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Doctor fish

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I wrote this blog on 21th July.

After that, I planned to go to Ooedo Onsen Monogatari, in my private, on August, with my friend!

Do you know 'doctor fish'??

This is the picture ↓

They bite the horny substance!  Thank you very much , doctor fishes!!!


Rooibos tea!

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I made original rooibos tea with our guests from South africa♪


Left:Iced rooibos tea with juice and mint

Right:Hot lemon and honey tea









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This summer, Tokyo is very hot, literally.

The highest temperature of a day rises to 35 degree centigrade so often!

Unfortunately, such a weather causes hyperthermia.

To avoid hyperthermia, take a rest and take a lot of liquid is preferable.

Here Sakura Hotel Hatagaya's Cafe, we wait you with new cold drinks.


Enjoy your trip in Tokyo but please take care of yourself.

I sincerely wish so.

Cool Japan

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It was cool yesterday. The highest degree was just 27.

It's a little cold for late July.


The temperature is almost same today.


But, the hightest degree is expected to be about 35 from tomorrow...

I feel anxious if I could survive hot summer lies ahead.


I think it's good idea to dip our feet in the water to ease baking heat.

Welcome Back!

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Hello- again!

Mr.David come back our hotel!!!

This is third time to stay Sakura hotel hatagaya♪PICT0111.JPG

He loves Ramen♪ he knows good ramen shop!


See you again in December-!



Event:Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro

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Sakura Summer Festa party with 300bar 
at: Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro 
date: 19:00-22:00 Aug 6 (Fri) 

300bar Party @ サクラカフェ池袋
		APRIL 23. 2010 19:00-22:00

Upcoming event

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On 8th of August, you can watch Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) Performance and experience Shodo at our cafe.



You can get more info on our website.



And you can see the photos of past events too.


Muffin 5

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From Top:

Cookie & cream, Chocolate & Macadamia, Apple & Cinnamon, Blueberry & Cream cheese,

Banana & Walnut.

Just got sample of 5 yummy muffins, will be on our cafe menu soon!

Which one is your favorite ??






Welcome back Pandas!!

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For these two years, a panda was not in Ueno Zoo.

But I heard good news recently.


Two pandas will return next year from china!!

I am looling forward to it from now!!

Punk Rock Artists from U.S.A!

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' Hello to all in Tokyo! The staff at Suakura Hotel are top notch! the best!! Please come and stay here for a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your hospitality. All of us look forward to coming here again! The music scene is so professional in Tokyo.  Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!'


PICT0075.JPGThey are staying our hotel 19 nights to hold their music live in Tokyo. 


←Their live schedule is on the back-side of the leader's t-shirts!

Please check our website bellow↓






We Love Rocks!!


Rory is a member??



Fire works festival!

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1st August Kanagawa shinbun fire works festival in Yokohama!

cover1.jpgYou can see many people who wearing Yukata.

Thumbnail image for 98468_c450.jpg1280160880_b.jpg

Have you been fire works festival??

Fire works is great, but there is too many people...

I usualy don't go Fire works festival except yokohama festival.

You know why? I live in Yokohama♪

I know great view place but ..it's secret!




Do you like Hello kitty?

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There is Hello kitty theme park " SANRIO PUROLAND" in Tokyo.


kitty3.jpgFor 20th anniversary celebration, there will be concerts,shows and events.



We have discount tickets for our guests.

You can get tickets at front desk!


Hatagaya station to Keio-tamacenter station

take Keio-new line

35 min

330 yen



Is one of the summer ivent in Japan!


Did you ever seen it??

It's amazing!

I usually cannot make any hit to the watermelon(poor player!)

After hitting it, ofcourse, they eat it!

Please try with your friends beside the ocean in this summer!

(these pictures are from other website.)

New sakura polo!

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This will be a good memento of your stay here.


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Jazz Lover?

Here is cool information of BLUE NOTE TOKYO, summer special.

If you tired of traveling and need to cool off in great atmosphere with cool music,

recommend to go to BLUE NOTE TOKYO.



I've been here only once, but love this place.

Good food, good cocktail & wine, and of course Great Music.

During August, they have a event calls: Elegant Night in Summer for ladies.

If you go Blue Note with wear Yukata, they will offer you 1 thier original Yukata Cocktail.

This offer is valid for limited stage night, please check detail at below link.



Enjoy your night in Tokyo!!

today's guests

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PICT0047.JPGOur names are Rob & Zac.

Monday July 26.

Rob is a father and Zac is his son.

We are at the end of our holiday in Japan.

We have visited Tokyo,Kyoto, and Hiroshima.

We have also spent some time in Nishio(near Nagoya) which is a town we lived in five years ago.

Our favorite things about Japan are Disney Land,Sumo, Sento's and Sushi.

Our most amazing experience was the Peace Museum in Hiroshima.


Thank you for your message!!

Enjoy your holiday with your family!!


Sustaining Food: Unagi

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Let's eat Unagi ( Teriyaki Eel) today!!


Today is the day eating Unagi to get energy to beat off humid too hot sun heat!!

Which kind of food do you eat to against summer heat??


open-air cinema

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Do you enjoy summer?


You can have open-air cinema at Yebisu!

How about watching movie in a hot summer night?




Hatagaya to Shinjuku  take keio-new line

Shinjuku to Yebisu   take JP Yamanote line




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"Tyo-tin" is the Lantern.
The Tyo-tin is used for the decoration of the nearby shopping street and the restaurant etc.





The lantern can be used even in the festival , Japanese"Omaturi, Bon-Odori".

RIMG0085.JPGThere is a lantern shop near the Sakura-hotel-Hatagaya.









I think it is good for the souvenir.

Market in Yoyogi Park

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I think that Tsukiji fish market is the most famous market in Japan among tourist from abroad.


I'd just like to introduce another market near from our hotel.


The name of it is Tokyo Asaichi or Earth day market.


It is held once a month at Yoyogi Park.


Next market is held on 15 of August (from 10AM to 4PM).

My favorite

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I will introduce my favorite fruit ice.

Name is "Gyugyutto"(ぎゅぎゅっと)

Muscat is No.1 favorite flavor.
Other flavors are orange, grape, peach, pineapple.

I've never had to eat only melon flavor.
I can't find it
I want to eat it so much!!!


I eat every day.
So freezer is full.

Summer of Koshien

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High School National Baseball Tournament aka KOSHIEN will hold from August 7th for 15 days.

Koshien is basically the name of baseball studium. For high school baseball players, it the place they  dream of appearing at.

Every summer I hear the songo of Koshien, it reminds me my high school days.

(I was high school baseball team member)


If you go to Kansai area druing your trip, you should head to KOSHIEN studium and see exciting games.

Animation comes realization

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This weekend,many robot character form the animation comes realization.

In Shizuoka,very famous robot character call "Gundam"got down on the ground.



In Yamanashi,a robot from the animation which became the social phenomenon in Japan "Neon Genesis Evangelion" reality shows up the body.





Who is going to be next?



Probably it is transformer,I hope!!

Local festival in Hatagaya

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In summer, it's easy to find local festival everywhere in Japan.


Today and tomorrow, local festival is held in Nishihara shopping street.


It takes about 1 minute on foot from our hotel.


I think it's good chance to know much more about Japan.


Here's the entry about the local festival.


FIREWORKS on July 24th.

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Today, Chofu fireworks held on!


Many guest of Sakura Hotel Hatagaya went to watch the great fireworks!

Because it's easy to reach there from this hotel!


Hatagaya→Keio-Tamagawa station (by Keio-new line to Sasazuka, and transfer to Keio Line)

It takes 30 minutes.

There are many fireworks in Tokyo, on July and August.


Enjoy your tokyo life!

Summer 2

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Everywhere Summer at our cafe.

      PICT0043.JPG Thumbnail image for PICT0040.JPG




We are waiting for your visit! PICT0029.JPG  



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Enjoy your summer!!!PICT0028.JPG PICT0032.JPG PICT0035.JPG


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Let me introduce my Home town, MATSUMOTO.

It locates in Middle of Nagano Prefecture and takes about 2 and  half hours from Shinjyuku station by Bus.

My town is famous for Castle (built 500 years ago), and called "Crow Castle" by its appearance.

If you are burned out of humid hot, crowded Tokyo, go Azumino.

Azumino is famous for beautiful landscape and summer resort because of it cool climate.

 Azumino has many clear aqueous streams, and is famous production center of Wasabi ( Japanese horseradish). They even has Wasabi flavor ice cream!!

For Hiking Lover, Recommend to head to Kami-Kouchi: 1hour from Matsumoto station

Matsumoto has many great foods, and Sake!

Come visit my town, I bet you will love there.

Curry rice!

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My favorite food...

Curry rice♪

This is one of famous chain curry shop in Japan.




I can eat Curry rice everyday.

I LOVE Curry rice.

I love....


Finally , our cafe start curry rice menu!


DSCF6874.JPG I can eat Curry everyday!


Guest who can speak Japanese

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Today, let me introduce our guest.


He is Mickey.


He lived in Japan (Niigata prefecture) for one year.

So, he can speak Japanese very well. He can write some Kanji, too!


If you speak a little Japanese, please feel free to use it.

A Midsummer Night's Nightmare

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Its been too hot here Tokyo.

Last night was 31 degree Celsius, ans my room was like Sauna.

This heat wave covers all the Northern Hemisphere.

 In Russia, the number of water accident is increasing rapidly It because people get into water after drinking Vodka. Please be careful water accident and it could  ruin your summer and entire life.

                                          Don't get drunk before you swim


Local Specialty for Tokyo Sky Tree?

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Several weeks ago, the Tokyo Sky Tree became the tallest building in Japan.

It becomes a new sightseeing spot, and even in this hot summer days,

(The highest temperature in Tokyo was around 35 degree centigrade, nowadays.)

many tourists go to Narihirabashi-Oshiage area in Sumida ward, to see the tower.


The Tokyo Sky Tree is not finished its construction yet, so it grows day by day.

In past, the Tokyo Tower was the tallest building in Japan.

Sightseeing the Tokyo Tower with eating popsicles was the vogue.


You can meet popsicle motorcycles around the Tokyo Tower in summer even now.

At this moment, this kind of popular local specialty does not emerged for the Tokyo Sky Tree.

If you meet the definitely good specialty at Sky Tree, please tell us.

We will try it and introduce it here!

''Ooedo Onsen Monogatari'' = Hot Spring

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Is one of the famous theme park in Odaiba district(near Tokyo bay).

This is the information by English.


★★★Access from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.★★★

Total 65 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Hatagaya→Shinjuku (by Keio-new Line)→Shimbashi(by JR Yamanote Line) →Telecom Center(by Yurikamome Line) and 3 min. walk to Ooedo onsen monogatari!

 Enjoy your bath time with Japanese Yukata!

This picture is an image of Onsen.↓



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I made orange Vinegar!

It looks cute and fresh!!

We can drink from 24th July....DSCF6813.JPG

Do you know how to make this vinegar?

1,Juggle with oranges.

DSCF6821.JPG2, Juggle with oranges with customer.DSCF6828.JPG

・・・・・Just kidding!!




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Have you ever heard of waterworks?


It consists of water, light and music. Fire isn't included.


You can watch this interesting art at Tokyo midtown(Roppongi) till 29th of August.

Marine Day

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Today is national holiday in Japan.


July 20th is call Marine Day.


The purpose of this national holiday is "thank for the benefit of the sea and pray for prosperity of maritime power Japan".


Enjoy this holiday in Japan!!

Michael Jakson time

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Everyboday loves him!


Miwa Jakson?


New menu!!

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Cully  Wurst  390 yen


Orignal source(ketchup,Curry,Soy sauce) on sausage!!

Try it!!

Cool Down with Iced Tea of the 'World Tea'

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  •  iloveyou.jpg

  • This menu is 'ILOVE YOU'(=mate tea with whipped milk and cinnamon powder), you know.

    But, It's too hot and humid in Japan now.

    So, I recommend this drink, ' Iced Mate Tea straight♪↓


    This is pure taste and much healthy drink.

    We have other 'world tea ' menu, ex.Organic Rooibos Tea, Corn Silk Tea, Five kinds of refreshing herb blend tea.

    We can make these Iced tea♪

  • Feel cool,  reflesh, and relux with these nice tea!

  • Le Tour de France

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     It is July 19, 1903 that "Le Tour de France" done in Europe was done first now. There is a history for 100 years or more.

     When I started the cycling, the thing where the player that Belgium named Eddy Merckx is terribly strong existed was recalled.



    <down> Piste racer whom Eddy Merckx  handled when it challenges hour record in Mexico, and new world record is achieved in 1972


    KISS and Kabuki ?

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    This is my favorite rock'n'roll album



    I bought that record when I was 12years old kid!

    They're still around making an album and go for tour too

    Super Rock Star Band KISS!!!

    They're make up got a idea from Japanese KABUKI play did you know that!?






    This is the Farewell Tour T-shirt, one of my rock'n'roll T-shirt that I have!

    So many in my closet!




    300 Bar & Jewelry shop

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    I went to 300 yen Bar in Ginza!

    Everything only 315 yen.


    Yesterday , they have event`summer sonic night' !

    In the bar, there is small jewelry shop....I could make own accessory !




    I put my name on back side. It was very fun event! 





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    Aloha everyone!

    I went to the Hawaii last week to attend the wedding of my best friends.

    She looked very happy with her new soulmate.



    And I bought very nice souvenirs for sakura hotel girls staff.

    That is 2011 Hawaiian IKEMEN calendar!!


    **IKEMEN means good look guy

    ikemen1.jpg ikemen2.jpg Which Ikemen do you like?






    Pokémon Shinkansen

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    From 17 of July, trains which are decorated with Pokémon's illustration have started running on Shinkansen railway of JR.


    These special ver. trains run till 20th of September.
    If you are lucky, you can watch and/or take them at Tokyo or Shinagawa stations in Tokyo.
    Pikachuuuuuuuu!!!! :-)

    Tomato tea

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    We got special tea today.

    It is Tomato tea!!!


    It is like real  tomato!

    I am wearing Red color polo today.

    So, when i drink this tea, I empathize with Tomato!!


    We look a lot alike!!!


    New Ghibli Movie

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    Studio Ghibli's new movie is in Theaters from Today!!

    "Kari Gurashi no Arrietty"


    I have been watching Ghibli movies since I was a little, and dressed up as KIKI's (Kiki Delivery service) with big red ribbon.

    What is your favorite Ghibli movie??


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    If you are going to ride long distance,please try 『Ekiben』.


    『Ekiben』is box of lunch only sale at train station.






    There is so many kind of 『Ekiben』 in Japan.


    It is different by a season and the area too.



    So, if you have a chance to stop at station, try it!!

    Cream soda

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    Cream soda is a sweet carbonated soft drink with Icecream.

    Mostly melon taste.cs5.jpg

    A long time seller item and everybody love it!

    Even though it is not healthy...

    Do you wanna try?

    It is new menu at our cafe! You can try it^^



    Funny Posters Part3!

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    These posters are also hungged on the wall of Tokyo Metro stations.

    'Please do it at home' series!

    Thumbnail image for いえでやろう1.gif

    And more,


    Eating food in the train is not good behavier.


    ↓This is dangerous!


    And I often see these kind of people ↓



    I often laugh to see these kinds of posters!

    Please take care not to be like them :)

    ■ Date
    - July 23 (Fri)
    - July 24 (Sat)
    ■ Location
    Sasazuka station next to the station at Hatagaya

    <23 (Fri) PM5: 00 ~ PM9: 00>
    ★ Keyaki Plaza Stage
    ? PM5: 00 Live Drum
    ? PM6: 00 Charlie & Friends
    ? PM7: 00 violin
    ? PM8: 00 NA Sports Club

    ★ Stage Station Site
    ? PM6: 20 Hiroshi Mita, Aizawa Takashi Takaya
    ? PM7: 00 Flamenco show

    ★ front of the stage road
    ? PM5: 00 mill and two
    ? PM7: 45 live drum sound drum wing Committee

    <24 (Sat) PM5: 00 ~ PM9: 00>
    ★ Keyaki Plaza Stage
    ? PM5: 10 Uesutankurunazu
    ? PM6: 20 for show Yuta
    ? PM7: 30 Sites

    ★ Stage Station Site
    ? PM5: 00 Live Drum
    ? PM5: 40-Jun Yu
    ? PM6: 00 HANZO
    ? PM6: 40 Hawaiian
    ? PM7: 20 Mizuki Yu
    ? PM8: 00 bright summer stream

    ★ front of the stage road
    ? PM7: 40 Awa Dance Parade

    International Tokyo Toy Show 2010

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    nternational Tokyo Toy Show 2010 is held this weekend at Tokyo Big Sight.


    Here's the URL of website about this event.


    Magic Bar

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                                                      What happened!?!?


    I went to Magi bar with my friend in Roppongi.

    It was amasing.....in front of me, Fork twisted on magician's hand!!

       DSCF6795.JPG  DSCF6793.JPG  DSCF6796.JPG

    If you would like to see more, I recommend you going to this magic bar.


    Pochi-no mahou ポチの魔法。




    Oishi---i♪ PART 2

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    Today's Lunch♪
    3 min from SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA!!


    Eel and rice with Japanese soup!!

    900 yen

    It is said eating eel helps to beat the summer heat.


    Fried chicken and rice with miso soup!!

    850 yen

    This store's original Lunch!


    Summer oyster
    400-600 yen


     Lunch 11:30-14:00                                              HATAGAYA STATION B1
     Dinner 17:00-22:30                                             諸菜 匠(Shosai TAKUMI)

    Oishi---i♪ PART 2

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    Today's Lunch♪
    3 min from SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA!!


    Eel and rice with Japanese soup!!

    900 yen

    It is said eating eel helps to beat the summer heat.


    Fried chicken and rice with miso soup!!

    850 yen

    This store's original Lunch!


    Summer oyster
    400-600 yen


     Lunch 11:30-14:00                                              HATAGAYA STATION B1
     Dinner 17:00-22:30                                             諸菜 匠(Shosai TAKUMI)

                It is not official, but in few more days, rainy season will over!!  Yeahhhhh!

             After long humid rainy days, summer will starts and brings many fun activities!


                          Firework Festival are taking places everywhere in Tokyo.

                        Let's go to see the becautiful traditional works this summer!

    Now we can post isotonic drink!

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    From this yaer, we can post POCARI SWEAT (one of the most famous isotonic drink in Japan).


    We can buy a packet of dried isotonic drink at post office, write a message on the package of it and post it.

    I think it's happy to receive a letter along with isotonic drink especially in hot summer.


    It is on sale until the end of August.

    Funny Posters

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    These posters are made by Tokyo Metro company.

    Have you ever seen people behaving like her or him??







    To think about the manners in the train, these pictures are very effective.

    I like this poster.↓



    Exhibition of Flower Pictures

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    In Tokyo, tourists can see not only traditional Japanese artworks but also modern worldwide ones.
    For example, Galerie Tamenaga in Ginza holds "Les Fleurs Hana-ten", the exhibition of flowery pictures till 24th of July.
    They show the artworks of Kisling, Fernandez, Aizpiri, van Dongen, de Vladminck, Jin'nai and more.
    The theme of all pictures is flowers.


    If you've trapped in a long rain of this season, visiting this gallery and enjoying the beauty of undying flowers in an air-conditioned building maybe a good for a change.

    T-Shirt Series 2

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    Peaked Yellow's T-shirt Made in Japan

    It's a hidden popular brand!

    Very sexy singer ~ isn't she!?

    ピークド イエロー 日本製です。

    隠れたブランド品 マニアックですが?





    24 Hours-Open shops in Hatagaya!

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    Do you know where is 'Hatagaya' ??

    Hatagaya is a safety and convenient bed-town in Tokyo, and just 2 stops, 3 minutes to Shinjuku (=is one of the downtown) by ' Keio-new Line ' (=is one kind of subway.) with only120 train fee!

    Fathermore, there are many kinds of shops and restaurants open 24 hours, like Sakura Cafe!


    These are 24 hours open shops!

    ↓Convenience Store (am pm) is 15 seconds walk from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya. 

    Ampm.jpg↓Super market 'gourmet city' is 2 minutes walk from here.


    ↓Origin Lunch-box shop is in 1 minutes walk from here.


    ↓Japanese cuisine restaurant 'Hatagaya Komachi Shokudo' is 4 minutes from here.


    Very useful for our guests, to stay here, and enjoy their trip all the nights!


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    Hello! / Salam!

    My name is Ai. / Ana Esmi Ai.

    See you! / Ela Ellka !


    This is Arabic.

    Mr .ABD (our guest) taught me♪

    Thank you--!!!



    " SUMMER ROCK NIGHT 7/17・18 "

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    17:00 START

    300BAR GINZA 8-chome
             〒104-0061 TOKYO CHUO-KU GINZA
             8-3-12 DAINI GINZA COLUMN BLDG B1
             [email protected]

    Love Samgyetang

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    Samgyetang is a korean traditional soup, which primarily consists of a whole young chicken and Korean ginseng.

    In summer, korean aften eat Samgyetang♪

    To make Samgyetang, a whole young chicken is stuffed with glutinous and boiled in a broth of Korean ginseng, dried seeded jujube fruits, garic and ginger.




    Sangetan.jpgNext to shinjuku station, there is Korean town ( shin okubo station),

    You can enjoy korean food!



    Stand up for the Champion

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                                            Stand Up for the new Champion !

                                      I just want to say, you guys are awesome!!!!!

                                      MVP of World Cup 2010, South Africa goes to  Paul !!!

       He maintained his 100 per cent World Cup success rate by correctly predicting !

                           Next time I want some advice, I will ask him for sure.




    Fuji Kachoen

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    If you will go to Mt. Fuji, you should go to 'Fuji Kachoen' ↑

    This is the English homepage.












    Have a wonderfull trip!





    Light festival in Odaiba

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    On 18th and 19th of July, an event is held in Odaiba Seaside Park.


    They set out candles on the beach and draw geoglyph like below.

     This year's theme is "summer constellation."


    Don't miss FINAL!

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    I want to see more games, but tonight will be last game.....

                                                  Netherlands VS  Spain 

                                                    Kick off 3:30 (JPT)



    Don't miss the Final !!       



    UPPER HOUSE ELECTION 2010 of Japan

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    Today, the Upper House Election 2010 of Japan is hold.

    This time, many voters who usually don't go election are expected to vote,

    even though the Upper House is not so influential as the Lower House.

    But the result of this election can be crucial to change political balance in Japan's goverment.

    The finals of World Cup 2010 is a big event, but tonight, majority of viewrs will watch programs of the election rather than the finals, I guess.

    Speaking of summer

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    It's getting hot these days. The summer seems to draw closer.


    Speaking of summer, what kind of drink that brings to mind?


    For me, it's lemon soda or "Ramune" in japanese.


    Ramune is a corruption form of lemonade in English.


    Many local festivals are held in summer in Japan and you can find Ramune easily there. 


    Japanese lantern plant

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    July 9th and 10th, Houzuki-ichi (=Japanese lantern plant sale) is held in Asakusa.



    This ivent is held in every 9th and 10th of July in Sensouji shrine in Asakusa.

    Many people look them, and buy for their suvenior or decoration for Bon Festival.

    I feel the early summer has come, when I saw the people bringing the plant!




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    I love Naruto which is Japanese Manga.

    I have all natuto comics♪ #1- #51!!


    If you don't know this manga, you should see right now.

    It is great Ninjya story.

    This is my favorite charactor [Shikamaru Nara].



    He is extremely easy going and smart(IQ200)!

    Shikamaru's abilities are based on the Shadow Imitation Technique (影真似の術 Kagemane no Jutsu, English TV: "Shadow Possession Jutsu"),


    This is my lover since I was high school student...

    [Kakashi Hatake]





     He is cool and smart and strong......mmm..perfect for me!!!lol

     I love him♪ that's why my email address inluding 'kakashi'.







    Late on Saturday

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    Most of our guests of our hotel get up late on Saturday.
    Waking up later itself is not a bad idea.
    It makes our guests relaxing, I think.
    But, that also means that majority of late birds flocks into our cafe in the last 30minutes of breakfast time to have breakfast.
    Even though our cafe has many seats for our guests,
    this kind of action sometimes causes very crowded breakfast.
    That is not so relaxing, I have to say.
    As the proverb says, the early bird catches the worm.


    I sincerely recommend our guests to come to the cafe for breakfasts a bit earlier, for the sake of themselves.

    Little alter ego

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    We have started Ameblo pygmy.

    We made by myself.

    Thumbnail image for o0320024010631223825.png

                                                      Kozue(left)   Ai(right)


                                         yamamoto.jpg            ono.jpg                                                 


                                                        Do they look like us??


    Japanese Summer Beauty

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    Yukata ( Japanese summer dress) makes women look differently and more beautiful than usual.  It's also very breathable than usual clothes.



    Try Yukata this summer, and you will look like her ↑  


    Roller Coaster Memorial Day

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    In 1955 July 9th,First real roller coaster was built in Koraku-en amusement park in Tokyo.

    So,tomorrow is Roller Coaster Memorial Day in Japan.



    It's been 55years,Japanese Roller Coaster is evolved.

    This is latest Roller Coaster in Koraku-en amusement park.


    It's pass through the building!!




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                                             Today's my lunch is Soba & Tempura♪

                                                          It is very tasty.


                    If you would like to try it , please ask staff!

                        Just 2min from our hotel★     


                                                       Enjoy Japanese food!!

    Morning glory festival

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    Today is the last day of mornig glory festival in Iriya.


    It is held from 6th of July to 8th of July every year.

    During the period, there are more than 100 mornig glory shops on the street.


    This event attracts about 400,000 people.

    Tanabata Festival

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    Today is the Tanabata Festival today. "Tanabata", meaning "Evening of the seventh".

    But,to our regret, it is raining.

    Star festival

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    Today is Tanabata-festival!

    七夕祭り3.jpgTanabata is the Star Festival originates from Chinese legend of the two bright stars, Altair and Vega.
    Vega, a weaving girl, and Altair, a cowherd boy, loved each other.

    They had so much fun being together they stop working hard.

    The king got angry and separated them by the big river or the Milky Way.

    He allowed them to meet once a year across the Milky Way only on the night of July 7th.
    On that day, people decorate bamboo branches with paper strips and ornaments to celebrate their reunion.
    It is believed that a wish comes true when you write your wish on the paper strips and hang them on the bamboo.

    (This is the content from other website.)

    We wished that there will be no war in the world, and happiness for all the people.七夕2.jpg


    ↓This is the picture of the festival in Asagaya, Tokyo. One of the biggest festival.

    (All of the pictures are from other website.)





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    Joana & Aitor Luis from Spain!

    They gave postcards from thier hometown!!!



    spa2.JPGWhat a lovely couple!!   Gracias!!



    Cheerful and Friendly guest

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    Last night, He asked me that how do you rate Monday roppongi night on a scale of 1 to 10?





    Nonetheless, he enjoyed last night.


    Sakura Hotel Hatagaya very easy and friendly place.

    Staff are more than happy to help you, especially if you are a party Go'er like me!


    Thank you for your comment!

    We had an event at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya on 3rd of July 2010.

    The content was, Rakugo(=Japanese traditional comedy drama) in English, and International Reception Party.:

       1. Live Music by 2 artists (Mr. Tetsuhiro Ogawa as guitar and Mr. Possasr piano.) 

       2. Rakugo in English byMs. Kimie Ohshima.

       3 .International Reception Party

    ↓ Rakugo master : Ms. Kimie Ohshima,


    The many audience gathered to hear this great oppotunity.

    Her interesting story-teller made us much laughing and laughing!


    ☆★☆★   Reception Party Started!  32 people from many countries joined !!   ☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★






    Yellow T-Shirt man is an










    Ms.Kimie Ohshima(white t-shirt lady) enjoyed to talk with many guests.

    Her English is quite well!











    →(Left)Nory (Manager in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya), and (Right)Mr. Tetsuhiro Ogawa, colaborated! 

     It was wonderful experiece to meet many people from all over the world.

    We all enjoyed this good conversation.

    Wished to meet them again in the future!!


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    Monkey KISS!!!  (PAUL FRANK)

    For Hard Rock Band KISS fans!!!

    This T-shirt was a gift from my American friend

    Do you like it?!

    This is front

    キッス猿の軍団(ポール フランク作)

    ハードロックバンド KISSファンのために!!!





    This is back




    Tokyo Metropolitan Government

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    I went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

    It's very beautiful isn't it? 

     Tokyo Metropolitan Government      

    open / 9:30 to 23:00

    south observation deck closed / the first Tuesday and the third Tuesday

    north observation deck closed / the second Monday and the fourth Monday

























    You can enjoy all over the Tokyo!!


    Summer! Beer! Cheers!

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    Welcome SUMMER!     I missed you!

    Only in summer time,  July 1st to October  3rd, Beer Garden opens at Mt. Takao!!

    Mt. Takao is one of the most famous mountain in Tokyo, and has many hiking trails  from beginners to advance.

    beer.jpgAfter you enjoy hiking, you can more enjoy cold cold beer with amazing landscape.

    Check thier official website:




    Easy to find the way back to hotel after you get drunk.......




    Today's guests from Australia!

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    Do you like Japanese food?

    The ranking's top three Japanese restaurant...

    No.1 Sushi

    No.2 Ramen

    No.3 Teppan Yaki

    We have Sushi and Ramen map at front desk!


    Today's guests from Australia like Teppanyaki.


    They went to the nice  Teppan yaki restaurant for their last night.

    "SAYA" in Shinjuku (English okey)



    sa4.jpg a499601rc_1_3.jpg sa5.jpg

    You can try Japanese Teppanyaki!

    Thank you very much Mr.Pagram and Ms.Jansson.

    I'll be seeing you again!!



    Start! Mt Fuji climbing

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    Mt Fuji is largest mountain in Japan 3776 metres.

    We can climbing from 1st july till the end of August.



                                       Last year I climbed up Mt. Fuji with my friend.

                                                    It takes 1 day for climbing.

                         Now  we have great information which made by Sakura.                           

     PICT0195.JPG                                            You can get it at our Hotel!!!       

    How much?

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    Our guests from abroad often ask us how much this coin is.


    There are six kinds of coin in Japan.


    But they don't ask us how much other five coins are.


    Here's the picture of other five coins.


    You can find Arabic numbers on the surface of them.


    On the contrary, you cannot find any Arabic number on the surface of five yen.

    All you can find is Kanji (Japanese).


    That makes it hard for foreigners to know how much five yen is.

    Soft ice cream memorial day

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    In 1951,Soft ice cream was sold in Japan first time at carnival to celebrate American Independence Day of the United States.

    It was Armed Forces sponsorship at Gardens of Meiji Shrine.

    Bacaese of Japanese ate soft ice cream first time 59 years ago this day,So they made soft ice cream memorial day today.

    If you find soft ice cream shop today,You should try it!!


    You can find this soft ice cream at Nakano Broadway.


    Jimbocho "ONE PIECE" Carnival

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    Luffy & the Straw Hat Pirates are coming to "Jimbocho" in this Summer!!!

    Jimbocho "ONE PIECE" Carnival
    [July 17 ~ Aug 1st]

    Do you like Japanese Manga (comics)? One of popular Japanese comics, "ONE PIECE" is coming to Jimbocho!!
    Especially on weekend, there are "ONE PIECE" illustrations' exhibitions & many stalls on the street! You can also enjoy stamp rally and "ONE PIECE" original menu/goods to get an original novelty! Stay at Jimbocho hotel and enjoy this event!!


    Japanese Fireworks

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    Fireworks in Tokyo
    Have you seen "Japanese Fireworks"? During the summer in Tokyo, many fireworks festivals are held.
    Street vendors set up stalls to sell various drinks and staple Japanese food (such as Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, kakigori (shaved ice)), and traditionally held festival games, such as Kingyo-sukui, or Goldfish scooping. Even today, men and women attend these events wearing the traditional Yukata, summer Kimono , or Jinbei (men only), collecting in large social circles of family or friends to sit picnic-like, eating and drinking, while watching the show. Don' miss "Fireworks" in Tokyo!
    *This schedule might be subject to change. Please ask staff for more details.

    Date Fireworks Show
    (How many fireworks)
    Nearest station Access From Asakusa
    Chofu (12000) Keio
    Keio Line 50 min. by train
    Katsushika (10000) Keisei
    Keisei Line 20 min. by train
    Adachi (12000) Kitasenjyu Tobu, JR, Tokyo Metro, Tsukuba EXP 5 min. by train
    (21500) 19:05-20:30
    Asakusa Toei, Tokyo Metro, Tsukuba EXP 10 min. on foot
    [Our Hostel's event] Hanabi & free SUSHI PARTY (31-July 16:00~)
    Come join us for sushi making! After that, we are going to see This "Sumidagawa Hanabi" (Big fireworks).
    Tachikawa (5000)
    Tachikawa JR Chuo line 60 min. by train
    Hachioji (3300)
    Hachioji JR Chuo line 70 min. by train

    Date Fireworks Show
    (How many fireworks)
    Nearest station Access From Asakusa
    Koto (4000) Minami
    Tokyo Metro Tozai Line 30 min. by train
    Edogawaku (14000)
    ShinoZaki or Shinkoiwa Toei Shinjyuku line(shinozaki),JR Sobuline(Shinkoiwa) 30 min. by train
    Oume (3800)
    Oume JR Oume line 110 min. by train
    Itabashi (11000)
    Toei Mita Line 47 min. by train
    Seisekitamagawa (5000) Seiseki
    Keio Line 60 min. by train
    Tokyo Bay (12000) Kachidoki or Toyosu Toei Oedo line(Kachidoki) or Tokyo Metro Yurakuchiyo Line(Toyosu) 24 min. by train
    Jingu (12000) Gaien-mae Tokyo Metro Ginza line 30 min. by train


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    Do you know kamikiri?



    It is Japnese traditional paper art.

    Kami=Papar     Kiri=cut.


                                              My friend gave me a draft.










     So I tried Kamikiri....!





                                                          This is famous Anime character in Japan.

                                                  Sazae-san and Wakame-chan.















    Another route to get to Shibuya

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    From 1st of July, the bus whose name is Hachiko bus began service.

    It runs between Yoyogiuehara and Shibuya.

    It runs every 20 minutes from 9AM to 8PM.

    It costs only 100 yen.


    It takes about 12 minutes on foot to get to Yoyogiuehara from our hotel.


    If you take this route, you can enjoy taking a look at the town much more.

    Rakugo Event on 3rd july

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    METRO GHIBLI Poster Gallery

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    26 posters of Studio Ghibli animated films will be exhibited

    at Kiyosumishirakawa station from 17th of July to 31st of August.


    You can enjoy it from 8AM to 9PM.

    About a 20-minute subway ride to get there (from our hotel)

    Tragic Tanabata in Gregorian calendar

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    Tanabata is a Japanese star festival. The celebration is hold on the night of 7th of July.
    This festival is inspired by the old and famous Chinese folklore.
    Above is a quotation from Wikipedia.

    Orihime (Weaving Princess), daughter of the Tentei (Sky King), wove beautiful clothes by the bank of the Amanogawa (Mlky Way). 
    Her father loved the cloth that she wove and so she worked very hard every day to weave it.
    However, Orihime was sad that because of her hard work she could never meet and fall in love with anyone. Concerned about his daughter, Tentei arranged for her to meet Hikoboshi (Cow Herder Star) who lived and worked on the other side of the Amanogawa. 
    When the two met, they fell instantly in love with each other and married shortly thereafter.
    However, once married, Orihime no longer would weave cloth for Tentei and Hikoboshi allowed his cows to stray all over Heaven. 
    In anger, Tentei separated the two lovers across the Amanogawa and forbade them to meet.
    Orihime became despondent at the loss of her husband and asked her father to let them meet again.
    Tentei was moved by his daughter's tears and allowed the two to meet on the 7th day of the 7th month if Orihime worked hard and finished her weaving. 
    The first time they tried to meet, however, they found that they could not cross the river because there was no bridge. 
    Orihime cried so much that a flock of magpies came and promised to make a bridge with their wings so that she could cross the river. 
    It is said that if it rains on Tanabata, the magpies cannot come and the two lovers must wait until another year to meet.


    A very romantic story.
    But there is a problem.
    The day of Tanabata, 7th of July is in the midst of Tsuyu, Japanese rainy season.
    So...the lovers in the starry sky miss their precious meeting so often.
    This problem derives from the usage of Gregorian calendar.
    In past, Japan have used Chinese lunisolar calendar, and the Tanabata day comes AFTER the rainy season in this traditional calendar.

    But most of Japanese simply ignore this problem and celebrate Tanabata even if it is raining.
    Maybe we unconsciously think that a meeting between a husband and a wife is rarer the better. :-p

    By Nicolaas from Netherlands

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    Mr.Nicholas's wrote me on his blog!

    Thank you! 

    ↓  ↓  ↓  ↓

    Interns at Hatagaya cafe.jpg
    First row (left to right): Nicolaas (that would be me), Christina, Inga and Doris
    Last row (left to right): Tom, Frédérik, Eugene and Ochiai

    Hi everyone! Yesterday we visited the Hatagaya Hotel just to get to know the Sakura group a little bit better. Firstly, we had lunch at the Hatagaya cafe, which is obviously part of the hotel. Before I start describing the hotel, I think its good to know that I came to Japan to experience a different culture, and not just go to another place with a western culture with just a different climate, that is why I really enjoyed the hotel. Its a hotel which would not fit (literally) in the western society, which to me is a good thing. It started with the elevator, which couldn't take more than five people, so three had to take the stairs. Then when we entered the room I knew right away that it would be great for people who want to experience Japan. Its a small room, and whereas with other rooms I just have to bend over slightly to get through the door, in this room I couldn't even fit through the door in width! That is not a negative remark, its just an observation which I found great, since in the Netherlands everything is a lot bigger.

    Tom and Nicolaas.JPG 
    (Tom and myself showing how small the doorway actually is.)

    In the end I can say it was a good experience to see what a Japanese hotel looks like. Tomorrow we're visiting another hotel, hotel Asakusa, and I'm really looking forward to it. 

    Teruteru-Bouzu part 2

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    They are american guest, Mr. Jeremy and Isamu-kun (6 years old).

    Isamu-kun made these cute teruteru bouzu!

    PICT0175.JPGHe learned how to make it, and the story of  Teruteru-bouzu in an elementary school near Hatagaya. He told the story to his father.

    I decorated them in the cafe↓  


    Today is clowdy all day.

    We wish the weather will be better during their trip!

    Thumbnail image for PICT0176.JPG PICT0177.JPG


    Food of Summer

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    Well, I've never experienced this.

    This is on top of my to do list of summer.


       Nagasi Soumen !!

       Soumen is a type of Japanese noodle. This is the food of summer!!!

     Its season tradition of serving Soumen run inside of bamboo, and scoop with chopstick    directly from bamboo aisle. 

     I bet it will be so much fun!  If you feel insecure using chopstick, practice!!

                                                    Be prepare for summer !!