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Japan Rail Pass

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If you come to Japan, I recommend to get .JAPAN RAIL PASS.

JAPAN RAIL PASS... The Key To Convenient Sightseeing In Japan.

(JR unlimited ride card)

The JAPAN RAIL PASS is offered by the six companies that make up
the Japan Railways Group (JR Group).

September's new menu-sakura cafe hatagaya-

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Today, I introduce a September's new menu.

Shay! 【world tea】from Ethiopia. 


Black tea + 

Sugar + 


Spicy and sweet.

My Favorites :)

Caramel Nut Parata from India! 


Original Desert.

Eat crispy parata with caramel cream dip.

Guruguru tea【world tea】from Mongolia.

Hojicha +Milk +Sugar +Butter.


'GURUGURU' means 'stir up'.

So,please stir up the tea.

Please try it! !

Awaodori (Dance festival)

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Tokyo Koenji Awaodori Festival is held today (and yesterday) in Koenji.


Awaodori is summer tradition and has a history of about 400 years.


I think that Japanese are known as shy people.

But you might not think so once you watch this event.


You can get more info about this event on

New Pokémon Animation Series

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New TV animation series of Pokémon will come on 23rd of September.

The name of the new series is "Pokémon Best Wishes!"


This time, Ash (known as Satoshi in Japan) again comes as the main hero,

and of course, his best partner Pokémon, Pikachu also comes.

Special event, "Pokémon Best Wishes! Festival" will be hold on the day at Roppongi Hills Arena, in Tokyo.

If you and/or your child(ren) are interested in Pokémon, entering the event will be a wonderful experience.

This is not coffee bean!

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結石.JPGWhat do you think this shaped like coffee bean? 

Heart black stone ?.......


Kidney stone came out from my body!!!

About 12 days I was fighting with strong pain

I don't wanna feel this crazy pain anymore!








約12日間、激痛と格闘の結果 ほっ!



夏場は発症する率が多いので皆さん 水分補給を十分に取りましょう?

morning-glory flower

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The morning-glory flower is seen from the window of the cafe.

It is the one that the seedling was planted to become scenery that seems to be summer even a little in around June.

In the vivid bright red, blue two color flower, the shape of the flower is a little squarish like the lily, too.

However, it is the heat of this summer. The flower of the even summer seems to be a little discouraged, too.




Ethiopian Coffee

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Did you know about the roots of Coffee?

I was raised in Ethiopia, and the origin of coffee is from the region called KAFFA Prefecture in Ethiopia. KAFFA later became COFFEE...

There is also a ceremony for Coffee, just like in Japan as for the TEA CEREMONY.


Enjoy the nice aroma at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!



By the way, at Sakura cafe, we use Latin American Beans.

I really like the nice flavor of our coffee, and am proud to introduce it to you.



Have you ever go to Tokyo Disney Resort??

You know, It's a most biggest theme park in Japan.

This is the website

''Search Hidden Mickey" is a popular play in TDR.

Like them↓




It's so difficult to find it, because the park is so wide.But once you find it, you might be greatly pleased!

Hidden Mickey was made by casts(means staff of TDR), during to create the buildings, paintings, and  so on.Originally, for their hobby.

Can you find them !?

P.S: The number of serched Mikky is ↓

Miwa =1, (do my best in the next time!)

Keiko and Sakura =3, (good job!)

 Ai =over 10!! (Excellent!! You can guide where is it! please guide me----)

Enjoy your Tokyo trip!!

【Access guide】about 45 minutes from Hotel.

Sakura Hotel Hatagaya (幡ヶ谷Hatagaya)→ (市ヶ谷Ichigaya)=10 minutes by Keio New Line.

Ichigaya→(新木場Shinkiba)=20 minutes by Yurakucho Line.

Shinkiba→(舞浜Maihama)=8 minutes by Keiyo Line.

Maihama is close to TDR!



Fireworks show in Tokyo

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In summer, many people go out to enjoy festivals and displays of fireworks.

I went to Itabashi fireworks.

I'm getting on video!

Enjoy the summer in Japan together! !
↓   ↓   ↓   ↓   



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I went to the No-ryo-Matsuri at Azabu zyuban last Friday.

It was pretty crowded in there.


blog6.jpgNo-ryo-Matsiri is famed festival and today is last night of Matsuri.

I enjoyed goldfish scooping and cockshy.

blog 2.jpg blog 1.jpg blog3.jpg

How about going to Summer Festival tonight?


Hatagaya to Shinjuku / take keio new line

Shinjuku to Azabu zyu ban/ take Oedo line

Total  18 min 

330 yen




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If you love Hello Kitty and sanrio characters,You must go to Odaiba Kaihin Park.

There is special event "GREEN TOKYO HELLO KITTY&FRIENDS" going on.

サンリオ3.jpgA character balloon of Sanrio gathers in the sea of Odaiba.













It is show up by music,fountain and light like a party.














This event is until August 22nd.

Monkey captured

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A week ago, a wandering monkey was captured in the midst of Tokyo metropolis.

Population in Tokyo City is about 8 million.

That means most part of the city is highly developped and natural green area is quite rare.

So, this monkey's 5 days strolling in Tokyo was a very unlikely incident.


More than 200 spectators gathered to watch the capturing effort of this monkey!

By Ueno Zoo's scientists examination, it is judged as a wild monkey not a petted one.

Someday it will be brought back to the nearest forested area from Tokyo.

I wish his tour in Tokyo was enjoyable one.


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Last week I visited Nara prefucture!

There are many many Deers....everywhere!!

Thumbnail image for DSCF7181.JPG DSCF7156.JPG

If you buy 'shika-senbei'(Deer's feed) you should be carefull!

Deers try to snatch Shika-senbei from our hand!

I was so surprised,,,they always show a fearless attitude to human beings!!


           DSCF7129.JPG DSCF7131.JPG

 If you visit Nara, I also recommend you go to TODAIJI (temple)東大寺 and HEIJYO-KYO     平城京.

 You can experience Japanese history...





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Japanese Looooooooove Noodles.

We have many variety of them. Today let me give you Japanese Noodle Lesson.

1. SOBA  (Hot/Cold)


This traditional Noodle is made of buckwheat flour. Usually served with dipping souce calls TSUYU when you order cold Soba.  Tsuyu is basically made of soy souce, Mirin (sweet cooking rice wine), sugar, dried bonito and seaweed broth.

Some people has allergy to buckwheat. If you have an buckwheat allergy, you should avoid Soba restaurant.


Udon is another traditional Noodle and very popular food in all over Japan.

This Noodle is made of wheat flour and salt. Served as same as Soba. We usually order with Tempra!



Ramen, I can say the most popular Noodle in Japan.

Noddle is basically made of whear flour and alkali/salt aqueous solution (calls Kansui), and egg.

Soup: Taste and kind are vary regionally. 4 typical flavor.

Soy souce, Miso , Salt, Tonkotsu (pork bone broth )

COLD ramen is called Tsukemen (Dipping Noodle) : Served as Cold Soba/Udon

Find your favorite Japanese noodle and Favorite Noodle shop !!!

Anniversary of the end of the war

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August 15 1945 , Jpapan is unconditional surrender for WW2.

 "Sweet voice broadcast" by the Emperor Showa flow at noon of August 15 by radio.

Japanese government established this August 15"Anniversary of the end of the war" since 1963.

I hope this world peace continues eternity.

Yukata beauty!

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She is a guest of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, Sophie-san.

Yesterday, on August 14th, there was a fireworks in Tokyo bay.

Her yukata was a present from her boyfriend!

She looks so pretty--!!












Keiko, a reception helped to wear it for her.

So, she gave us a candy box of France.















Thank you Sophie-san!!

We wish your happy days in Tokyo!

World Tea, [Masara Chai]

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Here is one of the WORLD TEA.、[Masara Chai from Israel (Iced tea)]@250 yen.


masara-ice.jpgMr.Yqalon Ravid introduced us with this tea.It is famous for drinking at the local festival。Spiced milk tea in the India area.

This Masara Chai, sold out twice, on the party with Carigraphy event on the last Sunday, Aug. 8th.

 Please try to drink it when you come to Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.



What's your paradise?

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What's your paradise?

Paradise is a place to heal the mind and body

Everyone is different from the image.....

This first photo is the one that popped in my head!






Memory of summer

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On 3rd August, it was my birthday!!!

I dont care about my age,,,lol

I went to disney land♪

When you go to disney land on your birth day, just say 'it is on my birth day ' to any cast.

They will give you a birthday seal!!!


Thumbnail image for IMG_5644.jpgEverybody say to me ' Happy birthday' to me in disney land!

It was nice birthday!



Obon 2

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15th of August is Obon, unofficial holiday of Japan.
Because it is the Day of the Dead.
In past, most Japanese returned to their homeland on the day
and cleaned their family graveyard,
in order to prepare to be visited their ancestor spirits.
In some regions, people creates vegetable mounts for the spirits
to make their travel from the land of dead easy.

But, this kind of religious importance becomes out-dated now.
Most of us simply return to ancestral family places 
and rekindle our kinship by meeting each other.
Some of us consider it as simple summer vacation days,
and go to anywhere suitable for sightseeing.
So foreign travelers should be careful around 15th of August,
as many sightseeing spots' hotels in Japan are often fully booked on those days.


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Have you seen fireworks this summer?


I went to 『Seiseki Tamagawa Fireworks』 in last Tuesday.


It was very nice fireworks.


The next fireworks around Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is 『Jingugaien fireworks』 on 19th.

It is the neighborhood of Shinjuku Station.


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Twice a year, Japanese take semi-long (3, 4 days off is long for japanese!) days off and spend time with family. New Year's day (January) and Obon season (Middle of August).

As you can see on the news of trafic jam on high ways and full occupancy trains, this year's obon season is started and many people back to thier hometowns.

Obon  is a Buddhist festival to recognize ancestral spirits, and we believe they return to our home during obon season.

Each family prepare special ornaments for welcoming  our ancestors.

It might be surprising for you that one of those is Chrysanthemum.


I know it's beautiful, but in japan Kiku (chrysanthemum) is a flower for mourning dead people.

Please don't give Kiku flower as present.


Obon means a lot to Japanese, and it bring all family members back to hometown and spend time together.

Shodo event by shodo girls

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How are you?


Yesterday, we held a Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) performance event at sakura cafe.

Shodo is the art of drawing characters with a brush and Indian ink called sumi.


P1010804.JPG P1010817.JPG P1010808.JPG P1010814.JPGThank you very much for your wonderful performance, Mami Harada and Erika Moteki!



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Hello, everybody.

Do you know


This is one of the biggest art event in Tokyo.

 It is held on 2 times in May and November.

And many people from many contries, often join this event.


★For whom to sell your original item,

★★For whom to think that ' what's that!?',

★★★For whom to be interestead in many un-known place!!

Once you go there, you'll make fun of it!

You might find many new-born artists!!

 Enjoy your Tokyo trip!!


Japanese Calligraphy EVENT

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This Sunday, August 8th,  Shodo Performance at our cafe!

Calligraht artists will come from college and show thier works.

Also, they will teach you how to write your name in Japanese/Chinese character!!

Come on join us and learn calligraph from cute college girls!!


New staff!!!!

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Nice to meet you all! Today is my first day working as a staff in Sakura Hotel in Hatagaya.
I am looking forward to see you, chat with you and most of all, assist you in enjoying the most of Tokyo life. Do not hesitate to talk to me while your stay in Sakura Hotel. I enjoy chatting with new friends, and making new friends!! I love cooking, knitting (Hawaiian quilt) and going overseas to make new friends, all that is out there that is worth challenging...
Peace up, aida

aida, with my first customer ...

Cool Treat

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Well, someone who has a lot of hair like me suffer heat exhaustion every day in summer.

Let's have cool off drink with us.



Happy Biethday Ai-chan!!!

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PICT0115.JPGTomorrow is Ai's birthday .

We did a small surprise party with guests.

PICT0116.JPG PICT0122.JPGThis is a gift from Mr. Kanahamax.

It's made of soup can.


Happy Birthday!

Have a great year!!






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For whom gets tired because of the summer heat!

I introduce you summer vagetable which give you energy to beat summer heat!!

Goya (aka Nigauri, bitter gourd)


Goya is one of the most popular vegetable in Okinawa (Southern islands), and it includes a lot of kalium, vitamin C, and helps to reduce blood glucose level.

This is why Okinawa is the highest average life span in Japan, 86.88 years old average of women!!

The most typical way to cook is Goya chample (stir-fry goya). Eat healthy!




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Itō is located in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture.

You can enjoy Onsen(hot spring) and good sushi♪




Enjoy your summer!


Antique market

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Oedo antique market is held today at Tokyo international forum.


It is held every 1st and 3rd Sunday.


It takes 1 minute walk from Yurakucho station (5-minute walk from Tokyo station) to Tokyo international forum.