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long time seller snack

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If you visit Japan, you can try Japanese long time seller snack!

I think Japanese have eaten at least once.



Pocky is imitative word.

My favorite is strawberry!



 How mach do you think?


It's 10 yen each!

I break it before open it.

I think they have more that 15 flavors...

I like cheeses and takoyaki!

Try it!h2.jpg


kinokonoyama and takenokonoyama

h5.jpg  I am takenokonoyama group.

Kozue is kinokonoyama group.

Which group are you?


Kappa Ebisen

This is Kozue's favorite snack.

If you open it, you cant't stop eating...




h7.jpg Kakino tane is rice cracker and  peanut.

How about trying with beer?


Tongari corn

This is the right way to eat it.

g3.jpg g2.jpg  You can find your favorite!

Tell me long time seller snack in your country!!




Delicacies of Winter

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For some of you will visit Japan in December or January, Lucky you!!

December and January is the best season for taste fresh seafood! ( well, in my opinion)



As crab fishing season just started, we can taste various kinds of crab all over Japan seacoast area. If you have extra time, visit Hokuriku area ( Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Niigata). These area are famous of  Zuwai crab, one of the best crab.

Try and Enjoy delicacies of Winter!!!


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Here's a picture I got yesterday.

写真 (7).JPG

They came to Japan from Malaysia and did check-in yesterday.

She is 11 months of age.


We welcome many families including small children.


Here's another picture of the family who already done check-out.



I'm writing about guests with family, but we welcome those who travel alone, travel with friends, travel with lovers and travel on business as well :)

X'mas illumination

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My living town, 竹の塚 'Takenozuka' is famous for X'mas illumination.

光 竹の塚.jpg

This is in front Takenozuka station (my nearest station).

From Nov.27 (today) to Dec. 25, 600,000 LED lights are decolated to the trees and charactors for X'mas, and the roods.


I often walk this road. Shiny.

光3.jpg 光2.jpg 







How beautiful this is !!

I'm happy to watch this in this season every year.

(I can watch this illumination just 10minutes walk from my house!)

Even if it is too cold, I can forget it during watching this!


This is the information of 'Hikari- no- Saiten 光の祭典', means' lightup festival'


How about to your town's X'mas??

Christmas tree under Tokyo Tower

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Today is 25th/Nov.

That means within 1 month Christmas will come.

Many places in Tokyo are decorated by twinkling Christmas trees.

The tree I recommend you to see is Christmas tree under Tokyo Tower.


The tree is one of the biggest Christmas trees in Tokyo,

a live fir tree brought here from Gumma prefecture, quite far country.

Its Christmas tree and the illuminated Tokyo Tower are the very impressive night view.

You can check details here.

Charactor lunchbox 2

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My friend made this cute lunchbox♪

1. Happy Halloween♪


One more!

2. Bear and Panda♪



If I become a mom, I wanna make these kind of lunchbox for my kids!

He/ she will be glad to eat the lunchbox, even if there are carots and green pees inside!


 Let's compete with me!


Search for 'Sakura Hotel',

and become 'fun' and up your photo of lunchbox!


How many 'like' you can get !?





Zoom in Super in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

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Sakura Cafe Hatagaya's "Temaki sushi & Kamishibai show event"interviewed by "Zoom in super" of Nippon Television last week.








































We have an event once a month at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

Let's make a communication with foreigners through the Japanese event!!


Next event will be Japanese drum performance in December 18th.


For more detail,check our HP!!

Mr. Brent Fitz The Super Drummer

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Mr. Brent Fitz The Super Drummer and Me

His drumming was great and so powerful

One of my best cool Drummer

This photo is at Izakaya Takadanobaba Tokyo

We talked about " Rock'n'Roll and .....hahaha

He was real nice guy too

Currently touring with legendary Guitarist SLASH


Brent& Me.JPG

Brent has played with

Alice Cooper

Theory of a Deadman

Vince Neil

The Guess Who

Econoline Crush  

Hey Brent, when is your next Japan Tour?

I can't wait that long!!

Autum leafs

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I went to Yoyogi Park the other day.

Various autumn tints were seen.

Ginkgo,Japanese zelkova,Cherry blosom etc.



Sushi Party 2

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We had Sushi party today!

This is second time♪


写真 (12).JPG 写真 (13).JPG 写真 (10).JPG 写真 (11).JPG 写真 (14).JPG 写真 (16).JPG 写真 (17).JPG 写真 (18).JPG

We will have event on 18th Dec!

See you then♪

Onsen Season coming!

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It's been really cold these days, specially morning and night. Uuuuuu.

On winter cold day, it is a good idea to go hot spring as a day trip.

Many good hot springs around Tokyo area, but I recommend country/mountain side Onsen with quite relaxing atmosphere surronded by great nature.


Enjoy Onsen!!

Low Cost Limousine Bus

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How much do you think the bus fare between Narita Airport and Ueno/Asakusa area is?


It will be only 1,000 yen (one way).

This amazing bus service will start from 1st of December, 2010.


You need to book on their website or by phone.

Christmas is coming to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!

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Christmas three.........ok!

Christmas music.............ok!

Christmas new menu of Sakura Cafe.........ok!


Now, I feel like make a candy house myselves!

And you?

If you would you like to make it, you can buy it.


Anybody want any candy house?





November 20(Sat.) 2010 12:00~


Have you ever made "Sushi Roll" by yourself? You can learn how to make them! Let's enjoy Japanese traditional cooking!!

  KAMI-SHIBAI in English

November 20(Sat.) 2010 14:00~

KAMI-SHIBAI is a form of storytelling that originated from Japanese Buddhist temples during the 12th century and literally means "paper drama". During this event 2 stories will be presented in English for you to enjoy!


To ask detail & book this event,
Please ask our friendly staff by e-mail!!!

[email protected]


Fare Adjustment

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Have you ever had a difficulty in finding out how much the train fare is?


If so or if you are in a hurry, why don't you buying the cheapest ticket first?


Next, you need to find the machine as below just before getting out of a ticket gate.The picture abouve is from


Don't worry, it (fare adjustment machine) is located near ticket gates and you can find  it easily.


Once you insert your ticket into it, it shows you the balance due to pay.

Online booking

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Our website was renewed the day before yesterday.


(↑Corner double room)


When you made a reservation, you used to wait to hear from us.

We tried our best to reply to your room request as fast as possible.

But we took a backseat to online booking engine in the speed of return mail.


Now you can conclude your reservation without our reply.

I think that it's convenient to be able to make a reservation immediately.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

FIVB Volleyball World Championship MENU!

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Thumbnail image for design.jpg

nova.jpgpita2.jpg We have some special menu only from 1st Oct to 14th Nov!

Tomorrow is last day!

Tonight, Japan VS Brasil!!!

Go Japan! Go--!


Colored leaves in Tokyo

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Tokyo is became season of colored leaves.

I introduce colored leaves spot near Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.



Shinjuku Gyogen 

You can see colored leaves at very large garden place, and the whole area of  the garden is the highlight.
Meiji Jingu Gaien 

Ginkgo trees row is very famous here.

When 146 ginkgo row of treeses turn yellow, I become the golden tunnel and become the yellow carpet when I shed the leaves.
Inokashira Onshi ParkColored leaves about 1.8km outskirts around the pond are very beautiful.
There are a lot of colored leaves spots in Tokyo.
Which one is your favorite?

What is your country's national flower?

In Japan, there is no official national flower,

but two kinds of flower are considered as de facto national flowers.

One of them is Sakura, cherry blossoms. Sakura is sometimes seen as a symbol of samurai.

Another is Kiku, chrysanthemum. This flower is used as the emblem of Japanese Imperial family, and so as an extension, it is also considered as the emblem of whole Japan.

  hibiya_park.jpgChrysanthemum conjures up the images of auspiciousness, dignity, autumn beauty and old Japanese traditon.

So, chrysanthemum cultivation itself becomes a traditional hobby, now.

In autumn, many chrysanthemum fairs are hold in Japan, and they are hold in Tokyo too.

One of the most famous chrysanthemum fairs, is Tokyo Chrysanthemum Fair.

Now, it changed its name as Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Tourism Chrysansemum Exhibition, but it is still the biggest chrysanthemum fair in eastern half of Japan.


This year it is hold in Hibiya Park, at Kusachi Hiroba, from 1/Nov to 23/Nov.

You can enjoy many kinds of chrysanthemum and their beauty in many forms there.

Some samples can be seen at the following URL.

If you love flowers, this is the event for you.


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I went to KYOTO on Nov. 5th 2010!


These are my memory photoes.
















★★★ FOODS ☆☆☆


LUNCH BOX best 2 in KYOTO.


 Delicious potatp chips (soysorce taste) and NISHIN( herring)soba .


★★★ SPECIAL ☆☆☆






らいぶろぐ京都10.jpg らいぶろぐ京都11.jpg 

I choosed the stones as I like.




She is the teacher (long hair lady).

Not only to look many kinds of kaleidoscope, but also we can make our own kaleidoscope,  among 350 yen with 1900 yen.


How about to make your own suvenior for your memory of travel??


Kyoto has many kinds of craft shop like it!


You can get many informations for sightseeing at JR KYOTO STATION information counter.




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Julia-san gave me beautiful yellow flower!!



2.jpg It's always nice to have flowersand I believe yellow color brings good luck!

It made my so happy, and made my day!

Thank you Julia-san!!


Rock out in Japan!

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Today we have 3 filipino-American guests :)


message from our guests:

Hi from Willerness!

Enjoying our stay so far!

Can't wait to rock out in Japan!

Thanks to Sakura hotel hatagata!

guest Nov7.jpg

Thasnk you very much!

Miguel, Allan, and Mau!!


They are eating Japanese obentou(box lunch) now...


There is popular Japanese box lunch store 3minutes from our hotel.

(only to go survice)

You can have anything you want!


How about going to go to Origin Bento for tomorrow lunch?


Have a nice day!


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This was my band called HEAVYKISS

Photo was taken after the show

It's me on the left side as Paul Stanley (Naul Stanley) ha ha ha

It was always tough to move arround on the stage with a high-heeled platform boots

and the make-up took one hour to paint my face

It was real fun playing KISS songs with dressed up as KISS

Costumes were hand made by each members

If I have a chance to play again......maybe I'll do it 



Daidogei worldcup in Shizuoka 2010!

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Daigogei mean is 'Street performance' in Japanese.

There is biggest Daidogei festival in Shizuoka!

We can enjoy great performance anywhere. 

From 4th Nov to 7th Nov!



From Tokyo to shizuoka,,,

It takes 1hour and half by Shinkansen.




November's new menu -sakura cafe hatagaya-

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Today, I introduce a November's new menu.

Caramel Festa   


Caramel Macchiato/ Caramel Milk with a little salt/ Caramel Royal Milk Tea                                    350yen

My favorite is Caramel Milk with a little salt!!
Real good!!


Takoyaki, a snack with octopus in it, is very popular in the Kansai area in JAPAN!!
Try it out!!

Macha Brownies parfait

Janese taste parfait.
Macha Brownies,kinako(toasted soybean flour),kuromitu(sugarcane olasses)
It's no mistake!!

A spry old man

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An active person is not unusual at a jazzman in the United States etc. even if becoming an elderly person.
It was said at the age of 60 the grandpa in Japan in old times.

However, an elderly person today was accompanying hulas of an energetic, young girls.