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Soccer & Kemari

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In the FIFA World Cup Soccer Match, to our regret, Japan was defeated.

When soccer is written in Japanese, it is "蹴球 ". It "蹴" is kicked, and  "球 " means the ball in Japanese.

It seems to have called this so thinking that it looked like the ancient "Ke-mari(蹴鞠)" that was from of old.

Old Buddy

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New movie TOY STORY 3 will be released in Japan on July 10th.

Most of you watched at least once, and remember your childhood.

Well, once I had a buddy as Woody ( main character), her name is Rika-chan.

She was the most popular doll for girls back then, and every girls asked parents for birthday present.

20 years past, now I couldn't find her anywhere in my old room Did she think I threw her away ?

Maybe I can find her at Toy Story 3.  

If you find her before me, say hello to my old friend and tell her I miss her very much!



Thank You! Samurai Japan!

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Thank you Samurai Japan!

We got a lot's of hot spirits from you guys!

We are looking forward to see a New Samurai Japan in the next world cup soccer




ステップアップしたサムライ ジャパン これからもFIGHT!!!


Let's making TANZAKU

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July 7th is Tanabata day(Japanese star festival)


We write our wishes on strips of colored paper, hang them on the branches of leafy bamboo stems and put them outside at night.

Today,I decorated the bamboo tree with ornaments that made of ORIGAMI.

I'd like to show you how to make Tanabata ornaments.









divide a parer into quarters and hold like this picture.

very easy!!


open it slowly... PICT0172.JPG

Let's Try!!!




"Rakugo 落語 in English" on Saturday!

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Have you ever heard about Rakugo 落語?
It's like a Japanese traditional "sit" com. Listening to Rakugo in English would be a very exciting & precious opportunity! Don't miss it!

Sakura Cafe Hatagaya is celebrating its first anniversary!
To commemorate this special occasion, we are honoured to have Bunkyo Gakuin University Assistant Professor Dr. Kimie Oshima, to perform "Rakugo in English" for us.
Rakugo, or Traditional Japanese Comedy Story Telling,
is a popular verbal entertainment since the 19th century. Now Dr. Oshima has taken the art to the next level by combining it with English, sparking a chain of non-stop laughter!

After the performance, there will be a reception party
where drinks and light refreshments will be served.
Please join us and let us know more about your country's comedies!

  Sakura Cafe Hatagaya 1st Anniversary Special Celebration
 "Rakugo (Japanese traditional "sit" com) in English"

[Date] 3rd July 2010 (Sat), 4:00 p.m. onwards

[Venue] Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (a 2-minute walk from Keio New Line Hatagaya sta.)

[Map] http://www.sakura-hotel-hatagaya.com/hotel_location.php

[Address] 1F Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, 1-32-3 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

English Rakugo 500 Yen per person (around 50 seats available)
Reception Party 1,000 Yen per person (refreshments and drinks included)

4:00 p.m. - Unplugged Live Music Performance
4:30 p.m. - Rakugo in English
6:00 p.m. - Reception Party

* Please reserve your seat in advance by sending an email to
  [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you and sharing this great opportunity!

The Beatles In Japan 1966

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June 29, 1966 3: 50am

Beatles visited Japan for the first time.

It's 44years ago today.

They got off an airplane with hattpi coat.


They played performance for Japan in three days.

Japanese loved Beatles and we even made Beatles memorial day at June 29.


Miss you!

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                                    She is our guest and Great Jazz singer!!

PICT0132.JPG                                            http://www.hmvp.net/J2010/index.html

                                      Miwa went to her concert, it was great stage!

                                           Every year she has staying with us.

                                          See you next year. and miss you a lot!!!


A full year

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A full year has passed since we went to Fukagawa with our guests.


Here's the picuture I took then.



You can read the blog I wrote about it.


Rainy morning

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This morning, it is raining now in Tokyo.
Actually, some regions in Japan are heavily drenched in rain.
To travel in Japan around this week,
please do not forget umbrellas and check the local weather forecasts.


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Tanabata (七夕, tanabata?, meaning "Evening of the seventh") is a Japanese star festival, derived from the Chinese festival, Qi Xi (七夕 "Thr Night of Sevens")

220px-Tanabata.jpgIn present-day Japan, people generally celebrate this day by writing wishes, sometimes in the form of poetry, on tanzaku (短冊, tanzaku?), small pieces of paper, and hanging them on bamboo sometimes with other decorations. Many areas in Japan have their own Tanabata.


This is vPaper strips (短冊; Tanzaku)

Wishes for good handwriting and studies.




We write down our wishes..



  I hope my wish comes true....



from Spain!!We love Japanese socks!!

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message from her :)

Perfect stay in Tokyo!

Hope to return soon!




Thank you Julene.

She told me that she bought that socks today.

I think Japanese socks is  high quality and physically beautiful.


My favorite Japanese socks shop is.....


 Nearest shop from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya is located in Harajuku, Takesita street!

Enjoy Japanese fashion!!


Surprising vending machine

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It is easy to find a vending machine in Japan. It's ubiquitous lol.


Usually, canned and bottled drinks are available from a vending machine.


From 23rd of June 2010, banana became available from the vending machine.


As of today, there is only one vending machine that sells banana.

It is installed in Shibuya.

Tokyo Best Travel Information

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There are many travel informations in these days.

Today, I'd like to introduce the best site " Kaikoku JAPAN "



They have 7 travel routes with cool pictures at the moment.


a1.jpg Shinjuku Skyscrappers Route a2.jpg   Shinjuku Neon Route a3.jpg Shibuya Night Explorer Route a4.jpg  Asakusa Sensoji Temple Route a5.jpg   Harajuku Street Culture Route a6.jpg Tokyo River side Cruise Route a7.jpgImperial Palace Relaxing Route


They have cool blog also!


Welcome Kaikoku JAPAN!!



Talent for Painting

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Most Japanese had taken  painting (Art) classes in Elementary, Jr high, even in High school.

Through my school time, I was A student in painting class.

So, I just wanted to show my painting skill to my co-worker, Sakura & Ai.

Totoro from the movie my neighbor Totoro (studio  Ghibli )                     ↓ by Me









↓ by Sakura





↓ By Ai


Thumbnail image for t3.JPG

Well, it seems like we waste our time in painting class.


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It's quiz time!

Do you think how much these Japanese items?

d12.jpg d11.jpg d10.jpg d9.jpg d8.jpg d5.jpg d4.jpg d3.jpg d2.jpg d6.jpg d1.jpg d7.jpg

The answer is.........



100 yen !!!


In Japan, 100 yen shops or one-coin shops, similar to dollar stores in the United States and pound shops in the U.K., are commonly known as "hyakkin".

daiso is the most popular 100 yen shop in Japan.

There is a nearest daiso in Harajuku(Takeshita street).

They have online store also.



This would be great for souvenirs!




Baloon Twisters!

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I joined the event of baloon in yokohama.

It was great Event!

Everything made by Baloon♪

From begginer class to Professional, everybody can join end enjoy this event.DSCF6598.JPG



     DSCF6654.JPG DSCF6637.JPG





                              Baloon Flower


                                     Baloom eyes DSCF6663.JPG



        DSCF6671.JPG          DSCF6672.JPG        I made a dog. It takes 20 min♪ 

                                                   It was good experience!

The Tokyo Sky Tree :東京スカイツリー

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The tokyo Sky Tree is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower under construction in the Sumida ward in Tokyo.


The tokyo Sky Tree under construction looks small in the other side of Shinjuku,

is seen from the Sakura Hotel Hatagaya(Center).


L'invité de la France

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Il s'appelle Anthony.


Il est patisier.

Il peut parler le japonais un peu.


Faites comme chez vous!

Tall Taller Tallest!

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How tall they are!

PICT0135.JPGAm I a minimum person in the world??

They are our guests from USA.

From the left side,Tom-san(194CM), Patrick-san(193CM), Satori-san(180CM), and Dylan-san(178CM), and me(153CM) :)

Why Japanese people are so short in the world?? Specially me!


Partial eclipse of the moon

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About 19:30 to22:00 tomorrow night (June 26),You can see partial eclipse of the moon.

Half of the moon is going to be lacking about 20:38,So that time Partial eclipse of the moon is easy to observe.

Unfortunately Tokyo is seems to be cloudy tomorrow night.

I wish it is going to be clear night!!!


My Darling

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Kozue darling

                                                                        Yutaka Take 

                                    He is most famous jockey in Japan



Xavi Hernández

He is super soccer player in Spain



Miwa darling


Masaaki Uchino 

 He is actor.

63rd Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for JIN
13th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Fall 2009): Best Supporting Actor for JIN








                                                      Johnny Depp

                                            Everybody knows him!!!

    One of her favorite movie is "Edward Scissorhands"








Ai Darling

Kotaro Koizumi

He is actor and the eldest son of the former Japanese Prime Minister, Junichiro koizumi.











                                                                   Ilia Kulik

                                            He is Russian Skater.

  He is the 1998 Olympic Champion the 1995 European Champion the 1997-1998 Grand Prix Final champion , and the 1995 World junior champion.




When can we meet you.......????


Cafe Menu top 5!!

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★☆★Sakura Cafe Hatagaya will be 1 years old on Jun. 30 2010.★☆★

Today, I'll write the top 5 of cafe menu!


【drink】  lanking top 5

iloveyou.jpg imissyou.jpg1.Cofee @190~☆☆☆☆☆  2.Cafe la te @250~☆☆☆☆  3.Darjeeling tea @190~☆☆☆

→4.I miss you(Japanese houji-tea with milk form and chocolate powder ) @250~☆☆

←5.I love you (mate tea with milk form and cinnamon ) @250~☆

 【food】  lanking top 5

yakisoba.jpg morning.jpg 1.sweet snacks @160~☆☆☆☆☆  

→2.breakfast from outside guest       @350☆☆☆☆  

 3.toast set @400☆☆☆pizza.jpg

→4.pizza Peperroni @980☆☆

←5.yakisoba @500~ &

              Spagetti Bolognaise @650~ &

              Spagetti Carbonara @650~☆

 【beer 】  lanking top 5

title-beer.jpg1.Premium YEBISU  @450☆☆☆☆☆                    4. HEINEKEN @450☆☆

2.SUNTORY The Premium Malt's @450☆☆☆☆       5. [email protected]

3.Colona  @500  ☆☆☆



How about to order them when you'll stay at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!?

Sakura cafe open 24 hours!!         Staff  always waiting you!! cafe staff.jpg



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How many of us expected Japanese team goes to Finals before World cup starts?

Okada-Japan team has been underestimated, and slagged off by media and sport critics.

Last night, they beat these criticism off !!   You are the men, Dudes!!

FIFA Denmark VS Japan

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Fortunately, we have already received some reservations of seats in our cafe,

by those who want to watch the World Cup 2010 game, Denmark VS Japan.

The game will start at 3:30am(JST), in the midnight of weekday.

These watchers seems to be zealots,

as they comes here at the risk of bit late arrival at their working places in the next morning.


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                                         Our guest gave us beautiful Sushi♪DSCF6594.JPG

                She is going to Sushi school !!!Every day she can eat them...envy her!

   DSCF6593.JPG                 DSCF6595.JPG

      So tasty!!!

      Thank you-----!!



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This morning, one of our Japanese guests told me he liked our hotel and would revisit us and stay here again.

Actually, there are many Japanese guests who revisit here.

But unlike foreign guests, most of them never mention their intention of revisit here.

In Japan, politeness is often considered more important than friendliness,

and that makes casual talks between staff and guests bit uncommon.

So, I am heartend up by his rather rare frankness about his revisit. :-)

season of the hydrangea

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It is a season of the hydrangea.

It went out to "Hydrangea temple" because it had lived near Kamakura in old times.

However, because this vicinity is a residential area even if not going out to the showplace all the way, various plants are planted in the garden.

Various hydrangeas were able to be seen by strolling in the vicinity.


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pickles Tower

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rakuda2.jpgI'm camel from Darwin, Northern part  of Australia. Kind Mr & Ms. Smith took me to Japan for my first time.

Today I found Tokyo Picles Tower!

It looks delicious!


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I went to Osaka ♪ This is second time in my life.


If you go there, I recommend you going to Dotonbori Street where is one of famous sight seeing place in osaka.


Thumbnail image for DSCF6561.JPG





Have you tried Takoyaki?

Takoyaki, a snack with octopus in it, is very popular in the Kansai area.   Almost all kansai people has Takoyaki maker at home.DSCF6558.JPG

This is Tutenkaku"通天閣" tower.

Top of the tower, you can see the lamp!

        It is weather forecast♪ RED= Sunny  White=Cloudy  Blue=Rainy

Thumbnail image for DSCF6576.JPGThumbnail image for DSCF6578.JPG




Tomorrow...It will be sunny and rainy!?

When you go to Osaka, you can feel the difference between Tokyo and Osaka.

Food, price, atmospheres, dialect.......You can find yourself♪enjoy your trip!

Day of bowling

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First Bowling alley "International bowling salon" was established in the Oura colony of Nagasaki in Japan on June 22, 1861(May 15). It is said today, "Day of bowling" in commemoration of this.

It greatly became popular for about 40 years in Japan ago.

Seeming location of as many as 100 lanes in big Bowling alley in TokyoOn the other hand, there seem to be only 2-4 lanes in the small one. It seem to be in the solitary island in Miyakejima and Hachijo island, etc.

I have been neither yet.

Soulful Jazz Singer from Korean!

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She is our customer, Kim Hae Yeon- san!


Do you know her??

She is a Korean Jazz singer. And she always stay in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya every year, from about 10 years ago! 

Her jazz live was held on 20th and 21st of Jun.2010.

I went to listen her music on 2oth Jun, to Hibiya Kokaido!


Her soulful voice moved me, and she shined and looks so happy!

I gave this small  bouquet to her!

Thank you Kim-san.  We hope your success for about your great job and your life!



Saudi Arabia

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We welcome guests from Saudi Arabia today.



They have a nice camera made in Japan.


They asked me to take a photo by their camera.


It took a little time to find where shutter is, so they are skeptical about the fact that I'm Japanese...

Masked Rider ( Kamen Rider )

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Kamen Rider Double (仮面ライダーW(ダブル) Kamen Raidā Daburu, Kamen Rider W, Masked Rider Double) is the eleventh series in the Heisei period run of the Kamen Rider Series and the twentieth Rider series overall!

No.1 Japanese Kids Hero is Kamen Rider Double!!! 

My kids are crazy about it too !!!



Another market in Tokyo

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I think that Tsukiji fish market is the most famous market in Japan among tourists from abroad.


Today, I'd just like to introduce another market in Tokyo.


That is Farmer's market.

The market is open from 10AM, so you don't have to get up so early like 4AM lol.


It is closed at 4PM. And it is held every weekend in front of United Nations University (thew nearest stations are Shibuya station and Omotesandou station).


You can communicate with farmer there. They know a lot about vegetables and fruits and we can get serving ideas from them.

World Cup in Tokyo

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These past several days FIFA World Cup in South Africa is heating up!!

If you want heat up more,you must go to World Cup in okubo Tokyo!!


World Cup is name of Korean barbecue restaurant,and it is near to Shinjuku station.

If you want try,ask us to direction!!

Little New friend

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Hey, You all!                                                                                                       

Thumbnail image for omi5.JPG I'm camel from Darwin, Northern part  of Australia. Kind Mr & Ms. Smith took me to Japan for my first time.


Now, I decided to stay here for a while until someone will take me  somewhere in the world.



Thumbnail image for omi1.JPG



 My previous owner Mr &Ms. Smith also brought chocolate, and ginger tea from Indonesia.

How sweet they are!

They jusy left go to Tsukiji marcket, and going back home. It was little bit sad to farewell to them, but I'm trilled to meet many people from all over the world.


omi4.JPG We are waiting for new friend to join us...




























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Dress up like a SUMURAI JAPAN! 

Ai                           and                        Kozue


They look like a little different than usual?
Sumurai blue?
Just blue....
Yellow Frog on T-shirt ....

But I don't care!!


The day before yesterday was really exciting time.
So many people gathered at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya and there was no vacancy.



He is dutch, of course. And Kozue robbed him of his nice hat.

The battle between Japan and the Netherlands was erupted at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya as well.

Go Paraguay !!

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Back to 2002 FIFA World Cup, my home town MATSUMOTO, Nagano was chosen for Paraguay national team training camp base.

Whole town was so ecited to see the world famous best players. GK at the time Chilavert visited my middle school to practice with school soccer team. Still Matsumotors root Paraguay team!

The last match was draw 1-1 with Italy (Champion of 2006)



Tonight, they will play with Slovakia from 8:30 pm.

Go Paraguay!



   For Ladies,

Found Eye candy from Paraguay Team.

Roque Santa Cruz  9


Now, you cannot miss the game!

Candle Night

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Tomorrow is the summer solstice.


Some encourage us to turn off a light from 8PM to 10PM and light a candle instead on the summer solstice and on the winter solstice.


Associated events are held at Zojyoji (from 6PM to 9PM) and Tokyo Midtown (from 7PM to 10PM) today.


Zojyoji is close by Tokyo tower, and the nearest station of Tokyo Midtown is Roppongi.


You can enjoy fantastic scenery there.

Japan and Netherlands

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Let's expect it of the game against the following Denmark though the soccer World Cup and Japan have been defeated at the Netherlands. Incidently, Netherlands was a teacher of Japan in old times.

By the way, the Netherlands and Japan are countries where it associates in Edo period old. As for the word that is brought various things by Japan through the trade with the Netherlands, and used usually in Japan now, the one to assume an old Dutch language to be an origin seems not to be few either. "Bag(=Kaban)", and for instance, "Rucksack(=Ryucksack)" and "Satchel(=Randoseru)", etc.

Moreover, a Dutch language is an origin in "Coffee(=Kohhii)" usually used as Japanese and "Beer(=Biiru)".


Warm Greeting

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I got warm greeting e-mail from Stenfelt-san from Sweden.

He lead his group and stayed with us on this April .I was surprised how he is fluent in his Japanese skill. I felt like I was talking with native Japanese.

I will defenetly visit sweden for my next vacation and see Stenfelt -san and his lovely wife.


Please take a good care of your wife and yourself , and I'm hopeing I can see you in Sweden soon! Have a wonderful summer.


From Germany

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Welcome to tokyo and enjoy your hokiday in the nice and lovery sakura hotel!

We love it!


This is information of the first anniversary event in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

らいブログ.JPGShe is the rakugo story teller. Ms. Ohshima!  Very beautiful Japanese woman!

落語'rakugo' means Japanese traditional verbal comedy.

I guess you cannot stop with laughing!  Hahha!! Hahha!! Hahha----!! :)

【Event information】

Date:July 3rd, 2010        Location:Sakura Cafe Hatagaya (in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya)

Admisshion: 500 yen for English rakugo. 16:30~

                   1000 yen for reception party.18:00~

Please come&join it!

The rainy season in Hakone

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Is there anyone who has a plan to go to Hakone from 19/June/2010 (tomorrow) to 11/July/2010?


During the limited period I wrote above, you have 4 chances a day to take a special Hakone mountain railway (between Hakoneyumoto and Gora).

It runs slowly so that passengers can enjoy watching hydrangea as much as they like.

It stops at Miyanoshita station (major viewing spot) for 10 minutes.

And it runs in the evening and hydrangea is illuminated.


The train leaves at 18:52 and 20:35 (20:42 on weekends) from Hakoneyumoto station.

It leaves at 19:37 and 20:07 from Gora station.


*Please note that you need to make a reservation in advance.


The website of Hakone mountain railway (in japanese...)


Zojoji temple

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Zojoji was founded in 1393 as an orthodox and fundamental nembutsu seminary for Jodo shu in the Kanto (east Japan) region.

Zojoji was relocated to the present site in 1598 after Ieyasu Tokugawa, founder of the Tokugawa shogunate, entered Edo (present-day Tokyo) in 1590 to establish his provincial governmnet. After the start of the Edo Period when the Tokugawa shogunate ruled Japan, Zojoji became the family temple of the Tokugawa family and an unparalleled grand cathedral was built.


                                         You can see Tokyo tower as well!








Umbrellas for rent

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Befittingly in Tsuyu, the rainy season in Japan,

weather forecast says it will rain from dusk, today.

But, even if you are not prepared, you don't have to worry raining so much.


We Sakura Hotel Hatagaya have umbrellas for rent.

In Japan, diposable plastic umbrellas are very common.

You can buy them almost everywhere, about 400 yen or less.

But so called "disposable" umbrellas are actually usable again and again.

So we recycle the umbrellas which our guests left in our umbrella stand.

We rent an umbrella with a deposit of 100 yen.

Of course, this deposit is returned when our guest comes back with the umbrella for rent.

By recycling, we can use limited resources effectively. :-)

This is newest shinkansen bullet train 『HAYABUSA』.


Form is very futuristic!!

『HAYABUSA』's make a round trip from Tokyo to Shinaomori by best runing speed 300 kilometer per an hour.

It is starts from December of this year.

The Finals

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Nowadays, FIFA World Cup is at the center of attention.


But 17th of June (from 10 AM on 18th of June/Japan time),

we have another match that is worthy of attention.



The Finals!

Seventh round is held.


Which team do you think will win?



Post Office is in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

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This post office is in our hotel!

ゆうびん.jpgSo convenient!

Our guests can withdraw Japanese yen from their credit card (ex. visa, master, diners, amex, and so on.) or send a postcard to your friends or family.

【post office open time】    

week day/9:00~17:00

 【ATM open time】

week day/9:00~19:00      week end/9:00~17:00



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World cup getting heated as all teams finished first matched.

The next day of Japan Team won the first game, people looked like zombi on trains by not had enough sleep of busted all night long.

Next match will be on June 19th: 8:30 pm kick off.

We are airing and recording games you missed. Don't in your room & watch games alone. Cheer your team with our guests and get more excited.

Even during the day (specially rainy days), you can watch recored games @ cafe. Just give us your request of a match.

Thumbnail image for WC1.JPG Let's get excited !!!







Sky Access

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A month later (on 17th of July), Sky Access will be open to traffic.

Sky Access runs on the Keisei Line which connect Narita Airport and Ueno.


Until now, it takes 51 minutes between Narita Airport and Nippori if you get

on the fastest one. Nippori is located between Ueno (in Tokyo) and Keisei

Funabashi (in Chiba Prefecture).


From 17th of July 2010, it takes 36 minutes between Narita Airport and Nippori

if you get on the fastest one.


Transportation to and from Narita Airport will become more convenient.

Rainy season?

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Japanese Meteorological Agency announced that 
Kanto region (includes Tokyo) is now in Tsuyu, the rainy season.


But, weather forecast says the rainfall probability in Tokyo on 17th/June is 0 percent.
Is today really in Tsuyu???  (?_?)

rainy season in Japan 梅雨

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It is finally entering the rainy season. It is seasonal when the hydrangea blooms in Japan if it is said the rainy season. The snail is associated if it is said the hydrangea.

Are the snail and the escargot that eats as for the snail associated in Europe and America where the rainy season doesn't exist?



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I went out for lunch.
3 min walk from SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA.


?Deep-fried shrimp over a bowl of rice with special sauce.(Tempura-don)

Tempura is a typical Japanese food and Local Food in Tokyo.

?Cold soba noodles with dipping sauce.(Zaru-soba)

Zaru-soba is one of the typical Japanese cuisine.
It has long history,  along with udon noodles and sushi, and tempura,


?Grated yam with quail egg.(Tororo)
   Tororo is famous sticky stamina food!


?Konjac sashimi.(My favorite)

This set is 1180 yen.



  Please try Japanese food!!
  Please ask at reception!!


  Hatagaya Station B1.



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Rainy season has come in Tokyo on 14th Jun.

These dolls are called 'TERU-TERU-BOZU' ↓


They were made by Sakura Hotel Staff, and hunged up in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya!

As one of Japanese culture, children hang them up to wish for better weather.

Teru Teru Bozu means "shine, shine shaven-head" literally,  and is a lucky charm depiciting Buddhist monks praying for good weather.

Fula dancers

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PICT0098.JPGToday they came to our cafe after thier fula dance class.

Dancers are very energetic!

Even though they took dance class, they have a lot of practice.

I love to watch their dance...


Their recommend menu is

apple.jpgapple torte , cheezecake.jpg NY cheeze cake,


 Noripanda cheeze, frozen.jpg

and Toropical Power!!


Hula Tahitian Festival Announcement

DATE; from June 20th to June 29th

LOCATION; Roppongi hills at arena


Hawaiian culture class, Hawaiian music class, Fula dance class etc...


Aloha au ia`oe!









The Power Spot in Shinjuku

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Do you know that there is Power Spot in Shinjuku ?





 It is call 『Hanazono-jinja shrine.

This shrine is about 10 minutes walk from shinjuku  station.



 If you want get some kind of power,You should try it!!



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I planted the morning-glory seedling. It is likely to bloom in summer.


The morning-glory began to become popular since about Edo period. It is drawn in the ukiyoe.


Skydiving in TOKYO

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Have you ever tried skydiving?



I challenged!!

The jump altitude (maximum altitude in Japan) is about 3,800 meters (12,500 ft) and higher than Mount Fuji!!!

It's exciting!!

Soul is dropped out:P


Bright blue sky.



About 50 seconds after the parachute does not open out and enjoy a real free fall. Then, open the parachute at 1,200 feet above ground, landing about 10 minutes after enjoying swimming in the air.



You can try it withhout special training, a brief lecture (10 minutes) is enough.



The thrill of skydiving, please enjoy the feeling of exhilaration!!


Tandem dive(per person) 30,000

+motion video(per person) 8,000

 + motion video +photo(per person) 16,000



§  ID.

§  Seal impressionThumb imprint is OK

§  Mobility clothes and shoe.

§  Contact lens is better than glasses.


◇◆◇notice ◇◆◇

Drinking before skydiving, scuba diving and around within 24 hours please refrain.


 HATAGAYA( Keio New Line)→ SHINJUKU (JR ShonanShinjuku Line)→OKEGAWA(Tobu Bus "line Kawagoe Station"→YAMAGAYATO.



From Switzerland

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Mr.Micheal  from Switzerland who has stayed our hotel 2 weeks.

Yesterday, he gave me chocolate♪

Today I gave him Japanese sweets(rice cake) and tea!



I asked some question about Japan.

1,Why did you choose Japan?

→Because, my friend live in Japan and I am interested in Asia.


2,This is Japanese traditional sweets(rice cake).   What is famous food in your country?

→Cheese and chocolate.


3,What is difference between Japan and your country?

→Too many people in Shinjuku station and everybody has different hair style!!


Thank you!






Huge Object in Odaiba

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Last summer, Gundam appeared at Shiokaze Park in Odaiba.


This summer, Huge Hello Kitty will appear at Odaiba Kaihin Kohen (Odaiba Seaside Park).


It is about 8 meters tall.

I think it's huge and she is no longer a kitten.

What should we call her?


In the evening, it will be illuminated.


You will be able to see it from 9th of August 2010 to 22nd of August 2010.

Today's Guests

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It was a very enjoyable stay, the staff weere all very helpful and very kind.

Tokyo is a one of a king city.


Beaux hommes!!!

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Salut c'est les frenchies en vadrouille a Tokyo!!


Gaetan et Etienne PLATEAU de Paris

Merci beaucoup!!

FAQ : Water

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Our guests often ask us if tap water is drinkable.


"Yes, we can!" is our reply.


In Tokyo, botteld tap water is sold (100 yen/ 500ml).


They'd just like to convey that tap water is safe to drink

and high level of technology by to do that.


You can find it at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government buildings.


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If you are looking for hot springs, you can go to Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari.

Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari, located in the popular Daiba area, opened in 2003 as Tokyo's first and only onsen (hot springs) theme park.                                                                                            


Hot spring



Thumbnail image for boxlong_img_food01.jpg






Shopping and accomodation








Free rental Yukata







Return of Hayabusa, Peregrine Falcon

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Last night, many Japanese astronomy fans gathered a remote desert, Woomera in Australian Outback.
Or at least watched internet news programs from the desert.
Because, a space probe Hayabusa, Peregrine Falcon returned to earth from 7 years trip.
The purpose of Hayabusa's trip was landing on Itokawa, an asteroid 300 million kilometers from earth,
and bring back some material samples from its surface to earth.


Unfortunately, the trip was full of accidents. 
Its all engines went heywire. Its mini-probe missed its target. 
Its sample gatherer itself never worked fully.
And most of its fuel were run-out in the midst of space!

But because of triple or quadruple fool-proof gimmicks 
and continued instructions from Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency,
Peregrine Falcon finally returned its home nest.
Japanese culture has strong tendency of technophile, and personification of tools and machines is quite usual.
So, many of astronomy and/or general science fans loved it and cheered for its successful return.
The probe's mission was finished when it jettisoned a capsule, 
which may contains some samples from the asteroid.
After that the falcon burned itself out in the atmosphere.


If there is a fragment of dust in the capsule, it will surely gives significant data to space scientists, 
as it is not burned in the atmosphere like other common meteorites or Hayabusa itself.
But due to its gatherer's malfunction, the existence of sample is very doubtful...

Though Hayabusa will be the shining predecessor of next-generation space probes,
and we would never forget about its brave return.

Original T-Shirt!!!

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Original T-Shirt!!!                                                                         
Of course, staff wear them too!!!!


       ←Like this→

 You can buy this at the reception.  

                ♪1900 yen♪


 If you wear it at sakura hotel, maybe mistaken as a staff :P


Home-made Pickles

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We are making home-made pickles now.

らいぶろぐ.jpgThis is one of  the new menu at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.


Cutting cucumbers, carrots, and radishes...

←Tightly soare them in a bottle.


Nory is making pickle.→

It's his original recipe, top secret :)


Original pickles will be coming soon..  Nory's dishes are everything delicious!!


Fire Drill

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Regularly we do fire drill for prepare to emergency cases.

Today, we have running up and down the staires for 2 hours. It seems quite hard to find out the fire started point, and let all guests know the fire & evacuate them immediately.

Today fire drill reminds all of us, how its important to improve capabilities to cope with emergencies.

Thumbnail image for firedrill2.JPG firedrill4.JPG


The top 2 fire hazard of Hotel fire:

No.1 Put towel over desk/bed lamp to dry out.

No.2  Smoking in bed.

Please, please do not do these thing in your room, please!


Mt. Takao & Trick art museum

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Mt. Takao in Tokyo is a popular mountain. There are a lot of people who go hiking. Moreover, it is also happy to get on the ropeway.

By the way, there is a sightseeing spot that changes a little in the foot in Mt. Takao. It is a trick art museum. A mysterious experience can be done. The souvenir of Egypt is sold to be interesting.

World Juggling Day 2010

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On 19th , 20th June it is World Juggling Day!!!

Do you know juggling??

Juggling is a skill involving moving objects for entertainment or sport.

The most recognizable form of juggling is toss juggling, in which the juggler throws objects up to catch and toss up again. 

jugg.jpg            jugg2.jpg


 In Tokyo , we will have workd juggling day event in Yoyogi park.

You can walk from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


Last year World juggling day in Osaka.



If you interested in it, just join them.

No item no experience okay!!!

They will ask you 'do you want to try??'


Fancywork supply store in SHINJUKU

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Recently, I am enjoying fancywork as a hobby.

           Sheep's wool.                                                  


     sting it.



My favorite fancywork supply store is in shinjuku.

Shop name is "okadaya"
Everything is in this place.

Thumbnail image for 100604_1755~0001.jpg
                                                Imitation flowers

Thumbnail image for 100604_1733~0001.jpg


100604_1713~0001 (1).jpg

Okadaya has 2 buildings, one is for clothing store (seven stories above ground) the other is .
fabric store (five stories above ground).

Very funny!

Access:5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station.


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It looks very delicious Sushi, isn't it??


But this is not the real sushi, but sample.


This is item of Sample Shop 'Maiduru' in Kappabashi Dougu Street.


Kappabashi is famous for shopping street of  kichen items and suvenior of sample foods.

  How about to choose it for suveniors??


◆10 minutes from Asakura station, to Kappabashi street (in TAWARAMACHI station)

Many cute Kappas(water imps) will say 'welcome to Japan!'

Thumbnail image for 3合羽橋かっぱ.jpg


合羽橋金かっぱ.jpgThumbnail image for 合羽橋緑かっぱ.jpg



Meiji Shrine

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Meiji Shrine which is famous as a tourist attraction of Tokyo is a forest grown approximately 90 years ago.It is natural environments eminent in Tokyo now.


 When it is winter here, a splendid mandarin duck is seen. In addition, in June, a sweet flag is beautiful.

The line of the wedding ceremony is sometimes seen, too.


Love Ice Cream!!

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I love ice cream and now is best time to eat it!!

In particular I love Cold Stone Creamery !!

There is Cold Stone Creamery several places in Tokyo,You should try top of the shinjuku LUMINE's Cold Stone.


コールド.jpgStaff is very nice ando easy to talk.


コールド2.jpgWhen they make ice cream, they sing the song without a tip !!


コールド3.jpgIf you have a time in shinjuku, please try it !!

Japan on the outside

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Thumbnail image for 260px-Flag_of_Spain_svg.png

I got a mail from our guest from Spain who stayed with us last summer.


He had a nice camera with him and took tons of photos during his stay.


After coming back to Spain, he created great movie (actually tons of photos).


He sent the URL of it to me, and I'd just like to share it.


Who will be a champion?

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FIFA World cup 2010, South Africa will Kick-off tonight 11pm (JPT).


4 years ago, I was at Sport bar in San Diego, and won the bet of who winning the game.

              Which country will be a champion of 2010? Which team do you bet?

                        Can't wait to see the great players and exiciting games!!


Haiku of hydrangea

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As I mentioned in my last entry, hydrangea is cherished flower by Japanese haiku poets.
I introduce one of the many haikus of hydrangea.

紫陽花や きのふの誠 けふの嘘
Ajisai ya kinou no makoto kyou no uso
Hydragea, a truth of yesterday,  a lie of today.

This haiku was made by Shiki Masaoka, a famous haiku poet 100 years ago.
You can read about him in Wikipedia. 
Hydrangea changes its color with its growth.
Green, white, blue, purple and red.
These all colors can be seen in one plant of hydrangea.


The transition of Hydrangea's color is slow but difficult to foretell and almost capricious. 
So, Shiki used the hydrangea as a symbol of humans' fleeting "truth".

New house

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Are you looking for house in Tokyo?

I found nice place at our hotel.




Hello.This is Ai.


Would you like to visit my house?


                                                        Next to my place , someone live..

                                                                         Say hello!!



Hello!!I am from Australia!



You can stay with us♪

(Only today available)


SAKE ROSE RIZ D'AMOUR just arrived !!!

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SAKE ROSE RIZ D'AMOUR 愛の酒  入荷しました?!


どなたにも好まれる風味 お薦めですよ!



Try this Pink SAKE!!!

She is soooo~~~~!!! good!!! hahaha!

Polyphenols contained in red ancient rice (anthocyanin) is the color of natural.

Come on to our SAKURA CAFE Hatagaya



Our Big Boss

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Let me introduce our timeless big boss Fukuda-san.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for fukudasan.JPGShe has been working here over 10 years as cleaning staff, and knows everything about this hotel more than anyone else.

We are always supported by her positive attitude toward everyone and her work. Her generous, open-mind personality  make us to feel like we are same generation.

If you see her during your stay, talk to her.

You will love her in a second.

























Guests with much luggage

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Here's the picture I took this morning.

Thumbnail image for PICT0019a.JPG

What do you think is there in a huge box?


The answer is a foldable bike.


They said to me "We plan to go to Mt. Fuji".

I think today is a good day to enjoy cycling


Thank you for staying with us!


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Do you like Japanese animaion?


Today our guest gave us comic books  ONE PIECE !!

These comic books are written in English.

Recently japanese animaion is popular all over the world.

How about studying Japanese with comic books?


NEW world tea !

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We have many kind of tea at our café.

We got new two tea!


This is from Korea ,made by hydrangea leaf.


  A little bit sweet and contain an ingredient to make the skin beautiful!!


This is from Vietnum , made by lotus.


         DSCF6415.JPG       DSCF6418.JPG


Yang Guifei(she was was known as one of the  Four Beauties of ancient China) loved lotus tea!It is good for diet and non-caffeine.

I think ,you cannot find hydrangea leaf tea on our regular menu.

Because this is only rainy day special.


It will be rainy season soon, you can try rare tea at our cafe!




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                              Are you a fan of GHIBLI?

If you are, you should go to GHIBLI MUSEUM in Mitaka.

GHIBLI MUSEUM is popular among men and women of all ages, with many repeat customers.


 They have English websight.       


You can buy ticket at LOWSON.

If It's sunny day you can go on a picnic to the Inogashira Park.

The Museum located next to the Inogashira Park.




Hatagaya to Shinjuku

( take keio new line)

Shinjuku to Mitaka

( take JR cyuo line)    /   30 minutes  / 330 yen


Walk 15 minutes from Mitaka station.


Have a good day!






Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright who was called the great master of modern construction was born on June 8, 1867 in the United States.

He is famous in Japan as the designer of Imperial Hotel Tokyo.
However, because Imperial Hotel were rebuilt, it is not possible to see in Tokyo.


As for his work, the main entrance has been only left in the "Meiji village" museum,"Meiji Mura" of Aichi Prefecture.

Hatagaya Event 3rd July

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We will have a event at Sakura hotel hatagaya!!

Have you seen Rakugo??

Rakugo (落語 literally "fallen words") is aJapanese verbal entertainment. The lone storyteller (rakugoka, 落語家) sits on the stage, called the Kōza (高座). Using only a paper fan (扇子, "sensu") and a small cloth (手拭, "tenugui") as props, and without standing up from the Seiza sitting position, the rakugo artist depicts a long and complicated comical story. The story always involves the dialogue of two or more characters, the difference between the characters depicted only through change in pitch, tone, and a slight turn of the head.




Also our cafe is 1st Anniversary !!

We will have a party after Rakugo event.

I look forward to seeing you in this events!


graduation trip!

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Beautiful smiles :)


I love piano♪

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In Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, there is a classical piano!


I sometime play this piano, during idol time of my work.



My favorite pianist is... Angela Aki (an artist in Japan )

★I wanna play the piano like Angy!★

I often practice piano in my house.

This URL is live stage of Angy↓





3 days to FIFA world cup

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FIFA world cup 2010, South Africa will kick off on June 11th!

This is the first time for African country be the host of FIFA world cup. I'm not sure how many of you will actually go to South africa to cheer up your national team, but if you will be there, buy Vuvuzela ( Traditional african instrument) to cheer up the game.


This unique instrment sound like honk of elephant, and it too noisy if toot by many, and even players have problems to hear sound during the match.


It not good idea to interrupt game by too noisy sound, but as long as game will go on in Africa, we should follow to some of thier tradition.

Personally, I want to get one, and wind it hear. I'm sure other staff will get mad at me , take it away for doing that. hehe


hand-held fan

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A hand-held fan is an implement used to induce an airflow for the purpose of cooling or refreshing oneself. Fans are convenient to carry around, and the folding kind in particular are compact to carry.


Japanese fans are made of paper on a bamboo frame, usually with a design painted on them.The fan is primarily used for fanning oneself in hot weather.



They are given on special occasions, and they are also an important stage prop in Japanese dance.



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UT STORE HARAJUKU is special T-shirt store of UNIQRO.

This shop sells original and collaboration...etc

More than 500 kinds of design T-shirt!!!


This would be great for souvenirs!!


Abstracts on clayboard

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Today, I'd like to share the Homepage of our guest.


She told us that she is an artist and the URL of her homepage yesterday.


Here's the URL



During your stay, please feel free to talk to us. We're all ears.


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If you are looking for fashionable and resonable clothes, you can go to H&M.


kozue1.jpg(train)  It's takes 15 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

          Hatagaya to Shinjuku - Keio new line

          Shinjuku to Shibuya - JR yamanote line

(walk) It's takes 30 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya by walk.


Mt. Fuji

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Yesterday, some of our guests have visited and climbed Mt. Fuji.

The mountain is very famous as a kind of symbol of Japan.

Mt. Fuji is a very typical stratovolcano,

and so it is also famous for its almost perfect circular cone shape.

It's only natural that travellers gather to the mountain like moths flying into the flame.


Yes. Like moths flying into the flame.

Mt. Fuji is 3,776 meters above sea level. You cannot casually climb such a high mountain!

Many visitors get very tired from walking its very long and steep mountain path.

And even if they can manage their fatigue,

significant numbers of them develop altitude sickness.

So, if you want to visit Mt. Fuji, please prepare for its hard trial for the sake of yourself.

Reply to my previous entry

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I could find out what day 6th of June is.


Today is the National Foundation Day of Sweden (Svenska flaggans dag).



God morgon och Grattis!!

Do you know what day it is today?

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The number of day and that of month are the same today.


In Japan, 5th of May is Children's Day (Kodomonohi)

and 7th of July is the Star Festival (Tanabata).


But I have no idea what day 6th of June is.


I should have written "Could you help me know what day it is today" in title.


What day is 6th of June for you?

The world's greatest city ?

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I found the Asia travel information website of CNN "CNN Go" .


Some places in the article are unknowned by Tokyo locals. It will give you idea where to go in Tokyo.

The article is updated last year, so there could be some changes of information though.






Tsuyu comes?

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Weather forecasts says that Tsuyu, the rainy season in Japan will come on 8/June.

Generally speaking, raining is not nice for sightseeing.

But some flowers, especially hydrangeas and irises flourish in Tsuyu.




Traditionaly, these flowers are considered more tasteful and elegant in rain.

Many haiku poets made impressive haikus about them.

Actually, hydrangea and iris are so loved by poets

that they becomes season words in a haiku.

That means if haiku contains these flowers,

the background season of the haiku is automatically considered as in (early) summer.

In Tokyo, there are many gardens famous for hydrangeas and irises.

Above photographs are from snapshots of gardens in Tokyo.

Visiting them in rain makes you good haiku poets, maybe.

Join to Tokyo Photo Contest!

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★★★Hello  Everybody!★★★

This is an ivent from Sakura Hotel Group!


Please upload your best photo of Tokyo/ Japan.

To Sakura Hostel or Sakura Hotel 'facebook ' fan page (serch sakura hotel).

We will deside the winner by numbers of 'like'. (in a couple of month)

Our first prize is 'free stay for one night at Sakura Hotel/Hostel (you can choose the acommodation) .

 ★★★Join to the contest with your favorite special photo of Tokyo!★★★


Insect's day

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This day "Japanese insect club" started on June 4, 1988.
6 is read "mu"and 4 is read "shi", in Japanese. "mushi" means insect in Japanese.
Founder's chairman is called "God of the Manga" in Japan, Osamu Tezuka.

By the way, the pepper is planted on the corner of the flower bed where the hydrangea flower colored very much. The menu is not made though it thinks whether use it for the ingredient in the cafe yet.

Is it eaten by swallowtail butterfly's larva among those also this year?Is it also good?

I'm lost ~!

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こちらのテニスプレーヤー  タイガー ブッシュくん のこと誰かしりませんか?!?



My name is Tiger Bush Tennis player!

I'm lost ~~~~

I'm at SAKURA HOTEL Hatagaya now

Help me~~~!!!




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Noh Workshop is held from 18:30 today (4th June 2010)

at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho (our sister hotel).



You can get more info about the event at thier website.



You can watch the video recorded during the workshop.

It was held on 2nd April 2010, too.



FYI, Noh is a major form of classic Japanese musical drama

(play) that has been performed since the 14th century.

Sex And The City

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4 actresses (of Sex And The City) came to Roppongi Hills on Jun 1st, 2010!

This is an ivent to introduce their new movie, SEX AND THE CITY 2.

The film will be showing from Jun  4th.

Do you like the series of Sex And The City??

I and KOZ(a staff) love it!


Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Kim Victoria Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker  (Image by: Fashionsnap.com)

I could see the real actresses! After waited 1 hour, in front of the Mori Building!

I did it!  (But I couldn't take pictures of them, because a lot of spectators covered my vision.)

Might as well, Japanese famous people, Suzanne(an talent), Jessica Michibata(a fashon model) , David Mark Spector(Multiple talent), MARIE(an talent), was the special guests invitated to the ivent.

I felt really stuffed! Real actress is very beautiful, and have a great atmosphere of special.


Furin -Japanese wind-bell-

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The Furin(wind-bell) is necessities of the Japanese summer.


Because it is got a feeling of enjoying the cool breeze without an electric appliance.

There is the place production experience of such a Fuurin for this summer.


If you are not decided today's destination, how is this experience ?



PIANOMAN...his name is POS!

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KIMBALL製のピアノのタッチが軽くて弾きやすい と言ってました。




I met this PIANOMAN  Mr. POS( Japanese) at Design Festa

Today he just came to the Cafe and played his song lightly

Songs was original....JAZZ mixed with POP!  it healed the cafe~!!!

He liked KIMBALL's Piano so much

When he has a time he said that " I'll will love   to play anytime! "

Thank you POS!!!



Dango Dango Dango!

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This is a suvenior from Japanese guest. From Mrs. Suda (a lady.)

Rice dunplings  (=dango).↓


We ate it during our break! 


Have you ever eaten dango??  This is very popular snack in Japan! 

There are many kinds of tast, with soy sause, or a soy and sugar sauce,  a red bean, and bean flour! ↓ (pictures from some kinds of website.)



 ↑ Bean flour dango.                             ↑ Mitarashi  dango.


↑Hanami (3 colored ) dango.It's  Beaautiful!  

This is usually s for spring, on hanami season. Taste sweet.

Why don't you try to eat them?



Weekend Getaway

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Half of week goes by, I think most of you start thinking now what you're gonna do in a weekend.

Shopping,  Taking a short trip, Clubbing or Drinking, Sightseeing tokyo ...

If you get a tired from a week past, and just want to be relax, go Yoyogi park.

Its located in center of 3 major cities, Shinjuku, Harajyuku, Shibuya, and walkable from our hotel about half an hour.


Bring Picnicn sheet, blanket, snack, lunch , coffee, and whine or beer.

Just lay down and chill out. I bet you will be relive!

You can be a STAR!!!

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We just got a PA System with 4 Microphone !

At SAKURA CAFE Hatagaya you can sing  and play piano anytime!

Bring your acoustic guitar too !

Try your mini Unplugged live !!!

We are looking for a musician too









Signor. Giorgio

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I guess it's first time for us to upload text in Italian.


"Ciao sono Giorgio e sono arrivato ora ed 

ho conosciuto questo simpatico ragazoo 

che mi sta aiutando a risolvere alcuni problemi 

per andare vicino fuji yama la citta di tokio 


e forte pulita e le persone sono amichevoli"


The above is message from Signor. Giorgio.





He just arrived this morning without a reservation.


Unfortunately, we are fully booked tonogiht.


He is plannning to go to Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Nara and so on.


After that, he is coming back to Tokyo and decided to stay with us next week.


Have fun! & See you soon!

Vietnamese coffee

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This is our new menu!
Vietnamese coffee.

This menu I got from him.
He plans to stay 213 days in our hotel!!
Today is day 107:))))))

It's delicious sweetened coffee.     


Today, Prime minister Hatoyama announcing his resignation.

It had been only 8 months from last summer election.

Following to his resign, Secretary General Ozawa announced he steps down his position also.

Who will take his position next?   Any volunteer ?


By the way, Mr. Ozawa looks just like my Dad.

I thought my Dad is on the news....  

Korean Town in Tokyo

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Finally, I went to Shin-okubo aka Korean town !

Our Korean staff , Kaku san, started work from this April, took us to Korean town for the first time! (well, for some of us)

Shin-Okubo is walkable from Shinjuku and only 1 station away by JR Yamanote-line, but it totally different from other places.

Korean grocery store, its open till late, has many kinds of korean ingredients, and beverag.

Hangul character is everywhere, and all of these made us to feel we were in Korea! Excited!

Food was great, Samgyeopsal (Thin-sliced pork BBQ), Seafood Jeon (korean style pancake with meat or seafood, vege) , and MIlitary hotpot! (Sausage, toppogi, vege, noodle, meat with spicy soup) and very affordable.




blog2.jpgWe opened 5 or 6 soju bottles of Soju (Korean Chochu, distilled liquor) and black bean Makgeolli.


If get bored with Japanese food or want to try something new, go Shin-okubo.

You can experience real Korea without plane ticket and hotel booking.