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Happy Birthday Kitty!!

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November 1st is birthday of "Hello Kitty".

She is the cat loved by all over the world.



Here is trivia of "Hello Kitty".


The setting of the birth place is the London suburbs.

Height: For five apples  The weight: For three apples  By the way, the apple is London. product.

A blood type: A type  Because it is the blood A type that a Japanese has most.

But the birth place is London


Anyway, Happy Birthday Kitty!!

Friendship Party at Hatagaya cafe on Oct.30, 2010

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We got a friendship party even though a typoon was come.


We had lots of fun and could share lots of things such as

Heineken was not from German and

It was different the temperature between UK and Japan even though both of them are islands.



I hope you can join us next time.

It will be on Nov.13,2010 (Sat.)

Come back home

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We welcomed group guests (16 guests) from Canada the day before yesterday.


And they checked out this morning.


Here's the picture we took then.


Safe trip!!


Now the typhoon is approaching. And Tokyo will be hit by big wind and heavy rain this evening.

So, I'd just like to say "Safe trip!" too (for me)  lol.

Reception Party in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

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Hello, everybody!!

On 30th Oct, we're going to do Friendship Party in Sakuara Cafe!


TIme: 18:00 to 20:00

Fee: Participants: 1,600 yen (chose 3 beers and 2 snacks, usually it costs 2,300 yen.)

These are pictures on 16th Oct. (last time).

新井ブログ1.jpg 新井ブログ2.jpg 

13 people gathered to talk with each others.


新井ブログ3.jpg 新井ブログ4.jpg 

How about to drink with us??

We are welcome to everybody!!        


Design Festa vol.32

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International Art Event! Anyone with original work can take part!

img_32top.jpgDesign Festa - a biannually held event that began in 1994 for artists from all over the world will see its 32th incarnation next May! There will be over 2850 Booths, Performance and Live Music areas, Restaurants Cafes and Bars. Two days filled with art, energy, excitement and discovery!

International Art Event, Design Festa vol.32!
vol:32 - Nov 6 (sat) & 7(sun), 2010 11:00 - 19:00 Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall 1, 2, 3, 4, Atrium & Outdoor
vol:33 - May 14 (sat) & 15(sun), 2011 11:00 - 19:00 Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall 1, 2, 3, 4, Atrium & Outdoor


Visit online:


Meiji Jingu -- Meiji Shrine

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Meiji Jingu is a Shinto shrine.
It is near to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, within 30 minutes walk.
Shinto is Japan's ancient original religion, and it is deeply rooted in the way of Japanese life.
Shinto has no founder, no holy book, and not even the concept of religious conversion.
It is a mixture of animism, folklore, history and traditional ethics.
In Shinto, almost everything can contains a kami, divine spirit.
Natural edifices like mountains, trees, great rocks, rivers and othres, rare animals like biggest boars and white deers, and even heroic humans can be called kamis.
So, you can see kamis in mythology, in nature, and in human beings.
And, yes, Japanese imperial families are considered as the direct descendants of the holiest kami, Amaterasu,
and their main duty was not only ruling a nation but also worshipping kamis.
This latter aspect as high-priests of kamis is inherited by imperial families even now.

Meiji Jingu, that means Meiji shrine is dedicated to the divine souls of Emperor Meiji and his consort Empress Shoken.
From ancient times, Japanese people have felt awe and gratitude towards emperors and dedicated shrines to many of them as they themselves were believed as kamis too, accordingly.
And at this Meiji shrine, you can see a part of ancient imperial worshipping rituals
due to close connction between Meiji shrine and imperial families.
On the occasion of the celebrations of the anniversary of Emperor Meiji's birthday and Meiji Jingu's enshrinement anniversary, various ceremonies are held (including Chinzakinensai and Reisai).
Also, arts are performed in honour of the deities at the beginning of November, mainly from November 1st to 3rd.
If you are interested in histrical or spiritual Japanese tradition, this celebration is must see.

arabian night

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Have you ever seen belly dance?

Belly dance is a Western-coined name for a traditional Middle Eastern dance, especially raqs sharqi.

It is sometimes also called Middle Eastern dance or Arabic dance in the West.


I dance every 4th Tuesday at Egyptian restaurant in Shibuya.

Next show is October 26th  at 20:00

Shall we dance together?


Luxor in Shibuya




Sweets Forest

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I went to Sweets forest in Jiyugaoka♪


If you love sweets, you should go there!!


I tried a soufflé with wild berry♪

There are many kind of sweets shop!

berry02.jpginfomation.jpg mix091202.jpg fur091203.jpg enf091202.jpg

From Hatagaya to Jiyugaoka,,,,,


Shinjuku→(JR Yamanote line)→Shibuya

Shibuya→(Tokyu Toyoko line)→Jiyugaoka

It takes 3min from Jiyugaoka station.

「Sweets forest 」


Tokyo International Film Festival

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"Tokyo International Film Festival" began today.


This film festival uses "The Green carpet" in substitution for "The Red carpet" because of the theme of ecology.


"The green carpet" revitalized 23,000 pet bottles to produced it.

The electricity uses the green electricity that the carbon dioxide does not appear.


It is the time for attention to the earth is necessary even film festival.


 I want to continue such a wonderful movie festival for a long time.

Making Sushi Party in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!

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Sushi party held on Today, Oct 23rd!

Guests tried to make this↓ together!

sushi 5.jpg

These are pictures for all of our memories to learn Japanese culture!!


sushi 12.jpg sushi 8.jpg sushi7.jpg sushi 13.jpg sushi 10.jpg 

Please join this event again!

Next is , on 20th Nov. 2010!!!

Charge is only 500 yen!! Fantastic!!

Why not making Sushi with us!?

More Info↓



sushi 9.jpg

Ai (reception wearing green costume ) is a good teacher!!

See you again--!

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya will be on TV!!!

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Hello, everybody!

On 23rd Oct. (Sat.)!!

From 4:30 am in Japan time, on TBS channel 6,

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya will show up on the screen(^^)!!!



World Pita sand and world beer are sold during this season, until Nov.14th.


How about to try them!? 


A few days ago I went to CHRISTIAN  RIESE  LASSEN's art exhibition in Tokyo 

It was a  Dazzling World!

Christian Lassen 展に行ってきました!
素晴らしい! 感動しましたよ!


Mr. Lassen began painting a super-realistic series of marine paintings, featuring whales, dolphins and fish seen both above and below the ocean's surface. These stunning "multi-environmental" paintings in a "Two Worlds" style are an eloquent statement about the interconnection of the Earth's biosystems and made the artist internationally famous almost overnight (although he had been hard at work for many years prior to this).


HALLOWEEN PARTY 29 and 30/Oct!!!!

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How are you planning Halloween night?

Halloween Party @ SakuraCafe Ikebukuro

? Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro

2-39-10 Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo Japan
Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro 1F Annexe
3 min walk from Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line Ikebukuro Station C6 Exit
5min walk from JR Ikebukuro Station West Exit
Morning 05:00-11:00
Lunch [Mon -Fri] 11:30-16:00
Dinner 18:00-22:30 (L.O.)
Cafe menu only 23:00?05:00

This year, Halloween party will hold on 
Staff (wearing special costumes!) are looking forward to meeting you ! !

* 300BAR will serve customers who are coming up in costumes, ♪ They will serve you special drinks.

Password is "Trick or Treat"

銀座300バー イベント情報

銀座300バー イベント情報

Argyreus hyperbius

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I saw "Argyreus hyperbius" near the house.


The pansy doesn't exist now, and either it is not seen here though the appearance was sometimes shown also to potted of the pansy that is besides the cafe before.

It had not been seen in the north area in Japan before either.

It is seen every year, and looks forward for a moment also in here Tokyo because it sometimes goes out even if slowing in autumn.


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I love shiba-inu(Japanese dog) !!!

s2.jpg s3.jpg


and my dog...


Japanese Beauty

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Cherry Blossoms in Spring,

Fireworks in Summer sky,

Autumn color of leaves,

Snow falling silently in small village...

Japanese see the beauty in momentary, impermanent things.

Now is the foliage season coming, but in 2 months it will start fall off.

Let's go to see this momentary Japanese beauty! Shall we?

Friendship Party

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We will have a Friendship Party this evening (from 5pm to 8pm) at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.


Entrance fee is 1,000 yen. We offer you 3 beers (or soft drinks) and appetizers (otsumami in Japanese).


Residents in Sakura House and Guests at Sakura Hotel is expected to come.


Here's the picture taken on 2nd of October, 2010 (the date previous Friendship Party is held).



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The community bus that operates Shibuya Ward is called "Hachiko bus".



Four route route over the museum, the museum, the shopping street, and the sightseeing spot, etc. is in Shibuya Ward.


It is recommended to use it to go sightseeing in Tokyo.



October 23(Sat.) 2010 12:00~


Have you ever made "Sushi Roll" by yourself? You can learn how to make them! Let's enjoy Japanese traditional cooking!!

  KAMI-SHIBAI in English

October 23(Sat.) 2010 14:00~

KAMI-SHIBAI is a form of storytelling that originated from Japanese Buddhist temples during the 12th century and literally means "paper drama". During this event 2 stories will be presented in English for you to enjoy!


To ask detail & book this event,
Please ask our friendly staff by e-mail!!!

[email protected]


Blueman Show!

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Have you seen Blue man show??

I've never seen such as comedy live show!! 




Blue Man Group is theatrical shows and concerts featuring music, comedy and multimedia.

All of the organization's appearances star a trio of performers called Blue Men, who appear to have blue skin and no voice, hair, or ears.

I took picture♪

Thats Blue!!!!!!!!

DSCF7364.JPGIf you would like to see it, they have a show till December.

Shinjuku is great for Shopping

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Shinjuku is just 5 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Keio-new line's station, 'Hatagaya' is easy access to Shinjuku (one of down town in Tokyo.)

Today, I recommend 2 shops in Shinjuku.

Good for suveniors.


◆One is,

ナチュラルキッチン2.jpgNatural Kitchen &↓


Most of the Ladies attracted them !



◆second is 



Good for Japanese traditional items.


Both shops are in MYLOAD depertment in Shinjuku Station.

Which is your favorite??

By the way, this is my house's welcome-board, made by I and my husband.

How do you feel it?? (^^)




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Ginbura means walking Ginza district.

  g5.jpg If you go to Tsukiji market in the morning, you should go to ginza!

It takes 15 minutes from Tsukiji to Ginza.

What a beautiful shape building it is!


Mikimoto building




yamaha building


enjoy ginbra!


Tokyo International Anime Festival

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Tokyo International Anime Festival will be held on 22nd and 23rd of October (22nd is business day and 23rd is public day) in Akihabara UDX Akiba Square (Exhibition) and UDX Theater (Lectures and symposium). This is the first time.


If you are interested in japanese anime, this event is worth visiting.


FYI, you can go directly near Akihabara from Hatagaya (the nearest station from our hotel).

It takes about 30 minutes by train.


This event is different from Tokyo International Anime Fair (http://www.tokyoanime.jp/en/) held in spring at Tokyo Big Sight.


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 Guest from Italy his name is Alessio

He's got a full of tatto on his body!!! Very cool guy!

He wanted a Japanese writing on his hand and he told me that

 " I want to get it today right now!

I'm going back to Italy tomorrow! Could you help me to find a place to put a tattoo near by? "

I called several places but most of them needed a reservation.....

At last I founded in Shibuya!

When he came back....

He got a  name on his hand !  " Alessio, アレシオ "  Japanese writing KATAKANA

He realy liked it! 

I was glad that he was willing for that!

Have a nice flight to Italy see you again!





彼が帰って来たら手に " アレシオ "


本人は大変喜んでいて " 君が居なければ今日入れることが出来なかったよ?"



私も左腕に☆Rock Star と刺青(油性マジック)をいれちゃいました?(笑)




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I went to Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo last weekend to see performance call 『ZED』.


ZED.jpgCirque du Soleil is use the full body performance,but not like another normal circus,I seen before.


ZED2.jpg『How can they possible to do such a performance like that?』

You can't help saying so.


Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo is near by Tokyo Disney Resort.

If you have chance to go near by,check it out.

侍!Samurai Hero!!!

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  • Born:1835/11/15
  • Died:1867/12/10
  • Other name: Saitani Umetarô
  • Japanese: 坂本龍馬直柔 (Sakamoto Ryôma Naonari)


    • 1835 Born on November 15 in Tosa as the second son into the Goshi (low ranking samurai) household of Sakamoto Hachihei Naotari
    • 1848 Started studying swordsmanship at the local dôjô and quickly became one of the dôjô's most gifted students.
    • 1853 Completed his training in swordsmanship and received his certificate
      • Began advanced training in swordsmanship at the famed Chiba dôjô in Edo.
      • Saw the U.S. Navy "black ships" under the command of Commodore Matthew Perry, rousing feelings of both curiosity and a strong anti-foreign zeal
    • 1854 Completed his training at the Chiba dôjô and returned to Tosa where he learned more about the West from scholar Kawada  Shoryo
    • 1858 Returned to Edo to receive his license in swordsmanship from the Chiba dojo
    • 1861 Joined the Tosa Loyalist Party, led by longtime friend, Takechi Zuisan(Hanpeita), with the aim of expelling the foreigners and restoring power to the emperor
    • 1862Fled Tosa without han permission to become a ronin in Edo to work with other loyalists to push their Sonno Joi agenda
      • Sets out to assassinate Katsu Kaishu commissioner of the Tokugawa navy, due to his calls for opening up the country to foreign trade. Instead of killing him, Ryoma becomes one of Katsu's disciples
    • 1863Katsu secures a pardon for Ryoma for leaving Tosa, but he refuses han orders to return, remaining an "outlaw" Ronin
      •  Put in charge of the Kaienntai in Kobe, an auxiliary naval training unit established by Katsu Kaishu
      • Introduced to Yokoi Shounan an influential loyalist from Fukui, who advocated opening the country
    • 1864 Met Saigou Takamori, a Satsuma loyalist leader, one of the future masterminds behind the future overthrow of the Tokugawa bakufu
    • 1865Established Japan's first foreign trading company, the Kameyama-shachu in Nagasaki, with the help of Saigo, to run supplies to loyalists in Choshu.
      • Met Choshu loyalist leader Katsura Kogoro and begins to push longtime enemies, Satsuma and Choshu to form an anti-Tokugawa alliance
    • 1866 Successfully brokered the secret military alliance between Satsuma and Choshu that will seal the fate of the Tokugawa Bakuhu 
      • One night after the conclusion of the Satsuma-Choshu alliance, Ryoma fights his way out of the Teradaya using a Smith & Wesson revolver during a raid by pro-bakufu police forces.
    • 1867 Received a second pardon from Tosa
      • Reorganized the Kameyama-shachu into the Tosa-Kaientai, and is appointed its head.
      • While running guns, the Kaintai vessel lroha is struck by a vessel belonging to Kii. Ryoma files a law suit under the premise that the Kii ship violated the laws of the sea as stipulated under international law. Receives an out-of-court settlement.
      • Formulated his Eight-Point Program, calling for a new government structure to replace the Tokugawa baku-han system.
      • Goto Shojirou, head of the Tosa bureaucracy, passes a written memorial calling for the immediate restoration of imperial rule and a new government based on Ryoma's Eight-Point Program to the leader of Tosa, Yamauchi Yodo, who passes the document to the bakufu.
      • Tokugawa Yoshinobu, accepts the memorial from Tosa and resigns as Shogun, returning political power to the imperial court.
      • Assassinated with fellow Tosa loyalist, Nakaoka Shintarou by pro-bakufu forces on December 10
    • Killed by ??? it's a mystery ......



    Who is that???

    He's not dead yet!!!




      Ampanman Museum


      Today's my lunch,,,,,

      Thumbnail image for 10-10-01_002-thumb-300x400.jpg

      This charactor name is 'Omusubi man'(Rice ball man' )!

      He is

      Tokyo Oedo Antique Market

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      Are you interested in Japanese antiques?
      If so, I recommend you to visit Tokyo Oedo Antique Market.
      The antique market is one of the largest outdoor antique market in Japan.
      It is hold twice a week, and next market will open on 17th of October.


      It is hold at at Tokyo International Forum, which is conveniently near to JR Yurakucho Station,
      within 1 minute walk.
      More than 150 shops open there.
      In past, we recommended not this Oedo market but Hanazono Shrine Antique Market.
      That market was very traditional one and famous for foreign travelers.
      But, Hanazono Market closed in the last year....
      So I recommend this rather new antique market as substitution.
      Simply having a look at the things in the market can be unique experience.

      shabu shabu

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      I went shabu syabu last night.

      Do you know what is shabu shabu?

      Shabu shabu is a Japanese variant of hot pot. The dish is related to sukiyaki in style, where both use thinly sliced meat and vegetables, and usually served with dipping sauces, but it is considered to be more savory and less sweet than sukiyaki. It is considered a winter dish but is eaten year-round.



      The name shabushabu is onomatopoeic, being the sound heard when paper-thin sliced beef is dipped and lightly waved around a couple of times in boiling stock.

      Shabushabu has recently become known overseas as a modern Japanese dish.

      There is 2 shabu shabu restaurant near sakura hotel hatagaya.

      How about going to go there tonght?









      The morning-glory

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      The morning-glory is seen outside the window of the cafe.

      The leaf shape is a little small though it is what raised from the seedling in June and the effect as the green shadow plant is a little.

      Today more energetic, and a lot of flowers are put up though it had been in blossom during summer.


      Incidently, after the morning glory fence in the vicinity had become cool, too, it was in blossom well.


      Is the morning-glory a flower of autumn?