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Today let me give a little explanation about unique etiquette in a Japanese style room.  


When you are invited to a Japanese room called washitsu there are certain customs and manners to follow.




First, sit in seiza position close to the exit and wait.

(Seiza is the Japanese term for the traditional way of formal sitting in Japan)


Put your hands on top of each other in front of your knees.


Exchange greetings and bow at about 45 degrees.


When offered, move to sit on the Japanese cushion.


It is important to understand these manners to avoid confrontation and achieve smooth communication in everyday Japanese life.


Japanese green tea ---Nihon cha---

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Green tea is made by steaming, rubbing and drying the young leaves of the Camelia Sinesis plant which is native to Asia.



Many studies and international research have shown that drinking green tea helps you maintain good health and prevent some of the major health issues with our modern lifestyles. Drinking green tea constantly may reduce high blood pressure, slow the affect of aging, protect against disease and fight viruses and many more.




Come and visit Japan to experience the genuine taste of Japanese green tea!!






Shinjuku night view ---Shinjuku no yakei----

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Shinjuku is the largest city in Tokyo and famous for its great night view. There are hundreds and thousands of people, shops, pubs and neon sings... It is one of the best place for late night hangouts..  



Enjoy looking down on glaring night view of Tokyo city from a height of 200 metres