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Yesterday I had Ramen noodles for dinner. There are many different types of noodles in Japan, but Ramen are my favorite. They are a bit hard to eat with chopsticks but it's fun anyway. The restaurant my friend and I went to was pretty small but the food was great. We ordered lots of different stuff and I took pictures of everything.


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We started with tofu on ice, some grilled meat and Gyoza.


08052011235.jpg  08052011238.jpg

I had Soy Ramen and my friend ate Tsukemen (cold noodles that you dip in some kind of soup).

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And then I had two servings of coconut ice cream! ;)

Of course not, but I still ate too much. But it was so delicious I couldn't help it.

We'll definitely go there again!

By the way, you're supposed to slurp Ramen loudly, but for some reason I just can't do it the way Japanese people can. Maybe because my mother taught me that it's impolite to make any noises while eating. XD


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