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HIY (Handcraft It Yourself) !

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On March 20th, We 're gonna have a Japanese Handicraft event here.

Never handcraft anything before?  Want to make own cute Japenese souvenir?

You are most welcome! 

Handicraft proffessional will teach you how to make from start to the end.


I bet you will have a fun!!  



Eyelash Extension

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Eyelash Extension

Look at my eyes! Did you realize anything different?
まつげ.JPGI did Eyelash Extension 5 days ago.

It may last from three weeks to one month, depending on the cycle of your hair growth.
It cost from 5,000yen and up!
Nowadays , Japanese girls interested in it very much♪
Hatagaya girl staff are no exception...

Mission accomplished:
Sakura, Keiko, and Ai.まつげ2.JPG

Soon to be:
Miwa and Koz










Do we look much prettier than before?                            
Don't you think?
Why don't you come and stop by at Hatagaya to see us??

Karaoke Box

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He is one of our guest, Mr. David from Australia!



He loves Japan , coming to Japan many times, and also loves Karaoke, too!

Miwa and Ai (Staff) went to Karaoke Box in Hatagaya, on Fev.17.

We(staff) also loves Karaoke, and spent very pleasant time with him.

Singing many songs, imitate with the singer, playing tambalins to beat the rism is very pleasant !

Why don't you go to Karaoke with us !(^^)!?








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My name is Sakura.

I'm working at Sakura Hotel Hatagata.

I love dancing, singing, shopping and eating!

If you want to dancing and singing, you can go to Karaoke in Hatagaya.

It's 3 minutes from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.


Please ask me if you want to go shopping in the Shibuya and Harajuku area.

especially for girls!



Today is my Birthday!!!



A lot of Sakura Hotel Staff celebrated my 24th birthday.

I love Sakura Hotel staff very much!


We are looking forward to seeing you!




Nice to see you again

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Nice to see you again!


Cute girls come back Sakura Hotel Hatagaya from Italy.

Fran & Dani


Fran & Dani3.jpg 

They are Costume Queen!!

Last year , they won at costume competition in Italy!!


Fran & Dani.jpg  Fran & Dani2.jpg

Look how they are very cute & cool !!!


Anyway , I am happy to meet them again!


Hot spring trip

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I went to takaragawa-onsen(hot spring) in Gunma Prefecture.



It might be better to stay one night there than one day trip.




The takaragawa-onsent is the hot spring that remains coed and a couple or a family can bathe together.

People can wrap a towel around their body.


I enjoyed the snow scene. 
We can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, we can enjoy the fresh green in summer, and we can enjoy  autumnal leaves in autumn.




There are only hot springs and nature but that is enough to make you relaxed.




My name is...

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My name is Ai. "愛"

Ai means 「LOVE」 in Japan & China.


Thumbnail image for DSCF5478.JPG  

   Ai  In korea , Ai  means 「CHILD」.Ai

                                           In Poltgish,Ai means「OUCH!!」

                                       In Dutch, Ai means 「EGG」 

                        What does it mean "Ai" in your launguage??



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Vancouver Olympic


I have been to Vancouver for 1 year.

When I watch TV(Olympic), I always reminds my memory.


In Down Town 2007

Count Down for Vancouver Olympic.


Do you like to see Olympic game?

Of course, I love it! Especially figure skating

Let's watch it together at our Café!

canada place.jpg

night view.jpg  simbol.jpg


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Here is new arrival Cafe menu!



NORI?PANDA!  It's  cute!

NORI means, not only dryed seaweed, but our manager's nickname(Nory from NORIHISA).

PANDA means bear cat.

Nory san create this new menu.

You can eat this with 230 yen! (with cheeze, or salsa sause, or salted cod roe, 250 yen).

It taste good  nad feel good smell of soy sause, and butter, and crisp seaweed.

Please taste it in Sakura Cafe in Hatagaya! 


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Allo, tout le monde!!


Tsukiji Fish Market est l'un des fameux marchés au Japon, je crois.

Mais, il y a beaucoup de marché a Tokyo.

Par exemple, le parc Yoyogi détient le marché appelé "Tokyo Asaichi (Farmer's Market)" une fois par mois.

*L'image ci-dessus est de leur site web.

Ils détient demain (21 Février).

Vous pouvez voir beaucoup de légumes frais et biologiques et des fruits.

Vous pouvez également apprécier la communication avec les agriculteurs est là.

S'ils ne peuvent comprendre ce que vous dites et si vous pouvez uderstand ce qu'ils disent.

Tout autour de la navigation pourrait être suffisant pour vous faire plaisir.

*Avant de finir cette entrée, je dois avouer que j'ai utilisé Google Translate pour écrire ces phrases.


Malheureusement, il semble que leur site est écrit en japonais uniquement.



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IZAKAYA is a Japanese style pub where you get served a variety of entre size dishes and drinks. It is a place where Japanese people get together with their colleagues or friends after work or school.  



DAIKOKUYA is a popular Izakaya restaurant among Hatagaya locals, located at the end of local shopping street, ROKUGO-DORI.



It is a walking distance from our hotel and perfect place to enjoy dinner and drinks at a reasonable price. And of course, you get to see how local business people enjoy themselves after long working day.



There is a little stall outside the restaurant where you get to order take away YAKITORI (meat and vegetable skewer). It might be a good idea to take some back to the hotel for your late night meal!?




 Enjoy your time in Hatagaya!!