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New Cafe Opens Soon!

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Our New Cafe will open on June 30th!


Coffee, tea, juice, sweets, pizza, snack foods and more...




Mt. Fuji

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It is time to climb Mt.Fuji.


fuji 4 n1248967650_30090346_7076.jpg


I did it last year!

fuji 3 n1248967650_30090343_6107.jpg

mountain lodge  



A lot of guests tried to make a last-minute reservation with Mt. Fuji climbing tour last year, but they could not make it. The tour is very popular and the reservation needs to be made in advance.




fuji 2 n1248967650_30090339_4821.jpg

rising sun 



Fortunately, I was able to make a reservation with one of the tours and it was good for beginners. The tour bus left at Shinjuku Station and brought us to 5th station of Mt.Fuji, and also most of the tour stopped by hot springs. That was great! It heals the fatigue from the climbing.


fuji 1 n1248967650_30090335_3600.jpg

PEACE - Hiroshima

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I came to Hiroshima from Tokyo by night-bus. After 12 hours' ride, I looked at the clock and it was 8:15 a.m. Immediately I remembered that at 8:15 a.m. on August 6th in 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.




Hiroshima Station


The reason why I went to Hiroshima was because I wanted to think about peace.

The last time I visited Hiroshima was almost 20 years ago, when I was a high-school student. I came for the school trip and I had a chance to meet survivors of the atomic bombings and they told of their atomic bombing experiences in front of the students. I still remember that I was so shocked and felt a pain in the chest.








Atomic Bomb Dome



We should not forget about what happened during the war and we must convey to younger generations the horrors of war. We are responsible for the peace in the future and children's happiness. We should not repeat the errors in our history.




Children's Peace Monument





Cenotaph for the Atomic Bomb Victims (Memorial Monument for Hiroshima City of Peace) 


I looked up at the sky many times during the stay in Hiroshima.

Every time I looked up, I felt sad and at the same time I appreciated the peace we are holding.













Hatagaya Mikoshi Festival

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This is Hatagaya Mikoshi Festival at September, 2008.




At this traditional Japanese festival, people hold a Mikoshi (a portable shrine) with many people.


幡ヶ谷祭り2 059.jpg


We,Sakura Hotel Hatagaya's staff and our guests joined in this festival.

幡ヶ谷祭り2 034.jpg



During walking around the street, we could have some drinks, and foods.


This time, we had sushi(delicious!), beers, miso soup with pork and vegetables, snacks, Oden (Japanese Pot-au-feu) and soft drinks when we have a break.


We will join this festival in this September.


If you'll stay our hotel, enjoy this festival with us!!

Design Festa in 2008.

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These pictures are taken at Design Festa (at Tokyo Big Sight)on 16th November, 2008.

This is the biggest art event in Tokyo, and many amateur artists and creaters displayed sold and performance including dancing. That made the people there excited.

This picture is postcards I bought. How cute these kits are!


BACK TO 80's!!

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Guess who's singing.

  51live 1 28_1180594995568_1248967650_30482891_2532796_n.jpg 

Crazy about 80's rock?

You can be a best friend with NORY aka vo. Joe Naul (Def Leppard tribute band ) Def Leppanda.

51live 2 28_1180595035569_1248967650_30482892_3136819_n.jpg 

How luckey we are to have such a cool boss like him.

He can really sing!




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Keiko visited Nagano & Matsumoto city where Kozu come from.

Sick of big city and need to relax?

Come Visit MATSUMOTO my homwtown!

51nagano 128_1180600835714_1248967650_30482925_6599713_n.jpg 

   The oldest wooden castle in Japan, MATSUMOTO castle.


51nagano2 28_1180600915716_1248967650_30482927_7180852_n.jpgKeiko spent luxury time in Onsen Rokan ( Japanese hotel with hot spring ) for 2 days.

Yammy food, relaxing hot spring, I bet she never wanted come back here.


51nagano 3 28_1180600755712_1248967650_30482923_4157052_n.jpg

This is real Japanese holiday!! Horay! 






Light Down?

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 It's hard to find the darkness in Tokyo even in the night.


 I'm not kidding.


 Once you come to Japan and hang around, you can find that I am an honest.


 However, 21st June (the summer solstice), lights are switched off and people light candles instead at some famous place including Tokyo Tower.


 Unfortunately, I need to stay at our hotel for work till 10 PM (after such events are done)... I wish I could watch the darkness in the center of Tokyo...


 Then, should I make up my mind to do almost same thing at my home?


If you're interested in this event, I recommend you to check the website below.



My favorite place - Kamakura

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Somehow I feel relaxed while walking around Kamakura.

I like the historic atmosphere in Kamakura and I can escape from the reality.







Now, we are in the middle of the rainy season called "Tsuyu" and we can see colorful umbrellas come out. Ajisai (hydrangea) is seasonal flower in June and the combination of raindrops and Ajisai is beautiful.






In Kamakura, Meigetsu-in and Hase-dera are popular for Ajisai and they are worth visiting.










"Gundam" in Odaiba

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Now, the "full scale" of Gundam that is 18 meters tall stands at Shiokaze Park in Odaiba. Awesome! It is breathtaking and magnificent. In front of Gundam, I was back into boyhood. When I was a kid, Gundam was my hero and I used to collect plastic models in Gundam series.






Gundam has been "under construction" to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the broadcasting of the "Mobile Suit Gundam" animated television series and it will open to the public for free from July 11th to August 31st. "MUST SEE"








I wish Gundam could move around Tokyo.