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Tomorrow is...

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Tomorrow (1st of October) is the Day of Tokyoite.

Some museum, japanese garden and zoo in Tokyo have a free entrance fee on tomorrow (1st of October).


How many places are you plannning to visit?

Last Wednesday, we joined "Hatagaya Mikoshi Matsuri". It was traditional japanese festival.
Our friends enjoyed carring Mikoshi (It's very heavy) on them shoulder.
If you want to join the festival, please come Hatagaya next year !

Miracle! Is that my car!!!???

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こんな偶然ありえない! 確立でいえば.....?

なんと!2年前に手放したTOYOTA bBが前に走ってるじゃありませんか!?




信号で横に並んで声を掛けちゃいました? 「その車の前のオーナーなんですよ?!ステッカーとホイールで分かりました?!ありがとうございます!」って




なんかの縁を感じたので素早く名刺を窓から窓へ 渡しちゃいましたよ?



Miracle! Is that my car!!!???


Impossible coincidence? In terms of establishing .....?

Hey! TOYOTA bB it looks like my car that I was driving before! 

That was my CAR~~~~~!!!!!
How do I know? ....... In the middle of a special original designs handmade star stickers !

Aluminum wheels that I  changed is still the same !

Fire flame stickers in the same spot!

My family was so surprise and so happy that we met that bB again!

Stop at the signals and I open the window and said - "I'm a previous owner of the car!  I notice by the Sticker and the aluminum wheel!  Thank you for driving my car !"

They were quite surprised (laughs)

Beauty and handsome couple  said "What?  Is that so? Thank you for comfortable car !"

It was a local number plate but the guy said

"I live in Mitaka City (TOKYO)!!! "    Neighborhood!  Surprised again! hahaha!

I felt  the edge of something so from window I pass the name card through the window quickly
A young couple's said to me ..... Thanks! maybe we can meet again!

Thank you for driving my car!!!


HATAGAYA Mikoshi Matsuri

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September 23rd, 2010!! Mikoshi Matsuri  in hatagaya!!

Enjoyed to carry a mikoshi portable shrine in a festival!!

Matsuri costume "Happi"

So cool!!!

                                                            Free drinks and snacks!!!

Let's bear a "Mikoshi"!! 


Free sake!!!!

We went to shrine festival  at night.

At shrines people threw coins and greeting to enshrined god of this shrine.
Then we enjoyed branch shop!!




Banana chocolate

Ramen berger

The festival was so fun and everyone was happy!!

HATAGAYA Mikoshi Matsuri

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September 23rd, 2010!! Mikoshi Matsuri  in hatagaya!!

Enjoyed to carry a mikoshi portable shrine in a festival!!

Matsuri costume "Happi"

So cool!!!

                                                            Free drinks and snacks!!!

Let's bear a "Mikoshi"!! 


Free sake!!!!

We went to shrine festival  at night.

At shrines people threw coins and greeting to enshrined god of this shrine.
Then we enjoyed branch shop!!




Banana chocolate

Ramen berger

The festival was so fun and everyone was happy!!

What your favorite food??

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My favorite foods are.....


Middle:Curry & rice



I can eat them everyday♪

I am sure I can't live without Japanese food!!! 



More Information of Hatagaya City!

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Today, I introduce my recommendations in Hatagaya.

1.Sushi restaurant ・・・Azuma zushi 東寿司

EDOMAE sushi restaurant (not round sushi). You can eat fresh sushi. 

 5 minutes from Sakura Hotel. 


東寿司 店内.jpg

東寿司 寿司.jpg








Wasabi and Gari (pickled ginger) is spicy!

 But delicious!

Sushi bowl is beautiful, like flower garden!



2.Japanese food and bar ・・・ Daikokuya 大黒屋


  6 minutes from here.

Dinner time only. Good for Sashimi, Yakitori, Onigiri (rice ball) and the atmosohere of Japanese Bar.

3.Supermarket ・・・ Gourumet City

グルメシティ幡ヶ谷.jpg Cigarette and many food and drinks, you can buy there.

   ATM machine (for credit card, to withdraw money) is also settled inside.


4.Tea time and liquor time  ・・・ Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (in Sakura Hotel, 1st floor)



Hatagaya is convenient place for eating, shopping, going to Shinjuku (downtown).

Sushi map and rawmen map is prepared at reception.

Anytime you can ask to us!!


Look Up in the Ikebukuro

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Sunshine60 at ikebukuro is third highest building in Jpapan.


When I was child,I climbed several times.


This time I went to Sunshine60 to back in a child's mind.




Before climbing up, This is very front of the building.




大人 620円 子供310円





On observatory you can look around the city of Tokyo 360 degrees !!


An observatory open until 22:00,so I recommend night view too!!


Autumn comes so suddenly

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Today 23rd of September, the temperature in Tokyo dropped dramatically, to 17 degree centigrade.

Considering the fact that the highest temperature on 22nd was 32 degree centigrade,

autumn came in Tokyo so quickly.

The weather forecast says the temperature of 24th will rise to 18 degree centigrade only.


This is almost the same temperature in November.

So, if you are planning to vist Tokyo, please prepare your clothes for this coolness.

Even though Tokyo of this year was infamous for its lingering heat,

now it is very cool, or almost cold, I have to say. :-(

MATSURI Hatagaya Local festival!!

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Tomorrow, September 23rd, we will have Local Festival!

Last year many hotel and sakurahouse guests enjoyed to carry Mikoshi and excitent air of local residents!

Check photos of Last year :[email protected]/sets/72157622448919916/

Mikoshi will start at 10am and 1pm, and many guests are already singned in for join!

Want to Join ? please contact us @: [email protected]

Please come at least 45minutes earlier if you would like to join, we will prepare Happi and Tabi (Festival traditional costume) for you !


Come on and join us to experience exciting Festival!

shopping at Harajuku

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Have you ever been to Harajuku?

Harajuku is one of the popular shopping erea.

I would you like to introduce some shops to you.




If you are looking for a character goods, you should go to KIDDY LAND.

It will be renewed by the summer of 2012.

Now It's located on the cat street.

2,Oriental Bazaar

Oriental Bazaar is famous souvenir shop.

You can find special Japanese goods in here.


3,UT store


UT is UNIQRO T-shirt store.

You will find your own T-shirt in here.



Hatagaya to Sginjuku     take Keio new line

Shinjuku to Harajuku      take JR yamanote line


Photos on Facebook

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We started to ask our guests

"Do you mind if I get a picture of you?"

when they do check-out.


We upload image data on our fanpage on Facebook so that they can download it.



FYI, we have also have a discussion board on Facebook for you to leave useful information for our future guests!

Your contribution would be deeply appreciated.

Sand Art Performance

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Kseniya-Simonova-talent.jpgDo you know about this beautiful lady!?

Her name is Kseniya Simonova (Ксения Симонова).

an from Ukraine.

She is famous for sand art artist.Here is the performance video↓.

I really impressed with this art performance.

She told several dramas by painting and changing the sand art.

This video tolds that WW? destroyed many people's lives, and never do it again.

Most of audiences could'nt stop crying during the performance.

kuseniasimonoba.jpgWe hope this video can tell all that we wish ETERNAL PEACE in whole the world.

eggs and vegetables

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How do you like your eggs?


I like chocolate souffle!!
Please tell us your home cooking that uses eggs!

How do you like your organic vegetables?


I like eat plates include a lot of vegetables.

Like this!!

Please give us a nice recipe!


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Rock Star Michael and Nory

マイケル モンロー.JPGHANOI ROCKS  Farewell Tour 2009 at Club Citta Kawasaki back stage shot with

 Michael Monroe!!

How did you get the back stage pass? ........

My american friend TIM got it and I was invited too

Michael was a very nice guy!

After the show he made a time about1 hour for us to meet and talk!

He's a real Rock Star!!! Very cool guy!!!

ハノイロックス フェアウェル ツアー2009 クラブチッタ川崎 楽屋での

マイケル モンローとのワンショット!です。





彼は正にロック スターでしたよ! かっちょいい!!

See you in next year, Summer! Hello Autumn!

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It's been record-setting heat summer this year in all over Japan. Everyday, we have been asking today's tempreture and why it is so hot in Tokyo.

Some forecast say this summer heat will last until end of September and skip Autumn and go into winter in October.

We will not have Autumn this year !?!? NOOOoooooo  WAY!

There is so many delicious seasonal foods in Autumn which I have been looking foward to taste for a year!



Can't wait to see you Autumn !!!!

Tokyo Disney's Halloween 2010

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On 9th of September, Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea started their Hallloween Events.

The Halloween events of these twin theme parks will be hold from 9/Sep to 31/Oct.


 In Disney Land, they hold a special parade, "Welcome to Spookyville."

And in Disney Sea, they hold a show, "Mysterious Masquerade."

Fireworks are also planned in this period.

As usual, Tokyo Disney Land and Sea holds some new enjoyable event for guests.

If you have not visited them, it would be nice experience.

Championnat du monde de judo

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Championnat du monde de judo à Tokyo a été ouvert hier.


La dernière fois que des championnats du monde de judo à Tokyo a été 1958.

Il aura fallu attendre 52 yaers!


Plus de 700 judokas dans le gymnase de Yoyogi recueillir des différents pays dans le monde et de concourir pour le meilleur siège d'un monde.


Je suis impatient de faire de nombreuses médailles judokas japonais obtiendrez.

World Championship of Judo

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World championship of judo in Tokyo is open today.


世界柔道.jpgLast time of world championship of judo in Tokyo was 1958.

It's been 52 yaers!!


世界柔道2.jpgJudoists more than 700 gather in Yoyogi gymnasium from the various countries in the world and compete for a world's best seat.


世界柔道3.jpgI am looking forward to how many medals Japanese Judoists will get. 

Aquarium in Tokyo

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When the rainy days during travel, I recomend to go to aquarium↓

This is one of the aquarium, 'EPSON AQUA STADIUM'.

You can feel that you were in the real sea.

Because you can walk in the dome-shaped tube.

And my recomendation is, to go in the night time.

☆☆☆Sep 1st 2010?Oct 30th 2010.☆☆☆


From 6:30 PM, the ASHIKA dance performance with music will heal your heart!


And from 8:30 PM, you can touch the body and touch on the dolphin's cheek!


Hatagaya → Shinjuku → Shinagawa    It takes for about 30 minutes from this hotel.  (Keio-new Line)      (JR Yamanote Line)

*All of the pictures are site from the website.


Hello again

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He is Mr Micheal san who from Australia.Thumbnail image for maikeru.JPG

He has stayed our hotel some times.

It is nice to see you again!!



Today's guest from Ghana!

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Welcome to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!guest 1.jpg

They 've just arrived here from Ghana.

You must be tired...

Take a good rest tonight.

Good night and Enjoy your stay!

Bandai headquarters alley is lined with plenty of character.



Doraemon is a cat-shaped robot from the 22nd century.



Ultraman is a giant who came to Earth from the Nebula M78.



In Japan, the largest national character in the hugely popular children.

Also, there are other popular characters too.

Gundam and Ride,etc.


Please enjoy taking pictures with your favorite characters.



Jindaiji Shrine

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I went to shrine called Jindaiji (Tokyo,Choufu-shi Jindaiji )

I received lot's of power!!! and got healed too!

Specialty SOBA is so delicious

I recommend this place!


Menu TOP 3 in August, Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

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★For drinks★

・Soft drink  

 No.1: Iced coffee (Non-sugar is better, but it tastes a little sweet!)

 No.2: Hot coffee (coffee beans flavor is good!!)

 No.3: Coke (It's too hot to stop drinking coke!!)


 No.1: EBISU beer (Popular in Japan)

 No.2: Premium Moltz(Beat up EBISU!)

 No.3: Lager Beer(Strong bitterness)

・Flavored cappucino

flavor.jpg   No.1: Green Tea / Caramel (I also love it!)

    No.3: Chocolate(Ladies love chocolate!)


・World Tea

masara-ice.jpg  No.1:Masara Chai(Spiced milky tea!)

  No.2:Luibos tea (from South Africa)

  No.3:Terere (Mate Tea + Blue Berry Sauce)(Hot・Iced)



  No.1: Breakfast (Our staying guest is free! From outside guest, 350 yen)

  No.2: Snacks (We prepared new snacks in August !Add 150yen for drink-set!)

  No.3:  Mixed Pizza (↑Everybody love Pizza!)


Sakura Cafe open 24 hours!

We're waiting you all the time!


Hey, I just got to Tokyo!

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"Call me/ Text me/ E-mail me/ Skype me/ Facebook me  when you arrive Tokyo, okay?"


Thumbnail image for mail.jpgWhile you are traveling,  it's quite difficult to contact with your family,friends, boyfriend/girlfriend anyone who care about you, but they want to make sure you are doing fine.

Let them know you get to Tokyo safely , just click on Facebook or Twitter when you check-in!





Message written in English, French & Spanish. You can pick one of above language and Japanese message come with it.

You can pick one photo from 12 beautiful Japanese pictures.

"Hey, I got to Hot Tokyo !!! "


"Day of mate"

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It is "Day of mate tea" today, in Japan.

It seems to do the harvest festival of this day mate in production country Argentina of the mate .

Because it is time when met the mate tea first by me brought it to the souvenir by my friend where it goes to Honduras, it becomes ten old times of year or more.

The mate tea is called a drunk salad. The plant of not a so-called tea leaf (camellia department) but the winterberry department is a raw material. The taste is not bad though feeling is green tea, tea, and a little different.