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Day of the Metropolitan citizens

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Tomorrow is a day of the Metropolitan citizens.

The place where various events are held in Tokyo, but an institution becomes the free of charge.

Tama Zoo

Ueno Zoo

Kasai Aquarium 

Inokashira nature culture garden

I am excited just to have heard the name.

How about going zoos tomorrow?

Taketora Ramen!

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Do you like Ramen???

In Hatagaya, there are at least 6 ramen shop!

Taketora Ramen」is nearest ramen shop from Hatagaya Sakura Hotel.

Most of our guests loves Taketora Ramen.


That shop is always full of customers.

写真 (20).JPG

 I always order "Taketora Ramen" It is only 550 yen!!

 写真 (19).JPG

I found the letter on the wall,,,It is from our England guest!! 

I remembered that they said "Taketora ramen is the best!!"


Thank you for serving great ramen!

I love Ramen!

October 1st ---Tokyo Citizens Day---

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October 1st is Tokyo Citizens Day.

On that day, adimmision fee for some establishment is free. 


That includes Hamarikyu (Japanese garden near Hamamatsucho or Shiodome station),


Ueno zoo (,


Tokyo Sea Life Park ( and


Edo-Tokyo Open-air Architectural Museum (


If you happen to be in Tokyo on October 1st, why don't you take advantage of free admission?

Today at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

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It was time to bake Welsh Cakes again at Hatagaya today! They had been sold out for a few days already.
anne welsh11.jpgBaking them takes a lot of time, since we have to prepare a big amount and different flavors. Up until now it was always Ai who baked them, because she is responsible for our cafe's menu and has the most experience.

anne welsh2.jpgLast time she asked me to help her, so I could learn the recipe from her, and today she let me do it all by myself! Yay!!

 I still need a bit more practice, but they turned out quite well for the first time.


new kobayashi.JPG

And this is our new staff, Ryoma! It was his second day at work today.

Look forward to his introduction post in the near future. (^O^)/

Cool autumn has just come to Tokyo this week.

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Sticky summer is finally over. Cool autumn has just come to Tokyo this week.

We guess that you are concerned about our situation after 3.11 earthquake and power-plant accidents but as far as in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we are fine. 
The number of tourists from other countries are increasing.

We are very happy to see our guests have enjoyed in sightseeing in this summer.
And we are sure that you will be satisfied staying in Japan.






We offer "Autumn Special Offers" for visitors to Japan until 15 Dec. 2011.

Summer Discount Campaign

Please come and see us again during autumn and winter!

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. 

What do you think these silver items??

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 These are broken umbrellas, because of the last typhoon in Tokyo(Mainly in Shibuya area). It amount would be 8t!! Jesus!!


Because of typhoon came in Tokyo on Sep. 21st.

Most of the people couldn't ride trains to go back to their home, so Sakura Hotel Hatagaya became conpletely fully booked that day.

The trafic problem solved in the late of the night...

(I could come back to my home around 25:00!!)

  台風直撃 江東区.jpg

(This picture is taken at Koutou ward) 

But ,please take care for using umbrella during typhoon!

Rain coat is more useful and safety than umbrellain this weather!



Day of 10 yen curry

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"10 yen curry charity" will going on at Restaurant "Matsumoto tower"in Hibiya Park tomorrow.

The opening of the 10 yen curry is 1971.

A Matsumoto tower is burnt down by arson.

They got a message of the encouragement from the whole country,And they opened again on September 25th, 1973.

That is why they begun 10 yen curry charity.

The curry is served by a person cooperated with a donation.

The donation to be contributed to the stricken area of the East Japan great earthquake disaster this year.

Time of opening at 11:00am, it will be lined up over  2,000 peple every year.

How about visit Hibiya Park tomorrow?

Hikawa Matsuri

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It was festival time in Hatagaya today!


anne girls.JPG 


anne, arai-san.JPGWe've been very busy preparing for this event during the last couple of days.


anne, fuke-san.JPG

Ai was so kind to offer me to wear her Yukata (light summer Kimono).

Yoshi and Miwa dressed in a traditional festival outfit as well!


food2.JPG  foooood.JPG

   We offered drinks and food to the participants. So many people came!


omikoshi small.jpg  omikoshi1 small.jpg

They were carrying a portable shrine through the streets. Some of our guests took part as well!



guests small.jpg  italian guests.JPG

Foreigners and the locals had a great time bonding with each other!


anne mikoshi2.JPGMe in front of the portable shrine.

It was so much fun! Let's celebrate again next year! 



Hand Organ Concert in Sakura cafe Hatagaya

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On 18th Sep at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

We had "Hand Organ" Event

写真 (21).JPGrelaxing atmosphere

写真 (25).JPG

We could see inside of Hand Organ

写真 (26).JPG

It is heavy much more than I thought


We went out from Cafe

Everybody interested in Hand Organ


Organist has played on the street


 Next 22nd Oct!




Namie Amuro's concert!!

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Do you know 'Namie Amuro'?? 


She is one of the most famous dancing artist in Japan.

For a long time I wanted to watch her live performance (dancing&singing) at her concert.

(from you tube)

And I could get her live ticket (in Yoyogi national musium) from my friend's friend!!(^^)

I'll dance and sing with her tonight!!

☆★Namie Amuro's official page,★☆



Museum of Maritime Science

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Museum of Maritime Science.

It is the Hall of Science where there are 37 years in the Tokyo water front.

However, it will be closed by end of September.

The appearance is form of the ship.

Entering charges are usually adult 700 yen.

It is 200 yen now.


           There are a ship and a lot of showpieces about the sea.

         I recommend in these 3 days holidays on this weekend.


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For those who like to climb mountains,

I recommend Mt. Takao !

It takes 1hour from Shinjuku.


 I climbed up the Mt Takao.

I started from Course No.6(Left side) and go down from Course No.1 with  a Cable car.、all_course.jpg

Beautiful nature and Flesh air... Relax & Refresh!




There is "Yakuo-in Shrine" in middle of mountain。



Every year from July to October, a beer garden is opened in the Mt. Takao

But It was already full occupancy・・・!

  I should go there again....


I took the cable car



From Hatagaya to Mt.Takao

Use discount ticket 1,280 yen

(Including round trip and Cable car)

It takes only  One hour!


 Let's  go to see the foliage!

Have fun :)






Hatagaya Staff ~ Maiko ~

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Today I'm starting a new series of blog posts! I'm planning to introduce the Hatagaya staff one by one, so you can get to know us a little better!


Since I'm working with Maiko today, she's the first one.


P1040059.JPGMaiko is usually a bit shy and quiet at first, but I really enjoy talking with her. She has been working at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya since January 2011, so 2 months longer than me.

She's always friendly and going out of her way to help everyone! She's also good at explaining things, so when I don't know something at work I just go and ask her. I tend to ask a lot, but she never loses her patience. :)

Maiko used to live in Canada for a year where she worked at a hotel as a receptionist and at a Japanese restaurant.


piggy.JPGShe loves white & fluffy things like rabbits and the little fellow in the photo above.

She also loves watching musicals. Her Top 3 are: Mama Mia, Les Miserables and The Lion King.

Her favorite food is natto (fermented soy beans) and cheese. She also likes to drink beer (Miwa as well as you can see below)! I don't by the way, even though I'm German.






Maiko is very easy to get along with. I really enjoy working with her because no matter how busy or even hectic things around her get, she always stays calm and has a very professional attitude. You can always count on her!




If you want to know more about her, meet her at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya or talk to her on facebook!



Today's event!!!

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Do you know Barrel organ??


It's a Barrel organ is a mechanical musical instrument.

It reminds me foreign country...and a street performer.


Today, organist Kino came and performed at our Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!!


It was my first time to see this organ!!


Our staff also played organ!! but was quite difficult for me...


オルガン新井さん.jpg オルガンまいこ.jpg オルガンおのさん.jpg 

Barrel organ (from wikipedia)



We planning to offer Kino-san this concert regularly.

So please check our website for a notice!!






Important Notices

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I found a notice at Tsukiji fish market yesterday.

"I curse those who leave rubbish here... -=・=- -=・=-"

Very awful...
And It reminds me of another notice in a shrine before.

"Those who make the precincts of this shrine dirty will be cursed,
involved in accidents then their family shall break up.
Happiness comes to family that do good everyday. "

We have to keep it in mind!

A week later

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A week later, he will come.


But it's too difficult even for Japanese to know what is going to happen by just seeing the picuture above.


So, I'll give you another hint.


What do you think they are doing?



The answer is Local Festival in Hatagaya will be held a month later or 23rd of September.

And we carry mikoshi or portable shrine at the festival.



You can join us.



Why don't you stay with us on 22nd of September 2011 (longer is better :) and  experience Japanese culture with us?

You can check more details on the website below.


There's good news for you. At the moment, we have rooms available for the night of 22nd September 2011.


Fujiko.F.Fujio Museum

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I went to the Fujiko .F. Fujio museum which just opened last week.

The place is Kawasaki-shi of Kanagawa.

It is approximately 20 minutes by Odakyu Line express from Shinjuku.

Get off at Noborito station.


10 minutes by nonstop bus from Noborito.



It is contents full of dreams in a museum.




The art object in the garden.


Museum cafe menu.





Mark of the restroom.



Any body can enjoy all day long.


I enjoy very much.

Discount Please!

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Have you ever tried to say 'Discount please!' for shopping in some store in other contries?? 


This is one of appliance stores, named 'Yodobashi Camera' in Shinjuku.


よどばし2.jpgIn these kinds of appliance stores, people usually try to say 'discount please'.

If you don't need any 'Point cards' , and  buy some kinds of items,

your request will succeed!


Enjoy your shopping in Japan(^^)


  ***Please note that your 'discount please' not always succeed.

**Please make sure that most of hotels also not accept your discount request.

Pancake cooking! British style and German style

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Mr.James and Mr.Nathan made pancake for us!!

They are come from British.



Fry for about 1 minutes flipping over once brown.

en pan.JPG

Lemon and suger pancake.

It's British style.

Next,Anne making German style pancake!


Apple and cinnamon sugar pancake.

an pan.JPG
Mmm,,,,delectable desserts!!

Thank you for making!!!

Matsuri (Festival)

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Yesterday my friend and I went to a little shrine festival (Matsuri) in our neighbourhood. I was really looking forward to it, since it was my first Matsuri this year, and a summer in Japan without one wouldn't be complete.


The weather was great! Hot and sunny! Maybe a bit too hot actually. ^^;



Thumbnail image for 11092011754.jpg  11092011758.jpg

I ate all kinds of food, like Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki and Yakitori. I love stall type Japanese food!


11092011756.jpg  Thumbnail image for 11092011753.jpg

There were so many kids, some dressed in Yukata (light summer kimonos). They all looked so happy and were so excited whenever they won a prize in some game. 


Thumbnail image for 11092011734.jpg 

This is me catching goldfish with a little paper fan. This game is called "kingyo sukui" and typical for Japanese Matsuris. It's really hard to catch one though because the paper tears easily when wet. But I prefer looking at fishes over catching them anyway. ;)

11092011752.jpgThere was music as well of course!

I had lots of fun! If you're in Japan in summer, going to a Matsuri is highly recommended!



Railways Day Memorial Day Pass

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He is a mascot character Tetppie.



Japan Railways Group announced that Tetsudo-no Hi(Railways Day)Memorial Day Pass is on sale during 30 SEP-16OCT.

This ticket is similar to Seishun 18 Kippu that allows holders one-day unlimited rides on the local trains by JR Group all over Japan.The differences are the price and the number of valid days.This is valid for three (not necessarily continuous) days (midnight to midnight), within 01Oct.-16Oct(Railways Day).Three passengers can use entire one sheet of ticket for their one-day trip as a group.This ticket is JPY9180 per sheet of three ticket(JPY3060 per ticket).

Rugby World Cup 2011

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FIFA World Cup is very famous in the world.

But did you know the rugby football has World Cup too?

Rugby World Cup is same as FIFA World Cup.

Once in four years, select world No.1 of the national team of the rugby.

2011 is Rugby World Cup year and host country is New Zealand.

Rugby World Cup become thirdly the bigest sports event in the world,next to FIFA World Cup, Game of the summer olympics.

The Rugby World Cup is held in Japan in 2019.

London Olympics

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Today, the Japanese women's national soccer team won a ticket to the London Olympics.


They are the first team qalified for the London Olympics among Japanese teams.


I hope they will win gold medal and the Japanese men's national soccer team will win a ticket to the London Olympics as well.

Thailand Group Stayed at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

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They are guests from Thiland, 11 people (friends each other).

And today they left our hotel....We feel lonely....


They said to us ' KOPPUN-Kah!'(The original thailand letters cannot be used on this article' when they checked out , it means 'thank you' in Thailand language!


And his name is Mr. Soma, 'Pick-up shuttle bus company's driver'




He often come to Sakura Hotel(Group) to pick-up the foreign guests!

We really appriciate you!   Mr. So-ma san(^^)



From Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, to Narita(or Haneda) Airport,

if you are over 6 people, and reserve in advance,

we can charter a shuttle bus when you check-in, or you check-out!!

           *Details: Please ask at reception if you are over 6 people by e-mail!


They marked 11 seals at 'Thailand' on the world map in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

So Thailand's land with already fully covered with seals!




Please come to Japan in the future again! Koppun-kah(^^)!


OKINAWA Music Night! 11th SEP!!!

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A group of Okinawan music performers will come to Sakura Hostel Asakusa and give us an exciting performance!

September 11 (SUN), 2011@sakura hostel Asakusa 1F 19:00-20:00

They feature festive traditional dances and musical instruments with classic dresses.

Okinawa is one of Japan's southern prefectures, and it consists of hundreds of islands.
... Because of its location and many other reasons, they have so many different features in their culture and tradition from those we have in mainland Japan.
Music is, of course, one of those things that you might find different from what you have seen in mainland Japan.

This time, we welcome a group of musicians who perform and dance traditional Okinawan music for you at our hostel.

*Please buy ONE DRINK when you enter.
There will be Okinawan beers, sake and tea available from 200 YEN.

Any inquiries to [email protected]
Or call us at 03-3847-8111

Godzilla in Hibiya

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At near the Hibiya park,there is a bronze statue of Godzilla standing.




Why he is standing  in such a place?


Because Ginza and Hibiya is first town destroyed by Godzilla in first movie.


If you have a chance to go to Ginza,please check it out!!

Autumn Trip to Japan

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If you planing trip to Japan in this Autumn.

Tokyo is became season of colored leaves.

I introduce colored leaves spot near Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


 Shinjuku Gyogen 

You can see colored leaves at very large garden place, and the whole area of  the garden is the highlight.
Meiji Jingu Gaien 

Ginkgo trees row is very famous here.

When 146 ginkgo row of treeses turn yellow, I become the golden tunnel and become the yellow carpet when I shed the leaves.
Inokashira Onshi ParkColored leaves about 1.8km outskirts around the pond are very beautiful.
There are a lot of colored leaves spots in Tokyo.
Which one is your favorite?

Kakinotane Compilation

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Have you had Kakinotane?It's  traditional Japanese rice crackers. You can buy it any convenience stores and supermarkets all over Japan.



This is classic Kakinotane.




Wasabi flavour.Very hot!!



Coated with chocolate.I found it more than 20 years ago.



With mentaiko, marinated roe of pollock.


FI58557_0E.jpgMayonnaise Kakinotane.Looks so yummy!

Shirakami Mountain Range

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I went to Jyuniko dotted with lakes or one section of the Shirakami Mountain Range.
The Shirakami Mountain Range was one of the first sites chosen to be a World Heritage site in Japan in 1993.
The most famous lake or Aoike is very transparent and fascinates me.
P1010091 (1).JPG
What I found most impressed was a local bus driver who is home-grown. He played a role as a guide while driving.
He stopped the bus at picturesque place.
I took my hat off to his spirit for service.

300yen Bar in Ginza!

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What your image of Ginza??

Everything is very expensive!! isn't it?

But if you are in 300BAR you are completely safe.

All drinks and foods are 300 yen flat (+TAX)!!



You can enjoy Happy hour only 315 yen!!


 Yesterday it was special Event.

I saw Badwiser girls in 300 Bar 8-chome!


 Check their blog and event info!