on 10th Oct.

The admission is only 200yen,you can take English,Chinese and Korean leaflet in reception.

写真 11-10-26 10 35 51.jpg

Download these leaflets here.

写真 11-10-24 13 37 14.jpg

So many Domo-kun items are sold in NHK official shop in Studio Park.

It's nice souvenir for you!

写真 11-10-24 14 11 47.jpg

We miss you guys so much~!!

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Today 2 guests from Afghanistan checked out Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


s-画像 009.jpgWe really miss them...

Because they stayed with us for 4 weeks!!

画像 011.jpg 

画像 010.jpg s-画像 012.jpg


They studying in Japan (@JICA) for 2 years, Wah!!!


We promised meet again, and we hope it really soon.


Thank you for staying with us :)


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The 24th Tokyo International Film Festival opened on the day before yesterday (October 22).


That is the only film festival in Japan accredited by International Federation of Film Producers Associations.


Green carpet made from recycled PET bottles spread out on the ground to receive casts and directors at the opening ceremony.


975 films from 76 countries entered and 220 films will be shown during the festival.

It will last till October 30.

Japanese Pancake"Okonomiyaki"

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My friend and I went to Okonimiyaki restaurant!

「Nanjya Monjya」


He is Taiwanese,,,so it is first time to make it!


Good job!!And tasty!!!


Some of staff can speak English!

If you would like to try, feel free to ask them in English.

Soft and crispy!


 It takes 5 min from Sakura cafe hatagaya

By the way , there is an Okonomiyaki restaurant in Harajuku

Sakura tei

In lunch time, all-you-can-eat style is available!


For the last couple of weeks we had a group of guests from Africa at our hotel!
They were from different countries, so it was a really multi-cultural group.
They were so friendly and always happy to try their Japanese on us.
 Whenever they were around, it was really lively.
This morning they were a bit tired though, because they had to wait for their bus.



P1040265.JPGSome of the women dressed in traditional African clothes.
They looked so beautiful!


P1040268.JPGThey checked out this morning. We'll miss them.

Thank you very much for your stay!

We hope to see you again sometime!


Japanese Favorite Winter Food -NABE-

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Winter will start very soon, means Nabe season will start!

Nabe is a general name of Japanese pot. As long as its cooked in Japanese style pot, its called Nabe no matter what flavor or what kinds of ingredients it made.

There are so many variety of soup flavor from typical soysauce, miso to curry, tomato.

You can put vegetable, seafood, meat or anything you like.


If you visit Japan in winter season, you can taste many kinds of them.

Healthy, yummy, make you warm!


My Favorite?  Motsu-nabe.

Stay warm!!

HATO BUS -Hello kitty version-

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When I walked arround wext exit of Shinjuku station, I found this cute bus!



Have you ever seen this HATO BUS??


During walking arround Shinjuku station, I found other decolation type of Hato bus, I'll show you later, on the next blog!(^^)



Here is HATO BUS tour information;



Have a good day& nice trip!!




800 Years Old Shirine

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Yoyogi Hachiman is a Shinto shrine near Hatagaya.It takes about 20min from Hatagaya to the shrine.This was established in 1212.The Emperor Ojin is enshrined here.This is quiet and sacred place.I recommend you to go for a walk in early morning.

Lunch at JIca tokyo

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My recommendation!

Lunch at Jica center in Hatagaya

JICA=The Japan International Cooperation Agency


There are many foreign trainees from all over the world.

When you registrate at front, whoever enter there



JICA2.JPG  You can choose Main dish and side dishes


 I ate India Curry~

Reasonable and delicious!

Thank you for invite me!

They are my friends in JICA center.


Tokyo Ramen Show 2011

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There's an event coming up that I am very much looking forward to!

The Tokyo Ramen Show


ramen show.jpgAs you all probably know Ramen noodles are very popular in Japan and there are many different types of soups and toppings. So the Tokyo Ramen Show is the perfect opportunity to try Ramen from all over Japan and find your own favorite!

Time: November 2nd (Wed) ~ 6th (Sun) between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Place: Komazawa Olympic Parc

(Train station: Komazawa Daigaku on the Denentoshi Line)

It's just about half an hour away from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya. We'll be happy to tell you how to get there if you ask at the front desk.


Btw, did you know that Hatagaya is full of Ramen restaurants? Even if you can't make it to the event you can still enjoy a big variety of Ramen in direct vicinity of our hotel!

Just ask for our "Ramen Map" that we often hand out to our hotel guests. 


297094_1865846826155_1840575034_1274956_1934914954_n (1).jpg


Have you already got iPhone4S?I saw iPhone4S countdown in Shibuya ealry moning today.

Here is the video of the countdown in Apple Store Shibuya.




Condé Nast Traveler (a travel magazine in US) has announced the most popular travel destinations for 2011.

Kyoto ranked top and Tokyo ranked seventh among Asian cities. 

In autumn, you can enjoy viewing colorful autumn leaves.

The best time to see colorful autumn leaves is around late November in Kyoto and around middle November in Tokyo (It's up to latitude and altitude).

Which city in Asia would you like to visit the most?

Cherry blossoms in October

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When do you think the picture above was taken?

Some might think it was taken in early spring.
But the answer is yesterday or 12th of Otober.

Cherry blossoms are in bloom from late March to April except Hokkaido and Tohoku area.
So the picture and news made us surprised.

In September, a big typhoon moved across Japan. Due to the typhoon, cherry blossoms shed their leaves.
After that, temperatures dropped and it got warm again.
So it seems that cherry blossoms are mixed up and might think spring has already come.

If someone ask us when we can see cherry blossoms from now, I'm thinking of letting them know that usually in spring (from late March to April) and sometimes in Ocotber :)

[email protected]!

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On Twitter, I once wrote that there are so many nice ramen shops in Hatagaya.

Though I haven't been to most of them, I had ramen in Shinjuku a few days ago.


The place is called "Omoide Yokocho," which means "Memory Street."


You can have good grilled chicken, Japanese/Chinese food, and etc.

When I went to one of the shops, it was almost full with business men who finised their work.

But there were some female customers as well. There must be a lot of fans!

When you come near Shinjuku, I recommend you to go there!

She is a professional photographer, and freelance travel writer for Indonesian publication.

Nice to meet you, ma'am(^^).

Nova Dien様.jpg

Her traveling blog http://nezdn.wordpress.com/ with more than 100,000 viewers (will be printed in a book in 2012 early 2013).


Her friends also stayed at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Nova Dien様とお友達。.jpg

One of the lady(second person from the right), said to me,

She: 'Hi, Miwa. Look at me(^^), and show her pink colored tights, with polka dots.

Me: 'Wow, it's sooo cute! Where did you buy it, in Harajuku or somewhere??'

She: 'No. In indonesian Harajuku.'

We laughed together!


Lovery guests went to Kyoto this morning.

Might take good pictures in Kyoto.

Please enjoy your trip, and inform to Indonesian that Japan is great!!

See you again, in the future.

Terima kasih (^^)


Health and Sports Day

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Tomorrow's October 10th is Health and Sports Day in Japan.

Health and Sports Day , also known as Health-Sports Day or Sports Day, is a national holiday in Japan held annually on the second Monday in October. 

It commemorates the opening of the 1966 Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo, and exists to promote sports and an active lifestyle

The first Health and Sports Day was held on October 10, 1966, two years after the Summer Olympics. 

October was chosen for the unusually late Summer Olympics to avoid the Japanese rainy season, and Health and Sports Day continues to be one of the fairest days of the year.

As Health and Sports Day is a day to promote sports and physical and mental health, many schools and businesses choose this day to hold their annual Field Day

This typically consists of a range of physical events ranging from more traditional track-and-field events such as the 100metres or 100 x 4 metres Reley to more uncommon events such as the Tug of War and the Mock Cavalry Battle.

EEL lunch!~Hatagaya info~

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There is many great restaurants in Hatagaya.


Today's my lunch,,,,「Eel restaurant Ochiai 」!

I ate "Hitsumabushi"

(Hitsumabushi is a tasty dish of chopped grilled eel on a bed of rice in a lacquerrware container called a hitsu.

You can enjoy this dish three ways. In addition to eating it just as it is,you can also mix green onion and wasabi,or pour broth over the eel and rice and enjoy it as chazuke)



I went there with Mrs.Fukuda who is cleaning staff in Saukra hotel!


  Only 4min from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

They have reasonable lunch meal too.


 Thank you for great meal!!


Sakura Hotel Hatagaya Staff ~ Ai ~

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It's time for the next installment of my Hatagaya staff introduction series!
Today I'm going to tell you more about the lovely Ai!

Ai has been working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya for about 3 years and our guests love her, because she's very friendly and so much fun to be around. She immediately becomes friends with everyone she talks to and is very interested in people and foreign cultures. She always asks me about German traditions, like the way we celebrate weddings, Christmas ect.


ai firends.jpg

Ai used to live in Canada for a year, where she worked at a Japanese restaurant and at a karaoke bar among others. Her favorite food is rice, so she considers herself lucky to be born Japanese. ;)



Ai is very good at crafting and painting. She writes/ paints all the signs and menus for our cafe.

She also loves to take funny photos. Here is a little collection of pictures I stole from her facebook gallery (with her permission of course).


venus.jpg  ai rabbit smoke.jpg  ai yoga.jpg 


 One of her favorite hobbies is juggling. She even does performances at parties and festivals! She's really good. I was so surprised when I found out.


juggling.jpg There's so much more I could tell about her. Why don't you become friends with her and find out for yourselves? (^O^)


ai hut.jpgOh, and did you know that Ai means love in English?

Very fitting name indeed.

We love you Ai! ^^

We offer so many exotic drinks and food at Sakura Cafes,

including Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

Where do we get recipes for all of those? Do you have any idea?



Actually the guests staying at Sakura Hotels give us recipes.

And guess what! I cooked with them yesterday!



We had kind of a cooking party at this place: Design Festa Gallery Harajuku.

Many guests and staffs gathered for this event!



So we actually cooked according to the recipes in order to consider

which food can be in the menu.



候補5.JPGThey are talking about something... The guy in the white shirt cooked amazing spicy Tunisian food! Thank you very much! :)




候補4.JPGTasting... everyone was so interested.




候補2.JPGThey are staying at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya! From Spain and Venezuela!


She cooked food called "Pan de hamo" (The spelling might be wrong because I don't speak Spanish). I heard that they bake it for Christmas.




候補1.1.jpgThis is how it had looked before it was baked. Cute decorations!




3.3.jpgAnd after being baked! It looks AWESOME!!



There were other amazing drinks and food at the party.

I just took pictures and ate...and washed dishes.



I wonder which one will be added to the menu!

We will definitely introduce it to you on this blog, so please keep checking!






Afghanistan Chai!

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Do you like Chai????

You can try world Chai at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!!!!


Mr.Kakar is from Afghanistan

He taught us how to make Afghanistan Chai!



Anne love it~おいしい顔の.JPG

 Only 600 yen (Pot )


 We have Ethiopia,Israel,Rooibos,Tulky and Afghanistan Chai!

Do you have chai in your country??


Mobile phone

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The conference by Apple Inc. was held on today.

It was about i phone-4S.

 Do you have a Smart phone?

I don't...


In Japan, many people changing their mobile phone to a smart phone


How about in your country?


So I'm thinking when I change mine to new one.


Anyway New i phone will sold on Oct.14th in Japan.

What should I do ??










I visited Taiwan last weekend.This is my second trip to Taiwan after I went there for the first time in 2000.

I stayed at a hostel which opened recently near Taipei main station. The hostel is Flip Flop Hostel managed by a friendly young owner and employees.Bathrooms are well cleaned up.Guests can use a laundry machine only for 20yuan(New Taiwan Doller). The most eye-catching is a bright and spacious common room in second floor.You can use clean kitchen,PC,and wifi for free here.It was a very comfortable place for me.I strongly recommend this hostel for backpackers. This is the hostel's Facebook page and official web site. You can book on Hostelworld.com too.The feedback rate is excellent!

I asked the owner to put our Sakura Hotel/Hostel/House brochure in the lounge.Of course he said OK.Thanks a lot!

I appreciate that Taiwan people donate more than ten million US dollars for 3.11earthquake victims.I will never forget this fact as I lived in my home Fukushima on 11 March this year.



Love Tempra

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My lunch for today!


(seafood and vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried)


Only 800 yen!!


Happyyyyyyyyyy lunch

From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya it takes 2 min! 

Thank you for great meal!





My name is Ryoma, a new staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!


new kobayashi.JPG

Since I have joined this hotel just about a week ago, everything seems new.

This is the first article I post, so I start it off with my self-introduction!


I was born in Atsugishi, Kanagawa and living in Tokyo right now.

I majored in English in my university and like novels, music, arts and good food and drinks!


I like hanging out with my friends as well. Last Saturday, I went to Tama zoo.



It is easy to go there from our hotel.


1. Take the Keio new line from Hatagaya station to Shinjuku sta.

2. Take Keio line (express) from Shinjuku sta to Takahata-Fudo sta.

3. Change trains at Takahata-Fudo sta., and get off at Tama Dobutsu Koen sta.


And there I found funny animal! Do you know its name?? It's not Kangaroo or Wallaby.


6083574279_b789247aab_m.jpg IMG_0568 / necoco

Its name is...Wallaroo!!

I heard that they are not so different from Kangaroos except their size: they are smaller.


If you are interested in the zoo or anything, please ask me! 

I'm looking forward to seeing you at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!



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I don't dnow how much famous this Japanese artist in your country,

but I'm sure they are really well known in Japan now.


imagesCALM7QLB.jpgDo you know them??

Group name is EXILE.

They are organized with 14 members, 2 vocals and performers(dancers).


I went to *IZAKAYA EXILE in Odaiba, Tokyo few days ago by the way.



They featured this group, and some menu are planed by them.

It's kind of a theme park.


DSCF0131.JPG*IZAKAYA... is the Japanese equivalent of a pub, where they serve snacks to accompany your drinks.


I orderd a Curry!!!

It looks nice, isn't it??


And we took many pictures at there.

We really enjoyed!



This IZAKAYA open from July to October 10, 2011.

So if you have a chance to visit to Odaiba,

Please go to this place for just enjoy the atomosphere.


DSCF0143.JPGThere are no admission fee.

You can enjoy good view also!!!